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Sep 26th, 2016. Given that there were so many old listings, only listings from users who have logged into the site over the last 3 years will be shown. Listings from users that haven't logged in for 3 years will still be active through the URL, they just won't be shown.

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User City Games Wanted
Da CajunOkinawaany poker games
Gerardo81OkinawaNL Hold Em
tre-coolTokyoHoldem NL or Limit
kcolloranHiroshimaMostly low stakes NL hold 'em but open to others
parutherOsaka / KyotoAny kind of poker!
jrock2004osaka/kyotoNL holdem, NL holdem tournaments
jfnasatiKyotohold em, but will play other games
hines_k2000TokyoHold 'em NL, Tournament, or Limit...just looking for a game (regular if possible)
chdonnantokyoholdem' --- anything
oskawizzkeyYokota AB, Japan/TokyoMostly NL Hold 'Em Tourneys($50-100 buy ins), but enjoy all types of poker games
ctholseyMito CityAny
samc6782Osaka for the next month or soNL TX Holdem
myblueheavenTokyo/ChibaAny poker - DC, THM, whatever
crushholdemOkinawaAny form of Holdem
carl.choiceHokkaido, JapanNL Holdem
ethtotaTokyo or YokohamaNL TX Holdem
todd2Yokota areaHoldem tour.
greenkhanTokyo/Chiba/Saitama within reasonable train distance from TokyoAny poker
joelberger2005okinawanl holdem
timmyb1976TokyoAny poker
betKansaiAny poker/backgammon
andrew_watanabeTokyo, Tochigi, SaitamaNL Holdem
hardhouseincYokosuka / Yokota / TokyoNo Limit Holdem or Pot Limit Omaha
gloggwfTokyo, YokosukaNL Tourneys, Omaha Hi/Lo
jr4palmerOkinawaHold 'em
bfanzoOkinawa.. Visiting until March 1stNL or NL tourney
glenbremnerOsakaTexas holdem (NL and Limit)
jaccyboysaitamatexas holdem. NL
kenkilianshizuokahold em
kkkymTokyo/ChibaTexas Holdem
chunhgtUtsunomiyaTexas Holdem NL
satoriboyOsakaprefer hold em, but also 5 card draw and 7 card stud; prefer no limit or pot limit, but fixed limit is fine too
bartonellisOsakatexas NL
kelly_farmerChibaNL Hold 'Em
triggerbktriggerOkinawaTexas Hold'em
Kenny888TokyoNo limit Holdem
skaehn93nagaoka, niigatahold em, anything is fine
akwaticalAbiko/TokyoNL texas hold'em/
giannideskTokyoAny Hold-em...1/14/08 - 1/25/08
kmcook01TokyoNo Limit Hold Em
budoytrinosYOKOTA NO LIMIT
tim_d5TokyoNL holdem
Ian ArgyleOsaka/KobeNL texas holdem, Razz, 7 card low, anything really. I like to play anywhere, but prefer mid to high buyin
edipopatokyonl holdem
tokyojoeTokyoNLHE (2/5 or 5/10) or PLO (1/2 up to 20/40)
Michael.GTokyoNL hold-em, limit hold-em, Omaha