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UB (formerly known as "UltimateBet") is one of the biggest and oldest poker sites on the internet. They opened in 2001 and grew very quickly during the poker boom because they regularly advertised during World Poker Tour broadcasts. Their popularity and image was enhanced by the endorsement of the "UB pros", a group of professional players who promoted the site, including Phil Hellmuth, Annie Duke.

Their software is very nice. It is one of the smoothest interfaces out there. It has a very popular feature called "Mini-View" which allows you to make the table very small - a nice feature for players who play multiple tables at once.

In July 2008, UB and Absolute Poker joined together to form the CEREUS poker network in order to offer more benefits to their players.

In late 2010, both Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke announced that they were leaving UB. As of 2011, the UB poker pros only included lesser-known players, the most famous being Joe Sebok and Tiffany Michelle.

UB offered tournament leaderboards, bad beat jackpots which can get up to half a million dollars, their RAI$E Rewards Program, and UltimatePoints where you can buy items from their store. UB also offers blackjack as a side game.

UB shut down during Black Friday and, as of mid-2013, there seems to be no plans for UB to open back up.


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Returned to UB recently, and as mentioned, started off pretty good. But things went downhill. Then I got beat by a straight flush on the final hand. The problem is, I had the straight flush! But on the final hand I ended up with the opponent's cards. Impossible, I thought. Except I got two screen shots and the hand history which contradict each other.
Is this deliberate or is UB just a buggy piece of goo?
It certainly is unreliable. I sent them the results, I doubt if I will ever hear back.
Not going to waste any more time or money there, plus there's not much action in the lower limits.

drfoomz on December 5, 2010

Hi there, I registered at UB 2 days ago in order to find out if this site was any more legit than all the rest. When a site is rigged you usually expect the following trends:

1. cash-in-and-win-policy
2. suck out time after initial winnings

And guess what: The exact same thing happens on UB. I cashed in only $100 and won almost 49$ in the first two days at low limit cash tables. After 700 hands i had a BB/100 of 28,53. Incredible! But on the next day my initial luck completely vanished. I started to lose all my top pairs to better kickers, all my 2 pairs to flushs, while my own flush draws couldnt complete anymore. I even saw really wicked play from that point on, like a guy reraising me holding AQo, the flop he had NOTHING whatsoever but a gutshot straight draw, and guess what, he calls my all-in and hits the 4 outer turn card. I just lost the next big hand. I called a QQ hand that was raised 3,5BB preflop with 99. Flopped a set of 9s, turned a boat 9s over 8s. After massive betting guy shoves all-in, and guess what, the river is - in good old suckout style - the 2-outer Q. Interestingly, this was the very one and only all-in turn that was called after me raising by a strong overpair for a whole stack. Funny how the first hand I get a monster on the turn is crushed by the 4% hand, right?

Yup, guys, what can I say: after all those losing hands I dropped 5 whole stacks and am now almost back at where I started. And I just know that I will lose my winnings to more monkey hands, since i don't seem to be able to hit more than 1 out of 5 whole boards anymore, sets are like water in a desert, I get sucked out on by dream miracle cards, I ask players about that and they leave the table. I also see other players having their "honeymoon" time, one guy was the AQo gutshot player. In 4 consecutive hands he got straight, flopped flush, another straight and a river nut flush (just like I did on my first two days, where at two tables almost at the same time I flopped a nut straight). Unreal!

Conclusion: bye bye UB, and bye bye online poker. It's just not worth my time anymore, since I experience the same kind of rubbish almost every single session. Run good at first (hell, run like you are in God-mode!), then lose to the suckout players calling/shoving their 2-4 outers. I am not even sure anymore whether those players are indeed real players or simply some bots installed by the company to induce betting and suck out on the real players. As far as cheating is concerned: I just read about another UB poker scandal concerning the high stakes. After the Absolute Poker scandal a few years (?) ago, this should be reason enough to leave the site as fast as you can. And never go back there whatsoever. Thx for reading, over and out.

smeisner on November 25, 2010

Originally Posted by jdawg78 View Post
In my search to find a new site to play at, I decide to play some .50/1 NL Hold'em (100 max buy-in) 9-10 player, just for a few hours before calling it a night at UB on Christmas. I had 3 unbelievable bad beats in a row during this time... I lost 300 dollars at this limit!!!

Unreal, this has never happen in a single session at any other site I have played at. I can usually hold my own at higher limits and tournament and have a good ROI the past 3 years.

These players seem to know what was cards where coming and or knew what my hole cards where. Nothing else could explain their actions, or they way they played. They were making a killing on other players as well…

First suck out: AK vs. KJ.
I have AK in the SB, 5 players (loose, passive) limp in, I raise it to 11. Every one folds to a Player with KJo who flats calls from early position. (Note he has 400.00 plus in front of him in a 100 max buy in???, and I have 118.00 post-flop) The flop comes 2 7 K (two suited, no flush draw for either of us), I bet the pot which was around 25, the other player flat calls again??? Then the J (he only had 3 outs) came on the turn. The rest was history, I made another pot size bet, which made me pot commented and he moves all in. couldn’t put him on KJ, -118 there…

Second weird post flop play: AK vs. 53s.
I have Ah Kc in middle position, one player (just sat down at the table a few minutes prior) limps, I raise to 4.5, everyone folds to the SB who calls with 5d3d. The flop comes Ad, Qd, 7d. The other player has 200BB plus, I have a little under 100BB. He comes out raising with a made flush (118 to 1), over betting the flop and etc. and I re-raised and he moved all in. had to call… -100 or so there…

Third suck out. Ah Ac vs. 8c 9c
I have Ac Ah in middle position. A (loose, aggressive player) from early position raises to 4.5, I call, a player (unknown, just join the table with 100BB) in the sb calls with 8c 9c and the BB folds. 3 players see the flop of 5d 2c Jc, the player in the SB with 89 bets the pot with flush draw, the earlier position player calls, and I re-raise 3x the pot. The player with 89 flat calls, early position player folds, then a Jd falls on the turn. I have about 58BB left, already put almost half my stack in already. Player with 89 checks, I raise the pot (50BB), thinking he going to fold here if he has flush draw, since he is getting 2 to 1, there’s a pair on the board, he as two under cards, and has about 14% chance of winning if I don’t have a better flush/draw, with no express olds whatsoever. He calls of course and a 4c comes on the river… I have 8BB left. He moves all-in. I call… Unbelievable…

NO ONE COULD HAVE MADE THAT PLAY WITHOUT KNOWNING SOMETHING. Then he starts chatting that we couldn’t believe he won and etc.

This was the most unreal mind boggling play sequence I have ever experience.

I will never play at Ultimate Cheat ever again.
same sh... happend to me.i deposited 400 bucks and after 2 weeks (playing everyday for 5 hours and in the weekends whole day) i was up to 2300$!!
...and what happend....2 days a go i was playing 2-4 NL...i buy in with 200 bucks and lose it,rebuy 400.playin tight and solid poker...finally i get pocket tens and flopped full boat on the flop KKT.i bet out the pot.get called by 1 player and reraised by second..so i called reraiser bet.on the turn i bet out,-all in.he or she quickly calls and shows K9 and the other player had also some K with crap.and ques what card come to the river?.....fkng 9
and there was more on that day...played omaha hi-lo....same kind sh** happen.get called to the river and BOOM they hit card what they need.....so sick

jannzai on March 4, 2010

I have developed a site called fulltiltisrigged.com which I am posting pictures and have multiple links on which prove online poker is a joke and rigged. The only thing more rigged than the poker on ub is the black jack
When the dealer gets 20 black jacks to your 3 and you get dealt 17 twelves out of 50 hands something is not right.

mikern12 on February 19, 2010

Originally Posted by tarquinn21 View Post
nope, you're WRONG VA. 100% true.
Ok, if its true then you are a cheater. You admitted to colluding w/ another player. If it was brought to the attention of UB they would freeze your account and ban you.

VA Poker on December 22, 2009

nope, you're WRONG VA. 100% true.

tarquinn21 on December 18, 2009

Originally Posted by mrkromer View Post
I'm not aware of a poker site where you can fold your cards and then show them; I guess you're talking about looking at the hand history?

Well you actually can fold and show on pretty much every site. Maybe you just have auto muck on when you play so you never see the option. That being said, this guys story is bs.

VA Poker on December 9, 2009

I'm not aware of a poker site where you can fold your cards and then show them; I guess you're talking about looking at the hand history?


mrkromer on December 9, 2009

This won't be a post saying the site is rigged or the random number gen is rigged or anything like that, but, this is a true story that happened to me just last night and I just wanted to post it somewhere.

Quickly to explain, I joined a satellite tourney with a buyin of 44 points. I won top 16 and advanced to the $4 satellite (top 2 advance to $40+4 satellite to the 80k gtd).

I get down to the top 3. It's me, a dude we'll call "Jon" and another dude we'll call "Mark".

I have the button and I raise with AQ off, Mark calls, Jon folds. Flop comes JJ something. Mark checks, I min bet, Mark calls. Turn comes something, Mark checks, I continuation bet and Mark calls. River comes Jack to put 3 jacks on the board. Mark checks, I throw a bet out there and Mark FOLDS AND SHOWS A JACK for QUADS.

Me and Jon start typing and chatting, asking what the hell he was thinking. We get no response from Mark. The tournament takes a 5 minute break, and Jon and I continue to chat about what just happened and keep asking Mark to talk or say something. AFter the break, a few hands in, a very similar situation came up. After the river Jon bet and Mark folded/showed a flopped full house (9s full of 4s).

At this point Jon and I determined that we were facing a bot of some sort and it was either bugging out or is just programmed crappy when it gets down to the final few players. We went in cahoots and re-raised the bot all-in every hand that we could and checked anything called down to the river and we took Mark out. As soon as we figured out it was a bot, it was so painfully obvious we were not playing against a real player.

So that's my story. There ARE poker bots out there. i'm sure its just some other player's bot, but you could also argue that this thing is programmed by Ultimate Bet to join tournaments and knock people out or something, I don't know.

tarquinn21 on December 8, 2009

I got 22k hands so far, filtering AA & KK that saw river I lost 14/60, about 4 to 1. Thats what its meant to be i think, obv if you play better or worse post flop the results are affected. In the last 9 months, ive encountered a $4k down swing at pokerstars, and a $2.5k downswing on stars+ultimatebet, it sux but it happens and its a case of they're ALL rigged or ALL straight, there's no difference between the sites RNG's.

One thing Ive been looking closely at of recent is rake. You'll be surprised how much rake affects your winrate. Maybe even making some lower stakes games unbeatable to the above average player.

Calling these sites rigged Im sure is a waste of time, there's other leaks you just gotta look for em. Good luck

buck22 on November 27, 2009

Ultimatebet is certainly rigged. I have played on the site for over 8 years. For very little money I assure you. I have thousands of hands videoed and documented. Currently I am losing over 88 percent of preflop all in hands in which I am favored. I have been called or reraised all in by 83 fourteen times in two months, preflop. Each time I have lost. Each hand I have had 1010 or better.
I suspect people here defending UB are associated with them. I know some 100 people who currently play or have played at UB. Not one is ahead in money. Yet most of these guys are solid players. Annie Duke and Phil Helmuth have lost any respect I had for them as players.
I personally get bad beat after bad beat. 69 percent of the time I lose when getting in best at the flop.
So, beware. It is VERY rigged.

mdees00 on November 27, 2009

Ultimate bet is absolutely rigged still. How are they still in business after getting busted once already?

noyb45678 on October 15, 2009

I'm in 2nd position, full table, with JJ, 1318 in chips, blinds are 15-30. I raise to 120. Player in BB position calls with 75. Flop comes 3-6-10. He has no flush draw. He bets 30 on an inside straight draw. I don't know what he has yet but I am tired of getting sucked out on, I raise to 495, almost half my stack!! He calls on the inside straight draw and hits it with the 4!!! No way I'm getting out of this as I now have to much invested and still don't see an overcard on the board. I go bust. HE CALLED 40% OF MY STACK ON AN INSIDE STRAIGHT DRAW!!! not kidding. Ultimate Bet is bullshit.

twoking10 on April 26, 2009

I just played an S&G on UlitimatBetfinished about 10 minutes ago. I'm heads up against a player who had been playing carefully the whole game. We are about even in chips (he has just 80 more than me).

He raises from the small blind with As6d. I call (keep in mind we are heads up) with 7sQh. Flop comes 7dQdKc. I hit two pair on the flop. He has not paired the board. The best he has is to BACKDOOR a straight, flush, or two pair. He puts in a large bet, I move-in, he calls. Turn and River are 6cAh. He backdoors two pair to beat my two pair. NO way anyone can tell me that isn't rigged. Ultimate Bet.

twoking10 on April 25, 2009

My previous post was all about the bad beats etc. on UB. Honestly , as far as money and cash out problems, I haven't had much problem with that. I cash out every week on Saturday from $150-$250 and get my check the following Friday.

twoking10 on April 25, 2009

I understand. I play on UB too under the name twoking10. I usually play $10 or 20 S&G's. I started with $200 and have been cashing out very consistently from $150 up to $250 every week. However, I have noticed some real crap. Today, EVERY 2 or 3 outer on the turn or river that someone could hit... they hit. EVERY time. I mean, some days its like.. "son of a b---h." I could tell you some real horror stories but you know as well as I do about the bad beats. I'm considering going to another site.

twoking10 on April 25, 2009

i'm not here to complain about bad beats. i used to love ultimate bet. one day i was playing and the bad beat hit the level i was playing and i got 140 something bucks out of it. i used to refer everyone to ultimatebet.com. then one day after many successful deposits and withdrawals i couldn't log in. they didn't know why but then they said i had to validate my account. i didn't understand why it would need to be validated after all of my deposits and withdrawals but they insisted. they wanted a copy of a utility bill, drivers license, and credit card. i'm surprised they didn't ask for a stool sample. well this started about 2 months ago and i'm still sending them my information and they're still saying that they aren't getting it or that it's too blurry to read. they've already threatened to just close my account and keep whats in it. i'm guessing they're hoping i just give up. so if you really need to play online poker i recommend staying away ultimate bet and their poor business practices so that you don't get screwed over like me.


brockleerob on April 11, 2009

When I joined the site I didnt do my research, then after seeing some really odd hands over and over I seen the article on the site cheating that was mentioned above.

So when I first joined I won a lot, I was up several thousand dollars in no time. Then it was like a light swich a week later, I lost every game I played! Then I would win a little and I could expect to lose every game the next day. It seems to me that there are preselected players and/or seats that will win during that game no matter how they play, no skill is needed. If you notice the large stack at these tables, they go in with nothing and win to big hands, it dont matter what they have they get the hand over and over, they cant lose. Not sure if this is new players or what determins the winner, but it is very obvious.

