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User City Games Wanted
csamuelEdmontonHold'em or Dealer's Choice
joyce.rCalgary, Albertahold em, 7 card stud
egbertvinkCalgary AlbertaTexas Small games and freeze out tournys under $25
dabigdukeCalgary - SWPot Limit and No limit holdem. Enjoy 7 card and 5 card stud as well
linguodeadCalgaryhold em, omaha, 7 card stud - low to medium stakes
fazeliCalgary, AlbertaNo Limit Hold'em (Trying to learn)
lpfc08NE/NW Calgary$50 NL Hold'Em tourneys or $1/$2-$2/$5 NL ring games
kdelectric100calgary albetaTexas hold um - NL/PL/L small to medium stakes
peterf76EdmontonHold'em. 1/2 Limit or low buy-in no limit.
seechaseflyEdmonton/Albertaany game.....Pot/Nl/hold'em....most any buy in....
PepeDragon96Bonnyville AlbertaNl, L pl holdem omahaw 8/b 7stud
fausto_coppiCalgary, ABLimit/ No-Limit Texas Hold em' Games, Hold' em Tourneys
farmerdaffycalgary albertatexas hold em nl just learning
groffj0edmontonhold'em, 20-40 buy-in
jumperjeffEdmonton, Albertahold 'em, dealer's choice, low buyin
majorteacherCalgaryTexas Hold'em
jnibourgCentral Alberta (Red Deer)low stakes hold 'em (limit, NLH, PLH) or Omaha. Also trying to learn other variations (No crazy wild card games)
jfhamelCalgaryNL games, cash games or tournaments any limits
CBogathEdmonton/Leduclow limit NL, Limit, omaha hi, tourneys
jammermallettEdmontonHold'em, Omaha, Limit / no limit.
Mike.BurrisEdmonton Area (Leduc)NL Hold 'Em Tourneys
leblancryan_2Edmonton, AlbertaNL holdem tourneys, low-mid buyins.
badassredneck500Calgary/Edmonton/Red Deer, AlbertaNo- limit Hold'em Tournies
ericrdavieCalgary, AlbertaNo Limit Texas Hold'em
phoenix88Edmonton, Alberta, CANADANL Holdem low buy-ins.
weedoftheshireCalgaryNLHE tourneys
ballsoutcrazy1EdmontonNL Holdem Tourney's.Minimun buy in $30.00+. Cash games as well NL/L Holdem,Dealers choice
the_phoenyxMedicine Hat, AlbertaAny, but no limit hold 'em tourny is what I'ld prefer.
mr_perfect316Edmonton, AlbertaTexas Hold 'Em
mikesoucy66CalgaryTexas Hold'em
adamsprouledmonton, whyte aveno limit holdem
k.frewinCalgaryno limit holdem
LawrichardsCalgary , northwest5 - 30 nl limit hold em 10 - 100 buy ins
lazar11684Medicine HatNLH
chrisvisserCalgary AlbertaTexas no limit hold 'em under $25
mrkloOkotoks, Alberta (just south of Calgary)NL tourneys...any amount
jon_aeEdmonton, AlbertaNL holdem, 7cs
w.hutchEdmontonNL Hold 'em up to $40 buy-in
jtinda11Medicine HatNLH
francisgagne007Calgary - SouthNLHE Tourney
student_pokerclubCalgary, SW (will go anywhere)NL/PL/L Hold-em
calliestjAll of Calgaryno limit, pot limit or limit hold em, Current as of Oct 23rd 2006
libtechEdmontonNo Limit Texas Hold'em
alejandro.hamiltoncalgaryany poker
steevenjobinEdmontonTexas Hold'em
joecavaCalgaryHoldem, Omaha, want to learn more
mbecker7CalgaryNLH Tourney and Otherwise.
n-a-k-e-d69Grande PrairieANY
esavouryGrande Prairiepl Omaha, nl + pot holdem,pineapple
doctorgonzoedmontoncash games 100NL and higher
pjh_420CalgaryHold em, duece to 7 triple draw, Razz
mleronowichcalgary-high river -NLH
jwsisliving1CalgaryNL or limit Holdem, Omaha
ldgintheredmontonNL Holdem
justinmiousseLloydminstercash or tournament games in the lloydminster area,
Kasper_420_6669CalgaryNLHE, PLHE, PLO Hi, PLO H/L, Stud Hi, Razz, 5-Card Draw...Tourneys preferred
darren24allenedmontonno limit texas holdem
d.allan40EdmontonLooking for local groups or leagues
Badin10tions7calgaryany type
mike6926lloydminsterany player.
koop115Leducprefer omaha, but will play anything. Prefer medium to higher stakes such as 5-5 or 5-10 PL
Xiph0idEdmontonI play all games
CyanEdmontonLow-Limit NLHE Cash Games, Tournaments.
LeslieEdmontonNL Holdem
911EdmontonHold 'Em
BluesmanEdmontonTexas Hold'em
todd0229BonnyvilleNL holdem
ReedsEdmontonNew to city, looking for a friendly regular game (non-smoking) with good group of people
strino82edmontonhome games with descent level of play