Sports Betting Books

Here is a list of some of the most highly-rated sports-betting books on the market today.


This is the story of a man named Budin, who goes into the bookmaking business after learning from his father, a master bookmaker. He then came up with the idea to take his operations offshore.

This is the story about the author's travels to Las Vegas two days before the 2007 NCAA tournament where he writes a six-day diary of what he observes among the various casino sportsbooks and their gamblers.

In "The Odds", Chad Millman follows three professional sports bettors through a year of betting on college basketball, where research, discipline, and instinct clash with addiction. The author touches on gambling history, the decline of as Las Vegas, and the rise of offshore casinos.

This books goes behind the scenes to see how a professional sports book is set up and run. Find out all about straight bets, half-points, parlays, exactas, teasers, exotics, sweeps money lines, why the bookie always wins, and how the bookie adjusts point spreads and in which direction.

Sports Arbitrage

This is a comprehensive book provides the theory and practice of sports arbitrage with many examples and tutorials on subjects like "synthetic arbitrage" and "each-way arbitrage".

This detailed and comprehensive book on sports arbitrage teaches novice and experienced bettors techniques that are used by professionals, like how to find arbitrage opportunities. The author uses real-world examples and focuses on the realities of arbitrage to back up the theories.

Betting Strategy (General Sports)

This book by King Yao, teaches general guidelines to sports betting and helps you think analytically and improve your skills.

In this book, David Greene, who has made a living wagering on College and Pro sports for almost fifteen years, reveals his self-taught theories and practices. The book is designed to help all levels of sports gamblers achieve more discipline in their betting and primarily deals with football betting.

In 1997, journalist Konik joined a sports-gambling operation that made millions by beating Las Vegas bookies, and this book his fascinating inside look at the gambling business based on his experiences.

This book was written by Stanford Wong, one of the most popular blackjack authors around. Although the betting methods can be applied to all sports, the book concentrates mostly on the NFL. It uses highly-mathematical methods based on statistics and probabilities. The book covers: what kind of bets are available (including: money lines, over/under bets, props, parlays, and teasers), how to place them, how to handicap, how to place bets, money management, calculating winnings, and internet sports books.

Pro Football

How to Beat the Pro Football Pointspread teaches readers how to watch the game from the standpoint of a bettor instead of a fan. The author will teach you, his personal theories, the implications of coaching styles, stadium locations, and the weather.

Dan Gordon shares his tips and strategies on making money betting on the NFL. The book covers basic, advanced and expert concepts.

This book is a comprehensive guide to pro football. Topics covered: how sports betting works, pointspreads, the vig, pointspreads, how to adjust for injuries, over/unders, money management, parlays, how to spot sucker plays.

Betting Strategy (College Football)

This book is both a College Football betting tutorial and a personal diary of the author from the 2005-06 football season where he the games he bet on and offers his analysis on the bets. This is a good book for beginners looking for a simple method to handicap college games. You'll learn: why to focus on the college games rather than the pros, what types of bets to make and to avoid, and money management.

College Basketball

Investing in College Basketball is a comprehensive book that teaches techniques for successfully betting on college basketball. It says that winnings from betting on college basketball can greater than investing in stocks and bonds - and that anyone with an interest in basketball and basic math skills can achieve these results. The book demonstrates actual results for the 2003-2004 season.

This book teaches any bettor how to handicap college basketball consistently by using a systematic handicapping and wagering process. You'll learn: how much to wager, why to specialize in point-spread wagers (rather than totals, futures, interactive, and exotic propositions), projecting a teamís play based on past performance, analyzing a teamís performance trend by focusing on the last 10 games, varying the amounts wagered to reflect your advantage, and which sports books have the most favorable terms.


The methodologies in this book, whose author has been a professional sports handicapper for over 20 years, will improve your overall winning percentages.

This book shows how bettors can use baseball statistics and sabermetrics to succeed at betting on baseball.


This book is an easy-to-understand guidebook written for American about how to bet on soccer. You'll learn: how to spot surefire bets, wagering on the "spread" and "parlays", and traps to avoid.


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