About PokerChamps

Pokerchamps was an online card room launched in 2006 which had Gus Hansen, Tony G, and Erik123 as founding partners.

Although PokerChamps never had a large amount of traffic, they gained a reputation for being one of the best online poker rooms. They had the quickest cashouts (money was instantaneously transferred to your Neteller account when a withdrawal was done) and had very innovative software. It can be customized to play up to 4 different rooms at once in one window.

After the UIGEA passed in 2006 PokerChamps stopped allowing players from the United States. The company and software was sold to BetFair for $15 million.


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pokerchamps will only let u play if u live in certain countries

Unregistered on July 22, 2006

Good site. So many idiots in these forums. LOL "i lost, not my fault, it must have been rigged!"

Unregistered on October 14, 2005

What a total scam site. Full of house players big time. Flops are guaranteed paired about 75% of time against all logic. All ins a7 versus ur qq will flop four card straights without a problem. Then the 99 to your flop KK will get a four card flush on river. Thats just two hands in two rounds in one tournament. This place is designed for one thing, to take your money and they know how to do it then shuffle the funds to the house. So WHAT if so-and-so big name poker guru has his name on it. Big deal. Unregulated offshore poker rooms can steal your money any old way they like to. And screw all the house cash players and their "well I made 10k in 2 months on that site". They are cash players (rake), need say no more.

Anti-Gus on August 28, 2005

this is the gayest most badest think it took $750 from me like nuthing

demetro7652 on August 25, 2005

The freerolls are a little frustrating but real money play is ok. Lots of "Poker Lotto" going on and heavy pre-flopo betting on crap cards. Thats the players, not the site. Neteller is slow.

parrothed kenben115 on August 2, 2005

print too small - hard to get my money or see balances - no fun movable avatars and the chat is not on the table but stuck away in the small box-Basically other sites are more fun to play on-i cant even see the past 5 to 10 hands that are played -cant take down notes on the other players---it is sad---ccause I like the variety of games and the priZes for freerolls and the marketing program (BUT I WILL NOT BE RECOMMENDING IT)

jon/HEHas Risen/missyb on August 1, 2005

The software has been improving over the months. Freerolls use to be a nusiance but now they are okay. ALL TOURNAMENTS are now GUARANTEED. If at least two people sit down to a tourney, they split the HIGH dollar pot. The games usually get close enough to the Guaranteed amnt anyhow, but sometimes there's an extra $20 in the prizes.I like that you can play with a 4 color deck. You can easily see flushes.

Red Matrix on July 26, 2005

quickest play does disconnect a bit but reconnection is quick i think this site is overlooked as you always have a game to play to suite your money or your quality of play tried most others got stuck to this avatars but what do you need them for when the play is among the best!!!!!!!!!

BlkJack on July 24, 2005

Loads of Freerolls. First 28 places pay (Not much). On Sunday there was one almost every hour. Good for people who want to play for fun. Although its hard to do well if your a decent player because there are too many halfwits playing. Dodgy RNG like all these sites so wouldn't cough up any hard cash to play. Finished in the top 28 twice now which makes my pokerchamps winnings a huge 2$.

Turnbull Ac on July 10, 2005

awful freerolls, set hands are always made, when u have Poket rockets,u get beat %50 of the time, when u have Poket Ks, kid next to you has poket Aces, when ever u have a high poker pair, sum1 else will have a monster, they just set up case hands, they carry into freerolls because they use the same set up for freerolls as they do for cash tables, set up case hands, ie. i flopped STR8 yesterday, kid next to me flops FULL BOAT

dun wooh on June 22, 2005

Great site. Interface is getting really slick. And the rakeback makes it's a good deal for low and high limit players alike. At the moment the standard of play on the site is terrible which means profit for a good player. It seems to have sorted out it's server stablility as well. When a few more people join up, this site should really take off.

Vamtheman on April 3, 2005

It's the best poker site that I've played online! I even started my own site to help PC members get affiliates.They had a rough startup, but have stabalized so much in the past few months. They even offer Omaha now. Great site!

