Gambling Books

Here is a list of some of the most highly-rated gambling books on the market.

Casino Profiles

This book has detailed the history and business strategy of Harrah's casino, from its 1937 founding to the present. It shows how Harrah's differentiated itself from other casinos by developing customer loyalty instead of themed casinos.

This is the story about when the citizens of New Orleans attempted to legalize a land-based casino by fighting to obtain the license against heavy odds.

Casinos Profiles (Indian casinos)

This is the story about the Pequot Indian tribe, which in 1994 had been federally recognized for only ten years and numbered fewer than 200 people, became the richest tribe in the United States. They did it all from gambling proceeds from Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut.

Without Reservation tells the story of the rise of the richest Indian tribe in history. In 1973, an old American Indian woman died with nothing left of her tribe, except for a 214-acre piece of abandoned forest. But over the next three decades, the reservation grows to nearly 2,000 acres, 600 tribal members, as well as Foxwoods, the largest casino in the world, grossing more than $1 billion a year.

Hitting the Jackpot reveals the true story of how the Mashantucket Pequots of Connecticut became the richest Indian tribe in history. It details the legal and political dealings needed to gain the rights to open Foxwoods, now a $1.2 billion-a-year operation.

This book provides a complete account of the laws and politics of Indian gaming which has become one of today's most politically-charged controversies. Tribal sovereignty, the reason that allows Indian gaming to exist, is the key to understanding Indian gaming law and politics and the policy reform.

People Profiles

This book provides an inside look at casino moguls Kirk Kerkorian, Steve Wynn, and Gary Loveman - from their personal lives to their attempts to build the biggest and best casinos in Las Vegas.

This book is about two friends who sold an internet travel business for millions and then bought the legendary Golden Nugget casino for $215 million.

This book offers candid insights and memories about Bill Harrah's life from people who knew him.

This book details how Parry Thomas helped build modern Las Vegas from his arrival in 1954 by building up a bank and loaning money to casino operators when his competitors would not. The book details the deals with Strip hotels such as the Sahara, Stardust, the Sands and Riviera - as well as his relationship to Howard Hughes' casino and real estate dealings.

This biography shows how casino mogul Steve Wynn gained tremendous power in Nevada. When this biography was first released in 1995, Steve Wynn brought suit against its original publisher and forced him into bankruptcy.

This is a biography of Bob Stupak, about the creation of the Stratosphere (the fourth tallest building in the U.S.) and other aspects of his life - like, his two unsuccessful campaigns to be mayor, winning a $1 million bet on the Super Bowl, and the time he paid $100,000 to play for two minutes with the Harlem Globetrotters.

This is the story of Benny Binion, who is famous for opening the Horseshoe. It talks about his rise as a successful casino owner in Las Vegas, but also talks about the mostly-unknown details of his life that led up to his Las Vegas days.

Las Vegas - History - The Mob

This book tells the behind-the-scenes stories about the men and Mobs that played a large role in the Las Vegas culture of 1950s and 1960s.

From the 1970s through the mid-1980s, a Chicago mob dominated organized crime in Las Vegas. This book details the fight between the mob and the cops, told in part by agents and detectives who were involved.

Las Vegas - History - Casinos

This book is a combination of biography and history. It focuses on those folks who made big money in the casino business and how Las Vegas changed since the early days.

This great book details the rise of corporate casinos. The first part of the book gives a brief primer on Las Vegas history and then gives a detailed look at Circus Circus. The rest of the book focuses strictly on the operations at the Luxor.

Las Vegas - History

See photographs illustrating how much Las Vegas has changed between the time it was founded in 1905 and now.

This coffee-table book starts at the beginning of modern Las Vegas and captures the details of this unique city.

A Short History of Las Vegas reveals the history beyond the mobsters, casinos, and showgirls. It begins with southern Nevada’s earliest explorers and the first pioneers to settle in the area, the construction of Hoover Dam, the arrival of the Mob, to the upscale resorts of today.

This detailed book shows the history of the expansion of greed in Las Vegas and covers key figures, such as: organized crime figures, the CIA, officials like J. Edgar Hoover, and gambling moguls like Benny Binion.

This book is an introduction to the city of Las Vegas. The author interviews a variety of Las Vegas characters (stripper, blackjack dealer, casino owner, homeless advocate), and talks about the old Las Vegas, the Mob, recent Las Vegas scandals, and the evolution of the city toward a being a corporate-run money machine.

This book focuses on the recent history of Las Vegas, specifically the 1990s, as the city deals with the challenging economic, social and political problems of being a fast-growing city.

This book illustrates how Las Vegas' opulent display of private material wealth within the context of casino entertainment is having a negative social impact on local culture. The author points out that our fantasies of wealth, excess, pleasure, and consumption and the increasing commercialization of nature and culture has diminished the cultural power of nature and the arts. The author illustrates how the casino art galleries are better than the underfunded Las Vegas Art Museum, how the casino animal collections like those of Siegfried and Roy hurt the city's need for a decent public zoo, and how the lavish water displays affect the environment.

Las Vegas (visitor's information)

This is not a book, but a laminated, folding pocket-size travel street map of Las Vegas. The map comes with integrated monorail lines & stations and gives you a clear, concise picture of the strip and the city beyond.

The Unofficial Guide to Las Vegas ranks over 100 hotels and casinos- the most offered by any other guidebook for the destination, providing complete detailed descriptions of each casino hotel.

This guide gives you helpful trip-planning advice about: the best casinos, the best hotels and restaurants for all budgets, lots of detailed maps, info about entertainment, shows, and nightlife.

