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Sep 26th, 2016. Given that there were so many old listings, only listings from users who have logged into the site over the last 3 years will be shown. Listings from users that haven't logged in for 3 years will still be active through the URL, they just won't be shown.

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User City Games Wanted
breitenmoserOstschweiz / z?richhold em
andrew_casteelZurichTexas Holdem, Omaha, Stud Poker, any Poker really
alistairdsouza2003zurichnl holdem
woozie77ZurichTexas Hold 'em L/NL/PL
s_franceschelliZurichNL Holdem
jhaidacherAargau/ZuerichTexas Hold Em, Omaha, ....alles was mit POkern zu Tun hat *s*
mthalerAargauSuche Spielrunde draw oder holdem..
tomethenBernTexas Hold'em No Limit, Omaha
jonathan.gridleySeewen, happy to travel up to 40 minutes. posted 27-02-2007Texas Hold 'em NL
gadient_dominikZurichNL Hold'em
rolfi1Z├╝richTexas hold'em
hep67Genevanl holdem
Dj_RyzanGenevaTexas Hold em
espinchiGenevaNL Holdem
npokerGenevaNL Holdem
giwantsnowKreuzlingenHold em and Ohmaha