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Empire Poker opened in 2003 by Empire Online, a company formed in 2002. It started off as a Party Poker skin and was a very popular site during the 2003 to 2006 era. Many small bankroll players would hit up all the skins for sign-up and reload bonuses in order to build their bankrolls.

In June 2005, after several years of very strong growth, Empire Online floated stock on the London Stock Exchange, raising 123.5 million. Just a few months after going public, Sportingbet was in negotiations to buy the company for 790 million, but both companies cut off negotiations.

In 2005, Party Poker decided that it wanted to cut off the skins (Empire, Intertops, and MultiPoker) from Party Poker's traffic. Because of this, Empire Poker's traffic dropped dramatically, so Empire sued Party. The two companies announced a settlement in 2006 where PartyGaming stated that they would buy out Empire for $250 million. Empire Online, now having divested itself of all of its online gambling interests, then changed its name to "Livermore Investment Group" and is now traded on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol "LIV".

Today, Empire offers progressive bad beat jackpots, guaranteed tournaments, and daily freerolls. But they don't offer any advantages over the better sites that are available.


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rigged, rigged, rigged...enough said

mcxstar on May 15, 2005

stay away-same crooks from party poker-----bad beats and cheats = defeats

goodjos on April 1, 2005

They're a bunch of scum bags and lied so I couldn't make money.But the games run well and you can make money., but the freerolls are pretty much all raked.

ambitionz on March 28, 2005

it seems as if there touted 'freeroll gms r a figment of [their] imagination- I've never 'found' 'em!!?!?!

gator on February 19, 2005

In comparison to Pacific its a dream site - fast payouts, medium opposition and most importantly the best hand stands up more times on average than Pacific has bad beats - less morons but just a sufficient level to keep your bankroll ticking along. Good play is rewarded here

Quad2z on February 18, 2005


fresh on January 23, 2005

Easiest bonuses to earn and reloads every now and then. Very high rake at a $5 pot, so, if you are a micro mini game player, try Prima or Paradise for a better bargain. Always many games going at the level you want. People talk about the ease of competition, but it hasn't worked out that way for me. I've made money on Empire, but I've made more on Prima, Pacific and Paradise. The no limit games have higher blinds for the table stakes than at other sites and I downgraded it a notch for this failing.

Chateau Lafite on January 19, 2005

Playing it right now. Seem to get a lot of bad beats, just had cowboys against AA's feels like they set u up. Every time I make a deposit I win a couple of times, after that its all down hill, like they try and lure you. It is easy to download, that the only reason I keep playing. The freerolls are good, two 500 dollar ones daily but there tourney set up makes them last much much longer than any other site.

bjp060 on December 19, 2004

bend over, pull down your pants and grab your knees. you will need to supply the vasoline, cause you will get it good here.

outlawxx on November 29, 2004

this site does not (in my experience) cash out your money honestly. I cashed out $60.81 to be sent via check/mail. Uhhh...the check bounced and I had to pay a bank draft fee. In the meantime, the site just credited the money back to my poker account. Hmmmm - makes you wonder!!!!

dfree589 on November 14, 2004

this site is good to play all be it slow at its peak times. The play is a little loose so if you are a tight player you can really rack up.

fan4eagles13 on November 14, 2004

Online poker is not rigged. If you believe so, you are a bad player, and that's it. Get over it.

R.. on October 22, 2004

Winning isn't cheating =)

agress with tim on September 17, 2004

Same cheating patterns as partypoker because it's only a skin difference. Read the reviews about partypoker. I wonder how long these guys can get ever with this.

nopartieshere on September 14, 2004

I won over $4500 in 2 months playing on this site. But i just dont like the look or the gameplay. Alot of poor players on this site. Theyll call you with anything.

evilhemp76 on July 16, 2004

decent games, good bonus and reloads, good software

kk. on July 7, 2004

This is the best site if you want to win money. If you are into graphics or sound play True Poker, but if it is money that you are interested in this is the site. You can thank me later.

john. on May 30, 2004

Not a separate site; not worth separate entry.

pokerguy11 on May 17, 2004