Multi Poker

About Multi Poker

Multi Poker was a skin for Party Poker, which was at one time the largest online poker room. Multi Poker (along with the other skins) allowed Party Poker players to get many different sign-up bonuses while still enjoying the juicy Party Poker games.

In 2005 Party Poker attempted to move away from the skins to establish its own network. After some legal disagreements, PartyGaming bought for a reported $14.5 million in cash, which gave PartyGaming the assets, web site, player database, and intellectual property of


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This site is brutal! All their ads tell you about their FREEROLLS with no requirements,, until you d/l the software and you cant even see them!! Theres no list! You DO have requirements > give them your credit card # and make a deposit,,then you can play in the FREErolls!! ummm, prolly not Go to Bugsy's Club

og. on January 17, 2005