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InterPoker opened in 2002 as part of the InterCasino group of brands, one of the largest online casinos. They were a very popular site on the cryptologic network and, like all cryptologic sites, had loose games and good reload bonuses.

In March 2009, InterPoker moved to Boss Media network. Today, InterPoker offers 1000 sign-up bonus, new player freeroll, a tournament leaderboard, reload bonuses, and Bad Beat Jackpots. They are represented by professional player Juha Helppi and have been represented in the past by Kathy Liebert and Robert Varkonyi.


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Originally Posted by sk. View Post
This is the worst site among many I played. deposit using Firepay takes a week to clear, and they didn't even mention this anywhere on their web. The support people try to blame it on Firepay, when i pointed out that Firepay already deducted that money, they acknowleded it's their problem. All they offer is this is "unfortunate".
how do i get my Bonus earn20

luckyaces22 on June 7, 2012

their games are faster than they used to be

HPG ADMIN on December 22, 2005

this site is a joke, won $8,000 but intercasino would let me pull out, they said it was firepays fault that they dont know why I couldn't get my money out, I contact firepay they said they didnt have anythin to do with them me not receiving my money and that i should contact intercasino. to make a longstory short intercasino got all my winnings back

juli e R tayswhitesands on April 5, 2005

The same story. Rigged software - lost about 1000 dollars in two days on the RIVER alone in 0,5/1 NL. Did not win 1 single time. Before I started loosing I had won 700 dollars in one night, but since that day there has been only one way - DOWN. And the support is terrible....

2fast4u2 on March 15, 2005

i've played at a lot of sites. i gotta be honest, i think this site is a hack. at first the flops and everything were legit. after i had played there a while the bad beats became unbearable. The things u would lose to would be absolutely ridiculous. AK losing to 4 runner spaids. it really is a bullsh.t site. the players are extremely lose, no doubt about it, u can make money there, but i gotta be honest and say that all poker software is crooked. every site i've played at, has straight up f.uked me. i gotta be honest and say internet poker is a sham. someday 60 minutes will do a special on internet poker and we'll all relize what a sham it really is.

killa23 on March 14, 2005

I've played on UB, Party Poker, and Royal Vegas. This site has them all beat as far as reasonable play goes. I haven't seen anymore outdraws then you would normally see in a live game. The only problems I've found is with the number of players online. Players on this site tend to play a lot more "after-flop" poker, then the all-in preflop poker common on most internet sites. As far as the reports on cheating are concerned, I haven't seen anything to make be think this site isn't legit. I have seen someone try and test the philosophy of all-in first. He pushed all-in 6 times in a row with mediocre cards and didn't outdraw a single person.

Lotz100 on March 10, 2005

The software is slow and there is some lag but the bonus is awesome $90 per month for only 500 raked hands. There is no hack software etc. The best time to play is in the morning. This site along with all the other crypto sites are great to play because of the awesome bounsses

jcdgoad on March 10, 2005

LOL, this site cheats like no other. Bigger chip stacks in tournaments almost always win no matter what hand they have. My last tourny I played earlier two people lost with pocket aces preflop allins to higher chip stack with complete cr@p. This site lets you win at first. When I started playing I built a bankroll up to $28,000, after that Lost everything, and now I am always cheated. Need to find a better site this site is a scam.

Cole on March 7, 2005

generous bonuses but need to keep track yourself where u stand because info re progress toward bonuses not available except by email. No game less than $1/$2--reasonably loose games. Stats not that useful--$1 fee to cash out but received money within 48hrs using Neteller. Many freerolls--low to medium traffic--sometimes cant find a game of the type and level i want.

maga on December 19, 2004

the first two days i played i made almost 1800$,i dont think ive won more than two hands in a day for the last six weeks.Anyone else in my boat?

plainoldsilly on December 9, 2004

The software is a bit on the low side. Feels a bit weird in the beginning. But the action is simply the best on the internet.This is the place with the worst players :-) I make about 70% of my winnings here and If you are above average player and have some patience, then you should score nicely here. I will defenetly play here for a looong time. Easy money. Support has always been nice and fast. They even sent me shirt and some other things for me complaining about a software problem (now solved). Player basis have been growing nicely since introducing multitable and no limit tables. About 2500 players at peaks. If it wasnt for the software I would easy give them a 10.

