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GamesGrid opened its real-money online poker room in 2005. They were notable for a couple of reason. First, they had the largest sign-up bonus of any poker site - 1,000% (up to a maximum of a $5,000). And second, they also offered access to other unique games, including online backgammon and gin rummy, to complement their poker offerings. Despite these advantages, GamesGrid's poker games had very little traffic (there were usually only a couple of games going at low limits but that's about it) and GamesGrid shut down its real money poker games in 2007.


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This site is full of vampires that like to come out and steal ur money together after you get on winning streak they like to hit you quick and fast.In which that means there employees play and wait for there chance to team up on you yes......they play together on at the same tables were they like to im there hole cards to each other while you think they may be considering playing the hand they are actually useing there insant messanger to show each other cards while they also have 5to7 employees at the same tables so in which they have you 5 or maybe 7 to your one hand so they know hole cards think about it if they have 14 of the 18 hole cards they are virtually unstopable unless you are very very good and see them doing it but still who wants to play poker at 7to1 odds against you unreal fucccccccing site nothing but cheaters and tonyg may be in on it!!!also all gtd's are definetly rigged they fight till the end on those (the employees) trying to cash in a superfecta what i mean is they hate to pay u out so at gtd final tables they make sure not to play each other unless it is to big stack 1 of there employees for their advantages GOOD LUCK AT THIS FUCCCNNN RIGGED SITE BETTER BRING SOME GARLIC,HOLYWATER,AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST UR OWN TEAM LIKE THEM GTOWNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

TeamGtown on February 10, 2007

Forget the bonus offers! This site has an unreliable server. Even though there are never more than 80 to 100 players on at a time, the server regularly screws up. You will find yourself disconnected or timed out for no reason.

If you complain to admin, they will blame your connection. Nothing has changed in months. Check the poker forums and newsgroup archives and you will see complaints about this site.

Unregistered on July 19, 2006

Have played at a dozen sites. Rate this a 3. Interface is odd but not in a fun way. Made the full deposit for the max bonus but had worst run of bad luck here while consistently making money at other sites. Employees play at tables and somehow seem to always have an edge. There seems to be a very large number of runner-runner flushes that go the way of the employees. I lost once with a straight flush when an employee had a slighly higher one. That is a first for me.

Unregistered on March 6, 2006

Don't pay you out. i earned my bonus wereant allowed to withdraw

sickna on June 10, 2005