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About Sun Poker

Sun Poker (formerly known as "Carribean Sun Poker"), opened in 2002 and operated on the Cryptologic network (along with Interpoker, Pokerplex, Williams Hill, and Littlewoods). Like all the other Crypto sites, they had nice monthly reload bonuses.

In December 2008, Sun Poker switched to the iPoker network. In late 2012 SunPoker closed. They sent out the following message:

As of November 5, 2012, SunPoker has been closed for play. For your convenience all player accounts have been moved to our flagship property Omni Your SunPoker account data is 100% safe and secure. You can now login at Omni Casino with the same Username and Password to access your account and funds.


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Im looking for a new site to play.Bugsysclub & some of the others have terrible reviews but this site doesnt,i think ill try em.ty

bluefish on April 2, 2008

If you like relatively higher and tight middle stakes games..this is a great site for that. the tournament play here has gotten a lot better than it used to be. honestly, i think this site is as good as they come. it doesn't get the publicity that big daddy's get but it's quality.

buckeyez on September 27, 2005

The traffic has picked up here a lot in the last year or so and that is a good thing. The play is quick and easy. There's really not a lot of competition here like you see at some of the bigger sites. I would recommend this room for the aggressive players looking to rake it in on the less experienced players. Their $90 monthly bonus in really easy to get because you only need 250 hands or so. This is my personal new favorite site.

Raker on September 21, 2005

One of the better small sites out ther.e , they don't have as much traffic as party or pokerstars, but there is a real decent amount of players and good games. the software is top of the notch and the number of uk players makes it easy to earn on. their bonus is also very attractive and attainable..not like some other sites.

Aces4Aces on August 14, 2005

The new software at this place rocks. The games are quicker now so you can get through a lot more hands than some of these slow sites. Definitely hit up the lower limit games on this site and cash in their $90 bonus.

LA Sky on July 19, 2005

The quality of poker is much higher than other rooms like Empire/Party Poker or even Paradise which reduces the number of bad beats to some random guy holding a 8/3 off suit...and of course the %100 bonus it the best one out there. For the most part, the people on the site are very curtious. Being from Canada, I think this site offers one of the best places to play against European players which makes some of the conversations quite entertaining. Right now I like to play the $1/$2 talbes but when I was starting out, I would have like to try some $.05/$.10 tables...but that's probably why their bonus is so good because most players are betting pretty good money. on June 12, 2005

this is one of the easiest places to play and earn. i was playing with some idiots that were going all in with a Q-J offsuit and a flop that definitely did not favor them. i walked away with a handy dose of change after i flopped my pair of Kings. there are real idiots at this place and if you know any little thing about playing poker, you should have no trouble. also, they have a great bonus that i hit up each month just for some icing on the cake.

tom on May 18, 2005

Great site with lots of new players at the peak times. there new bonus is something you should hit up --- it's as easy as pinenutz;; $90 bonus after only 500 handz..

pinenutz on April 24, 2005

its not great or original to look at but then your not there for the scenery right?. Often suffers from packed tables syndrome but once on it plays & easy - cash me in thx :)

beardyian. on April 19, 2005

Anyone who knows anything about online poker, knows that graphics don't mean a damn. It just matters who you are playing with. You should look for the sites that have a lot of bad players, because then you'll win more. It's as simple as that. This site has all of those. Caribbean Sun is owned by the same people as The Sands casino, so all those novice poker players come over from The Sands blackjack table to try their hand at poker. Well, they can't play, bottom line. If you're looking for an easy site to make some cash on, this is the place. Also, the crypto montly bonus shouldn't be forgotten. Free money every month.

Sn on April 11, 2005

Everybodys right....they're bonus is way too eazyy. now they got $90 bonus for the month. great skin...the grafics are better then most of the crap out there anyway.

PokerJoker on April 3, 2005

They have one of the best bonuses out there for ANY poker room. $40 for every 500 raked hands is a great deal. Alot of these other rooms have attractive bonuses but when you read the fine print, it's really harder than you thought. Caribbean Sun is an honest site.

Tilt on March 16, 2005

I like their graphics and play is quick. The novice players are everywhere at this site, so if you have any bit of experience, you'll win a majority of the hands. I have to say that crypto poker rooms are really easy to win at.

Cleve on February 20, 2005

The crypto skins are perhaps *the* secret to making a nice monthly take for low limit players. Because Crypto provides the software for casinos and sportsbooks, there are a lot of crazy bad players. I saw a guy bet $100 into a $3 pot when I had flopped the nuts.

