About PokerPlex

PokerPlex was one of the sites on the Cryptologic network. It was better known as a skin for Intercasino/Interpoker. Like Interpoker, they had monthly reload bonuses, loose players, plenty of games going at each level, and were one of the first poker sites to have games denominated in different currencies (dollars, euros, and pounds). In 2008 Pokerplex moved to the iPoker network.


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I was a big interpoker player. All of these cryptologic sites cheat. In tournaments for example, almost always the shorter chip stack gets cheated with the best hand. The site speeds the tournaments up so they can make more money. You may win at first on these sites, but after awhile they will always scam you. Stay away from all cryptologic sites until they rewrite their software or something

Cole on March 7, 2005

I wish i could get back in, the people were friendly, funny, and fun to play with.I miss them very much.

raptor on February 13, 2005

no one from that site is looking here just email support and thell fix it how the hell any one her gona help you

hey silver your an idiot on January 4, 2005

Pretty poor software but a great site for building a bankroll. Weak players and great bonuses. A cryptologic skin.

The Truth on October 25, 2004

Hi , My Pc Will Not Let Me Open Youer File Because It Could Ot Verfiyy Yur Electronic Singutrue For Security Propuses. Thank You Greg N

silver50501 on September 1, 2004