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You are not alone in your enjoyment of the great game of poker. More than 70 million Americans play poker and roughly 23 million play the game online. Indeed, poker is an American tradition and a true game of skill. From presidents and generals to Supreme Court justices and even members of Congress, poker has tested the intellect of Americans for more than 100 years.

Remarkably, if some in Congress have their way, a prohibition on playing poker on the Internet may soon force you to fold your hand. Legislation moving through Congress right now will stop Americans from playing Internet poker by deputizing banks and Internet service providers to prevent you from accessing poker websites.

Fortunately, an advocacy organization is fighting to defend your right to play poker.

The Poker Players Alliance, a growing group of more than 28,000 poker players, is fighting this legislation and working to promote and protect the game. The Poker Players Alliance is asking Congress to consider a rational and realistic approach to online poker that would create a regulated environment for people to play online - much like the regulations that govern traditional casinos. The Poker Players Alliance supports regulation that ensures that the games remain safe, fair and honest, and that dispute mechanisms are available. In fact, legislation has been introduced that would commission a federal study of online gaming to determine the full benefits of regulating and taxing it in the United States.

Our country is gravely out of step with the rest of the world where governments like the United Kingdom have passed laws permitting and regulating online poker. The Poker Players Alliance is actively supporting this as a sensible alternative to prohibition and so should you! If you haven't done so already, Home Poker Games strongly encourages you to become a member of the Poker Players Alliance today! With your support, they can turn back Congress' efforts to ban online poker.

Help keep the tradition alive - both online and offline - and join the Poker Players Alliance. By joining the PPA, you can keep current on legislation on Capitol Hill, and speak out by sending an email or letter directly to your members of Congress. Together, we can tell Congress that putting the word "Internet" in front of poker should not tarnish this great American game.



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I am surprised the US wouldnt allow it and just tax it and fix the Debt lol im sure they could make a ton of cash!!!

celticsPsquared on October 1, 2010

i would like to support and join!

dallasdonkeys on June 13, 2010





AceofSpader on December 22, 2006

Poker Players Alliance

HPG ADMIN on June 16, 2006