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Bugsys Club was a very popular medium-traffic site that was affiliated with PokerPages. Their site was unique for a few reasons. They had a variety of games, including one of the few "mixed games" (HORSE, etc) offered online at the time. They had very wild no-limit cash games because the games had no maximum buy-in so the pots would get pretty big. They were one of the few smaller sites to give away WSOP packages and one of the first sites to offer software that was supported by Macs. Their tournaments were also very generous. They had several "money added" tournaments and plenty of freerolls. Many online players even started their only poker careers without ever having to deposit money because they won money in BugsysClub freerolls.

BugsysClub was also one of the only poker sites that built a true community of players. The site allowed players to fill out player profiles and post in the user forum. They also organized poker leagues on their site where a loyal group of regulars competed to be at the top of the leaderboard.

In 2009, perhaps because of the UIGEA, BugsysClub announced that they were shutting down and that they transferring all of their players' balances to PokerStars. Some players were upset because Pokerstars required these former Bugsys players to earn a certain number of points before they were able to cash out. Other players pointed out that PokerStars did this because BugsysClub probably didn't have enough money to completely cover their customers' balances and PokerStars made up the difference.


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Ya I agree with bluefish about a class action lawsuit againts bugsy club. Close down with out any notice over night! Are funds tranferd to Poker Stars but gotta earn 2500vpps to cash out 500$ what a joke!!! like I should bowdown to stars cause thy are helpin me pfff more like usein the sqweeze move on me to earn back my money...so CORRUPT!!!

Bugsy is corrupt on May 31, 2009

trust this site as much as u would have trusted bugsy

bluefish on May 3, 2008

It doesn't matter how long they've been around. They won't be around much longer. Awful site, with terrible game play, awful software and NO ring games or traffic, except in freeroll tournies.

This site BLOWS!

bad_dog76 on April 4, 2008

I also propped for this site,they used us to fill in the spots on the 20000 monthly league so they wouldnt have to pay that out.Then they quit paying us because they said we were playing against other props too much.Without props on this site there would be hardly any1 playing.Stay away from this site,it wont be around long.

highroad on March 31, 2008

this site might have been ok at 1 time but these smaller sites promise too much to get players & get theirself in financial problems.This site needs to be avoided completely.

bluefish on March 24, 2008

they are a smaller site but they are not a scam - they have been around for a while. Email support and see what is going on.

HPG ADMIN on March 17, 2008

I made a small deposit there.I never played a hand ,now i cant get back into my acct.Im glad i found out about this site before i actually started playing there.

blackout on March 17, 2008

THIS IS A SCAM SITE;Bugsy has this big tournament.I win my way in to play for it then they just cancel it.I get nothing back not even my original investment into the satelite.I complained .I had played approx. 75000 hands there.They said 15 to 20 hands looked suspicious that i had folded.They took the rest of my money.Brian the cardroom manager is a thief,liar & a coward.They say in their forum that they dont use props,thats strange i was a prop for them & they have plenty more.Im planning a class action lawsuit against Quadri Holding NV which owns this scam site,so any1 whose money has just disappeared on bugsy please post it.

bluefish on March 16, 2008

Yep, I went back here to play for BBP's and of course nothing has changed. Last 3 tournies I got knocked out of. I had AA vs AK preflop when the money went in. Flop was AQ2 Turn J River 10, Now the funny thing about this is, I predicted these two cards in the chat before it happened LOL!
Next tourny, I had pocket 8's Flop came Q87. I bet, one guy raises, I go all in, he calls with QJ. Turn J. River J LOL! Finally I'm all in preflop with JJ One guy calls off almost 90% of his stack with 79 (off suit) Flop J 9 9 Turn 9 river A LOL! Yeah, nothing wrong with that software or their "Random" number generator HAHA!
So I was 87% to win with AA vs AK. I was 95% to win with my set vs top pair, and I was 80% to win with my JJ vs 79 (off suit) Yet I lost everyone of these hands. LOL! No wonder I don't play for money online anymore. It's not rigged, or set up, I'm just unlucky LOL! Yeah ok.

bad_dog76 on October 25, 2007

I first started playing at Bugsy's in the BBP tournies and league skill tournies. I did very well. I made it to the final table 10 of my first 12 tournies (including 3 wins. However, I seemed to notice a pattern that developed on this site that isn't even close on any other site.
After being knocked out of 3 straight tournies when I had an overpair to the board and someone called with a gut shot straight draw, only to hit it and knock me out.
I noticed, or so it seemed, to have an inordinate amount of flops that were as follows;
789, JQK 234 etc. It also seemed that there was an incredible amount of boards that finished with 4 to a straight or 4 to a flush.
I did some research on 4 different tables at 4 different levels for 100 hands a piece.
Here's what I found. On table 1, 33 out of 100 hands had 4 to a straight. 42 out of the flops were 3 to a straight.
Ok maybe it's just a coincidence.
Table 2- 36 out of 100 hands were 4 to a straight. 44 of them flopped 3 to a straight.
Table 3- 31 out of 100 were 4 to a straight 39 of them flopped 3 to a straight.
Table 4- 40 out of 100 were 4 to a straight and 46 of them flopped 3 to a straight LOL!

