Avoiding Tight Slots

Similar to the loose slots placement strategy, there is also one for tight slots. These, on the other hand, are always located in secluded areas where there aren't many people passing by and there are few other slot players. One thing to remember is that every casino is different and that each casino moves their slot machines around to challenge those who try to find the loose ones.

  • Near casino entrances - In the past, casinos placed some of their highest-paying slots here in an attempt to lure players in off the street and into the main casino, where the tighter slots were located. This plan backfired as customers who began playing at the entrances stayed at the entrances. They never ventured any further into the casino because they were doing just fine where they were. The casinos have now moved medium and tight slot machines into the entrance areas.

  • Around or near the sportsbook/racing areas - Casinos do not want their sportsbook customers to be distracted by the noise from the slot machines. Sportsbook players spend tons of money betting on sports but are less likely to play slot machines themselves - so putting a high-payout machine there would be waste, and may even cause the sportsbook players to leave the area.

  • Near the ticket/show lines - People waiting in line to see a show or to buy tickets to a show are tied up and don't have time to gamble.

  • Surrounding the gaming table areas - Slot machines that are near the gaming tables are almost always tight with a few medium-range machines thrown in for good measure. Table players are not usually regular slot players.


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Avoiding Tight Slots

HPG ADMIN on February 27, 2013