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  • Private message - You can send me a private message if you are already signed up with the site.
User Support

  • User support - Email me about any issue you are having (listings, password, etc.), and I will try to email back in 24-48 hours. Do not post issues in the forum - I won't see it. If you have an account, use the email address associated with your account.

  • Casual inquiries - Feel free to email me about a content update (i.e. to update a B&M poker room listing). If your question is not related to my site (i.e. you need help calculating odds) then it should be posted in the forum for everyone to see.

I will not answer business inquiries if I feel your brand is not suitable for promoting right now (so please don't send the same email more than once). My current ad rates are:

  • Text links - $50 per month for an individual page ($125 per month for the home page). With a 6-month purchase.

  • Sponsored articles - The rate is $400 for a 12-month period. You must provide the content for the article. The content must be high-quality without being too spammy.

  • Banners - $175 per month for a 120x60 banner or $225 for a 120x120 banner. Banners will appear on the left or right column of every page. The filetype can only be JPG, PNG, or non-flashing GIF.