SuperPuma on November 27, 2004

agree with nyclub. prima especially has cards designed to help the poor players that call any bets with any possible draw no matter how poor it is. The price waterhouse is from south african company. and it specifies that they tested "a simulated deal" they never looked at actual cards dealt on the site. most sites claim their random number generator is tested. none test the cards dealt. they do not have to use the rng for every card. if the river card is selected rather by algorythim to allow the person they select to win (for whatever reason) the rng is perfect it is just not used for that card. Saying the site is fair because of an honest rng is like getting a ticket for running a red light and going to court with proof that your brakes worked. It shows that you COULD have stopped not that you DID. Certifiying a poker sites RNG only, Shows that they CAN deal random cards NOT that they did. The only way to insure fair cards is by statistically testing the actual cards dealt. Especially with regard to the odds of the favorate winning after the turn compared with how often the favorate actually did win. my experience is on most sites if 2 people are left after the turn. on aveage the favorate should win 70 - 80 % and online it wins about 60 % And in certain cardrooms (no names but prima comes to mind) if 2 people go all in preflop it will be 50 / 50 who wins no matter what the cards are. K7 off will beat KK half the time when it should win 1 in 20. AK will beat 99 half the time which it should. A 8 will beat QQ half the time which it should not. etc etc.

nyc rob on October 25, 2004

Pretty poor software but a great site for building a bankroll. Weak players and great bonuses. A cryptologic skin.

The Truth on October 25, 2004

No question there is hack software out there, plus the bad sub programming in "shuffling" programs. As most on the net know, the aggressive better gets more hands given to him. First one to all in usually wins. So the fools go all in preflop and win. I have seen 12 preflops all in win 12 times in a row by the same guy. His best hand was a pair of 5's. All others were low cards offsuit. The heavy better is NOT winning because of all the folding. They are actually being fed the cards on the turn and river. Always bad feeling when pockets aces lose to a small straight that was Flopped A-K-9, turn - 3, river - 5, Idiot stayed against HEAVY bets with a 4-2 and won. Bad enough it happend once. But same guy in 5 hands won an all in against 3 kings with small straight 3-7. Some sites are just fun to play. But for real money NONE are honest. You have to treat it simply as a software game and NOT a real poker hand. Look at Paradise Poker and all the Prima poker sites for their "auditted" guarantee from PriceCoopersWaterhouse. The paper is a fake. Not accepted in any court of law or contract. WHY? Because it is signed "PriceCoopersWaterhouse, Inc". --NO AUTHORIZED representative. No person held to account. No such thing as a company signing a document, some real human must sign their own name on BEHALF of the company.

NYClub on October 8, 2004

Very loose players, best bonus of all the sites and just updated their software. For those who like to cheat and use allins improperly then this site isnt for you because they disabled that option on the NL tables.

Jay on September 28, 2004

This is the worst site among many I played. deposit using Firepay takes a week to clear, and they didn't even mention this anywhere on their web. The support people try to blame it on Firepay, when i pointed out that Firepay already deducted that money, they acknowleded it's their problem. All they offer is this is "unfortunate".

sk. on September 8, 2004

not a bad site- good loose games and handy bonuses but like a lot of sites tournaments tend to be in u.s time and therefore the middle of the night for us brits.also be aware that the bonus has been changed to a monthly deposit match scheme

aa* on August 2, 2004

if you don't have a decent internet connection you shouldn't be playing online poker for money

lovetopolka on July 22, 2004

Bad service, awful players, The awful players i enjoyed however I had almost 50 dollars in a pot of NL with pocket kings, after the flop I was disconnected and did not get to finish the hand. Customer service pretty much told me they would do nothing and I was f***ed.

cwb64. on July 18, 2004

It charges for withdrawns and has no all in protection, if you get disconnected. I had a full house and somehow lost connection and lost the hand to two pair. NO FAIR.

pokerjim on July 17, 2004

great site. loose games and can play multi-tables, $50 bonus every month. the software is a little clunky though.

kk. on July 7, 2004

They need to upgrade their software, but they have nice monthly bonuses and pretty loose games. This is one of my favorite sites.

lovetopolka on June 30, 2004