Cleaning Poker Chips

There are no super-reliable methods for cleaning poker chips without the risk of damaging them. You will hear many testimonials from people who claim to have a reliable way to clean poker chips, but you will see just as many people who claim that same cleaning method ruined their chips. Here are some tips on cleaning poker chips.

  • Use a very soft bristled toothbrush.
  • Never use anything abrasive to clean your chips.
  • Let experts clean very old or valuable chips.
  • Do not clean a hot stamped chip with a toothbrush; gently rub with your fingers instead.
  • Don't use steam or heat to clean clay chips, the chip will soften and warp.
  • Some mild cleaning fluids may be useful, such as dishwashing detergents.
  • Sometimes cleaning chips make them look un-natural, especially if they are old.
  • Don't clean worn chips. Worn chips that are cleaned may look weird.
  • Don't soak chips for long periods of time.
  • Dry off the chips right after you clean them or they get wet.


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