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Canbet Poker was the poker arm of the Canbet brand of gambling companies and was owned by IASbet (International All Sports Ltd.), an Australian publicly traded company. Canbet was considered one of the most reputable sportsbooks from 2003 to 2008. Their poker room used to be on the Boss Network (along with Celeb Poker and Total Poker at the time) but never built too much traffic. In 2006, Canbet cut off US players after the UIGEA. In November 2006, they moved to the OnGame network. And in 2007 they joined the Microgaming Poker Network.

In 2009, IASbet sold Canbet to Yin Khing Investments Ltd. Over the next couple of years, Canbet's reputation steadily declined due to poor management and customer relations. It is now considered to be a 3rd-tier site. Rumor has it, their poker site is still operational, but they don't have much information about it on their website, and their support is only semi-responsive at best. Don't play here.


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Canbet recently switched from the Boss Media Network to the Microgaming Network.

- Now their software is very nice.
- But the most important point : your money is in a safe place there. Canbet is a huge australian company
- great customer support

Petitefleur2 on January 6, 2009

this site sucks .... I try on launch day. There are few play money games. Very Horrible Interface … They provide some poker lessons. However, it is going to cost you big $$$$. You better off sticks with yahoo games.

uhavenobrain on May 13, 2005

Why would the players be looser here than on other sites? Sounds like a degree in B.S. to me.

ccf1978 on March 19, 2005

You obviously haven't played poker much. You should stick to insurance. How many $10/$20 games do you know of where .

1. All 10 players see the flop?

2. 7 people call 3 bets on the flop?

3. There is a $807 pot?

HPG ADMIN on March 19, 2005