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About World Poker Exchange (WPX)

World Poker Exchange (known by different people by their unofficial acronyms "WPE", "WPX", "WPEX") is a poker room that is run by WSEX (World Sports Exchange), which is one of the biggest sportsbooks around. During the poker boom, from 2003 to 2006, they had the best freerolls on the internet. They technically weren't freerolls - they were a $1 sit-n-go with a $50 first prize. Despite being related to one of the most popular and trusted sportsbooks on the internet, their site only had a small amount of traffic and they usually had only about 100 total ring-game players - mostly at lows limits.

In 2006, WSEX announced that they were making their poker room rake-free. This was done presumably so their poker room would act as a loss leader for their more profitable sportsbook and casino. Although this innovative move was expected to increase their player base, it didn't have much of a positive impact because their lack of marketing, as well as a lack of critical mass to begin with, offset any potential benefits.

WSEX suht down its poker site in 2012. WSEX, the sports betting company, shut down in 2013.


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Bet on the 2010 Super bowl won $1000..Syill HAVE NOT got paid...Called them up about 15 times and hear the same Sh&t...Sorry we are in the process of hiring on a new company that send checks out for us...It should take 1-2 weeks and we will send you an Email with a tracking number from FedEx...What a bunch af Sh**...The old check paying Company Quit because they Probably saw the END of World Sports Exchange..They will screw everyone and the fly like a Bird...

bam on June 1, 2010

What can I say. Haven't played here in a long, long time and now I remember why.

Great example, I have pocket 7's. I'm heads up with one person. Flop comes K79. I check, player bets out $5 into a $7.50 pot. I raise to $15. He goes all in for $50, I call, of course, knowing I have him crushed! I couldn't call fast enough! Well he turns over KJ, Turn 10, and before the river flopped I predcited the river Q which, of course gave him the straight. So even though I'm just about 95% to win, somehow I lose.

But I'm not the only person this has happened to at this site. I've seen so many times, hands like AQ vs a set and the AQ gets runner, runner to make the flush. Guess that's why this site only has about 250-300 players at a time and 95% of them are playing in the freeroll tournies.

It's better off to stay away from here. I know RNG's are anything but random, but this site makes it very, very obvious which players work for WSEX itself. Same 5-10 players at every table. And some of them are up at every table?

Don't trust them as far as you can throw them. Very, very painful cashout, incompetent employees, who can't handle the truth, and guarantees of tournament money that they'll cancel if they don't feel they've got enough players.

Play at any site over this one!


bad_dog76 on April 4, 2008

WSEX must stand for Worst Site Ever in Xistence!
Countless times i'll play a pocket pair (ex 77) the only way you'll ever hit a set is if the flop comes something like 567 3 hearts then the turn will be an 8 or a 4 and the river will be a heart therefore you lose to a donkey with 28. to respond to the last poster i agree with the cooler garbage. 3 hands in a row i was dealt KJ, K10 and K9 and hit a king on every flop only to be beaten by pocket aces 3 HANDS IN A ROW??????? This site fucking sucks and will rip you off big time

BIGBLACK on January 5, 2007

WOOOOO MAN! LOL! Since I had an account here and won a few hundred on the horses I figured I'd check out the poker room. LOL!
What a JOKE! I have NEVER seen so many full houses, Quads and str8 flushes in my lifetime as I've seen here in the past week.

Three hands in a row in a SNG tourney. The blind are 50/100. I have about 3,000 chips. I am dealt pocket aces. I rase the BB to 350, one caller. Flop comes JAJ (two hearts). I've flopped a nut FH. I check, other player bets min $100, I smooth call. Next card 2 of clubs. I check other player bets $200. At this point I raise it to $800, the other player calls, leaving them with 150 chips. River 10 of hearts I put other player all in she calls. Bang she has a Royal flush HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The fact that the odds of hitting a royal flush using both cards in your hands has to be at least 100,000 to 1 made this beat one of the worst I've ever taken.
The very next hand I'm dealt KJ of diamonds in the BB. Two callers I raise to $200. Both call. Flop comes A82 all diamonds. I've flopped the nuts. I check, one player bets 400, the other player in the hand folds. I just smooth call. Next card 4 of spades. I check player bets his last 400 I call. He has A8 river 8 so I lose with the nut flush to a full house. At least I can understand him playing with top 2 pair so it didn't bother me all that much. After that hand I had around 600 chips and I'm dealt KK. Being short stacked I obviously go all in pre flop only to be called by a player with AA. Flop comes out all clubs and I have the K of clubs but alas mr pocket rockets has the Ace of clubs so when the turn was a club I was drawing dead. 3 straight hands I have HUGE hands but got beat on all of them. Over the course of a few hundred hands I can see running into those beats but to suffer them 3 hands in a row is ridiculous.
Also playing on the $1/$2 tables in a matter of 56 hands I saw Quads 3 times a str8 flush (both player cards used) a str8 flush (one player card used) 5 flushes, 2 full houses, 4 str8's and 5 trips. So 21 out of 56 hands or (37.5%) of hands were trips or better. I can tell you now that's ridiculous. Sure you see a lot more hands in a shorter period of time on line but you play 56 hands anywhere at a B&M casino and you may see 3 or 4 of those hands in 56. I've seen at least 3 times someone flop a full house only to be beaten by Quads. Something's not right here.
I'll stick to betting the ponies

bad_dog76 on December 28, 2006

this is the worst f****** site ever. if you play here go ahead and drop your drawers. cause you will get anully reemed. the software is so oviouslly programed for action. time after time someone will flop a strait only to get beat with a flush or full-house with runner runner on turn and river. the last freeroll i played i witneesed two players to see a flop. it came 7 9 7 both went all in the turn came 3 the river was 7. the first player had 99 the second player had 6 7. so player one lost flopping the boat to quad 7s. i realize this can happen in a honest game , but not time after time like this site.

rick1 on March 26, 2005

I made a deposit in mid-September, made some bets, played some poker, and asked for a partial withdrawal of my funds (about 1/2 of what was in my account) on 9/22. I wanted to see how long they would take to process my refund. I have followed up with them on 5 different occassions and STILL do not have my refund check back. Avoid this place!

knicksone on November 3, 2004

the freerolls are the best thing going here, ring game traffic is good enough to find a gfame but the games arent too loose in my opinion

kk. on July 7, 2004

The only reason to play here is the nightly 8pm $1 single table sit-n-go's, where the winner wins $50. Otherwise the games are kind of tight and not too much traffic... although I haven't played ring games there in awhile so this could have changed.

lovetopolka on June 30, 2004

Only problem is lack of players. Otherwise, this site is pretty good. I won $150 in a freeroll tourney. Fast cashout process.

PokerFoos on May 27, 2004