Then you can always see the setup hand I call it. When you have short stack with a great hand in a big tournament it is better to just fold down into more money, they just want the next person gone, you will lose if someone calls you all in.

I have a lot more, but I can tell you this for an example, it happens a lot. I will have AA to lets say 10 10 all in, they would get a straight for the win a lot of the time. I have seen more straights on this site then anyone could imagine.

I used customer service once, its a joke! Good luck with this site. I have played a few sites and a lot of online games, so far I think Full Tilt #1 and and Poker Stars #2 as sites I would recomend. Good luck.

JustHowIseeit on March 9, 2009

I won't go into how I believe the flops are juiced and true odds are thrown right out the window but this message is about trying to get my money out of UB. They simple make excuses why I can't have MY money. It is only $126 so no big deal but it is the principle. UB told me that if I deposit more money then I could withdraw it all at once at a later date. Isn't that a little like throwing a piece of meat to a lion and then asking for it back? What is to keep them from keeping my new deposit as well? My friend in New York had the same problem so it is just not me. BEWARE!!!!

MisterT on February 21, 2009

< sorry for my english because i'm from a non-english speaking country >

- ok, UltimateBet had a security problem with one of its employee in 2008. But this problem has been fixed and i'm sure than now UltimateBet is the most secured place to play (because the problem has been discovered and corrected)

- the customer support is really reactive and efficient, nothing to say. They respond to email within 1 hour !

- great software, may be one of the best of the market

- a lot of players, at small and high stake

I really love this site.

One more important remark :

i'm playing online poker for years (and i tried a lot of poker rooms)and :
- i had a lot of bad beats at all my poker rooms without any exception, but i had also some lucky river.


Petitefleur2 on January 6, 2009


Same people who own Absolute Poker and GOT CAUGHT CHEATING with Superuser accounts like "POTRIPPER" own Ultimate Bet, and again allagations have surfaced that their have been multiple SUPERUSER accounts like "NioNio" who have ripped off MILLIONS of dollars from innocent bystanders.

Google AP scandal and UB scandal and you'll find all the information you want on these matters.
Absolute Poker, after initially denying the fact that they FUCKING CHEATED people out of MILLIONS of dollars, admitted to having a person from the inside, steal MILLIONS of dollars from people because they had the ability to see every players hole cards.
I'll NEVER play online poker again! The only reason these two websites got caught is because they made it SO OBVIOUS.
God only knows how many other online poker sites have people from the inside stealing money, but not making it so obvious. And since none of these poker sites are regulated, nothing will be done about it!

bad_dog76 on June 18, 2008

i started on ub in 99, one of the originals, stopped putting money in there site in 02 and only played freerolls, started accusing them of cheating in late 03, over the next 4 years kept records of what was happening, and here is what really stands out, first, i had the best hand 98% of the time at any all in and i lost 95% of the time, over a 4 years period, thats BS!!!!!!!! not even close to realistic, 2nd my pockets would only hit the set, 1-75 times on average, ive gone as high as 1-294, again not realistic, over a 4 year period i averaged 70 bad beats a day on a 4 hour session, now im a very tight player so im running around 28% of flops seen, do the math, so where are the idiot people saying, (you say its rigged because your a bad player) ill tell you where they are, there on ub with 8-6 off calling a all in against A-A and hitting running 8s, ub is rigged no doubt, they are rigged, i know it they know it and now everybody knows it thank you for reading my post

ub_cheats on June 13, 2008

I'm using my first ever post to say that UB is rigged. How it's rigged; who knows. All I know is that it is a statistical anomaly to lose to two-outers as often as I have. If you've played online poker for a while, you just get a sense when the deal is not kosher. UB is rigged.

kyhangdog on May 26, 2008

heres an example of a typical hand in UB


XMoneyMakerAA has disconnected, is dropped.
bad4mo2fo0 folds. J0CASINO folds. ezcomezgo1234
raises to 35. GOLD_FINGER-2 folds. XMoneyMakerAA
folds. samshire calls. cfdff162 folds. DueceTreMe
folds. oscarm calls. TheCaptain1 folds.

Flop (board: 5h Kc 8h):

oscarm checks. ezcomezgo1234 bets 115. samshire
goes all-in for 1465. oscarm folds. ezcomezgo1234
goes all-in for 1455. samshire is returned 10

Tournament all-in showdown -- players show:

ezcomezgo1234 shows 6h 8c.
samshire shows Kd Qh.

Turn (board: 5h Kc 8h 4s):

(no action in this round)

River (board: 5h Kc 8h 4s 7s):

(no action in this round)
XMoneyMakerAA has reconnected.


ezcomezgo1234 has 6h 8c 5h 4s 7s: straight, eight high.
samshire has Kd Qh Kc 8h 7s: a pair of kings.

Hand #53487270-2 Summary:

No rake is taken for this hand.
ezcomezgo1234 wins 3025 with straight, eight high.

Cronides on May 17, 2008

Ok... Honestly... I've lost money playing online, quite a bit, when I am a consistent winner in $50-$500 live buy-in tournaments and $.25,$.50-$2,$5 cash games, but is that because online poker is rigged?
I've analysed this an awful lot through my own play, hand histories, as well as those of a few of my friends, and I have noticed 4 major differences between online play on ALL websites I've analysed (UB being one of them) versus live play:
1. People play more hands for more money online than they do in live play.
2. People call with weaker hands on the flop/turn/river in case you are bluffing more often.
3. The average bet in online games is the pot, where in most live games people bet between the minimum bet to 2/3 the pot more often.
4. People semi-bluff and straight out bluff with hands they normally wouldn't.

To explain.
1. You see people limp in a lot in both online and live play. The difference between online play and live play is that people get crazy for some reason.
In live play, people will limp with Q-Jo under the gun, but if there is a raise and a re-raise, most of the time they will fold. Online, this seems to be a calling situation far more frequently, meaning that more hands make it to the flop more often, which means there are more suckouts.

2. People may call a big raise in live play with 8-9s in position preflop, but if the flop is 2-9-A rainbow, they will usually either call the bet on the flop or fold. Online, they seem to raise a lot more in this situation.
This leads, again, to people getting "pot-committed" (I put in quotes because they really aren't, but they get it in their mind that they are), and staying with a hand to the river they normally wouldn't.
This applies to little pocket-pairs on a ragged board.
You're pretty likely to fold 5-5 if someone under the gun raised, you called, the flop comes out 2-6-8, they bet, you raise, they push all-in. In a live game, this is usually an easy fold (again, not always going to fold here, not always correct, but sometimes). Online, people call in this situation far more often.

3. People re-raise, raise and call to bluff on later streets in all forms of poker in both online and live poker, but the likelihood that a person is semi-bluffing online is far greater than in live games. If you are a consistent winner in live games, but a consistent loser in online games, track how often you raise as a semi-bluff, or even as a straight bluff, in both live and online games. You'll find that you're doing it more online.

4. This ties into 3 a lot too. If you semi-bluff raise on the flop when your opponent bets 1/2 the pot (an average continuation bet out of position in live play), and you raise 3x that bet (an average raise in live play), you put in 1 and 1/2 the original pot to win 1 and 1/2 the original pot. Even if he does call, the original pot is only swelling to 3x it's size (the original, 1/2 [his bet], 1 and 1/2 [your raise], 1 [his call]).
This leads to the average pot, post flop, assuming all average bets/raises (3x the big blind preflop, both blinds folding) at between 14 and 16 big blinds.
Online, raise the pot preflop (assuming no limpers), 3.5x the big blind. You call, there is 8.5 BB's in the pot preflop (as opposed to the 7.5 in live play).
He bets the pot (8.5), you re-raise the pot (there are 17 big blinds in with is bet and yours preflop and his bet on the flop, you call 8.5 bringing it to 25.5, and raise 25.5 more, bringing the total pot to 51 bb's as you semi-bluff).
Where does this leave you?
If you are playing an average stack of 100x the big blind, in live play, you've committed approximately 1/6 of your stack, where as online, you've committed over 1/4, and you've almost pot committed yourself.
This leads to bigger pots and more bad beats.
So, when you say online poker is rigged, first analyze the extraneous factors that could lead to this being a thought before accusing the sites of having more bad beats.
And by the way, Aces against an average hand all-in is only about a 75% favorite. However, aces get all-in and called online much more often, and therefore they lose more often.
And the odds of someone having Aces when you have Kings, 24-1, so roughly 4%. This happens much more often online because, well, you see on average about 3x the hands.

jessanders on April 26, 2008

In my search to find a new site to play at, I decide to play some .50/1 NL Hold'em (100 max buy-in) 9-10 player, just for a few hours before calling it a night at UB on Christmas. I had 3 unbelievable bad beats in a row during this time... I lost 300 dollars at this limit!!!

Unreal, this has never happen in a single session at any other site I have played at. I can usually hold my own at higher limits and tournament and have a good ROI the past 3 years.

These players seem to know what was cards where coming and or knew what my hole cards where. Nothing else could explain their actions, or they way they played. They were making a killing on other players as well…

First suck out: AK vs. KJ.
I have AK in the SB, 5 players (loose, passive) limp in, I raise it to 11. Every one folds to a Player with KJo who flats calls from early position. (Note he has 400.00 plus in front of him in a 100 max buy in???, and I have 118.00 post-flop) The flop comes 2 7 K (two suited, no flush draw for either of us), I bet the pot which was around 25, the other player flat calls again??? Then the J (he only had 3 outs) came on the turn. The rest was history, I made another pot size bet, which made me pot commented and he moves all in. couldn’t put him on KJ, -118 there…

Second weird post flop play: AK vs. 53s.
I have Ah Kc in middle position, one player (just sat down at the table a few minutes prior) limps, I raise to 4.5, everyone folds to the SB who calls with 5d3d. The flop comes Ad, Qd, 7d. The other player has 200BB plus, I have a little under 100BB. He comes out raising with a made flush (118 to 1), over betting the flop and etc. and I re-raised and he moved all in. had to call… -100 or so there…

Third suck out. Ah Ac vs. 8c 9c
I have Ac Ah in middle position. A (loose, aggressive player) from early position raises to 4.5, I call, a player (unknown, just join the table with 100BB) in the sb calls with 8c 9c and the BB folds. 3 players see the flop of 5d 2c Jc, the player in the SB with 89 bets the pot with flush draw, the earlier position player calls, and I re-raise 3x the pot. The player with 89 flat calls, early position player folds, then a Jd falls on the turn. I have about 58BB left, already put almost half my stack in already. Player with 89 checks, I raise the pot (50BB), thinking he going to fold here if he has flush draw, since he is getting 2 to 1, there’s a pair on the board, he as two under cards, and has about 14% chance of winning if I don’t have a better flush/draw, with no express olds whatsoever. He calls of course and a 4c comes on the river… I have 8BB left. He moves all-in. I call… Unbelievable…

NO ONE COULD HAVE MADE THAT PLAY WITHOUT KNOWNING SOMETHING. Then he starts chatting that we couldn’t believe he won and etc.

This was the most unreal mind boggling play sequence I have ever experience.

I will never play at Ultimate Cheat ever again.

jdawg78 on December 26, 2007

Oh yeah plus on that same run I had KK... all in preflop yup you know it I lost to JJ!

winwynn88 on December 9, 2007

I have been playing online for years since back when I could play on pacificpoker, party poker and I forget the other good one. I used to always win overall! Tournament play was great... I won hundreds a month and made it to so many final tables. I dont recall every seeing the bad beats that I SEE ON ULTIMATE BET!! I started playing on UB about a year ago. I quickly learned that the bad beats and the underdog preflop won so often that I could no longer profit on tournament play as I had for years on the other sites! I stuggle just to stay even. Then this past month what I have seen is incredible. Its just not a bad run! The last day I played on UB and I WILL NEVER play again on probably any online site unless I could see that they were not doing this same crap. My last day of play I was on great game and read skills but I still lost all day! At 4am I said I know I can win so I bought back in. I never won! I went all in preflop twice with AA COINCIDENTLY ENOUGH EVERY TIME I HAD BIG PP they had QQ and 67 and they both beat my aces. I then had AK/s all in preflop vs. 22, yes I hit my K and they hit their 2. Now I realize AA will lose all in preflop SOMETIMES but not every single time and its convient to say the least that they always have something to call with. HOW did 67 know to call me? (was that a bot) I have always said on that site that worst hand wins but I still cant seem to push all in without the cards!!I have now heard that not do they only have the paid PROS playing for the site but they even have COMPUTERS. We'll if I too knew what the other player had and what the board would be then I could perhaps not payoff the bot! I flop a straight get pushed all in by a hand that has nothing and they somehow pull miracle running cards time and time again!! I swear I flop the nuts and I seem to get called all in and I ALWAYS GET BEAT! I warn all those that are considering that maybe these sites are scams or are thinking of playing DONT! If you dont want your money then just give it away to someone besides these rip off sites. They should have been happy about all the money they were making but they are greedy and I do believe that in the future people will become made aware of the scam and they will lose all of their CUSTOMERS! Just remember if you do play that the site PAYS OFF THE DONK so if you are the DONK then you might be winning!

winwynn88 on December 9, 2007

As lloydy84 says. KK vs. AA happens about 1 out of 10 times. Incredible considering the odds are more then 1 in over 20,000. Unlike Lloydy84, I constantly get bad beat. In over 50% of tournaments I am crippled or eliminated by 9 to one odds. And the majority of the time it's on or near the bubble.

Examples... AA vs. AK... backdoor flushes... runner-runners.... horrible donk calls with 4 to 10% chance of winning are constantly paid out. I really like their interface... but they use robot props in cash games. It's an f'n scam. I wish I would have listened to my elders instead of these retards who say...

They make enough money so why would they risk cheating.... Ummm... how many businesses are completely legit? Not evading the law on taxes or cooking their books. This is poker, a cheating mans sport.. ran by people who want to make quick cash. I'm sure there are some completely legit online poker sites out, but this sure isn't one of them.

I'm not some losing player donk. I'm a player that knows he's been cheated at times and am f'n pissed about it.

smack77 on November 28, 2007

Here is my say on UB.

First of all I have made nearly 4 times my deposit on ub. I have played on party poker, absolute poker, titan and pacific.

UB is my second favourite behind pacific poker. there are far fewer bad beats than the rest of these sites. After nearly 450'000 hands, here is what I have to say.

1) K,K v A,A happens far too often. you guys that said this are correct. Using my poker tracker stats, whenever I have had K,K I have been up against A,A 1 out of every 9 times.

