BigBet Poker

About BigBet Poker

BigBet Poker was one of the smaller sites. They were never popular despite the fact that they had good reload bonuses and software. In 2006 they announced that they were shutting down their real-money games and would only host play-money games going forward. A couple of years later they shut down their site altogether.


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$1 rake for 1 point what bs most sites its only a 25¢for a point

royal on January 4, 2005


IveyWannabe3. on December 31, 2004

i havnt played it yet but it looks cool.

Alan Warneke/alan/a_warneke on July 8, 2004

has played at 4 different sites and rated it a 5.

junkerx/Troy_robin on February 18, 2004