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Opened in 2004, Noble Poker was one of the later entrants into the poker market and came in right at the top of the poker boom. It ran Playtech software and was one of the first sites on the iPoker network along with smaller sites like CD Poker. In 2005, gaming company Empire Online, the company that owned Empire Poker, acquired Noble Poker, as well as online casino group Club Dice, for a reported $40 million. Then in December 2006, PartyGaming bought Empire Online (after some legal disputing), therefore, absorbing Noble also.

The constant re-defining of Noble's identity didn't help its prospects much, and everyone assumed that the site would either disappear or just perpetually languish like so many smaller poker sites have done. But the growth of the iPoker network and ownership by PartyGaming has given Noble Poker some promise. Today, Noble offers a 100% bonus (up to $500), Bad Beat Bonus, freerolls, Loyalty Plan, and other benefits.


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i need to find the password for tornaments

jails on August 6, 2005

Moved here from Pokerroom. Nice graphics. Not enough traffic. Had trouble connecting for an hour. Tech support blamed "bugs in the software" and "technical problems" Program hung up and forced me out of two different games. Once while I wss holding pocket Kings. I'm moving on.

UncleJim10 on July 22, 2005

Noble has changed the way it looks now and it is worse not better.I love the previous three d look but hate it now.

kev2610 on July 16, 2005

how do i get the passwords to enter??

sharrono2 on July 10, 2005

Those guys are spammers. New room, no action, spam - doesn't it ring the bell?

Nobody on June 12, 2005

Came accross Noble Poker recently, graphics are great, especially the 3D view. Plenty of tables available and still not too busy so not difficult to find a table that I wanted to play. Reckon there is money to be made here, I turned $330 profit in first week, and should get better as the word begins to spread.

Raiser on May 4, 2005

The 100% bonus is terrific. I play at the shorthanded tables and play more hands, so my "crowns" are adding up fairly quickly. Great graphics. So far, excellent service. No disconnect problems (Hello, Pacific Poker). The only negative is that it is a relatively small poker room. I can always find a sit and go tournament and a no limit game where I like to play, but others will have to check it out and see if there is enough action at the levels they play at. I think this site is going to be huge once the word gets out.

Chateau Lafite on April 8, 2005

In my previous post I forgot to mention that the six player sit and go tournaments only pay the first two places, not third as many sites do. That means you can make some decent money if you win.

Chateau Lafite on April 8, 2005

lot of loose play, nice grafics.lots of tourneys. dont know why all money doesnt go into pot. buy in 5 and 50cents both seem to go to the house.

wogsplace2/ wog/ extremefence on March 29, 2005