2)K,K, believe it or not, is a losing hand for me. Unbelievable I know. i have considered folding pre flop but I take others advice and play as i should. Against any ace, on UB it is a race, 50/50 not the 2-1 it should be. Against suited connecters, it is maybe 60-40 in kings favour.

3) Of course UB encourages betting. The higher the bets, the bigger the rake, the higher the profits. Countless times i have predicted the very card that will come on the river. If I have 2 pair/set, and I am pretty sure my opponant is drawing to a flush, I am almost certain I will hit my full house, as well as him hitting his flush. Or visa versa. Of course it is an all in situation, and higher rake/profits for UB.

4) apart from these facts, Ub is quite good.

lloydy84 on September 5, 2007

how does this guy make all these calls unless he knows..? they make it hard to get hand histories at ub or i would show u the classic made 700 in may, lost 200 in june, (with great hands). they wont let me win there anymore. ive seen it on every site.

Getting Hand History Information...

Hand #42331768-60193 at Coleraine (No Limit Hold'em)
Started at 30/Jun/07 17:57:21

NTT is at seat 0 with $91.90 (sitting out).
Blackened999 is at seat 1 with $5.80.
terry cloth is at seat 2 with $9.50.
Pelzmeister is at seat 3 with $49.30.
abalenger is at seat 4 with $38.95.
LadyD OOB is at seat 5 with $124.50.
wert1950 is at seat 6 with $54.45 (sitting out).
peachez44 is at seat 7 with $28.75.
botrau is at seat 8 with $21.75.
MrLuckbox2U is at seat 9 with $45.85.
The button is at seat 8.

MrLuckbox2U posts the small blind of $.25.
Blackened999 posts the big blind of $.50.

Blackened999: -- --
terry cloth: Tc Kc
Pelzmeister: -- --
abalenger: -- --
LadyD OOB: -- --
peachez44: -- --
botrau: -- --
MrLuckbox2U: -- --


terry cloth raises to $1. Pelzmeister folds.
abalenger folds. LadyD OOB folds. peachez44 folds.
botrau calls. MrLuckbox2U calls. Blackened999

Flop (board: 5d 3d Td):

MrLuckbox2U checks. terry cloth bets $3.50. botrau
calls. MrLuckbox2U folds.

Turn (board: 5d 3d Td 2s):

terry cloth goes all-in for $5. botrau calls.

River (board: 5d 3d Td 2s Qd):

(no action in this round)


terry cloth shows Tc Kc.
terry cloth has Tc Kc 5d Td Qd: a pair of tens.
botrau shows Js 9d.
botrau has 9d 5d 3d Td Qd: flush, queen high.

Hand #42331768-60193 Summary:

$1 is raked from a pot of $20.50.
botrau wins $19.50 with flush, queen high.

common terry on June 30, 2007

I am not trying to spam this:


This is the gaming commission UltimateBet.com is regulated by.

bigdreams101 on June 4, 2007

i was just wondering if anyone has ever cashed out in the form of a check through ultimate bet. They say it takes 2-6 weeks to recieve your check but that is odd to me since i have gotten checks from at least 3 other sites, and it never takes more than 1-2 weeks to get it. I was just wondering how long it actually takes to recieve the check once it is processed.

headstains on May 31, 2007

If you reload UB to yur computor read the part about excepting there agreement yu have to check it to continue loading the program the info is all in there make sure to read to the very bottom of it there is more info there hope this helps.

May 28, 2007
I have over $400.00 in a cash account with Ultimate Bet. It is gone. I have written to customer service more than a dozen times. I have received no response at all. Has anyone else had this proplem? How can it be resolved? Where are the corporate headquarters located? What is the name of the parent corporation? I would like to contact them directly.

HDFXDLI on May 29, 2007

I have over $400.00 in a cash account with Ultimate Bet. It is gone. I have written to customer service more than a dozen times. I have received no response at all. Has anyone else had this proplem? How can it be resolved? Where are the corporate headquarters located? What is the name of the parent corporation? I would like to contact them directly.

fasteddy18788 on May 28, 2007

That is a good point about coin flipping in cash games. Coinflips have a 0 EV so they have no purpose in a cash game - they increase risk while not increasing profits.

HPG ADMIN on February 1, 2007

We all feel this way sometime but is it really that way or are you catching a bad run. I mean seriously, 50/50 keep track you'll win 50/50 and I wont' even ask why you are coin flipping your money in a cash game. I have cashed out about 3 to 4 K on there and I steadily build and cash out again. . .I'm not saying I'm great, I have bad swings and low swings but in the long run I end out up.

The best way to think of this is this--you give UB their money in rake/tournament buy in entry fees etc. . what to do they gain by setting the sight up to **** you. . .. they gain nothing--they want you to keep spending the money. . .

So, just keep grinding it out. . that's my advice.

CubsFanSean on January 31, 2007

My experience of ub and some other sites. Every time I've made a withdrawal, it is followed by bad cards and ridiculous,improbable suckouts. I must lose 80% of the time as a favorite/50/50 after withdrawing $, until I've lost a substantial amount of my withdrawal. I'm not playing any different either. There is a pattern on cash games where when I build some cash, it is followed by a great hand(that is impossible to fold(aa preflop or set on flop) that is beaten on river by huge underdog(runner runner flushes 2 outs etc). I've played live for 3 years and online for 3, and I know there are 3 times more hands online, but there are also 10 times more bizarre hands online as well. I've also been able to predict after going all in, when I am going to get sucked out or lose a 50/50 with accuracy, as if I'm picking up on the pattern. My theory is that ub(and other sites) make a lot more $ by spreading wins around(which keeps people winning and stops them from trying other sites or not playing. Keep all in the cash games as well with easily rigged software,(not to mention, on any table there can be 2+ working together with a cell phone) and they make more $. Throw in some bots or software people on some seats and altogether, they are making a ton more. Most say, "Well they make so much already" Sure didn't Michael Milken and the likes too? Just because they make millions already, doesn't mean they wont be happy making a lot more immorally. No one wants to question wether this is true or not. They react angrily. I guess because it destroys their dreams of making it big. What regulatory service is really watching anyway? I've never heard of even an investigation taking place on any of the hundreds of sites online. I'm not a bitter, sore loser, just someone that is open to the idea that it could be rigged. I'm careful and don't trust enough to invest a substantial stack. Keep track and be open as well is my advice, before you start putting up a lot of real $ online.

Ruth4 on January 29, 2007

I agree that UB is rigged to create more action at the tables. I've at least 4 times more bad beats there than anywhere else. My last 2 10-seat SnG's, I saw 3 and 5 quads, the last of which each knocked out my full house.

I was doing quite well when I first signed up, so I added on to my account. Well the money didn't show up for 3 days, although they said it would take 2 hours, and I finally got a response after 3 emails. After complaining to them and threatening to go to another site in the last email, I've had nothing but bad beats when I get a descent hand, and otherwise, I'm getting cards like 46o and 26o at least 70% of the time, it's rediculous.

Don't even consider going to this site, unless you can figure out how the hand is rigged. Keep calling to the river if you're the underdog.

joshil3 on January 26, 2007

Hey, ADMIN, you should make it where guests cant post unless they register so it would clean up these boards.

I mean, how many guests are here compared to members?

Since youre the forum god, use your powers for good sometime! lol


AceofSpader on December 21, 2006

So far UB and pokerstars are the only sites that I use.

Best ones that are out there by far.

Worst are partypoker and pacific poker


AceofSpader on December 21, 2006

Correct me if i am wrong but i thought ultimatebet admitted using bots on its play money games.

HPG ADMIN on September 24, 2006

If you're wondering if the sites use bots, sit down on a play money heads up cash game. Fold and show every hand and take the maximum amount of time. Pretty obvious a normal person would get bored and leave. But it will go on for hours without a word. Sometimes after a long time, the employees are signaled something is wrong and they start talking asking what you're doing. It's pretty amusing.....check it out. Good Luck, you'll need it on here.

Unregistered on September 24, 2006

Great Tourney's here. Many freerolls, one thing I noticed with this site, however was the amazing amount of times the big stack swallows the small stack in a tournament no matter what the hands are. I had the big stack at the table 15K one player went all in pre flop for his last 2720 with KK I called with QK. Flop came K 10 J turn A river 9. So I took the hand. Thought maybe I was lucky until the next time I called with J9 vs AA and flop came 9 J 9 turn K river 4. Finally the hand that won it for me was 8 10 vs A 10 when I hit my straight on the river.
I've lost hands the same way in tournies. Just kind of weird. Am I the only one who sees the big advantage the big stacks have?

bad_dog76 on August 10, 2006

I will agree their customer support is a joke. The best customer support is Doyle's Room even though their games kind of suck due to lack of traffic and willingness to put any money into the game

Vicfats on August 5, 2006

While I agree this site has good games, there support makes this all worth nothing. They never will refund money even if the site messes up. They don't care about their customers at all. They do not respond in a timely manner especially with live play issues and they are absolutely unwilling to admit that their site can have a glitch every once in a while. So, while I hate having to leave a site with such potential, their support is just absolutely 100 percent atrocious and worthless. People like Derek and others who work there should learn how to read emails and actually answer them instead of giving sorry but our records show blah blah blah.


CubsFanSean on July 31, 2006

UB kicks its on ass. You can win money on almost any poker site that has freerolls. I play on Absoulte Poker and win all the time. Never put cash in there. Win only from the freerolls and then sng's. You will get rivered all the time on UB. Played there for almost 3 yrs. The only good thing is the table setup. You obviously don't play much or you would know this. I play with a couple of groups on UB and we all have the same complaint. I don't think you could even quailify to play with the WAPT. Pussy.

Unregistered on February 2, 2006

UB is the only site where you can win money with out putting any money into an account. I am up 1500 dollars and have never put any money in my Ub account. This site kicks ass. All of you pussys who cant play just cmplain all day.

Unregistered on February 2, 2006

You are so right on knowing what will come up on UB. They do suck. Major runner runner and river kills. I play live and don't see half the crap happen there. As for Absolute Poker. I now play there all the time. Lots of freerolls and all kinds of tourny's. Not half as many bad beats as UB. Been playing there for about a year now. I'm sure people have there complaints about them too. After all it is the internet. Have fun. See you at the tables.

Unregistered on February 2, 2006

I agree whole heartedly it's almost as if you can predict what cards will come or what your odds of are winning or who it is that will win the hand even before the cards come. I first started in home games, and then my friends had me watch the WSOP, and thats how I came to play online. UB is BY FAR the worst site I've come to play on and I've been playing for about 3yrs...I'm not a professional but I am a good poker player. I wish someone could figure out a way to "beat the house" so to speak...maybe some MIT student or something I don't know...Can anyone tell me what they think of absolute poker? I'll check the post for an answer from time to time...

Unregistered on February 1, 2006

Someone explain to me why they would think online poker would be completely safe. I've been playing for fun on UB for about 5 years now. Lost some money, made some money. All in all I manage to break about even all the time. I have run into terrible runs. I will win a grand in two SNGs then lose 10 in a row from very difficult games. I ALWAYS win home games. I get suspecious, but I still play because it's so exciting and fun.

What I keep thinking about is how easy it would be for a professional to find and log IP addresses for the players on UB and retrieve the information sent to those IP addresses as you got into a game with them. Then have the information decoded in the same way UB software does.

It doesn't sound like an impossible task to me as and Electrical Engineer, although I have no idea how to go about doing any of this. Everyone knows any computer can be hacked, why couldn't this be done?

UB Player on January 29, 2006

Does anyone know where to find people who sell UB play chips


Unregistered on November 26, 2005

You guys are all such pussies, like UB needs to rig their site when they are already making millions off legit play. Why would they want to scare off customers by using rigged software? You're all a bunch of whiny ass bitches who think online play is rigged and don't realize that you see at least 10 times more hands online than you do in real life, and therefore see weirder hands. And you will notice that whatever site you play on, everyone claims it is rigged. EVERY site has people that say this.

Unregistered on November 21, 2005

This site beats the crap out of Party Poker!

Locohombre on November 21, 2005

Pal you're full of it. I love all these fools that talk about how much they won on line. LMAO Thanks for the laughs BUB!

Big Daddy on October 24, 2005

Hi. I'm just an average guy who plays poker at UB. In 2004, I played a $3 rebuy for a total of $9. I won a tournament entry chip and played it in the $109 Aruba tournament. Only 98 players played at it was a winner takes all finish. The last 2 people were me and KrazyKanuck, the site ambassador. I was sure I had been set up. I was outchiped 4 to 1. Low and behold, he was card dead and I won. I went to Aruba, it was the best time I have ever had. I got to meet and play with 10+ professionals. Phil Helmuth, Annie Duke, and Antonio Esfandiari were all there. Want to talk about bad beats. I finished 131 of 647 players. I cashed for $7000. I was beaten by Antonio Esfandiari and he had 29 off suit. I only had 12k chips left and he had 150K. He raised everyhand from the time he sat down at my table. I went all in against his 7k raise with KQ suited and he called. He flipped up the 29 off suit. He hit the 2 on the flop and the 9 on the turn. My first tournament was over. He said "that's poker". I have pictures with all 3 of them and the Devil Fish. I was able to meet the man I beat, James Worth aka KrazyKanuck, for the trip to Aruba. He's a very nice guy. It was great fun meeting all the regulars PokerHo, Legggggy, SailorLobell. I've only won big twice in 2 years at UB once for the 10k aruba and 1 time for $1280. I've won $4500 at Party Poker in a $20 limit game vs 1090 players. Sure, I was sceptical about playing poker anywhere. I get bad beaten more often than not. But I've won more money than I have lost and I have been able to cash out from both sites. My advise is to play only what you can lose. Play the sit and gos until you have won enough to play in several rebuys for entry into larger tournaments or play the $1-$20 tournaments. It may take you 6 months before you come in first or second. But it will happen if you play solid poker. Don't expect to hit something big on a consistant basis. Accept the bad beats, and be greatful when you bad beat someone else, it happens to everyone. In all 3 of my big wins, there was 1 or 2 times that I was All In and should have been out of the tournament, but fortunately I got the suckout river I needed. Good luck to you all and see you around the tables.

Unregistered on October 22, 2005

Oh, and to the big SH talker on UB who won the last one before this one? Don't make it so obvious next time when you are berating the table, AND getting so many good cards, good flops, good turns, and good rivers, THEN, steering people to your site on "how to play poker", which of course is loaded with affiliate ads.

UB=total scam, bet on THAT and you wont lose. Too many questionable people on there.

Unregistered on October 20, 2005

After dominated a 6 seat stt for the better part of an hour, it got down to final 2. Me, versus the guy that couldn't not get cards at any time. I got so sick of the 59, then 49, then 38, then 29, then Q2, then K2, it was totally ridiculous. Heck I figured he couldnt hit the flop every time, so a nice 38 preflop raise was about the best I could do.

