About was closed in April of 2009. was founded before the poker boom started and grew to be one of the largest poker rooms on the internet. Even after the rise of the bigger sites, PokerRoom remained one of the busier second-tier sites with a lot of traffic at the low limits. At one time it was owned by OnGame, a Swedish company, but was sold to the bwin group for $500 million in 2005. In 2009 bwin shut down PokerRoom and integrated the site into the bwin brand.

Pokerroom was one of the most progressive poker sites when it came to responsible gaming. Their software had customized filters which players could use to make sure their gambling didn't get out of control. There was a feature where players could select a 7-day or 6-month cooling off period where they could not logon. Users could also set their own deposit limits for daily, weekly, and monthly deposits.


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No way this site is rigged - been playing here for months and as another poster mentioned the action is fast, fluent and realistic. Of course there will be bad beats but that's the nature of the game and hardly unique to this site.

Soyuz on September 23, 2005

horrible. this site is so rigged. i go allin with AA flop is A33 the other player had pocket 3s. Now thats rigged. The Sit And Gos shorthanded are all right but they disconnect you when you get a good hand. I would suggust not to play here.

edwince on September 17, 2005

I also feel that it's rigged. I am an extremely tight player that has seen more bad beats in the past month than I have even seen in my life. 3 and 4 outers hit on the river all the time. I suggest not to play here

offsuit on September 17, 2005

One of the very best. The rakes at lower limits and lower entry fee tournaments are lower than most. Great Hold Em and halfway decent Omaha games.

Crazy Lemon on August 19, 2005

given its the only place i have played. i can say this place is great its jave and the bad beats are not there. the people are cool and theres a vote off option if people get to mouthy all in all a good place.

papareg on August 6, 2005

graphics are great, site is nice -- I'm not a big "site is rigged" person but the beats I've seen have been crazy. AA vs KK - flopped K, one outers caught, full house beat by quads, AA VS 3-6 336 on flop, and that was just within the last two days. Is it rigged or is it just bad players making bad calls and catching? I don't know. I'm considering switching sites if I see much more of the crazy outdraws.

acegirl on July 7, 2005

Guys, please stop this nonsense about rigged sites. The only (proven) way sites stole player's money is much simpler than making biased shuffle - PokerSpot was the most prominent example. I'm 100% sure that _none_ of the big rooms is intentionally rigged; as for Stars' - I had doubts about them at some point (after a bad beat streak obviously) and asked them to send me the whole history of my play there; when I've got it, I made all kinds of statistical analysis with it (and I have a degree in maths) - and came up with nothing beyond statistical expectations. So until somebody will provide a mathematical proof (rather than emotional "he got one-outer, it should NEVER happen, at least not to me") - I won't even consider such a possibility. Face it, guys - bad beats is an integral part of poker. And those who cannot deal with it, just should not play poker, ever - there are other ways to have fun in life.

Nobody on June 12, 2005

I've played all the biggies - party, ultimate, stars, absolute, pacific, etc. - and hands down this place is the best. I'm not a big "online poker is rigged" guy, but Poker Room has the most realistic action in my opinion. You rarely see AA vs. KK (happens ALL THE TIME on ultimate and absolute), the consistent monster flops, and one person dominating a table with incredible cards for stretches at a time. So I think Poker Room rewards the patient and skilled player. Also, I thought the graphics and characters were lame before I joined, but now i find them really pleasing to the eye and easy to look at for extended periods. The layout of the betting buttons as well as the lobby are easy and intuitive. Only drawback is you can't really use your player points besides on one big weekly freeroll. Anyway, I left Poker Room once and remembered how inferior all the others are. Never again! (If you sign up, I'd appreciate if you'd use "vodkashot" as your reference. Thanks!)

vodkashot on May 1, 2005

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micduff on February 22, 2005

OK software. The one time I needed support I couldn't get it. Tourney's often freeze. Their reward points expire very quickly. On the up side: Free instacash, quick cashouts. I used to call pokerroom home but got sick of my points exiring weekly, esp. since I paid a lot of rake there. I've since moved to JetSet.

deez_nutz4u on January 18, 2005

If you are looking to win money in a freeroll tourny, dont play here. Even if you place in the money, you still have to make a deposit, play real money, and earn enough points to be able to use the money you won. The freerolls are basically for play chips that u cant access,, sign me up Go to Bugsy's Club, and you'll never leave!

Cheesemuffin on January 17, 2005

A popular site. Tons of low-limit games going. Good freerolls. Games are loose enough to win. Their recent upgrade was very nice.

kk. on July 7, 2004

Gets good rating for being able to play on a Java-based client. Also, some of the avatars are hot. Can't choose your own, though.

PokerFoos on May 27, 2004