Blackjack Software

Blackjack software can be good for running game simulations which can improve your game. Here are a few sites that offer blackjack software.

Casino Verite

Casino Vérité Blackjack Card Counting is a software product from QFIT. The major aim of the software is the accurate simulation of play in a casino. In particular, ultra-real casino Blackjack card counting. Although Casino Vérité products can be played as Blackjack games, they were designed as serious casino practice tools for novices and professionals. Casino Vérité has long been considered the top Blackjack software by nearly all experts including members of the MIT Blackjack teams.

Statistical Blackjack Analyzer

Statistical Blackjack Analyzer (SBA) is a very powerful blackjack simulator which provides you with a lot of interesting and very useful information about the game. SBA is considered the "industry benchmark" against which all simulation results or other conjectures about the game are measured. For example, John Auston's software Blackjack Risk Manager 2000 is based solely on simulation results from SBA.


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