I told the guy that even though I had chip lead, he would win, cause thats UB. You KNOW if you will win.

And yes, I know how to fold. I folded at least 15 blinds in a row what I didnt bluff. It was unbelievable the crap. Then the flops started akk aak kka aak it was ridiculous.

Final hand, I limped with my DB, he with slick. Flop 2xK Turn 10, all in, river Ace. I wasn't even mildly surprised. Ub has done that now on EVERY stt where I was a whiff of 1st. Taken cards away from me its so obvious.

2 rounds solid of total crap and aka flops smells like predetermined seat winner not poker.

Unregistered on October 20, 2005

Just as an experiment, I went all in my first hand on 5 Stt with Jack 8 suited.

One caller AK, I flopped a flush. Duh. Move chips first, you're good. Call, and your dead, even IF you are percentage fav.

Flopped straight later on, same seat that raised my BB entire tourney, hit river flush, no money. Now after 140 crap hands folded, I finally flop a straight, they river magic again.

Next tourney, ramped up my play. Down to 4 at bubble. I'm chip leader on small blind.
Flop flush draw, turn hit for Kflush. River gives same exact seat as last tournament had been maniac on his bb and rightly so, considering how many QQ, KK, AA he had all tourney, went all in at river. Why? He had aces. 666 on board.

Yeah, right. Two tourneys against total dipshits with golden hands 'at just the right moment'. The eventual money winners of course. Catch a whiff then they slam the door shut at "just the right moment".

How do they key things so well to give you beats on the best hand you've had ALL TOURNEY?

Unregistered on October 20, 2005

Here's another classic tale of an UltimateBeat and how the board always favors the large stack. This large stack guy raises out of position preflop (and he's been raising preflop each hand no matter what position). I call with pocket 9s. The board comes 2d 7d 3c. He bets the pot and I reraise all-in. He has 8d 4h. No pair, no draw. But wait a minute! The turn comes up a Jack of diamonds. And, of course, the river comes up a diamond. He caught two running diamonds to make an 8 high flush. This happens very often at UB. The percentage of bad beats far exceeds the theoretical value.

UltimateBeat on August 30, 2005

i haven't see that the ub players are tight at all quite the opposite. As far as only seeing 2 pocket pairs in 30 hands give me a break. How often do you expect to get pocket pairs, it is something that should not happen all that often. As for ax, i see that all the time and it is still a shit hand.

Unregistered on August 26, 2005

Deposited 25 bucks today.(the mininum). And lost it all. Why because players at this damn site are tight as hell! So what did I do? Play rags..Out of 30 hands today, I only received 2 pp and aX 1 time. Compared to party which I get a pp every other hand.. lol..Well i may have lost also, due to the face I wasn't comfortable yet with the software. Ive been playing at party for almost 2yrs now, so I want to give another site a try.. Other guy is right, if you want to build a decent BR, you have to play with people who suck or FISHES, and no to many of at UB. Tight as a dolphins butt..

lossingmymoneybigtime on August 23, 2005

Why would you raise 10x the big blind to open the pot? That in of itself is a bad play

Unregistered on August 18, 2005

so how do we bring these sites to justice and get our money back?

asdfas on August 16, 2005

I just deleted UB from my computer after suffering a series of bad beats that were nothing less than sickening. I play No Limit tables, I am not a pro, and I have played successfully in brick and mortar casinos. With that said, I was playing very tight and waited 45 hands to get my money in pot. I was dealt AK suited and made a 10x BB raise and get a caller. He had AA of course and he takes my money. Next table I play I get AK again and push. I lose to pocket Kings. Next table, I flop nut flush. I need to milk it a little to make back some of my losses so I don't push too hard. Well, I end up losing on the river to a A4 offsuit who hit a 2 outer on the river. Imagine that. Finally, down to my last $20 out of $150 for the day. I get dealt AA, so I push hard as to not get outdrawn. Well I get called by a guy with AJ offsuit. Now what do you think could happen now? Well I go all in after the flop which is AJ4 and he calls. The next two cards come Jack, Jack which gives him quads. WTF? I don't know the odds of those cards coming in succession but it is enough to make me a quitter. ONLINE POKER IS RIGGED.

mateo67 on August 11, 2005

The above post is just an example of 2 hours of play. I won when I first started playing on UB, Empire/Party, Pokerstars. But eventually over several months the same thing happens on every site I have played. The string of bad beats comes and wipes out all I have made. Weird patterns of cards develope and it seems that those who fish for gut shots and two outers get the best of me no matter how I bet. I have read too many similar stories for this to be coincidence or simply bad play on my part. Beware of UB!!

mateo67 on August 11, 2005

This may be the worst and most unrealistic site of them all... I was playing heads up and lost 4 hands in a row where i had Ace and a higher kicker vs. Ace to his lower kicker. Lost all 4 to lose the tournament. Bad beats do happen but the odds of this happening are probably in the millions. You can't even say that it's because of the quantity of hands because it was 4 times in a ROW. Very unrealistic...PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK. Don't say i didn't warn you.

Unregistered on August 10, 2005

All I can say is the two so called "big" sites of Ultimate Bet and Party Poker have so many players because of advertising. Both of these sites will tell you their RNG is legit and unfortunately there is no way to prove otherwise. If they can ge away with it, why wouldn't they deal and flop cards that induce big pots to increase the rake? Anyone would do it. To the person above. I also love playing in a casino because at least if I take a bad beat there (and maybe that's 1 in 15 or 20 not the 1 in 3 it happens online) at least I know it's legit because it's happening right in front of my eyes. I can see what's going on. On line nobody can see this RNG and therefore nobody will ever know if it's legit or not except the people running the site. You'll see more flushes, straights, boats, quads and even straight flushes on line in one hour than you will at a casino in 12. People will say you play more hands per hour online than in a casino and that's true but thats no excuse. Play online at your own risk and expect the unexpected to be the usual.

Online Poker on August 8, 2005

Recently playing at UB, I have found out when you send a message to UB, they do not respond like they did before the lastest software went in.

goosehonk on August 7, 2005

I have never played at a site where just about EVERYONE gets a piece of the flop until, that is, I played at UltimateBet. Doesn't matter how many people are playing. If 3 people are playing. Someone gets some of the flop, 2 people same thing. It doesn't matter. Don't even try to pull off a good bluff here because someone ALWAYS has the cards to call it. Pokerstars is the ONLY site i have come across where you can pull off a well calculated bluff. Any other site, especially UB, don't even try it. I mean i used to love this game of poker. Ever since i started playing online poker the love of the game has dwindled down so much. I still love to play in the casinos because i can still win there consistently. Anywyways, getting back to UB. It is always the case that someone is ALWAYS holding the 1 damn card that can beat me, CONSISTENTLY. It really is a joke. If i have a low end straight someone has that high card to make the higher straight. If i flop 2 pair, someone flopped a set. Believe me these are not some bad beat stories. This is consistent. I can't stress that enough. Almost as if it is programmed to happen. hhmmmm. Then again i guess we'll never know. So have fun with the online poker, but I won't be suckered again. See you in the casino!!

wow on August 7, 2005

Does the world live in a bubble or something? After playing at a lot of these sites i have come to a conclusion....They are all set up and fixed to make more money. DUHHHHH!! Are You people that stupid? I love how one person said, "Party Poker and UB are already big sites. None of these online poker sites would put their reputation in jeapordy". That was the funniest. Hey, one word....ENRON!!! Yes they may be big companies with good reputations, but GREED always wins in the end. They prey on stupid shits like you people who say, "Oh they're all legit". WAKE UP.

People stop being NAIVE!!!!!! on August 7, 2005

In terms of graphics and ease of use, I haven't found any site comparable to UltimateBet. I haven't played long enough on other sites, but the bad beats on UltimateBet are so unreal. I've been trying to figure out how the program works, but there is a definite flaw in the program which I think "helps" the big stack/aggressive type player to catch cards on the river. Time and time again, I see it happening. People argue that we see them more because that we play so many hands online and that it's faster play than in real life poker. But that doesn't hold true because of the ratio of bad beats. I'd really suggest having someone actually playing and taking records of their games. Then you'll see how UB cheats...

UltimateBeat on August 3, 2005

Me again... also, I suspect that the bad beats happen to the short stack and help the big stacks in order to help end games faster and save bandwidth. Just a thought.

UltimateBeat on August 3, 2005

I referred 4 friends to this site and did not see any bonus money at all. They have no phone number just an email so they will never get back to you when you have a legitimate gripe. One of the WORST sites on the net. Constant chasers always catch river straights or flushes. I was just knocked out of a tournament when I had JQ flop came 10 J Q I bet pot guy to me left raises, I go all in he calls with K 6. Turn 4 River Ace. Happens 8 out of every ten 10 times on this site, making it impossible for good poker. Most every internet poker room is the same. I believe simply because they are hiding behind a computer so bad calls and chasers cannot be chastized face to face. Not to mention the shit that goes on with the ridiculous bad beats on line doesn;t happen in real life 90% of the time. Someone said it above. In real life if you're ahead after the flop you have a great chance of winning on line it's a coin flip that most often does not end up in you're favor. Ultimate Bet is probably the WORST online poker site there is as far as true poker goes. Party Poker is better. At least you can contact them by phone. They may not give you answers you like but at least they respond to you unlike those PUSSIES at Ub. Don't waste time or money on this piece of shit site. It's worthless. On another note. The bonus dollars are the most ridiculous of all the sites I've played on. For every Ultimate point you earn you get .10 of you're bonus dollars. So in order to collect .10 Ub must rake in at least $1.00. That's a crock of shit. It should be like all other sites. Play a certain amount of raked hands and get your bons money. UB SUCKS!!!!!!!!

RIP OFF! on August 2, 2005

for the truest games try paradise and true poker. The reason why there are so many bad beats is because there are not enough randomly generated decks from which the programme can choose, and effectively the same 8% o hands will be dealt over a certain period of time.Paradise and true have over a million decks plus from which to deal and the chances of seeing repeating patterns, are almost negligible. And no, I don't work for any site. Am just a regular player, who has noticed repeated patterns on sites such as party, ub and vegas.

sharonlee 22 on August 1, 2005

I really thought I found a good poker site. Then of course the bad beats start to begin constantly again. I'm starting to believe every poker site on the internet is set up the same.Once you start on a new site you seem to win by playing solid poker. Ya know going all in with a set or str8. Raising with top pair or top 2 pair and 90% of the time your hands hold up. Then after a while, even though your style doesn't change, the results do. 4 Tournaments in a row no I've lost with top 2 pair and facing a set. A couple of examples me with AQ I slow play and just call the BB. No raisers. Flop AQ4 rainbow. I check everyone checks. Next card 9spades. I bet pot get reraised go all-in and low and behold the guy has pocket aces. I lose. Next tourney almost the same thing I have KJ suited I raise standard raise of 4 times big blind, get called, flop K8J two hearts I bet pot get called next card J of spades. I'm all in get called guy has KK. Happened two more times in a row. Not to mention how many str8's and sets I've had cracked on the river in cash games. Every site I've been to seems to go like this. Party Poker, Pacific Poker, Paradise Poker, Empire Poker and now Ultimate bet. Guess I should just stick to card nights with the guys and casino's. At least if I lose there I know it's not because of the supposed "random" card generators. It's amazing how in a casino if I have the best hand after the flop I win about 90% of the time, yet on line I struggle to win after having best hand on flop. Best hand on flop seems to win maybe 40% of the time.Internet players also go to casino's and you can tell them right away. They bet poorly, play mediocore hands and chase flushes and inside str8's constantly however in a casino they'll catch and inside str8 maybe 1 in 25 times which is about the average they should catch. Not the 4 out of 10 you see online or a good 75% when chasing a flush online. If anyone knows of a CONSISTANT poker site please let me know.I love the game but don't live near a casino and enjoy playing. Just can't stand the incosistancies that go along with the internet poker.

Barron on July 31, 2005

Probably the best site as far as tourney's go. Lots of freerolls if you like that sort of thing. However it is by far the WORST site for cash games. STAY CLEAR OF CASH GAMES. Very weak players chasing flushes, str8's or just calling with one overcard and catching on the river. It's weird because in tournament play this doesn't happen nearly as often. Just beware of flopping sets and being sucked out by someone chasing a river str8 or flush. They'll catch a good 70-80% of the time, Stay clear of cash games and take advantage of the good tournaments.

Ub BLOWS! on July 28, 2005

UB used to be my main site. I turned 65 into over 600 in a matter of a couple of weeks playing a couple of hours a day playing no higher than .25 .50 blind no limit holdem. Then I started taking the bad beats. Every other idiot who called pot sized bets with a straight or a flush draw hit. I am not going overboard when I say that every 5 out of 10 hands won with a straight or a flush. I thought that I was playing Omaha. All that being said I still play there do to the fact i can always find a game without a long wait which is not possible with other rooms like Doyle's Room which I like but is lacking in full 9 handed action despite the fact that straights and flushes don't seem to come up nearly as often(which isn't hard for anybody who as played at ub to understand.)

Unregistered on July 20, 2005

I've been playing at UB for over 8 months and have lost about 8k. I've email UB asking them if they have a third party auditors and they have not replied to my email for the last month and half. Does anybody know if UB have their randomizer audited??? and by who?? All in All, its probably the best site around compared to all the other, its one the fastest. I'm slowing making my money back and all the suggestion and advice from various blog seem to have worked... I think most of the complianers are correct about the site having flaws in their random generators. It's programmed or set to maximize rake in one way or another... so your strategies really has to accommodate for this fact.. you can't play poker on UB or any other site for that reasons. You have to play distribution, you have to clean your system files, removed and re-install UB often!!!!, play on different computer, and most important of all (Don't Withdraw Money!!) Keep it in until you reach a certain bankroll and then withdraw.. close the account and create a new one. There are guys on UB that's making a killing....Btw UB along you to examine Hand History...make use of this facts before you play. You can look at the hand history of a table to see how other have played in the last 200 games and form your strategies to play them. UB give history away...be very careful...these history are goldmine to really good players.

Master 98 on July 18, 2005

The main problem I see with UB is like what everyone else has said... The turn and river DEFINITELY favor the underdog 8 out of 10 times. I love playing at UB, but realize that I am getting nowhere.. Just got done playing in a game and lost 100,000 to someone calling every bet I made, and catching good hands with the garbage he had. That's one other bad thing about UB. People are too free with the money that they have. They don't care if they lose it, cause they're going to get more when they go broke.

slydevilpimp on July 13, 2005

What the hell?Is every single site cheating? This is ridiculous. As a developer (thinking I'll fix this shit up and clean up!) I can't help thinking there is a reason. Sounds to me like all these sites are spending more money on promotion and less on anti fraud.Fix the anti fraud and you have the best game in town.