So 35% of the time, in 400 hands there was 4 to a straight on the board? After I found this I went to the live help they have and asked why are so many boards 4 to a straight.
The guy immediately responds with "Our RNG is certified by blah blah blah, here's the link"
I told him that link didn't say anything and then he told me to send my findings to some other link.

Anyway, because I had so many BBP's I decided to play at the ring games for BBP's and sit n go's for BBP's.

I played 140 hands at the ring game table and the best hand I saw was A7 off suit.

The first tournament I played in after this, on the first hand I was dealt 88. I raised, I had 3 callers. The flop came Q87. One guy bet into me and I went all in. He called with QJ. The next to cards were J and J. So this guy beat me with runner runner to get a higher full house.

The next tournament I played in (it was later on) I was shortstacked I went all in with 77. I was called by one guy (who called off about 85% of his stack with J9) Flop came 799 turn 9 river A.

Just incredible how I ask a simple question, based on my research and all of a sudden I get bad cards and take really bad beats.
There must be a reason why this site only has about 1,300 players at peak times. Stay away from this crooked ass site.

PH99 on October 24, 2007

I have played at Bugsy's Club for over two years and I must agree with Unregistered. There is absolutely nothing random about Bugsy's Club. They used to even acknowledge that they "overcorrected" for the lack of high cards. What this means is that fish calling with Ace trash off-suit know that are going to suck out on you way more often than they should. I won't even go into completely disconected straights, unsuited flushes, and the number of times dominated hands end up winning. It's absurd! Avoid this crummmy and crooked site.

Klynn on July 10, 2007

What do you consider a "high number of hands?"

HPG ADMIN on October 28, 2006

When you suspect that a site is rigged, a simple way to test your theory is to request your handlogs and calculate your odds of winning/losing the hands.

It is imperative that you look at a number of hands - ideally 500-1000. You can then get an idea if statistically you are winning the expected amount.

Obviously you have to be careful and do the math correctly. In addition, you will only be able to calculate for hands that were shown down or where the opponent showed his/her cards.

I did this with Bugsy's Club and found that the numbers were not even close to being accurate. I won more hands than I should with cards that statistically should have lost and lost more with hands that should have won. Of course, even Aces losing to 7,2o proves nothing - that is going to happen sometimes- I again stress that you have to look at a high number of hands to account for normal statistical variation.

This is just my own experience and does not prove anything or even necessarily have statistical validity. So do it yourself and draw your own conclusion.

Unregistered on October 28, 2006

I am not going to bore you with all the specific stories - just let me say that I played here daily for 2 years. I tried to convince myself that it was not fixed and I was just frustrated with "normal" bad beats. Not.

I have now accepted that this site is fixed. Like other sites you will win at first. I deposited nothing and won freerolls for money and then moved to money tourneys. I eventually built a reasonable bankroll (from nothing). I withdrew a large portion of that bankroll(3 months ago) and from that time on I lost always just short of the money (after winning numerous tournaments over the 2 years.) I have not placed in the money since. Prior to this I would routinely place in the money even if it was in the low end. It's at the point now that I rarely even win a hand- they are so blatant in my not winning that its surprising. They don't seem to care that I know that they have cut me off. My only avenue of redemption is to try to spread the word.

One more thing - long time players at Bugsy's openly acknowledge that the site is fixed - the strategy is to accept it and hope they don't pick you to lose.

I have stopped playing at Bugsy's Club.

