Asia Pacific Poker Tour


The Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) is the first major poker tour in Asia. As a matter of fact, the APPT brought the first major government-approved real-money Texas hold 'em tournaments to Korea and China. The APPT is sponsored by PokerStars and was created by President Jeffrey Haas and Director of Marketing Sarne Lightman.

The first season ran in 2007 with five events held across four different locations: Manila (Philippines); Seoul (South Korea); Macau (China); and Sydney (Australia). The second season ran in 2008 with six events held across five different locations: Macau (China); Seoul (South Korea); Auckland (New Zealand); Manila (Philippines); and Sydney (Australia). The third season's events held in the same locations as 2008, with the Philippines held in Cebu instead of for Manila.


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Poker Events - Asia Pacific Poker Tour

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