The Knight on March 24, 2005

best site by far good loose games although not much traffic you can still get a good hourly return on your 4 tables at a time and you cannot fail use referal code pokerpower and start to show a profit.

micduff on February 22, 2005

PokerChamps site has crashed several times in the past week. It is currently down and this is very unpleasent for players like me to tolerate anymore. There is usually only one dead table at the limit games 1-2 and up where there is an insuficent number of players to make money against.Word on the site chat is that Gus got overloaded his site with freeroll tourneys that had 900+ enterants.The site is down again right now. There are no more alternatives besides dropping pokerchamps and joining another site that is actually running.Do not join this site. Save yourself some aggrivation.

Pez Whatley on January 20, 2005

is pokerchamps having difficulties as i'm unable to access site13/01/2005 midnight

zicozara on January 12, 2005

rate it no.1 as being the best i've played apart from the technical difficulties it suffers iun early stages

zicozara on January 12, 2005

It sucks, you can't get on, and the people writting back must be stupid.

Susan Mick/Rosebud123/susanmick574 on December 26, 2004

seems all other players which are problably there own win an unbieleivable amout of hands on the river on table games. i wouldnt invest dime one in this site. worst ive ever played on bar none.

bil9bil on December 21, 2004

I like simple name plates (this site, Paradise)--no atavars(Party Poker) or pictures(Poker Stars). Decent bonuses--and u can easily check how close to earning bonus u are. Games reasonably loose but limtied selection and can only play one at a time. Cashed out and took at least 3 days for money to deposited in Neteller acct--that is too slow. Enough traffic to find a game.

maga on December 19, 2004

sorry my comments were for Pacific Poker. Poker Champs has the look I like, but little traffic and yesterday couldnt find game I wanted to play because there were so few players--when and if traffic picks up this is a site with promise.

maga on December 19, 2004

I Know Its A New Site, However It Seems To Have A Lot Of Amateurs & "dumb Luck". Im Not Sure How These Sites Set Up Their Programming...but This Site Needs To Start Over. I Have Played Several Freerolls Here & They Are The Worst For Stupidity Paying Off

DAVMAY41 on December 8, 2004

I think this is the most attractive poker site I've played at. The colour scheme is very appealing, and it is very easy to navigate.Unfortunately they only currently offer Texas Hold 'em, but are dilligently working on getting all other games (7, Omaha, etc) online. Traffic is also relatively low; only having about 400 people on at any given time, unfortunately.For anybody who has figured out that playing at multiple tables is the best way to maximize your hourly return, PokerChamps offers 4x4 Poker, which is incredibly convenient; allowing you to view up to 4 (and even 6 if your res can handle it) tables at a time.So, it's very easy on the eyes, easy to navigate, offers freerolls with no restrictions (if you're good, you NEVER have to deposite any money to make money), the CashFlow system and 50% rakeback makes it the most profitable (traffic pending) poker site on the net, and seems to offer a good connection.I'd recommend it.

Kyill on December 4, 2004

It is not really a bad site, but they have a lot of catching up to do. The deposit and cashout methods are a bit "iffy" and by that i mean, the site does not always work properly, and I've tried on different PC's. Has potential, however, although there is an increase in poker popularity, online poker (for real cash not play money) has yet to filter down through these new sites. Thanks

Doc3 on November 26, 2004

I am trying to set up a account and it ask for a code at the end to who I was refured by and I don't know the code to enter . could you email me a code for another player refured me please to complete it . THANKYOU DAN

cubadan2003 on November 22, 2004

this site is always dead!

paul on November 4, 2004

This site is jsut coming into existence. It is linked directly to Gus Hanson who sometimes plays on it. I played the freerolls on this site were first prizes is very small, but only 50 entered. This site is bad right now, but they are slowly improving and it is becoming average, their screen setup is very nice because it allows you to see 4 screens at once very easily.

poker917 on October 31, 2004