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In the early 1990s there were only a handful of small offshore companies. However, today there are many very large sites (such as Bodog Racebook), including several publicly traded companies, so you don't have to worry about sending your money offshore.

Benefits of Betting Horses Online

  • No pari-mutuel wagering. One of the biggest reasons why many horse players wager on horses online is that the players' bets are not being put into a pari-mutuel pool. Offshore wages have no effect on the odds at any track.

  • No taxes withheld. Online betting sites do not withhold a certain portion of a big payout for tax reasons. It should be noted that this does NOT mean that you don't still owe taxes on those winnings. It just means the site will not withhold them from you.

  • Accessibility. Residents in many states may not even have a horse track to go to in their state.

  • Rebates. You can usually receive anywhere from a 2% to 8% rebate.

  • Ease. You can wager from your own house while doing other things.

  • More analysis. You can concentrate on handicapping and doing analysis of the races.

  • Tools and information. There are more tools at your also online that you cannot access it. You can download PP or fast-track data with a click of the mouse and have it on screen while you do your handicapping. You can check Doppler radar to see if and when the weather might change. You can pull handicapping selections from any number of track websites or newspapers.

  • Generous bonuses. Many sites offer a sign-up bonus and a re-up bonus.

  • No admission or parking fees. These costs add up in the long-run.

  • No food and beverage. These are usually way overpriced.

  • Greater number of tracks to choose from.

  • No traveling or standing in lines to place your bet.


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Horse Betting - Betting Online

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