About ProPoker

ProPoker was a site that was around for a couple of years around 2002 to 2004. While it was around it had one of the best bonus deals around - a $75 bonus on $25 deposit (as well as occasional reload bonuses).

ProPoker always had a lot of traffic. Unfortunately, almost all of the players on the site were bots (computer players). There were usually only a few human players. To make things worse, the bots were not that easy to beat. Although many online poker players made it a habit of accusing various poker sites of using bots, most of these comments were unfounded complaints coming from disappointed (and probably losing) players. With ProPoker, however, it was true. The site shut itself down in 2004.


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It was painfully obvious to ayone paying attention that something was amiss at Propoker. They apparently thought that ripping people off was going to be lucrative for them. Oh? They're going out of business? What a shame.

ERaddock on June 20, 2004