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An eWalletXpress account enables customers to deposit, withdraw and transfer funds to online merchants that support eWalletXpress as a payment option. eWalletXpress™ uses the latest technology to provide customers with the most secure way of funding their eWallet account. The Benefits of eWalletXpress are:

  • Registration is quick and easy
  • No Credit Card required
  • Instant Funding Methods
  • Fund directly from your bank account
  • Real-time access to funds
  • Unlimited payouts
  • Detailed statements
  • 24/7/Live Support


eWalletXpress was never a very popular funding option for online poker players. They had a repuation for having high fees while offering no notable benefits over competing companies. But things got worse on November 12th, 2010 when customers were unable to access their accounts. eWalletXpress stated that they were having “technical issues” and assured customers that any money in their account is safe.

While the company made no official statement, details were leaked and the truth gradually came out. The company was served a warrant from the U.S. Government and money was seized. Although specific details were not released by eWalletXpress, it is clear that the eWalletXpress services are not available to U.S. customers until further notice since their website has removed the option for people in the U.S. to create an account. Some of the poker sites affected by the eWalletXpress problems were Bodog, Carbon Poker, DoylesRoom, and Cake Poker.

The most likely scenario is that eWalletXpress will exit the U.S. market in order to avoid prosecution just like Neteller did a few years ago, and that U.S. customer funds will be returned. The fact that eWalletXpress is a smaller and lower-profile company (and hence, has fewer resources) means that this process will not be quick or easy. Neteller took about 6 months to sort things out. eWalletXpress will almost certainly take longer, and the possibility of U.S. customers never getting their money back is also possible.

The company has not been proactive in informing customers of updates. Most of their statements have been directly to customers who submitted inquiries, and the statements from the company have been generic (i.e. "We are working on resolving the issues."). The following is one such statement:

As you may already be aware, our service has been suspended since November 12th by the United States Government as part of an ongoing investigation. Effective that date, our funds were seized and we have been unable to process withdrawals to customers as the money is no longer in our custody or control. We are currently in negotiations with the United States Government regarding the return of these funds, and are making every effort to have this matter resolved as quickly as possible.

As of May 2011, eWalletXpress has not been able to return the confiscated funds of U.S. customers.


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