Gambling Industry - History

This book is a social history of gambling. It tells the story of the games that are played and who plays them. The book traces the political and economic development of today's gambling meccas, Las Vegas and Atlantic City, state lotteries, Indian casinos, and the relationship of the gambling industry to Wall Street.

This book describes how America is a country whose behavior is based on a gambling mentality of risk, reward, and luck. This breezy book covers: illegal gambling parlors, state lotteries as a legal form of gambling to subsidize budget shortfalls, charitable gambling, and gambling addiction.

This book is a comprehensive history of gambling. It begins with ancient games played long ago and ends with the Internet gambling boom. It also covers: gambling in Western Europe, the U.S., Native American, Chinese and other non-Western cultures, ancient games of chance, profiles of famous gamblers, religious attitudes towards gambling, compulsive gambling, and cheating.

This book talks about the effects that the growth of the Mississippi gambling industry has had on the politics, culture, and people of Mississippi - the third largest casino gaming market in the United States.

Gambling Industry - Casino Workers

Here, you'll read about Las Vegas's highest of high rollers, called "whales," and what the "hosts" that are employed by casinos do to make them happy.

This book talks about how casinos sometimes illegally abuse players (like card counters) who are doing nothing illegal. He gives advice to players on their rights on how to act and what to expect in the casino security offices (the backroom), and to cops on what not to do and the misconceptions that they may have.

Author H. Lee Barnes, who spent many years as a dealer in some of Las Vegas's best-known casinos, Dummy Up and Deal gives us an inside look into the world of dealers. Told in the voices of dozens of dealers, we see a workplace that is a lot less glamorous than we think it is. Various topics covered: dealing with players, the long hours, the physical and mental demands, the dealer's training, and the dealers' after-hours lives.

This book shows how casino managers can provide the best products and services for both casino customers and their customers and gives proven solutions to common gaming issues. The author has owned casinos, been an enforcement agent for the Nevada Gaming Control Board, spent time as an advantage player, and consulted for the international casino industry.

This book gives an inside look at casino security, form dealing with heart attacks to dealing with many eccentric characters.

This book gives the reader an inside look into the world of a pit boss, including: supervising the dealers, identifying con artists, approving high wagers. You'll see how they protect the casino's money by stacking the odds in their favor.

Gambling Stories

This book is a collection of random short stories about gambling from different sources.

This book is full of short gambling stories that originally appeared in other magazines.

In April 1998, Andrés Martinez withdrew $50,000 from the bank - most of the advance he was paid for this book - and boarded a plane to Las Vegas and was told by the publisher to stay in Las Vegas for a month to gamble with the money and write about it. This is the story of his adventures.

This book is a collection of gambling stories from some of the most interesting characters of the world of gambling, form sports bettors, to poker players, to high rollers, to world-class backgammon players.

This is the story about two writers who gamble away their $250,000 inheritance at the Mississippi riverboat casinos and are indicted for conspiracy to defraud the casino where they played. Their story involves the loss of their parents, a fall into addiction, and their memories of a family life.

This is the book version of the movie "Owning Mahoney", starring Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Brian Molony is a star banker at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, embezzled millions of dollars to satisfy his gambling habit.

This is the story of the MIT math genius and his team of friends who made tons of money playing blackjack in Las Vegas by using a system where they were able to peak at the bottom card of the deck. The author, Ben Mezrich, was the author of previous bestseller, Bringing Down the House, about the MIT card-counting team.

This book tells the story about how Jose Vigoa (a Cuban-born commando veteran of the Soviet Army) and a small crew embarked on a violent 16-month crime wave, targeting some of the Strip's most prominent institutions.

Gambling Strategy (Beginners)

This hands-on guide is filled with tips for maximizing winnings in the most popular casino games - blackjack, poker, craps, roulette, slots, and more.

This new edition of the Idiot's Guide Series shows how players to win at casino gambling.

This book gives easy-to-understand advice on casino gambling. It covers all major casino games: blackjack, video poker, craps, baccarat, pai gow poker, slot machines, keno, roulette, sports betting, Caribbean stud poker, three-card Poker, Let It Ride, and other games. It also contains explanations of: gambling systems, the house percentage, probability, gambler's ruin, and money management.

The "Unofficial Guide to Casino Gambling" gives readers basic, but comprehensive, information about probability, common gambling mistakes, and winning strategies. The book is divided into sections on machine games (slots and video poker), table games (blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, poker), and waiting games (keno and sports betting).

This comprehensive book details the rules, odds, and winning strategies for blackjack, craps, roulette, baccarat, keno and all the other casino games.

This book will teach you about: the most popular casino bets, how to find the best slot machines to play, what games to avoid, the smartest and worst casino bets, the basics of card counting, dice setting and other tricks of the trade, and how to make your money last.

Gambling Strategy (non-beginners)

Gambling 102 takes you to the second stage of learning where you learn the best strategies for all the casino games, including: baccarat, video poker, sports betting, and more.

This book shows recreational gamblers how to gamble intelligently by showing how basic strategy that is based on mathematically sound principles will give you the best odds in the long run.

Casino Chips

This book is a comprehensive casino chip price guide and features over 15,000 chips from the major gaming cities in the U.S. They are identified and graded for rarity, condition, and price.

Gambling Scams

This book details some of the best scams ever pulled off, from sleight-of-hand maneuvers to utilizing high-tech gadgets. Some topics covered: the Ritz Roulette Scam that used mini-computers and cell phones to determine the winning number, baccarat games where the dealers merely pretended to shuffle the cards, a dye for marking cards that can only be seen with special contact lenses, and a tiny receiver embedded into a roulette ball and controlled by a radio transmitter hidden in a pack of Marlboro cigarettes.