Flick on July 12, 2005

This may have been mentioned earlier- I agree that the bi1ching about bad beats is silly. All of the major sites have their software audited by big independent auditing firms, many of which do all kinds of business outside of online gambling. All of the sites have these reports on-line- they're complicated and mathematical, but pretty obviously legit (and can also be accessed from the auditor's sites, lending further legitimacy). Someone mentioned above that you see more bad beats on UB because you see more hands- this is exactly right. As for the guy who did a test on 10 hands, that is just an incredibly insufficient sample. You'd have to do 1000s or millions of hands on UB to get any kind of real evidence of randomness/lack thereof- the 'law of averages' that someone mentioned. Gamblers sure are a paranoid and superstitious lot.

SomeGuy on June 24, 2005

I couldn't agree more with the last post. After playing at numerous sites I have found only 2 that (in my opinion) there isn't something fishy going on within the site. UltimateBet and Pokerstars seem to be the best. I chose UltimateBet simply because of the lower amount you can withdrawl. I never complain when I lose or take bad beats because it is a natural part of the game, however, the frequency that I see bad beats on some of these other sites is just laugh out loud funny. CONSTANT AA vs. KK, full boat beat by a higher full boat, flop a set only to be beat by a flush caught on the river (All while i was betting hard on the turn and river, mind you). Now the frequency that these occurences happen on UB or Pokerstars is once in a while. On other sites it's basically every 6 or 7 hands...give or take. Espcecially BODOG...worst site ever..stay away from there!!! In general there is no fairness with these other sites..there is no trust. They generally are just entertainment for a lot of amateurs not serious about the game, who love the constant action. The sites know this and so they feed lots of good hands knowing you just cant resist playing them out of the pocket. Anyone who has played poker and knows the game knows there is no such thing as constant action on every hand, like these sites have. It is hours of boredom capped off by moments of action. That is in a fair, well played game at least. These sites are businesses (we have to keep that in mind!!!) They are HERE TO MAKE MONEY!! The smaller sites which coincidentally everyone seems to complain about need money to survive!! So those in turn become the action sites. Where everything is set up. Larger sites like UB and Pokerstars are so huge already, they have enough money so they can offer a fair game. They will get their rake anyway. Smaller site's need the money, but no one seems to understand this.

George on June 21, 2005

I have played many sites and always come back to UB for the overall quality of the site, the level of competition and most of all, because I consistently win. Yes I get bad beats but not nearly as many as I do on other sites, ESPECIALLY PACIFIC POKER. If I were to suspect ANY site of rigging game outcomes it would be them. Whoever said they are honest hasn't played there long. Very unrealistic numbers of flushes and straights that contribute to many of the bad beats. I had 4 in a row that were simply and absolutely unbelievable. One of the things that hasn't been mentioned here is that UB, like Full Tilt and Poker Stars have world class players endorsing and playing on the site. You want to sit down with Phil Helmuth or Annie Duke or Antonio Esfandiari and see how you match up, you can do it on UB. My point is, I doubt these players are going to lend there names (and reputations) to a site that is ripping people off. You think Annie Duke is a crook? She could be a dupe too and it doesn't mean shady things aren't happening but it makes me much less suspicious of UB and Full Tilt than sites like Pacific Poker who have no celebrity endorsements. Bottom line, you play at your own risk and until there is some entity overseeing the honest operation of online gaming sites (like the Nevada Gaming Commission oversees Las Vegas operators) it is going to be the wild west out there. I don't truly trust any of them but so far UB has been the best of the bunch and the proof is in the bankroll. I make money there nearly every day.

Rounder on June 13, 2005

I like it. I wish it would let you start your own public or private tables though. Then I could play for money with just my friends.Also, they should have higher buy in "sit-and-go" tournaments on their free tables (currently only 100 play chips needed). It is next to impossible to sit at a free "sit-and-go" table. You have to be fast. Some of us have millions of chips and would like the option of a 100,000 or 200,000 buy in play chip "sit-and-go" table.Better yet. Let us create our own tables, set the buy-in, set the limit, chose the table game type and UB can take the rake for hosting it. As for "fixed deals" you guys have to remember that you are playing so many more hands than you would at AC/Vegas. Hundreds more. The deal is faster, the shuffel is faster and you can play many tables at once. It is normal to see many more "notable" hands than you would in vegas. Also, you remember bad beats and forget the hundreds of "normal" hands.It would be interesting to see an independant statistical analysis of the cards though. It would be a very simple thing to do.Think about how much money they make a day on rakes. Why would they risk that cash cow on padded hands? They have a good reputation now. Why would that risk it?S-F

Stinky-Finger on June 4, 2005

UB is good. Ive won plenty over a year now so quit moaning. If u lose alot give it up your crap simple as that :)

BONE5 on May 25, 2005

I've played in many of their freerolls. In my opinion it seems bogus.I don't think I would ever deposit real money there.

Charles71 on May 14, 2005

Probably the best best site overall, especially if you're looking for educated players. There DOES seem to be a problem with pocket KKs, which seem to lose at an alarming rate.

NJRounder on May 10, 2005

I love the variety of tables. Great tourneys from cheap to expensive. I also like the display. Very easy on the eyes. UB doesn't give bad beats or stack the cards. Poker gives bad beats. People forget when you are online, you play A LOT more hands then you do in real life. You don't remember the boring hands, only the bad beats. My biggest complaint is that the last UB automatic update screwed the sight up for me. I can not get in now. I can get into every other sight in the world but not UB. Their tech support is sorry. Its been over a week and they will not admit the problem is thier latest update. I can't be the only one having this problem. I play on party poker and fulltilt with no problems. I prefer UB over the rest, but I can't even get in now.

Lucy98 on May 7, 2005

I've been playing more at other sites. My play at Ultimate Bet has beenpretty much limited to their 5000pts freerolls. After spending so muchtime at other sites, the crazy turn and river cards really stand out atUltimate Bet. Too bad because otherwise I like the site. I've had todrop my rating on it.

common sense on May 1, 2005

PokerMom. . . . .good post and accurate as well. I found a trick to winning similar to your suggestion.But before I venture into that area, I want to express my regard for your astute observations.I found that re-booting at the conclusion of a sit or whatever you were involved in, does indeed help.I haven't tried cleaning my cookies yet though, but I will take a shot at that, thanks!I will not post in a public forum what I discovered, but you can e-mail me at the name up there and I will give you the trick I discovered by accident. I find my luck changes quite dramatically when I use this technique, I will let you in on it because I was impressed with your post and your willingness to take the time and effort to share your discovery with the public. E-mail me and I will explain.Regards,TexasHoldem@adelphia.net

Texasholdem on April 23, 2005

My take on UB is that it is definitely rigged, but only insomuch as to create action at the tables. There are certain times and days when they're obviously being observed by their oversight board, because in those games, there tends to be a whole lot of folding. When four or five hands go by (usually in the late morning) where the BB just gets handed the blinds because everyone folds, it gets boring. On a personal level, I would consider it sufficed to say that when you are at UB, you really aren't playing poker. Poker is a game of odds and strategy. At UB, what you're doing is trying to guess how rigged the hand is and to what extent. You're not playing poker against other poker players. You're attempting to forecast how the software has distributed the cards. Anyone who plays multiple tables for any length of time can easily tell how the cards are going to fall in any given period (especially between the hours of three pm EST and two am EST). Another thing UB does is put hidden cookies on your machine to determine when the last time you played was. The more often you play, the more likely you are to lose (and the more likely you are to catch bad beats). This problem can be remedied by a good cache cleaner. Ever since I began regularly scoping my machine for temporary internet files and deleting them (and not just in the "cookies" folder), I've found UB to be much more lucrative over the long term. Connecting to the internet via dynamic IP (as in dialup) also helps. If I'm getting particularly spanked, I've found that disconnecting from the internet, cleaning out my computer, and reconnecting generally ups my win rate by a good fifteen to thirty percent. The rest of the time, when I lose, it's because I'm an idiot and fall in love with a hand that is an obvious loser by the river (fortunately, the similar idiocy of other players is generally how I make most of my money).

PokerMom on April 22, 2005

There's definately something up at Ultimate Bet. I've played hundredsof hours recently at both Ultimate Bet and Poker Stars, and I don't seethe goofy things that happen at Ultimate Bet happening at Poker Stars.I'm not saying it's rigged. It could be just another case of bad programming. In any case its been my experience that the turn and rivercards favor underdogs much more than they should. Personally, I thinkthis makes the play at Ultimate Bet more boring because if you want todo well, you are much less likely to go all in when you are convincedthat you're a big favorite. I've also noticed that all of the luckseems to go to one person at a table. Some people seem to be on to this. This has happened to me. I was once in one of their freerolltournaments (2500 players start with 1500 chips each) and within thefirst half hour I was down to 30 chips. So I started playing silly.Two and a half hours into the tournament I was in first place. Believeme, it took no skill whatsoever to accomplish this. Whenever I had adraw to make the best hand, I called and made it. Totally unrealistic.I still think it's a decent site because they have very good freerolltournaments. It's pretty easy to finish "in the money" in them. Youjust have to fold and fold and fold. And if you hit the top two pairon the flop against the player who seems to be having all the luck,DON'T BET HEAVY! That player will make their flush or straight drawmore than the numbers say they should. The good news is that it's notunusual for a tournament that starts with 2500 players to have only about half of them left after only one hour. Also, players who haveaccumulated a lot of chips tend to play loosely. If you get AA or KKand go all in they'll call and you can often double up. By the way,the mistake I see the most is when a player hits high pair on the flop, doesn't chase others out, doesn't improve, and then calls a big bet after the river. I see this again and again. Another one I see is whensomebody goes all in before the flop and somebody calls or evengoes all in with more chips. Then somebody with a pair of nines goesall in. If the first player has Kh Qd, the second Kc Ks, a 9d 9s hasonly an 18.91 percent chance of winning and a .32 of 1 percent chanceof a tie. It's very often worse if the first two players have other cards. If anyone else has any stories about mistakes they see playersoften make, I'd enjoy hearing them.

common sense on April 13, 2005

Hi Guys Paul Again, As a gambler we all no doubt recognize and accept the "laws of average" factor. It cannot and will not be denied. I play Blackjack at a local casino. I usually play at the $25 minimum table for hours at a time. I have seen dealers go on fantastic streaks of luck as well as players. Suddenly a reversal of fortunes surfaces and it goes vice versa. The same trends occur when I play in the casino's poker room, I can go an hour, sometimes more without getting involved in a hand, no viable pockets to even play loose with. While online I experience the same trends. I go bad and then suddenly I get a rush of winning pockets. As for the droughts occurring after money withdrawals from online poker rooms, it's just a coincidence. I would love to blame my droughts on rigged software. The other night there were over 80,000 players online at one time. Now just how in the world do you figure they singled you out? Out of the entire population of "players currently online" do you suppose any software can do that?!!! They can deliver weak pockets which I refer to as a "lags" because they delay your game as any good poker player will bide his time and wait, wait, wait and wait some more if need be for a viable hand.The community board may be a tad juiced as well, but then again it is going to lose for you and win for you in turn, as the "laws of average" kicks in again! Same thing at a Blackjack table when a player does the opposite move with his/her hand as he should and then the dealer instead of making a solid hand, BUSTS! Nobody wants to kick the lame player unless the dealer makes a 21. Same thing in online poker rooms. You seem to remember the "bad beats" more predominantly than the hands you committed the bad beat on yourself. Human nature, we are basically negative creatures. Some more than others, thus the constant complaining and finger pointing. A decent comparison for the online community boards would be looking back to when you were learning poker as a kid, remember when deuces were wild? That creates excitement and more possibilities for everyone's hand involved. Again, it works for you and against you within the guidelines of the "laws of average". It's how you play the winning hands that differs the winners from losers.Maximize your wins and minimize your losses. It's just that simple. Rigging? Yes. But not individual conspiracies! Well guys/gals that's the way I see it.

PaulsGTO on April 12, 2005

I agree with some of these reviews that the runs appear too often to be fixed. I started playing online 2yrs ago on empire poker. Then i also played on poker room.com (great site) and then landed on ultimate bet through a refferal by a friend. At first "ub" was the bomb but then recently over the last 4-5 months they seem to be running in cycles. I mean i've lost to bad beats as much as the next guy and there is a lot of diferent factors to take into concideration when it appears that you are just not getting the cards. I mean come-on i once had a tremendous chip count on ub and maintained a certain average and then all of the sudden it seemed like no matter who i played how i played or when i played the hands were speciffically dealt in a manner to take my chips away. I've heard that they hire people to play on thier website to keep action moving and sometimes it seems like you have the nuts on a strong hand and people will call you (even all in) all the way to the river with disconnected unsuited crap and pull off the win on the river. Keep in mind i play and three or 4 different sites on a regular basis and have not seen the bull that i see on ultimate bet. Something is definately going on that is not on the up and up. And if you think i'm a sore loser then just see for yourself. Play for an hour a day for a week or two on different sites and you'll see what i mean. I.e. Absoluet, pokerstars, poker room and ultimate bet.

HOOVY on April 7, 2005

Bad and good. Ultimate Bet is a great site if you're a casual playerand want to get into real money tournaments for free. It's not thathard to pile up Ultimate Points by playing in their freeroll UltimatePoints Tournament and on their play money tables. I have to say though,that as a guy who has taken college courses in probability, and donewell, I have some reservations about this site. I have a suggestion.Instead of just posting a web page which explains the lengths they goto concerning their random number generator, why don't they prove thatit's actually working properly? Why don't they run some freerolltournaments with the understanding that everyone's complete hand histories will be made public. That way the number crunchers can verifythat 3 to 1 favorites do indeed win 3 out of 4 times. In fact, I wonderwhy they haven't done this already. As a former auditor I know thatthings need to be proven. Just because a lot of care and testing goesinto something doesn't mean it'll work properly. NASA tests its systems, have all the space shuttles returned to earth safely? It wouldbe easy for them to do this and to have an outside source verify thatthey used the same random number generator as they do on their othergames.

common sense on April 5, 2005

I can't seem to find a site that is legit! They all suck compared to real games. Maybe if they were based in the US and had to follow our laws it would work... Until a US based poker room comes out I am finished playing online.

