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Pokertropolis was owned by Horizon 20 and was open for a few years. But unlike other smaller sites (like BugsysClub) which became popular niche sites, it was never able to differentiate itself from the competition. The site shut down in September 2006.


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yes indeed it sucked

Unregistered on November 21, 2006

This site shutdown effective Sept. 01, 2006

QuickNick on September 1, 2006

"proven" is a strong word. If there is proof then where is it?

kk. on December 15, 2004

This site has been proven by several seperate investigations to use poker bots, though they deny it.

MikeB on November 6, 2004

Decent site, enough traffic to find a game and good bonus. Hopefully they'll grow

kk. on July 7, 2004