Keno Books

Here is a list of some of the most highly-rated keno books on the market today.

Using Winning Keno will help the new players avoid the chaos of trying to understand a new game with many variations.

You'll learn everything about keno, including tips, strategies, the odds, the history of the game, how to prepare every type of keno ticket, and collecting winnings.

The Professional Keno Player is the tool you'll need to develop the necessary winning keno strategies.

This book outlines what you need to know about the house odds, the history of keno, how to make all the bets, the best playing strategies, and even the taxes on keno winnings.

You'll learn the subtle differences between the "live" action of Lounge Keno and the slots-like lure of Video Keno; and how to determine which games have the best chance of a big payoff.

This book covers essential topics such as: identifying trends and groups of numbers to help you win more often and how to identify the best paying machines.


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Keno Books

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