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TruePoker was one of the earlier sites to come onto the online poker scene. They opened in 2000 and started real-money games in 2001. Up until then, there were only a few others sites online at the time (Planet, Paradise, and PokerSpot), but their software was pretty primitive. TruePoker blew everyone away with the quality of their graphics. TruePoker was best-known for their 3-D "point of view" software that allows online players to move their hands when they fold or look at their cards. These features annoyed some players because they slowed down the game. The software also gives the player a first person point-of-view of the table where the player has the same relative position at the table all the time.

TruePoker have always been a medium-level site with a decent amount (and pretty loose) games at the lower and middle-limits. They have never elevated themselves to be a top-tier poker room though. This was despite the fact that even employed props to fill up their games (oddly enough, even after the poker boom was well under way). They were slow to add the ability to play multiple tables (was added in 2005), and they have never been particularly strong in tournaments.

Today, TruePoker has a 100% sign-up bonus up to $200, guaranteed tournaments, and vacation tournament packages.


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think true poker is teriffic, no bad beats in many hours of play.As close to the real game as you'll get. Just wish they had tourney freerolls for real dollars as some other sites have.

sharonlee22 on August 1, 2005

Here is an experience I just had:I've been sticking to True Poker lately because I fancy the gaming interface. I have not once won a hand with pocket aces when an ace flops on True Poker. I figured it was just bad luck until today.In a 20 man tournament I held pocket aces, and the flop came A,4,7 rainbow. Learning my "lesson" from previous pocket ace bad beats, and even though there was very low chance for a straight or flush, I went all in for over $2000. 3 others went all in including the "person" sitting next to me to the right. The chips go into the middle and the turn and river cards come: 10h 10c. The person to the right of me shows pocket 10's.I have played with this "person" in several tournaments before this one and this player has never said a word (I even tried asking them a question about their location in a previous tournament and they didn't respond). Don't you think ANYONE would at least say SOMETHING after hitting a runner runner 4 of a kind to beat a set of aces?I again tried talking to this "person" with no response. Even accused them of being a bot. No response. Does this sound fishy to anyone else besides me?

chris on April 23, 2005

This site has come a long way. You can now play multiple tables. I play roughly 4 hours a day on average and I haven't had a losing month. The people above who believe the cards are "unrealistic" are fooled by the illusion of poker moving at a quick speed. It's fun and you get a good feel for the players. All the other sites are the same.

Xander82 on March 9, 2005

IM thinfing of opening a money account wlth true poker.if l win do l get payed. if someone has got payed how long did u wait for.what is the best sit for online poker to play on.

mskavinski on February 6, 2005

The only reason I play on this site is the easy use my bank buy in option. Their cash out system is horrible. Everything yo uwant to do with your own money needs approval. Takes forever to get a draft. Their refer-a-friend program is bogus. I referred friends who bought in and never got my bonuses. And their cards are UNREALISTIC. Like a previous review said, count on 4 card flushes and pairs on board almost every hand. Its all about who can throw in the most money. There is no skill on this site. The only thing going for it is the graphics.

3bumbums on December 18, 2004

I was turned on to the site by a co-worker about two months ago and I haven't stopped playing since. The graphics are great and the sit&go tourneys are fun.

Daniel Gillespie/ dan.gillespie on November 19, 2004

Another shady site. Don't get fooled by the graphics. They'll suck you dry with unrealistic slew of badbeats.

banthecheats on September 14, 2004

Abounds with rude players who use vulger language and harrass other players and hosts having a do nothing indiferent attitude about it almost always. If you want to play at a name calling freeforall sight this is it.

Unregistered on August 3, 2004

because there is no limit on play money refills..preflop raising and reraising throughout the game is a contest to see who can outbet who. Almost never has anything to do with quality of the hand and is a nightmare for anyone serious about the game. Thanks but NO is over run with crazies.

Unregistered on August 3, 2004

Truepoker is a great looking site. But they have made alot of changes to get rid of players that play for fun. They reset your play chip count every month,meaning its senseless to play for playchips. They only offer freerolls to real money players and the promos are sad. I dont play for real money on this site anymore because of the unreal flops. When you see one player get 4 flushes in a row youll know what im talking about. I think this could be the best pokersite on the web if they had some better promos and treated their playchip players better.

evilhemp76 on July 16, 2004

great medium site, the biggest drawback is that can only play 1 table at a time but i heard they are working on a fix, games are definitely loose

kk. on July 7, 2004

I like this site, but wish they would allow you to play more than one game at once. I wish there was a way to shut off the avatars. Also, the software has some glitches - it's annoying how the table lists pop up in various places and then disappears for no apparent reason. Decent games.

lovetopolka on June 30, 2004

My Bother Told Me About It

PIPES PLUS on June 22, 2004

Great graphics, but horrible game play. flush draw or a pair come up on nearly 80% of the boards, top 2 pair means nothing if you're going to get out drawn on the turn or river half the time. down right awful...

JJJ on May 31, 2004

Great graphics and sound but I found it hard to win money. Can only play 1 table.

John. on May 30, 2004

I like the ease and flow of TP. The graphics are great and you can also keep in touch with the game by listening to the audio.

Unregistered on March 23, 2004