Poker Room Etiquette


This page has more to do with courtesy, rather than rules ("Don't string bet", etc). These rules also have to do with playing a public card room. Other pages deal with house etiquette and player etiquette when playing at home games.

Etiquette Rules

  • Post your blinds without being reminded. New players tend to forget to post their blinds and have to be reminded by other players.
  • Don't take too long to make a decision. It should take you no more than 10 seconds to make a decision in a limit game. Beginning players often think that it is acceptable to sit and take 60 seconds to make a decisions in a limit game. They don't understand that these decisions should be mostly automatic. If it is a no-limit game, you can call time.
  • Always keep your cards in view. Unlike in blackjack, poker players are allowed to touch their cards and lift them off the table. Poker is a very tactile game. People like to play with their chip and cards. But you shouldn't need to lift them off the table more than a few inches. And always keep them in view.
  • Don't act out of turn.
  • Don't splash the pot.
  • Place a chip or card protector on your cards to cover them while playing. Players are responsible for protecting their cards. Your unprotected hand may be accidently mucked by the dealer.
  • Having your cards visible makes it easier for the players behind you to act in turn. They may act out of turn if your cards are not in plain sight.
  • Don't look at other people's hands as a railbird.
  • Don't talk about the hand if it is still live.
  • It is generally acceptable to eat while playing at the table, as long as you don't put the food on the table, and your eating doesn't interfere with the game.
  • Don't overturn your cards when folding.
  • Don't make the dealer reach for your chips (when you bet) and cards (when you fold your hand). Try to get them to the middle to make the dealer's job a little easier.
  • Don't criticize other players' plays.
  • Don't be overly-celebratory when you win a hand.
  • Don't make other players waiting because you are stacking your chips from winning a big pot.


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