Find players - Nova Scotia

Sep 26th, 2016. Given that there were so many old listings, only listings from users who have logged into the site over the last 3 years will be shown. Listings from users that haven't logged in for 3 years will still be active through the URL, they just won't be shown.

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User City Games Wanted
palpable_joyHalifax/Dartmouth, Nova ScotiaHold 'em in particular, or any/dealer's choice
massonbobbyHalifax, N.S. CanadaTexas holdem Lo limit or no limit will host if need be
wr3ckedHalifax, NSHoldem, Omaha, Dealers Choice, Any
bond.jeffHalifax, / Dartmouth, NSTexas Hold'em
troysteeleSydney, NSTexas Hold'Em limit and/or no limit
anthony_noonanhalifaxcash limit hold em.....preferably higher buy in
adelorey33Halifax Nova ScotiaNo Limit Holdem - tournament style
stevearcher8halifax, NSany fun games, ~$20 buy in
stevearcherHalifax, NSAny, 20 buy in, tournament
stylin_incalNova Scotia, SydneyTexas Holdem
ryanlevy02Kentville/New Minas/Coldbrook/WolvilleTexas Hold'Em
brianahorneTruroNL HE, limit HE PLO, O8B. HORSE, low buy in torny's $5-$30, Small stacks cash games
chevy3089greenwoodtexas holdem
insomniac323Halifax N/SHold'em (limit or no limit), Draw or Stud
empson_akqj10Nova ScotiaNL Texas Hold'em, nothing over a 50$ buy in
fiddlingcaperSydneypreferrably hold em (limit or no-limit) but any other game will do as well
jason.frederickHalifaxno limit hold'em $20 buy in
tphill_106HalifaxAny game cash or tourny
bruceadamHalifaxTexas Holdem
johnnytwobearsNew Glasgowhold'em
caper55SydneyNo Limit Texas Hold Em
schlass_soulEastern PassageNLHE/LHE - Ring & SNG
gary_lewsawNew Minas, KentvilleTexas Hold'em
almescnew glasgowtexas hold'em tourneys