Norm MacDonald - Gambling Stories

Norm MacDonald is a serious gambler, and has lost everything he has had 3 times in his life. Although he has never been a "drug or alcohol guy," he has said that he likes gambling because it helps him escape from the pressures of life.

  • "Thatís when you walk away numb. You feel blank and canít find the elevator." -- Norm MacDonald, after he went on tilt and bet his remaining $3,000 on a single hand of blackjack. He then got dealt two Aces but didn't have any money to split them. He then got dealt a 10, hit again, and got another 10 and busted. He lost the hand, but if he had enough money to split then he would have had two 21s.

  • "I booked us a room at Treasure Island. While we were waiting in line to check in, I looked at the tables, and told my mother and aunt that Iíd meet them upstairs. I had $3,000 with me, no cash-advance capabilities on my credit card, and no ATM card. I started betting $100 a hand. I had four splits and lost them all. Suddenly I was playing for $500, hoping to catch up. After less than half a shoe, I was finished, completely broke. I sat up in the room for the rest of the trip, watching Matlock on TV, and listening to my aunt complaining about being down a buck-and-a-half playing nickel slots." -- Norm MacDonald, after blowing his whole bankroll before he even checked into his hotel during a weekend trip to Vegas with his visiting aunt and mother.

  • Back when he was drinking a lot, he went up to his room, he phoned down to the front desk and said "Give me a wakeup call for 6 o'clock." They told him it was 5 minutes to 6, so he said "I better let you go, you'll be dialing soon". -- Norm MacDonald, as told on the Adam Carolla podcast.

  • "It becomes exhausting to become obsessed with something. So, you are trying to...finish it off, finally [by losing all of your money]. If you have $450,000 in the bank, or whatever...and you lose $400,000, you say 'Fuck it, I don't want to have $50,000...I don't want to have money to remind me that I had more money'." -- when talking about his gambling addiction.


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