ERN on April 5, 2005

i agree with Sherrif-way too many bad beats,unreal hands etc. Poor players betting heavy w junk cards and catching time after time as if they knew what cards were coming.If you make a complaint you will get on their chit list and get crap hands for the next few weeks.the game is definitely rigged---BEWARE--Sucker site

w.m./standup/walter2 on April 1, 2005

I agree do not put money on UB even if you do win they don't pay tou if you win to much. they just disable your account and take the money in it.

jane doe on March 30, 2005

I never believed UB was `unnatural`, but have come around to that opinion. The 'fix' could be simple as using a fraction of the deck on some percentage of deals - if the deck contains nothing lower than 9, perhaps that explains the rash of wired pairs. There are times when it seems all that gets dealt are face cards. Sure, these things happen in live games - I had a straight flush beat a flush and full house on the same hand, but will probably never see that again. On UB AA,KK,QQ,JJ are too often a death sentence. Too many people playing too many hands have seen the same thing to mark it up to 'bad play' or 'sour grapes.'

clovis on March 26, 2005

THIS IS A WARNING: DO NOT PUT MONEY ONLINE AT UB. After witnissing and being subject to several bad beats and $150 later I was totally fed up. Having been a software engineer for 15 years I decided to do some investigation into their system. After about three weeks of reverse engineering their software I confirmed what I had suspected, UB's interface is designed to maximize their rake/take regardless of players.

TexTheCowboy on March 21, 2005

Well frankly im finding a trend on all the reviews. Everyone claims that every poker site is purposley screwing them for the benefit of others/ Giving "Money Flops" so they can get a bigger rake. Honestly, just reading thru each review of a site and its the same conspiracy in each one. Heres two points I hope people can understand about online poker. 1.) There are more hands played within an hour online then live. Thus there will be more monster hands and more bad beats. 2.) Theres alot of bad players young and old out there. So, more bad beats occur cause a good player woulda folded and not outdrawn you.And when it comes to AA it's just a preference. I personally rather keep it one on one, and frankly rather get it to an allin heads up preflop than let it hit a flop with multiple players. Playing limit poker teaches you that the more callers you have with AA the more likley you will lose.

KennyT#57. on March 20, 2005

kangol is obviously a moron. Like I said I win on UB so I am not complaining because I lose, just putting in my 2 cents on this site's quality. I am just saying that there is something wrong with the generator because way too many MONSTER hands are dealt WAY too often. By the way kangol AA is the one hand your ONLY objective unless heads up is to try to get all your money in preflop because you have very much the best of it. If you think people will call all in every time you have AA that's the way to do it...push, you moron.

johnsmith on March 18, 2005

i just joined UB after being at paradise poker for a while. In just one night, i lost twice with a full house to a four of a kind. i saw 5 four of a kinds in a matter of 4 hours. i play at casino's and i'll stay almost a whole day and never see four of a kind. The site is realiable and they the payout system is great. I just dont like their random card generator, seems to unrealistic to me. Im not going to complain about some bad beats because i got my share in just one night. I've never seen so many straights and flushes, at one point there were 3 straights in a row. cmon, you can't possibly tell me that happens at a real table. i'll never play at UB again.

not a fan of UB on March 15, 2005

Izzick: Well, I've played thousands of hands on Ub, and thousands of hands face to face with other people. The results have always been the same. I only used 10 hands for the example becuase it had answered my question. I don't care if you think it was a good system or not, it answered the questions I had. I'm not trying to form something solid against UB, becuase frankily I don't care if they cheat. My personal opinion stands, UB gives people cards to make straights and flushes more so then the average hand played. As others do im sure.

brian on March 8, 2005

I can honestly say when I lose it 95% on me the other 5% is bad breaks that happen in poker.this site I believe is honest,if you dont think so try party poker them tell me who is not honest

swestdawg on March 6, 2005

Sometimes i swear UB is rigged, it's unbelievable, they always throw out river cards to some shitty hand, always try to make a low strait on the table, and if you have a high pair, fold, some jackass with 2 pair of 2s and 4s will kick your ass, since UB always throw cards to bullshit hands. On the other hand, if you can figure out there little game, play and bet big on the crappiest hands, I suggest that if you have 2-7os, all in, ur guarrenteed at least 2 pair. Fuck you, UB!

DustyGTP on March 5, 2005

im still laughing my a55 off at these comments by the ppl complaining. By the way, if AA gets cracked then it means you played the hand wrong. AA all in preflop is a mistake cause anything can beat it at any given time. And if you slow play it to the river as if only a pair of aces was the strongest hand in poker than you should keep playing cause ill be at the tables taking your money. No hand is a guaranteed winner. Seems like anytime you complainers dont win a hand its a bad beat. The sooner you realize AA isnt a guaranteed winner and that flushes and straights happen all the time, the sooner youll play right and start winning money. Its not surprise you always lose and claim cheating....

kangol on March 5, 2005

Brian, I love your solution. Clearly well-rounded statistics there -- ten hands is, after all, a VERY BIG sample, and any difference between the ten hands on UB and the ten hands you simulated could never be attributed to chance.

Izzick on March 4, 2005

Ultimate Rip Off These Sites Are Fixed Untill Regulated Its A Double Gamble Against Them And Player Unless Your 100 Percent Sure Legit Why Wager Your Money.remember Where Theres Money Theres Greed There Future Is Uncertain So Make As Much As U Can.if You Ran A Bank And Could Steal With No Chance Of Getting In Trouble Would U

Unregistered on March 2, 2005

Great site. I've played thousands and thousands of hands. Yes, there are bad beats, but not as often as some people act like(they probably lost all there money and got pissed). Very proffesional look and great interface.

Josh on March 2, 2005

I play for fun, i lose money, i win money, but i have to admit most of the gripes in this thread are fairly accurate. Every time i deposit i immediatly win, every time i withdraw i immediatly lose. I play alot more in real life than online, and i recognize that the online games are faster, but that doesn't change the % of how much you win or lose. I'm a programmer, and when in school one thing they taught us is that there is no such thing as a random number generator. They have to skew the results one way or the other, and it doesn't make any sense for them to skew them towards the people who keep winning. You can choose to believe it or not, but at least read the following articles, along with the pages they link to. [url]http://www.gambling.co.uk/news/gambling-news.html?story=895[/url]

LowKee on March 1, 2005

by far the best. if you dont like it, you dont know what you're talking about. best.

c0ri on February 28, 2005

i had a problem with the multi tables made it in the money a lot but always ran into a bad beat hand like aa vs kk know it happens but this was every time and for big money tourneys do u know who won first and the 8000 prize take a guess

whitey b on February 27, 2005

The thing about UB is it likes to put you on streaks. You will go on a complete tear and get every Flush and Straight draw. This will happen for a pretty good amount of time until they know they have you and then everything will change drastically. This is when you will go the worst losing streak of your life. You won't be able to win. AA will be cracked, two pair won't be good enough, no draws will work out. It is a roller coaster. It also likes to put four card flush draws on the board, A LOT. Another thing that bugs me is that they don't seem to like it when you withdraw money. It seems like that is when the losing streaks start. I'm probably paranoid but thought I would share. I do like their multi table tourneys, especially the TURBO ones.

WCmarshall on February 27, 2005

i can't stand all the people who ignore the facts. I win tournies, win at $$ games. To say that that anyone who complains aobut a sites randomness or something like that is just a bitter loser is way too naive. Like I said I consistently place in MTT's and win at $$ tables but I do think that all of these peoples ideas and complaints all hold credence. There are definitely problems with these sites and here is a link to prove what has happened in the past already. You can't argue with facts like seeing 4 4 of a kinds and 2 straight flushes in 1 hour of a tourney, lmao, if you think that is normal poker when it CONSISTENTLY happens you are on crack. Here's a link of some people who cracked the algorithm codes and knew every card coming off the deck and you just think we're bitter losers..... [url]http://itmanagement.earthweb.com/entdev/article.php/11070_616221_2[/url]

JohnSmith on February 27, 2005

Party Poker just ordinary sucks. They are using bots as shils at the lower limts. The bots are not so much trying to win as crank up the action. I have played over 7,000 hands at UB mostly low level and it's by far the best site. I am not winning a ton, but I am winning.

Skeeter on February 25, 2005

In response to Ted’s post: I did a little math as you suggested. Actually I allowed the computer to do it for me, I just told it how. My theory is that the UB Card engine promotes good cards, but in no ones favor. I created a script to simulate 10 hands between 2 players, pursuing to the river. My best way to generate randomness was to create an array for all 52 cards; I then randomly placed the cards into the array. $array[2] == Jh, $array[3] == 3s, etc, and then running again the variables were completely different. I did it this way to generate even more randomness in the card selection, as maybe an array with static variables wouldn’t be as random. After the array was generated I then simply created the script to pick random cards to deal out. The results were completely different then what you might see on UB. 60% of the hands dealt were won with a pair, or a high card. I then proceeded to go to a limit table on Ultimatebet heads up and play out 10 hands. The Recorded results were far superior to what my engine generated. Only 20% of the hands were won with a pair, or high card. The majority 40% were one with 3 of a kind. Then to finish it off 1 straight, 2 flushes, and a full house. I didn’t feel like I need to spend more time playing hands, because what I found was enough information for me. I’m not suggesting that anyone takes my information as gold. However my theory still stands that UB promotes and gives better cards, to everyone. This still makes it an even playing field. I can’t stress enough that this is complete speculation. It could be a mere coincidence that my tests returned what I thought they would. If you enjoy and play UB as much as I do, you should just take this information and say ‘weird’, and continue playing.

brian on February 24, 2005

I strongly suspect that all you complainers are just bitter losers. I am neither a winner nor a loser, currently breaking even, but I have played on UB for many many hours and I think the "bad beats" are just part of the game. As for the guy complaining that 2-flush flops flush "more than the 25% of times they should" - take a math course please - if you are playing and have another 2 of the suit, your odds of flushing are about 36%. If you are not playing the odds of the board playing are about 40%. I have played for 2 months now. For the first month I was a bad player and I lost money. Now I am a better player and have got back to even. I have had "bad beats" as both a bad and good player, but in my second month I have lost less on my losing hands and won more on my winning hands, plus stuck more to the starting hands - you complainers should try that instead of wingeing about bad beats. I have cashed out quickly and reliably from UBet 3 times. I love their mini-view, meaning I can play 3 tables at once and see the good luck on one cancel out the bad luck on another. I majored in math/probability and, though I can't be certain after 2 months, my suspicion is that you complainers are just bad players, and that UB rocks - It is certainly a nicer site than PartyPoker or PacificPoker.

Ted on February 23, 2005

I think this poker site is fun for free money, and their freeroll tournaments. On bad beats, I do often agree. I for one see it most after I fold cards that should be folded. You'll need the turn and the river to make your middle straight. You fold, i've seen it come up more times then not. I think the reason for this is to encourage play and eliminate players quickly in tournaments. I don't know what the exact algorithim would be for giving good cards, and bad cards. I just find it strange on how unrealistic the cards are most times.

brian on February 23, 2005

I dunno bout all this cheating stuff.. Sounds interesting. I left the game for good, ahead sixty dollars on my 100 buyin. (forty of that in bonus dollars). I played one tourney, and lost in two hands, in the first hour. played AK, three way, heavy preflop betting. I flopped a king, and someone else flopped a set of tens. Played AJ suited, three way action. Flop was jack high. And again the other guy flopped a set. Interstingly enough, i lost this tourney, along with the rest of my roll, within days of cashing out. While this is a statistically meaningless anecdote, I do enjoy stirring the controversy. The reason I would never buy in again is because the software sucks, and the games are too tight. Someone else has suggested that good software attracts good players. Why anyone would call this software "good" is beyond me.

Razzle27x on February 22, 2005

again you ppl are the ones who are naive. you sad more bad beats more often. With any online site there will always be more bad beats more often than reallife because in one hour time you can play up to 10X as many hands as in real life. So if by chance theres 2 bad beats of out 10 hands then theres on average 20 bad beats out of 100 and so forth. You ppl again just need an excuse as to why you dont do well. Ive played there for months and have been making money and have no bad comments.

kangol on February 20, 2005

Anyone who believes that UB is not a set up game is totally naive. This is the most fake game I have ever played in my life. I agree that bad beats DO happen in real games. Some really bad beats happen in real life, no doubt. But, no game I have ever played in has beats as bad and as often as on UB. (I said bad beats and not bad bets, I know the difference)I have played poker for all of my adult life and most of my childhood and sometimes play for 36 or more hours at a time in real life games. I am no stranger to seeing some really bad beats. Never have I seen the amount of them in as few hands as I see them on UB. Also, in my entire life I can remember seeing 2 Royal Flushes and only a handful of str8 flushes in live games yet in less than 1 year I have gotten 2 Royals and too many str8 flushes to count. As I am playing on UB tonight I saw 2 str8 flushes in less than 1 hour, one of them I had the other was the fella to my left. Unbelievable things happen on this site and I could not possibly credit it to the luck of the draw or any concievable randomness of cards. UB used to state that they give everyone a chance to win. You tell me how everyone gets a chance to win if the draws are completely random? The only way to ensure that everyone gets a chance to win is to feed the fish frequently. Play for fun but I don't recommend trying to earn money on this site. It just will not happen no matter how good a player you are.

Stargiss on February 17, 2005

I have lost with 4 aces to a royal flush in Atlantic City that the dealers were talking about for days...and it was only a 5-10 game (thank God for small favors), so bad beats do happen time and time again due to the fact that there are a lot of awful players out there on the internet who don't care what they call down w/ for a 2 main reasons...1 is that they are playing on credit and don't worry about paying the bills in the future and the most important reson is that they don't have to face the other players telling them how stupid they are in person and have to see them over and over...click, they are out of the room. I mean does anyone truly think there is a guy at the headquarters watching the table saying "I'm gonna get this guy by giving him a good hand and have this guy suck out on him because he hasn't won lately!"

whip on February 16, 2005

UB is as rigged as they get. There is always some one with the nuts and that should not happen often but it does this and now other sites. The whole internet poker is not right. This companies are rigging their sites because they can and not montiored much by their governments. If you decide to play internet poker you are an idiot you should stick to casinos where you know they play it fair.

the truth on February 11, 2005

Stay clear of UB. It is complete fake.Unrealistic bad beats. This people who say they have won there are fake too. Think about that. He won $ 600 in few days? No problem tell him to play there for a month and then to make comment. First of all % of AA winning is less then normal you loose you AA to any cards two out of three times on UB. I have been playing there for few months everyday so i know. Guy will call you with 7/9 and get it. How about loosing your three Q's to FOUR 2's? Is that for real? When i complained to UB about those deals they told me that cards are dealt for 1000 tables at the same time and it is possible to get results like that when you throw dice 1000 times you get it? Dude if you play decent poker and wait for AK suited dont play at UB. YOu get Ak suited and someone has AA you can be sure. Aint crying about bad beats but this is unreal and most of all i think they manipulate they shuffler. Why i am saying that? When you deposit like $ 100 next game you play you win no matter what. Try and see. NO CUSTOMMER SUPPORT at all.!!!