Unregistered on October 28, 2006

People going all in with 36 and 74 pre flop on 25/50 blinds and constantly catching starights and flushes against KK and AA. One of the most ridiculous sites out there. Terrible software, awful graphics and incredibly, painfully slow play. Avoid at all costs!

bad_dog76 on August 11, 2006

if that story is true then that sounds a little weird

HPG ADMIN on December 11, 2005

One example out of many (This by far was the best one), I was playing a wsop round two warm-up with about 150 ppl left in the tourny, at this point everyone is playing pretty tight. I had about 70k in chips the next highest at the table was 95k, everyone else between 4k and 30k. My cards were pp 7's, I raised 5k pre-flop the only caller was dude w/95k, flop was 3d 7s 8c, dude checked I raised 10k then he raised me 10k I call, turn comes 7c dude checks then I go all in w/quads while he is "thinking" about calling, everyone at the table vanishes except me and him(eight people at the same time get moved to other tables!!) he calls. before I even see the river, the table is busted and i'm out. looked over at my chat screen and it said dude wins with a JACK HIGH STRAIGHT FLUSH!!! I remind you that this table was pretty tight and I was at that same table the majority of the tourny and no one got moved unless they got busted. over the two hours we were at the same table we were busting people left and right, and respected each others raises cause we were both getting killer hands. The way it played out he had to of known his 9c Jc would hit the straight flush, check raising me with nothing the whole way through. WHY DID EVERYONE ELSE AT THE TABLE SUDDENLY GET MOVED??
(only thing I can think of is NO WITNESSES to this obvious set up). Bugsys club can go to HELL, I know it is just a free tourny but the top four places got you into the final wsop warm up final which is a big tourny for Bbp's players. I've played on bugsys over a year and have done pretty good (have over 6500 bbs=$65) but noticed that certain people that are on this site 24/7 do exceptionaly well and always thought it was rigged, now I know.
oh yeah, guess who won that tourny?
(!!!my guess is bugsys club!!!)!

Unregistered on December 11, 2005

On almost any poker website you're going to have awful players that don't have a clue. With that being said I think Bugsy's club houses the WORST players on line. Most of the time you'll eat these fish alive and Bugsy's does have a ton of great free tourney's. Lately however it seems lousy players are getting lucky everytime they go all in with rags.

Last two tourney's I've played in I had pocket aces cracked with K2 and J4. Both players going all in before the flop with substantial chip stacks. People on Bugsy's bet and raise with no game plan. They have no idea what they're doing just raising and praying. Lately it seems too many prayers are being answered. Bugsy's is still the best poker site on the web but I'm begging you Bugsy's, don't start becoming like Party Poker and the rest of the rip off sites that reward poor play with great results.

PAPA_JUPITER on October 24, 2005

bugsy's is closer to a decent game as you're likely to get on the net.the software is very good and the people are for the most pretty friendly and not likely to be maniacs. You can win real money, and or points for no deposit. It's about my favourite site and no,I do not work for them. At least give it a go.

spartacles on September 8, 2005

For anybody interested in playing for real money, often times the biggest question involves the cashout policy. Well, I can personally attest to the fact there are no issues whatsoever with Bugsy's payouts. I won a seat to this year's WSOP Main Event, but for personal reasons could not attend and play. Not only did they let me take the full 10k in cash, it was withdrawn and deposited into my bank (via FirePay) within 30 hours of their transfer into my online account! That was the 3rd cashout I have made and all have gone smoothly. As far as the tables and players go, it is true that there aren't always full games going, but the overall quality of players on the site is much better than I've seen at some of the larger sites, like Stars and Party (for comparable stakes). Basically, if you're a student of the game, play a solid tight/aggressive style, then Bugsy's Club will provide not only a good game to play, but some solid competition to learn from as well. If you're a Gus Hansen-type player, you won't make much here....the players are too good and will generally wait for you to hang yourself. You won't get crazy action, you'll only get busted! Personally, I don't like playing anywhere else any more.

K2Bruins on July 13, 2005

I really like Bugsys and it ranks in my top 2 sites of the 15 or so I've played at. Easy place for good players to win money, and the traffic is picking up and the tourneys and cash games are getting better. Great support and got my cashouts within 24-48 hours. Poker's not my day job, but I've paid my rent consistantly for 5 months by playing their sit n goes and ring games. Missed a WOP seat from there by 3 places :-(, but I won't hold that against them

timo on June 27, 2005

This is a great site. Some mentioned that most people on this site will never play for $$, and that is true. People complain about bad beats, but they happen anywhere. Even if it is KK vs AA, KK wins 20% of the time. An instant lotto ticket also wins 20% of the time. I don't hear about bad beats when that 20% falls to them. Just play smart poker and you will do well, I do. I don't know about this cashout problem, other than you can only cashout once a week and you must cashout at least $50. I got no problem with that.The enviorment is great, as you really get to know some of the players, and you can even get into political debates if you want. Good times.

Niczone on June 26, 2005

Bugsy Poker Site is the worst site I've played, although I wouldn't trust most online poker site with real money. Online poker site is only good for free plays.

