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Opened in 2005, Titan Poker is probably the largest site on the iPoker Network. In September 2006, Titan Poker cut off access to US players due to the UIGEA and the ban is still in effect today.

Today, Titan Poker offers a 100% up to $500 first deposit bonus, freerolls, Bad Beat bonuses, High Hand of the Day bonuses, and a VIP Club. The software is available in many different languages, and the network traffic is among the highest in the industry. There have been rumors that Titan will be introducing prop bets for poker players where players can bet on various aspects of the game - like the flop being all red or all black, etc.


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They stole old school DOS sounds for their table alerts. You can call them on the phone for support, but it is pointless unless you want to speak to an Indian who sounds like theyre using VOIP on dial-up. The whole site just feels tacky, its not fun to play on at all.

simo1981 on August 6, 2008


simo1981 on August 1, 2008

More like fiting poker, I kicked some guy's ass the other day on here, big mouth fucker.


mrkromer on August 1, 2008

You cant full screen your window, and the WORST thing this site does is BOMBARD you with advertisments for their casino games while you are in the middle of a hand. You cannot continue to play until you press the Ok button on the ad and this has meant my hand has been timed out on more than one occasion. There are plenty of other places to play dont wast your time and money.

simo1981 on August 1, 2008

titan poker is a great site, heaps better then full tilt. Full tilt is rigged as.

flukie81 on February 18, 2008

put up 60 bucks and had a semi pro helping me and man have never seen so many bad beats, and as far as the bonus is concerned forget it, you need something like 6000 points to clear the bonus and at a dollar a point forget it, you going to end up spending 5 times the amount just to get the bonus, what a bogus site, pure rip off, called tech support and I hear a bunch of indian punks on the phone, and the guy cups the phone but I could still hear him and in a sarcastic voice says, oh we have another american then they say something and start laughing, what a waste of 60 bucks, stay with poker stars were you can actually win, this place is horrible, if want to just throw away money fine this is the site for you, there is one nice thing about this site that have seen no other offer and thats the ability to play head to head, thats it other than that its bogus, you have been warned.

Unregistered on September 26, 2006

Titan Poker

HPG ADMIN on June 16, 2006