Ahanibal on February 5, 2005

like tourneys there but agree also, something is up with the bad beats, every tourney i've been for the last 3 days has ended in the most horrendous beats that it is just hilarious. To end it today i'm playing in 3 sit n go's, down to 4 people in all three of them. Go all in with JJ get called by 1010 to lose when a 10 rivers. 15 seconds later 4 players left next sit n go, all in with 77, get called by 66 who rivers a 6, lol other sng 1 minute later AK suited hearts vs A clubs K spades, 4 clubs fall lmao. This isn't right. Tourney I got knocked out of right before those sng's flopped straight went all in got called by top pair who runner runnered full house. LMAO, WTF. This is in about 3 hours, I don't even remember all the crap that has happened in the last few days.

johnblow on February 5, 2005

Only site I have stayed loyal to. I have made many withdrawals and there is no link between this and bad beats. I get the plus side of the bad beats as often as the negative side. Does seem to generate some unreal hands (most recently AA,KK,QQ in a 6man game - fortunately I had the AA and it held up) but playing this many hands should mean some "unreal" hands. I have won more many here than any other site. Only complaint or recommendation: They need Higher Limit Heads Up sites as it tough to keep a shorthanded game shorthanded.

Veruca Salt on February 4, 2005

Sherriff on 2-3-05 said it best. I have to agree with you. You take money out...and forget about winning. Also, flopped a full house, Aces over Jacks. I slow play it, and one guy bets, another raises,I then raise, and I'm called by both players. Turn card is an 8, I check, guy next to me bets, next player raises, I then check raise them, the one guy folds, the other guy raises me. I call. River is another 8. I bet, he raises, I raise....you guessed it I was beat with four 8's. Who stays in with that, on a 2 /4 table??? Something is not right. I enjoy the site out of all the others, just finding it harder and harder to make a profit.

24/7 Poker on February 4, 2005

finally i can see some ppl with intellect and sanity posting on here. To everyone else its like a conspiracy is going on. Stop blasting the sites, particularly this one. The point about the fact you see more hands online then in real life was made by me before. Its a good argument but these people dont get it. The ones who cry cheating are the ones who lost their money (probably due to compulsive gambling habits) and need some closure in their life as to why they failed at poker.

kangol on February 3, 2005

I've basically played all the biggies. Party's the worst. UB is probably the best, i.e. the most likely for a good player to do well. That said, the software is definitely built to level the game--that is, to pay off weaker players at the expense of better ones. To answer your (1/20/05) post, innocent, you're missing the point. Of course the house is making money on the rake. But the house ALSO has to make money from deposits, which FEED the rake---people don't just push money back and forth all day long to pay off UB--there have to be winners and losers....I'm surprised more of the naysayers haven't commented on the cashout curse--maybe it's because none of you are winners. Well, I'm a winner, and I can tell you both times I've cashed out at UB I've gotten hammered by the software---not just dodging a firestorm of bad-beat bullets, but getting dealt garbage cards for hour after hour. Also, there is a discernible difference between the bad-beat factor on the 5/10 NL and 2/4 and lower NL games. Clearly either the 5/10 games have "favored" or house players who UB is paying off at the expense of wannabes, or there's some SERIOUS hacking going on. Far as I can tell, the only way to win consistently at ANY of these sites is to play low limit NL so that the advantage you can take of the weak players offsets the advantage the software will take of you once you start cashing out. I will not risk any serious money on UB or any of these sites. Back to you, innocent, remember...if all the best players were allowed to win consistently, the volume of the rake would drop dramatically because eventually all the fish would run out of money. Also, you think people won't play in Vegas because the house is against them? People love to gamble and they know the software's not perfect--AND THEY DON'T GIVE A SHIT...they ante up and play because they're hooked. All of these sites admit the so called RNG is PSEUDO random at best...and they all have taken great pains to build routines into their algorithms that hand winning players bad beats to keep them feeding at the trough. Bottom line: you can't trust ANY of these sites, and shouldn't, because they CANNOT BE REGULATED so they have a license to steal with impunity. If you want to have some fun and take a chance at getting lucky with decent software, try UB...but play 2-4 or lower NL games, and DON'T cash out until you're ready to go on vacation for a while--because they'll ream you if you ante up again the next day.

the sheriff on February 2, 2005

If you don't play wild and reckless.... your bad bet chances go down severely... I once played at a real face to face table and played 2 hands in 2 hours. There were 6 hands that I would have won.... but 13 that I would have lost on "bad beats". The reason people think that there is cheating is the same reason someone screams cheating in John Madden football... they suck

The People's Champ on February 1, 2005

I fail to see the logic of building cheats into the program. They are already making 5% rakes on every pot, times hundreds of hands per hour, times hundreds of tables. Just calculating that on an avg pot of $40 X 15 hands per hour X 200 tables and its a whopping $6000/hr! The amount of money they are making on the rakes is mind boggling! So they would risk this by trying to cheat the very people who are making their site a huge success? Don't think so... the risk vs reward ratio doesn't make enough sense to risk it.

innocent bystander on January 19, 2005

OKAY LETS MAKE THIS PERFECTLY CLEAR. The reason for there being so many "BAD BEATS" in these poker rooms isnt because they are actual "BAD BEATS" they are "BAD BETS". The only reason people call them bad beats online is because they called the raise or all-in in the first place. These situations that arise where "bad beats" are involved online dont occur in real life poker as often for many reasons: such as - when you sit down to play poker on your cpu for an hour, its basically like playing REAL LIFE poker for 12 hrs!! Imagine the bad beats you would see in a 12 hour period of poker!! (or play online for an hour) OR the people playing online dont really know what a badbeat is. these are the main 2 misconceptions ive come across. Get a book, read it, and then play poker by the numbers,,,not just HANDS ----->>> BETTING

THISISFOREVERYONE on January 17, 2005

Is it only a bad beat when the pot is big or someone goes all-in??? Think about it. Would it have been a bad beat if you just bet minimum through to river and lost on river, or only if you were all-in and lost on river??? What if the other player went all-in preflop with a weaker hand, weaker hand after flop, weaker after fourth street, but beat your two pair A A K K 8 (A A in hole) with 3 of kind 8 8 8 K K( 8 8 in the hole)??? Is that a BAD BEAT??? What if it was all-in after the flop? BAD BEAT?? or BAD BET by the guy with pocket 8's but he won!? Or is it just good luck?? REMEMBER: If YOU are the one CALLING the ALL-IN, you can't be beaten by a "BAD BEAT", you could have FOLDED. A "BAD BEAT" can only happen to the person who bets first because until the cards get flipped, nobody has a better hand. Chew on that

THISISFOREVERYONE on January 17, 2005

Anyone who is stupid enough to invest any amount of real money on Ultimate Bet deserves to lose!! Rigged up tournaments, computer generated players and consistent "highly unlikely" hands coupled with idiot/extremely homophobic 17 year olds and otherwise nasty white trash!! Save your $$ and go to a real casino!!

squinky on January 9, 2005

well here's my two cents worth.I have played on Ub since it opened and about 15 other poker sites. the worst cheater site is by far Absolute Poker. yes Ub has cheaters and I brought it to their attention.I must say,UB said no matter how hard they try they cannot keep the cheats out.its everywhere but they do their best. they are the only ones who gave me the truth all the other site I found cheaters on and reported denied that cheating can happen. Royal Vegas is another to watch.and I agree with captcrunch that Ub (ulitimate bet) has a screwed bonus bucks.I still have bucks pending. just another way to make you play real money. lets face it players these sites are in for it to make them money not you. and as long as there are sites we will play them some will be lucky and win most will lose and the big winners is there players so it.s your call.i'm out of here going to look for a hot game

bondedhearts/ bondedhearts on January 1, 2005

I've been playing on UB for over 2 years now and it is still my favorite. I've tried fulltilt, partypoker, and a few others but always end up back at UB. I play real money tables but low level (2/4) as well as many $20-$50 buy in tourneys. As I mentioned, I've been playing there consistently for over 2 years and have neevr seen any of the descrepencies listed above. to the comment about too many straight flushes, please tell me what tables you're at as I've hit a straight flush twice in 2 years at UB and rarely see them.

millhouse on December 31, 2004

congrats programwriter. Tell me, which software did you write? And whos investigating you? Dont say the US cause 90% of online poker sites are based over seas and the US has no jurisdiction when investigating...show us some proof youre not one of the ppl above who have a vendetta against these sites...oh wait you cant cause you are...

KaNgOL on December 31, 2004

by the way, im a computer programmer myself...what language did you use??explain some of the stuff you did with shuffling algorithms and the basic programming and maybe ill believe you

KaNgOL on December 31, 2004

i write the programs for many of these sites, im telling you they are rigged. im being investigated right now so i feel its my duty to let you all know what your getting in to.

programwriter on December 29, 2004

Was a regular player at UB for a little over a year in low limit games. Up slightly over 4k. Here is my review of UB graphics: 9 customer service: 7 cash out: 10 game selection: 9 software reliability: 6 Tournies: 9 Random card generation: 0 (laughable) Finally left the site about two months ago, after noticing a substantial change in their random card generation. It was the norm to see straight flushes and quads several times a night. The bad beats are legendary. Throws your game off because the percentages are markedly off for flushes, full houses etc. I was sad to go because I loved the site otherwise.

talia on December 28, 2004

if you went on any poker site or to any poker room thats a real life one and used a notebook to record everything than used the statistical data for comparison between online poker and live poker youll be astounded. Those who think its rigged will be the ones astounded however, because youll find its +-10% the same which realy means nothing because its all chance so the difference goes to +-1% with other things factored in (quality of shuffling and just pure chance). Stop being whiny babies, if you lose you lose. If you cant take the beats than im sorry to say the you shouldve figured out a long time ago that pokers not for you. To tell you the truth, ive actually had most of my worst bad beats at a real poker table than online. Thats a sad statement for those considering it rigged. Why you say? cause ive played 10s of thousands of more hands online than in real life and the beats are just the same....

KaNgOL on December 27, 2004

Moreover, for those who havent realized why you just cant see to win with a big flopped set or pair or whatever you think should never be beat on the river, take into consideration the pace of online poker. The reason it seems like so many bad beats is because the speed of the game is 20X faster than real life games hence 20X more bad beats. Common sense.

KaNgOL on December 27, 2004

::laugh::...i just read a post by navone above and laughed hysterically for 20 minutes. "whoever says the beats arent bad never played in a live game." funny cause i play live tourneys 2 to 3 times a week and the beats are bad. By the way, what casino do you play at. I'd like to know where i can go that a flopped set is always a sure thing. Was at the Borgata last week and flopped a set of queens and got beat on river by a straight. Later i flopped an Ace high straight and got beat on river by a flush. Maybe the poker room there is involved in screwing its players out of their money...

KaNgOL on December 27, 2004

This site is great in some aspects. the software is the best i've ever played at. Their deposit and withdraw options are good as well. As far as actually poker goes. The bad beats are abundant. 2 times i've managed to build my stack at $.50-1.00 to roughly $80.00. 2 times i've flopped top 2 pair, to only lose all of my money to someone flopping trips. I've seen it happen to other players as well. Their bonus system is very poor as well. It takes 4EVER to finally get your pending bonus dollars after depositing. U can play for four hours on one table and they'd probably release about 12 dollars into your account. it it ridiculously slow. Overall, i would suggest you stay away from ultimate bet, Software adn everything is very attractive and good, but as far as the cards coming, someone will always have trips, and play your low trips if you do decide to play there, you'll get a set more often than not.

cmackkilla3 on December 26, 2004

It's by far the best site that I've played on, and despite what people say, it's more realistic than most. I've played here for 6+ months, and I'm doing a bit better than even, which is all I can ask for. Anyone who is talking about and complaining about the money they are losing probably shouldn't be playing at all. If it's going to bother you that much to play and lose, don't play.

tropicana on December 21, 2004

Used to love UB-nice graphics, faster play than Party Poker; HOWEVER, avoid sit n go's. I just played them for fun/practice, but some people sit down, but press the leave button and let computer play for them. Still noclue as to why they bother, but if you are still in at the end, you end up playing no one. Either you have to keep clicking the bet button until you get all the chips, or leave yourself. I would try & leave-but ur still on the seat. This lead to UB CLOSING MY ACCOUNT and booting me off of UB!!!!!!! And it wasn't even me doing this stupid stuff! Anyone else have this happen or suggestions?

m1a1cruzer on December 20, 2004

Software is superb, but game selection isn't the greatest. UB has some of the tightest players online even at the low levels. Customer service is also pretty bad, no phone number so you have to use email or their contact forms.

Yads on December 14, 2004

I Love Ub ,yes U Get Bad Beats But U Get Them In Real Life Too,+ On Every Poker Site Ub Rules

Unregistered on December 13, 2004

I have spent MANY hours on UB. The graphics are nice and the play is smooth. It is a great site for freerolls and play money poker. As far as real $$ are concerned, STAY AWAY!!! Don't tell me that UB has a fair deal. I emplore you to watch 400-500 hands with a pen and a notebook. Mark down all the times two to a flush fall on the flop. Then mark down all the times the flush card falls on the turn or the river. If you come back and say that it falls 25% of the time as it should, I'll eat your shoes. It is more like 50/50 or higher.

KN. on December 11, 2004

i agree that there are way too many bad beats. As far as everything else, it is great.

todd on December 11, 2004

Yah UB is crap, sorry to say for all those out there who like it. I just think there are better sites. I agree with the people that say bad beats are abundant online but that is only because you are seeing more hands with more people in them. Those who complain about bad beats probably have never played long hours of poker ANYWHERE. You play long enough youll see A straight flush beat four of a kind. I believe people just dont understand the percentages of the underdog. Yah they arent the favorite, but they still have outs. My problem with UB is the software, its not very impressive or eye pleasing and the shuffling sounds like someone farting. Otherwise its just another poker site.

DC. on December 3, 2004

its a very fun sight, but very unrealistic. if you look at the winning hand history its flush, straight, boat or 4ofakind every time. also, i think new players get better hands to get them hooked on the sight. anyone who says that these bad beats are just a part of life has never played in a live game. it is easy to make money on this sight, just realize that if you flop a set,or even a straight its not as sure a thing as if you were playing at a casino.

navone on November 30, 2004

If the hands are too good, that helps you half the time and others half the time. If you are losing on UB, it's not cause it's "rigged", it's cause you are a losing player. I play on UB, make a solid profit of around $100-$200 a day playing for around 2-3 hours. I do this consistently, and I also lose KK to 22, AA to KQs etc etc. And I suffer WAY more bad beats than the average person. Why? Simply because most of the time I get my money in with the best hand. So normally whenever I lose a hand it's a suck out. Do I complain? No. You have to accept it. If you are a 65% favourite to win each of 10 hands, and you lose 3 of them to suckouts, you are actually lucky yourself. A poker player finds it hard to recall hands he has won with a little help from the cards, but can remember with incredible accuracy every bad beat he has taken. Stop blaming someone else, and keep depositing your money into UB. Thanks.

