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JetSet Poker opened in 2003 and gained a strong niche of players. Their software was unique because the tables only had 7 players at a full table and players were allowed to pick from a gallery of comical avatars to represent them. The avatars contributed to the fun atmosphere at the site.

JetSet Poker gained permanent notoriety in the poker world for their abrupt closure of their poker room and non-reimbursement of player funds. In 2006, the site posted a message in the chat section of the rooms that said something like: "This site will be shut down permanently in 5 minutes". Although JetSet posted on their web site that players would be reimbursed by contacting a special email, there were no known cases of players being reimbursed. Some players lost 5-figure amounts. The poker community collectively tried to hunt down contact info about the owner or the related bankruptcy proceedings but they were unsuccessful.


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JetSet's poker software has been purchased and the new poker room has opened for business. Many old friends have found their way back already but the word needs to be spread. Its been open about 2 weeks under [url][/url] and so far its just like home!

redneckkitten on October 8, 2008

I assume to make it easier for them to take people's money without having to answer questions. I thought they were a very good site while they were running, but when your back is up against wall financially even good people can do bad things.

HPG ADMIN on August 11, 2008

why did they shut it down so suddenly?

simo1981 on August 11, 2008

i was there the night it shut down it was my home away from home truely.... met some incredible people there, even the staff was great... i miss it truely, and the bonds i made there...and it just started blackjack when they took it away....

it was and is sorely missed


babs on December 21, 2007

if i remember someone who was playing when they shut down, he said in the chat section it said: "this site will be shut down permanently in 5 minutes"

HPG ADMIN on September 19, 2007

every site on the nets rigged it would be real boreing if you played like a real shuffel but you dont need to give people or the house props the hands on the river . an about jet set there a nice site to play until you get good enough to know what there doing . an what makes me know they were rigged is when they closed they rip me of a 100 bucks never got my money they just clode an said screw you

ZAPER on September 18, 2007

They shouldn't reopen - not with the way they shut down. We don't need companies like that around.

HPG ADMIN on July 26, 2007

jetset should reopen it was a very gd site 2 go 2.I had friends there now dont know how 2 get ahold of them .that was very rude for shutting down

happy_girl on July 26, 2007

I miss the software. Usually avatars annoy the shit out of me but i actually liked theirs.

HPG ADMIN on February 20, 2007

Jetset was one of the best poker sites I've played on. Yes there were annoying things; however I really miss it and especially all of the players I met over the years.

BladesCAgirl on February 19, 2007

Jetset Poker was a very organized and nice site. I liked the low amounts of people in the rooms! Also, finding a table was very easy. They also offered many freerolls which gave away 50 bucks each time!! The one downside was the customer service! If you said one bad word, poof your chat was gone forever! Very lame. Also, if you play on more than one diff. computer (not at same time) they DISABLE your account! <<--VERY LAME!! Although i was sad to see it shut down, i don't miss it taht much.

lange.22 on December 30, 2006

Jetset poker is a poor poker room which you will realize soon after downloading.

The player base is very bad, in fact one of the worst, with around 1500 players at peak times. As a result, their game selection is poor, with only a handful of tables running. It's very hard to find a game at the limits you want, because a table won't exist or won't have a free seat. The only game running is NL holdem, so if you want variety you're out of luck.

IF YOU ARE A MONEY PLAYER, BEWARE!!! Because Jetset is a small room, it has problems raising the funds to provide for your cashouts. Not only will they delay cashouts for several days, they will also break them up. For example, one of my friends got only one-third of his cashout request after 5 days, and had to wait another 5 days for the rest of it. Jetset will obviously feed you some garbage excuse like requesting approval. Needless to say he was extremely mad and decided to be not to play jetset anymore.

The bonuses aren't great either. It's low for starters, only 25%. Also, they make you collect a certain number of "Go Points" to unlock it... which happens to be very hard since you only get about 0.02 of a Go Point for each hand you play.

Another thing, the graphics are ridiculous. Jetset poker has a collection of avatars called "Pokerfaces" which are extremely annoying. They are drawn like comics characters but are sort of screwy looking. Jetset poker uses these faces all over their software to represent players, and I bet most people will not like them.

Save yourself a headache and play at the bigger, more well-known, and more reliable poker sites. Leave jetset for the worms.