Lazy J on June 17, 2005

Hello can you help me please as im trying to login but it says my password is invalid can you help me my user name is ian6267 thanks Ian Mcphillips

ianmcph37 on June 12, 2005

Site is rigged; software constantly feeds chip leaders to get rid of players.

David Monroe/JamesBond007 on June 2, 2005

Worst site I've played with the most bogus flops that sets people up. Would not trust playing Bugsy with real money! I only play here with free chips!

Raou1 on June 2, 2005

I don't trust Bugsy Poker at all! After playing there for a couple of months, I notice a trend on bugsy; it sets player up for beats. Ex. you may have a str8 but someelse has full house or you have a flush but someone else has bigger flush, unusual in real play but common here.

RealPlayer on June 2, 2005

I love this site, usually bugsy points players will play like real money ONCE the idiots are gone

calcpi314 on May 28, 2005

This Is By Far One Of The Best Out There Players Are Nice And Compitition Is Very Good Here No Bingo Players (players That Raise And Go All In When They Catch A Bingo Card 2,7,9,..etc) From What I Have Seen

STILL_FREE on March 30, 2005

been to a lot of sites and bugsy's is by far the best

Airborne82 on February 15, 2005

This is one of the very few Poker sites that has downloadable software for Mac OS X. The software used to be slow, but they've managed to get it good. My only real complaint about the site (mainly the free side) is that in no-limit tourneys, sometimes half the table goes all-in on the very first hand before the flop. When playing for free, I guess it works out every now and then in the long run but it gets very old after a while. This is pretty much the only site I would risk money at.

eggman on January 26, 2005

This site is about as good as it gets for the beginner or experienced poker player. How can u argue with a shot at a seat at the WSOP for only $.10!!! (I mean 10 Bugsy Bonus Points, which quite easy to earn) Granted their arent many real money table players, but that is because you dont need to risk your own real money in order to make real money at this site! As far as needing to get points to unlock your winnings>> if you won money on this site and you cant sit down at the BBP freerolls for a couple days and make 60 BBP's then,,,well, you know... 1 top 5 finish in a freeroll will you more than 60 Points. I've played at over 10 sites in the past 3 months, and if you are looking to play poker to win real money or a shot at the WSOP with absolutley no risk, this is the place to be!! See you at the tables!! Cheers

og. on January 17, 2005

Bugsy has the best chat room service on poker online:fast,easy,friendly. Graphics is not bad at all and completly diff. than others sites. A lot of free tournament,diff. games,even razz!!! :) a lot of collusion cuz most of the players seems all friends and know each other and talking about life,sport,tv etc...but hey...they are freeroll tournament who really cares... The point is: no action at all!!! :(,the table for real $ they are empty,they run satellite tournament for enter in tourney where the buy in is $1!!!This it means the 99.99% of the players of BugsyClub they never deposit real$ and they never will!!!they are there just cuz a lot of tourney,friendly enviroment and have a good time. Geez...other sites they run satellite for enter in $300or$200 tournament and them for enter in $1 tourney...lol...if U need a buck look in the sidewalk ;)

g.. on December 9, 2004

I love this site. It is now the only place I will play and no other room compares to it. Be smart and play here.

Robert on December 2, 2004

Balancing of the tables use to take forever but now it is instant. The graphics seem far more comfortable to me then the other sites such as UltimateBet and the $.50 and $1 sit and go games are a good way to start out. I tried UltimateBet again after reading posts on this site and will still be staying with Bugsy's.

DalemanVA on October 28, 2004

Little traffic and monthly leaderboards encourage collusion

the truth on October 25, 2004

I love this site, because you can win real money for free. The 10k chips in tourneys is really nice and the people who play SUCK.

Batlecry on October 25, 2004

a lot of nice people there but then again are we playing poker to make friends?

the snack on August 31, 2004

I like it but i wish u could keep your bbp

playacards on August 16, 2004

During the tournaments, as players are eliminated, they "balance the tables" which can take literally minutes. No other website does this & is reason I will never be back.

BD. on August 15, 2004

Low traffic. Horrible software (small graphics) They tried to charge me a penalty for cashing out! Why would anyone play at such a place?

PsychoAce on August 6, 2004

The software is decent but there are not many games even though they have a policy of earning so many points before getting a free cashout. That is weak.

kk. on July 7, 2004

They have very little traffic and a horrible cashout policy which they don't make clear when you make an initial deposit. You must earn 60 points per $100 deposit before you cashout or face a penalty charge... what kind of BS is that??? How can a site with so little traffic have such strict cashout policies?? I can't in good faith recommend this site.

lovetopolka on June 30, 2004