Mark on November 29, 2004

I like everything at UB. It has one of the bestest programs and is just like playing in real life. I've played real money on PartyPoker and lost all of due to all the straights and flushes PartyPoker gives out. UB is the bestest place to play No Limit and I would tell everyone to play it. You guys might be losing with AA and KK but that's poker right. Which ever one hits the trips win. Period.

ASIAN_DUDE on November 27, 2004

I like all the freerolls and opportunities to win tourney entry chips and bonus dollars, etc. At least you have something to play for in a freeroll. Minitables allow me to play 3 at once easily.

slim on November 25, 2004

UB is by far the most crooked no good site on the web. The bad beats are unreal, almost to the point of comical at times. I swear some people know whats coming, their software has been cracked. You will not see this at the 2-4 NL tables, but at the 5-10 NL tables. People doing things such as NYclub spoke of. You would NEVER see someone pull that chit in real life, or on most internet sites, but they do know whats coming. Also whenever pocket pairs are delt they are always delt in sets. Player one will have 99 Player two will have qq Player three will have kk This is always the case. When there is one set of pockets out be assured there is more than one. Like clockwork! UB has taken over 3,000 of my money in the past two days on the worst beats and cheating players. These people DO know whats coming, if they work for UB or not who knows? Also, one more thing! UB claims that Phil Hellmuth plays at there site. Well, about a week ago I was sitting playing with Phil, or so I thought. Everyone was talking to Phil and everything was good. Until a bystander asked Phil how he could be playing poker if he was speaking up the road from his house? I thought the guy was full of $%^& until he posted the phone number for the Barnes and Nobles were Phil was speeking. I called the number and the clerk said Phil was there and was speeking in front of the crowd at that very moment. after that we all started questioning Phil, and I wrote UB about it. They said it was him at the table and I was wrong. I wrote back and told them they were full of CHIT and then recieved another e-mail saying it was not him playing after all, because they tried to deny it and I had ultimate proof! FRAUD CENTRAL, STAY CLEAR UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE ROBBED!!!!

Capt Crunch on November 17, 2004

Oh, and for the record! I won over 6,000 dollars at this site and have played a ton of hands here. The words I speak above are true. They set you up, and knock you the F down. Trust me! Sad as this must sound, Pacific Poker is the only ligit poker house on the web. Pokers stars is good too, just stand clear of the rest, EXPECIALY ULTIMATE BET!!!! F'in FRAUDS!!!!!

Capt Crunch on November 17, 2004

ok smart guy, what day and time and location was phil hellmuth speaking at barnes and noble?? for that matter, show me a hand history that includes phil hellmuths actual UB name in it. Not some imposter with a similar screen name as ive seen hundreds of phil wannabes on the site. And show me a copy of the emails from UB.

KaNgOL on November 17, 2004

they let you buy more chips in cash games...... unlike PP you cant buy enough if you get stuck..and get out of trap..very important! plus good graphics.... smaller site...you will tend to recognize familiar players over time (good / bad?)

Beano on November 16, 2004

Reply to beano: Everything you said is very true, however i disagree on the graphics, though really what can you expect from a poker site in terms of graphics...Its not a 3d shoot em up game so who cares. As far as your good/bad question regarding recognizing players, that should always be a good thing to recognize people. Heres a tip, when you play real poker games at casinos, tourneys and such..do people mind if you carry around a little notebook writing things down and referring to it while you play??? Of course they mind, some may actual consider it a form of cheating, but its really not. They give you a place to easily write and access notes on other players. So if youre playing against the same people youve got tons of notes and youre probably used to them and know what to expect. Good by far..

KaNgOL on November 16, 2004

lol i know a post a lot, but one i missed was by Warthog above, "this sit is no different than the rest. they are all shady. and cheat. that is just the way it is out there on the net. you all are suckers. "..Dont listen to people like this. As you can tell by this post either he never played more than a couple hands on there or hes just ignorant. Tell me how i turned $50 into $750 in 4 days? I guess i mustve been cheating and if you dont win like me the rest of you are suckers according to this guy. Ignorance is bliss, i guess he just feels better handing people his money in real games than online..lmao

KaNgOL on November 16, 2004

I agree with marks post. People are way too childish when complaining about sites. It seems almost as if none of you ever played a "real" game of poker. The beats are just as bad in real life. UB is no different to real life and they probably have a better shuffling algorithm than the way most people shuffle in home games/tourneys. Stop crying about it and if you were good you wouldnt lose money and complain so much about UB or any of the sites. The notion that poker sites will allow people who push all in first to win is just absurd. I was playing reallife the other day in a tourney and a guy went all in with 95 and got called by JJ. Who you think won, not the JJ. 9 on flop and 9 on river. Stop saying that hands are definate winners on certain sites. No hand is a definate winner anywhere. It all odds and probability..anything can happen and if you havent learned at least that yet, JUST QUIT!

KaNgOL on November 14, 2004

kangol is right bad beats happen no matter where your playing...the problem people run into is not knowing how to play no limit. too many people are moving all in with kings preflop every time...an ace hits on the flop 75% of the time and what do you think every Joe on UB calls you with...an ace no matter the kicker. so why not smooth call a raise with the intention to let go of the hand if an ace pops on the flop. i play on ultimate and their high stakes tables are amazing...this site has smooth play and non-interfering graphics. when rating a site i look at accessability and UB is second to none. so quit crying about bad beats because thats the story of poker...if you can play solid poker in the end you will end up ahead.

texasKINGS on November 14, 2004

great site. still my fav. they were having server problems but all seems well now. If your a good player the only beats you will take are bad beats..lol love the bonus dollors, customer service is gr8. they sent my buddy to the wsop last year and i went and wtached him godd times, good site.

Bullcrappy on November 10, 2004

Well, like Phil Gordon says in his book, "There are some poker sites out there that make everyone at table think they are gonna win". I know that a K-K would win at Truepoker.com anyday. In the tourneys I have noticed at UB that your best hands are given at your small and large blind positions. I would love to say UB is the best. I really don't like all the time it takes at Truepoker.com. But I would have to say that Truepoker is the fairest. UB could be the very best if their software was not so tricky. Watch it! I have lost 2 times to a 4 of a kind when I had a full Boat. When I play Truepoker, the same hands will win more than UB. Trust me, you can bet on that for sure. Also, I am not bashing UB or mad at them or whining as I have won 650,000 play chips since joining UB in June. It's just too unrealistic as to the true odds of real life winning at poker imo. Hope this helps. Just always be on guard at UB with an awesome hand. Truepoker is more relaxing cause you can trust that a K-K or whatever is gonna win.

Billy on November 10, 2004

hahahahaah, you are all so funny. You say the site is rigged cause you get bad beats. Did you know that 78s will beat AA 2 or 3 times out of 10? The 7 times AA wins you just say is routine, don't call it rigged cause the 78 wins some of the time. You are all hillarious, you have probably lost a lot of money on the site and that's why you are complaining. I have lost AA to 99 for $1300 all in preflop, but what of it? I will do it to someone else one day, no point in crying. So all of you stop whinging and quit poker cause you are clearly losing at UB.

Mark on November 7, 2004

i hate grafix here! cards so tiny u can't even see them...also dusn't tell u how much the bets r...just the coins it shows...empty chairs lol thats a joke...pretty low flop % so its titest site around i think for NOLIMIT...bonus trickles in is BS...should b one lump sum...too lazy to complain more bout this site lol....just stick to PartyPoker

kleptodathief on October 25, 2004

Good software attracts good players which create tight, boring ring games. Bad beats are frequent in tournaments. Not a site for beginners or those trying to build a bankroll.

The Truth on October 25, 2004

Ub is where its at. I still play new sites just so I can play there when I want. But when it comes to sitting down and playing some card I choose Ub. I believe the players are a huge step up from PP or most of the sites I have played. (have not been to poker stars yet) I have racked up 240 hours this month and I only play the SNG's and am winning. To make this site a 10 though I would add symbol to represent you have notes on a player as well as a buddy list to track down other players. I would also figure a way to release bonus dollars in bulk rather than this 30 cent 20 cent at time because you just dont see it. Maybe just release the bonus bucks at the end of the month instead of the micro payments. The concept with the points is great. I get into the points games. My dad has never touched a computer until Ub. Now he knows how to log on play, lose and go on tilt.

BenjaminsClub on October 20, 2004

Very good site. Bad beats end tournaments because all the money went in, not because of the cards. Lots of people exaggerate bad beats. KK loses to AQ all the time, its not that bad of a beat. Any hand will beat a random hand 38%of the time. That is the card percentage. Many hours played here, ring game and tourneys, it's honest. Swings happen, and the better players win. Fast action software, easy to use, there are shortcut buttons if you look at the bottom of the table window, and the time before the blinds increase is there too. This site cuts out the nonsense and waste, leaving a very quality and honest site to put your money in. Wish the sngs had multi table tourneys though.

Nick on October 17, 2004

this sit is no different than the rest. they are all shady. and cheat. that is just the way it is out there on the net. you all are suckers.

Wart Hag on October 14, 2004

No question there is hack software out there, plus the bad sub programming in "shuffling" programs. As most on the net know, the aggressive better gets more hands given to him. First one to all in usually wins. So the fools go all in preflop and win. I have seen 12 preflops all in won by the same guy. His best hand was a pair of 5's. All others were low cards offsuit. The heavy better is NOT winning because of all the folding. They are actually being fed the cards on the turn and river. Always bad feeling when pockets aces lose to a small straight that was Flopped A-K-9, turn 3 river - 5, Idiot stayed agaist HEAVY bets with a 4-2 and won. Bad enough it happend once. But same guy in 5 hands won an all in against 3 kings with small straight 3-7. Some sites are just fun to play. But for real money NONE are honest. You have to treat it simply as a software game and NOT a real poker hand. Look at Paradise Poker and all the Prima poker sites for their "auditted" guarantee from PriceCoopersWaterhouse. The paper is a fake. Not accepted in any court of law or contract. WHY? Because it is signed "PriceCoopersWaterhouse, Inc". --NO AUTHORIZED representative. No person held to account. No such thing as a company signing a document, some real human must sign their own name on BEHALF of the company.

NYClub on October 8, 2004

"NO AUTHORIZED representative. No person held to account. No such thing as a company signing a document, some real human must sign their own name on BEHALF of the company."

They probably do have a human signature on the papers they file with the regulatory agencies. What they put on the site isn't "offial" you idiot it's for marketing.

Unregistered on October 8, 2004

This is really quite funny, "card percentages are sometimes unrealistic". What on earth? You guys that are complaining about bad beats, come on now, you should know better. That stuff just happens. I've played a numerous amount of sites and it's happened to me at each and every one. I have played at a lot of different sites and UB is my top two right now. I enjoy their sit n go tourneys much better than empire/party poker. At UB you start with more and chips and have a little more time before the blinds eat away at your stack like at empire/party. UB also has a good variety of ring games, and many different forms of poker. I still haven't played at pokerstars, which I know is supposed to be the best tournament poker site, but right now I put UB top spot in my book.

Jord4n on October 5, 2004

I agree that the card percentages are sometimes unrealistic, but who would have thought that the losing hand @ the WSOP would have been a boat? Interface is the best by far, but have to assume someone or group has hacked the site and is wreaking havoc, having been down for 10-days as-of today.

CigarZin on September 28, 2004

Once again bad beats are abundant. Not realistic. Sure your going to have bad beats. I have won and lost tournaments on this site and it has always ended on a bad beat either for or against me. Once lost on the river with 3 kings to 3 aces on the river. Yes if you play regularly they say they are upgrading the system but not in the middle of play. If they upgrade they should announce it so players are aware before it goes down in the middle of play.

roscoe on September 26, 2004

UB is but far the best site in my opinion. Graphics are simple and not as busy. They offer great freerolls and a variety of games. They have been having server problems the last few days, which has been annoying, but after going back and playing at the other poker sites I have realized again why I left them for UB to begin with. Hopefully UB will be back up and running fully soon. I am sure many diehard UB players are going through withdrawals!

shyababy on September 23, 2004

Totally disagree with the pumps. UB is by far the best site that I have played on. You have to expect beats in this game. The software is great and easy to use. Their response in processing payments is great. I play many, many hours each week on UB and have not experienced any time when the site has gone down. If you are, in fact, a winner in AC/Vegas, you will be a bigger winner here.

Jeff on September 17, 2004

I agree with pumpino69. This is yet another shady poker site. They'll deal you good cards, and then suck you dry with bad beats. If you're a winner at AC/Vegas, you'll lose here over time.

pumpthepump on September 14, 2004

UB is awful, i would never play there again. The cards that come are unrealistic on a consistant basis. Try losing in 5 games at the same time with the same hand...kk...always against aa. It was crazy, you can garentuee if you have KK or QQ someone has AA. The cards are completely unrealistic. The interface is decent, and i do like the way you could minimise the screen, but to many fixed deals aimed at getting a higher rake on the open table, and the tournaments just end in bad beats. Plus the site goes down on a consistant basis, nething over 10,000 people and the site crashes....a poor site please don't waste ur money

pumpino69 on September 9, 2004

UB has some good points. There are many games going and the Mini-View is particularly useful for multitabling. However, it should be noted that while you can get some nice bonus dollar incentives like the refer-a-friend, you cannot unlock those bonuses by playing tournaments, only ring games. This doesn't make much sense since you pay 10% juice on the former. It's odd that they promote themselves with famous tournament players like Phil Hellmuth but then stiff tournament customers. Their support staff tend to flatly ignore questions on the subject. Their software also has many limitations. There are no shortcut keys for checking, raising, and folding. The time until the next blind increase is not shown in a convenient display. You can't view your notes on each player without tediously right-clicking each one and hitting Notes (it would be much easier with a simple mouse-over). Overall, UB is a pretty good site, but their incentives are much less valuable than they appear.

Nick on August 30, 2004

It is by far the best. I hate Party Poker as I believe there is cheating in this. UB does not have this. It has the BEST freeroll tournamnt structure with plenty of freerolls daily. I have gotten UB points and used them to gamble with and gained enough to play in real money tournaments. For real money tournaments the games are more realistic. The worst part of this site is that it does have some breakdowns occassionally but that has been less and less as the year has gone on. They are great with refunds though. They rock.

Sean on August 29, 2004