Unregistered on September 20, 2006

Don't get me started, I HATE this site. The software is so bad, SO MANY PROBLEMS. Lots of minor ones like there are image glitches and lagging. Others are HUGE, as in I'm on the clock thinking to call a bet and with 5 seconds left I click CALL and the softwre lags and FOLDS my hand. WTF, there goes a $200 pot THANKS JETSET. Please dont handle any more of my money you incompatent pricks, I cashed out of that in a hurry. Jetset blows hairy goatz, absolute WORST poker room ever. And those faces they use as avatars are ANNOYING, my hand starts hurting from flipping them off every time someone sets the face to "SMILE" at me. Whoever thought those faces would make great avatars are IDIOTS. DIE JETSET

karmasend4 on August 30, 2006

Love the head hunters. freerolls are always fun and profitable

efentool on August 24, 2005

let me tell you about jetset.i started playing there with the freerolls no deposit.built a small freeroll win into about $900 and change. when i tell you i couldent lose i mean i couldent 1 point i was at 4 final tables at the same time and won took about 3 months and then they pulled the plug. im telling you i kept playing at my normal pace of about 10 hours a day for the next 3 weeks AND DID NOT AND I REPEAT DID NOT DRAG 1 STINKIN POT.i have been playing cards in card rooms before i was old enough to and i have seen more flops then president carter ate liver pills and im telling you somthing is not right with that site

chrislouviere on August 23, 2005

jetset is easily the best of the sites i have played.

James Sparrow on August 11, 2005

Jetset is the reason that I still play online poker, I think the graphics and family / tight knit community feel is what does it for me! also those Head Hunters are FRiggen Kool

PunkRockBob on August 6, 2005

Horrible... just horrible... headhunter tourneys are fun, but this site is rigged... in my 2-3 months playing jetset I have seen more badbeats then my year at empire/party... consider yourself warned, jetset is not 'random'

joebob on July 30, 2005

It seems like at JetSet Poker the computer picks who's going to win or lose, not the players or the cards. It's the first site I have seen where sometimes 4 players out of 8 will have winning hands. I have seen many 3 of a kind lose to 4 of a kind, strange.

swampe on July 1, 2005

My friends and I refer to it as the jetset pocket pair bonanza. In reality, its just that when you play online, you'll see more weird and interesting hands because you are playing twice as many hands in a short period of time. I have never put money in at JetSet, but have turned $7.50 from a freeroll (2nd of 500) into over $1k in about a year of casual play. Lower limit play is horrible, 25c/50c starts getting ok, and play is pretty good above that. They have a great tournament schedule with some decent guarentee's for their size and I really like the graphics.Most of the players who complain about JetSet being rigged are the lower limit players who are upset when their low pp loses or they get outdrawn when 3 people call their all in with AA. Chances are with that many people it would happen. Once you get past the micro 1c/2c, 5c/10c limits the play greatly improves and those players fall into many traps/give players the oppurtunity to outdraw them. Their Random Number Generator was verified by an outside company.

Anon on June 27, 2005

I love it but i Hate it.. Great graphics... Very large swings... Lost AA vs. AA, AA vs. KK, both preflop and both hit a 4 card straight... Site is completely Rigged... If it wasn't then i would call myself the most unlucky person in the world... Almost every hand is won on the river... HORRIBLE WEBSITE

Jetset Sucks on June 21, 2005

Excellent Graphics ETC. make the others look like Bad Porno Sites - You will hear people complaining about how they think it is rigged - How the river lets someone else win the hand - I have found after a lengthy exposure to Jet Set AND Live Games - That the river delivers with the same frequency in both instances...Situations I used to think were Jet Set Specials - (Having A / A on Big Blind with K / K on Small Blind) - I also have encountered in Live Play...People sometimes forget that if you take 2 / 7 to the River it WILL win sometimes..ALL hands have that potential - And in the Freerolls you WILL encounter these types of players...High Pecentage of Very Nice Players...Down Side is the Down Time that you will occassionally encounter...All-In-All / And All In - This is the Site to play - But Please don't tell your friends...Tell them it's RIGGED !!

one19 on June 17, 2005

site is totally rigged. They have employees playing on the site that can see your hole cards. Also, the chaser will win out everytime. if you are an expreinced player, do not play this site.

tickedoff on June 13, 2005

hi this is my favourite site because this is where i lose the least amounts

allinfirsthand on May 27, 2005

jetset is a good freeroll and big stakes site.Small stakes are no good cause moses himself will stay with 7-2 offsuit.Riverboat gamblers are a dime a dozen.So if you prefer higher stakes jetset is good but stay away from the low limit river mongers.

