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The Platinum Poker Club (TPPC), a site that was often confused with the similarly-named "Platinum Poker", started in 2005. The site was notable because they gave away a ton of money in freerolls and match tournaments in order to promote their launch, including a $25,000 freeroll. New players were able to win thousands of dollars with very little initial deposits because the tournaments had so few players in them. The site's overspending didn't result in success and the site was closed in 2005.


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I've been out of the country since Oct.04. Now that I'm home I'm unable to open The Platinum Poker Club website. Is it still up and runnin or did it close down?Thank You

Yobro rruss on April 10, 2005

I really like the Platinum system... without a doubt it is one of the fastest in the industry if not the fastest. I am glad to hear about the new developments and hope that all goes well. I am looking forward to playing on the new site.Mr. Lance(BigHitr)

BigHitr on January 13, 2005

couldnt connect to server had to delete software

luckyr2003 on January 13, 2005

brandon manager the problem is you probably have another account with another poker room that is from the same company or the same network. you can only have one account if they are from the same network or company. i ran into that problem when i tried to get into different sites, and they all were from the prima network. so either call their site or try a different one.

Unregistered on December 22, 2004

I made an account, and every time I go to use it it wont let me go in,because it says bad user code or password. Then I go and check my email and I type the right password every time because I looked at my email. Do you think you can help me get in. Brandon

brandon manger on December 19, 2004

i downloaded there software tonight,all went well.go to see what kind of action was table going....i repeat 1 real money table with 4 almost crapped my pants...this is a saturday night.i dont need 18,000 like at poker stars,but 4 aint going to cut it.other than that i cant tell you anything about there site

omg on October 29, 2004

I love this site you can play and win money for free i love the people I play with regularly I've been without electric for2 weeks and have missed you terriably. at my nieces computer trying to find you at last cakekay in hurricane ravished Florida

Karen/cakekay/kepbigbird on September 15, 2004