Murph on February 7, 2005

Software is decent, but when it comes to the important stuff, they know how to treat the poker player. Their staff is always there, and with the bonuses, Caribbean Sun is the first to deliver with their low hand requirement. Only 250 hands required for $40. I'm consistently up on this poker room every month. Take the path less traveled and you'll be happy.

Texas Bandit on January 30, 2005

I made my first deposit at caribbean poker with the intention of whoring the $40 bonus. So i make a $120 deposit (my standard deposit... $40 per 3 tables) and now i have $240 in my pending account. IF THAT'S NOT EASY MONEY, I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS!!! :)

The Main on January 30, 2005

Very attractive for the regular players, which we're getting a $40 bonus each month for 250 raked hands. The games are among the loosest today, so if you are looking for soft games this is a good poker room.

BB1 on January 26, 2005

Very good site. Fast action software, easy to use, there are shortcut buttons if you look at the bottom of the table window, and the time before the blinds increase is there too. This site cuts out the nonsense and waste, leaving a very quality and honest site to put your money in.

top gambler on January 20, 2005

Growing,and good.Soft action,later at night the fish are drinking more,easier to clean up.Also,I even got a hat and t-shirt mailed to me just for saying hello to one of thier reps during a freeroll,(everyone else ignored her when she popped-in to ask how everyone was doing)...nice gear,too!!Lets just keep this one our little secret.

ER Bingham/ciscopike/lipanman on January 20, 2005

Easiest place to play and win money on the Net. Period! Don't know what your talking about BgShoes. You must be doing something wrong. :)

bonuswhore on January 16, 2005

Omg one depo of 20 bucks and SEE YA this place is absolutely INCREDIBLE. Every mini is you win 3 me win 3 you win 3 me win 3 then the inevitable 30 chips all in gets boat and wins next 20 hands for tourney win. Meanwhile, me and guy next to me both flop boat, his higher than min of course, with all chips in. yeah right, that after 3 quads, 20 flushes, 20 boats all alternating in a row. Trust me, Ive seen stupid cards like that before, but never all at once one hand after one hand after another hand. I wouldn't put one blessed NICKLE in this place cause you will win first tourney like i did, but only God himself can save you for every hand after that. This place had cards very similiar to what I encountered at absolute poker last night, nearly identical. For instance, 4 hands in a row, flop suited board of clubs only. Next four hands flop trips. Next four hands flop aces. ZZZZZZ forget about good go-ins or pairs or those crappy ka and qk suited they tossed me about 10 in a row. Nope. Cause the k9 off guy is guaranteed trips minimum if he's on blind. Boring, predictable, and early leader NEVER gets cards at end. I dont care what these one sentence wonderboys say, this site sux big time. Save your cash for elsewhere.

BgShoesAA on January 10, 2005

Forgot to add that their software is total crap, their whole thing in Pounds is a joke, and they have NO low level 5 dollar NL sng's. If you dont live in Europe just forget about this place ur just meat for the grinder

BgShoes on January 10, 2005

If I could only win every day. The river will kill you here to...

stefandjoe on January 4, 2005

i earn money with this poker room every month. it's really easy. they have lots of players and loose games.

bonusabuser on December 29, 2004

Tho there are loose players in the play money section, the games of real money are good, and can help on e improve their game. good tournaments as well.

basusamik on December 28, 2004

If you're an experienced player, you can earn alot at this room. Lots of novice players. Lots!

Dboy on December 27, 2004

this place rules easy money get in here , good bonuses ,lots of fishy players!!!!

tony thepirat on December 13, 2004

You're right 'no limit', this place is a hidden gem. If you're an experienced player, there's ALOT of money to be made. But don't tell too many people. :)

croupier on December 12, 2004

I've played most of big poker rooms and this one is hidden gem. This will definitely be one of the top rooms in no time in my opinion. I think Crypto poker rooms are where it's at..

no limit on December 7, 2004

very good client- support is good as well. Maybe bisaed cos first one i used.Definately much more traffic for lower limits and freerolls

jo santiago on November 24, 2004

One of the best poker rooms on the Net in my opinion. Lots of novice players. A fish cesspool if you will. I banked easy at this place. They give you $40 Free after your 250th hand. You will clean up at this place! Get in there.

Matthew/M/madasia222 on November 11, 2004

Pretty poor software but one of the best sites around for building a bankroll. Weak players and terrific bonuses. A Cryptologic skin.

the truth on October 25, 2004

the worst site i have played at. terrible graphics. do not play here. plenty of other good sites.

zagmar on October 5, 2004