djwiggle on May 25, 2005

Jetset looks nice, it has the best looking software out of any I've played. This just proves that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. This is the worst poker site you will ever play on. I mean, seriously, how many time can you lose on the river? Don't play here unless you want to go insane. Seriously. What a joke. Don't play here.

kevvoe on March 22, 2005

worst randon number generater of any site i have played at.if u get pocket aces fold them because u will lose on the river.and dont comment on how the site is going downhill because they will cut u off.they just did it to me at the final table on a 200 go point buy in site.

kphebert on February 26, 2005

Beware the "Jetset special!" What's that you ask? Well Jetset has a habit of doing two things so often that it's gotten a bad name for itself.Jetset specials are one of the following:1. 3-4 players all get dealt incredible hole cards like AK suited, AA, KK, and AQ suited. Then you'll have another player with a mediocre to poor hand like 6-7 OS who will win the pot by calling the 4 all-in bets. Flop will come 667.2. The other one to watch out for is players with more in chips will win more rivers with a miracle draw from nothing.Play the freerolls, but think twice about putting in your own cash.

insomniac104 on February 19, 2005

first hand played, dealt 53 clubs, flopped str8, then picked up flush on 4th, lost to 4 of a kind on river, stay away!

panteeze on February 6, 2005

I play jetsetpoker all the time and it rules, plenty of fish, i win loadsa money, animation is great, good tourneys, but sumtimes there is a bit of lag, administrators will come to the table if there is any conflict. You gotta give this site a visit, i am quite often playing on it, so come and say thanks to "golferscrote" or any of my other friends who play on there: "allinfirsthand" "drapes" "diamondphil"

golferscrote on January 31, 2005

The site has a number of great features, but the server lags occasionally. Support is tremendous. Cash outs within 12 hours. Good games, although often short.

jdredd on January 26, 2005

Ability to personalize account features with an avatar and macros, gives a a nice homely feel. Also offers Pai-gow. Software however gets laggy at times.

Unregistered on January 25, 2005

I can see All hands and Know what cards are Coming.Yet I still lose.

GOD on January 20, 2005

Very friendly players, outstanding support, lots of poor players.Cons: InstaCASH not free, must wait 48 hrs. after deposit to cash out. Has had BAD lag lately

deez_nutz4u on January 18, 2005

i like jetset alot, the admin are in the rooms instantly whenever you have a question. fast cashouts and not alot of trouble. not very many promotions or players. but once more people come to jetset it will be great as there will be more tournaments and higher limit tables. i play at jetset over any other site i've played on.

MiKe91 on January 14, 2005

good site deff not the best. have experienced alot of lagg in the tournament. seems like you lose on the river to often. very good interface. great people.

Jesus on January 3, 2005

Don't waste your time here. If you're experienced, you'll play at the lesser known poker rooms. Trust me, has tons of fish!

Dboy on December 27, 2004

I think it is a great site. Have enjoyed playing there. Good tournaments and friendly people for the most part. Good freerolls . Give it a shot tell em Izzy sent ya..

b-fsterling on December 6, 2004

i just started to play poker and is fun jetset is fun to play on

lwolf on December 3, 2004

In my opinion Jetsset is as good as any. I have had great sucess there. Just tell em fatboyslim sent ya and everything will be ok.

FATBOYSLIM on November 4, 2004

Should of checked my spelling. oops

FATBOYSLIM on November 4, 2004

I have to strongly disagree with previous reviews. This site is great and would rather play here over many other sites because the games seem LESS rigged. Sure there are all in bingo players, but it seems hard to lose using a semi tight playing style. Its been my primary site for a year now and havent found another site with friendlier players and staff. Admin can be called to a table INSTANTLY to deal with questions and problems which is nice cause you dont have to wait days for an email response. Promos are above and beyond anywhere else Ive been and I frequent about 10 other sites regularly.

TheMan on October 31, 2004

Man love this site, the freerolls are great, and the satellites are awesome they give away tons of gifts, SOFTWARE IS HORRIBLE

rashman191 on October 29, 2004

Rigged software site, no matter how good of a player you are, the software makes it so you will lose or win at the river at least 20-30 times per tournament. They max out at 500 people for a freeroll. Site is ok for the freerolls, but DO NOT PLAY FOR REAL MONEY, THIS SITE IS RIGGED!!! Interface is great, players are horrible because they either go all in all the time or stay in with bad cards. This site is not for the serious player.

-1- on October 14, 2004

need new faces

georgiatech07 on October 13, 2004


Unregistered on October 5, 2004