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Intertops Poker is part of, which was the first online betting company and is still one of the biggest and most reputable online gambling companies around today. Intertops Poker opened in 2003 right before the poker boom as a partner of Party Poker. Intertops was to be a Party Poker skin and players would be able to hit up all the skins for multiple sign-up and reload bonuses.

In 2005, Party Poker attempted to cut itself off from the skins (Empire, Intertops, and MultiPoker). After some legal wrangling, PartyGaming bought out the players from the various skins, including Intertops, but not the Intertops brand itself. After these issues got worked out, Intertops ran their games using Microgaming software for a couple of years before announcing in May 2010 that they were moving to the Cake Poker Network.

Today, Intertops Poker offers a 110% bonus up to $600, WSOP entries, frequent player points, weekly guaranteed tournaments, and freerolls. One of the benefits of Intertops Poker is that your account is also attached to a sportsbook account.


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Hi Guys Paul Again,As a gambler we all no doubt recognize and accept the "laws of average" factor.It cannot and will not be denied. I play Blackjack at a local casino. I usually play at the $25 minimumtable for hours at a time. I have seen dealers go on fantastic streaks of luck as well as players. Suddenly a reversal of fortunes surfaces and it goes vice versa. The same trends occur when I play in the casino's poker room, I can go an hour, sometimes more without getting involved in a hand, no viable pockets to even play loose with. While online I experience the same trends. I go bad and then suddenly I get a rush of winning pockets. As for the droughts occurring after money withdrawals from online poker rooms, it's just a coincidence. I would love to blame my droughts on rigged software. The other night there were over 80,000 players online at one time. Now just how in the world do you figure they singled you out? Out of the entire population of "players currently online" do you suppose any software can do that?!!!They can deliver weak pockets which I refer to as a "lags" because they delay your game as any good poker player will bide his time and wait, wait, wait and wait some more if need be for a viable hand.The community board may be a tad juiced as well, but then again it is going to lose for you and win for you in turn, as the "laws of average" kicks in again! Same thing at a Blackjack table when a player does the opposite move with his/her hand as he should and then the dealer instead of making a solid hand, BUSTS! Nobody wants to kick the lame player unless the dealer makes a 21. Same thing in online poker rooms. You seem to remember the "bad beats" more predominantly than the hands you committed the bad beat on yourself. Human nature, we are basically negative creatures. Some more than others, thus the constant complaining and finger pointing. A decent comparison for the online community boards would be looking back to when you were learning poker as a kid, remember when deuces were wild? That creates excitement and more possibilities for everyone's hand involved. Again, it works for you and against you within the guidelines of the "laws of average". It's how you play the winning hands that differs the winners from losers.Maximize your wins and minimize your losses. It's just that simple. Rigging? Yes. But not individual conspiracies! Well guys/gals that's the way I see it.

PaulsGTO on April 12, 2005

I must amend my original review: They do have daily freerolls...can be pretty decent. One problem is can't run Jet Set and Intertops at the same time. Also this site has the stupid button logic.

PokerFoos on January 20, 2005

Very convenient having poker and a sportsbook in a single account - It is a partypoker skin, so there is always a lot of action.

Unregistered on December 29, 2004


JLWALLNUTS on October 25, 2004

Read comment about It's only a skin change. Lots of cheating.

badparty on September 14, 2004

Very convenient having poker and a sportsbook in a single account - It is a partypoker skin, so there is always a lot of action.

Poker Dude on August 18, 2004

I was not able to cash-out via Neteller. They had to wire transfer funds to my bank account which took almost a week. I understand you may be able to transfer the poker money to the sportsbook/casino account and then to Neteller, but support did not advise this in any of the three calls I made about my cashout issue.

Purple Reign on July 18, 2004

decent games, huge traffic, good multi tables with money added, occasional reloads

kk. on July 7, 2004

they do have freerolls

lovetopolka on June 12, 2004

Only difference between this and Party Poker is the multitable tourneys can be different. Also, it may be convenient for you if you have an sportsbook account. No freerolls at all. They used to add a significant amount of money to some of the multi's, now there is hardly any incentive to play.

PokerFoos on May 27, 2004