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Victorias Poker was open for a couple of years around 2003-2004. They had very little traffic and usually had only 1 or 2 total games going at once. Their only appeal was that they were one of the first sites to have a Mac version of their software.


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I'll third that notion. Nothing beats Bugsy's Club/PokerPages.

Robert on December 2, 2004

I used to play at Victoria's but Bugsy's Club/Pokerpages is far superior. Just not enough traffic to make it worthwhile to go there anymore. Plus the players there are awful. Better play, better software, better winnings at Bugsy's!!

KnightdaleJB on October 3, 2004

Being Mac friendly is no longer an advantage for Vic's, as Bugsy's Club/Pokerpages now has an OS X client. Much more people, multiple tourneys per day, the ability to win BBP in freerolls (which can be then converted to $), and limited chips (as opposed to unlimited in Vic's) for the ring games.

Scheme on August 22, 2004

love it live and play it

Unloco me on August 4, 2004

low traffic and the software is cluncky - no reason to play here really - even though it is Mac friendly

kk. on July 7, 2004

nice... but not enough traffic

nwboozehound on May 17, 2004

Not only does VP support Mac - they offer both OS9 and OSX (panther) versions of the software. Game play is robust - you can play multiple tables. My only complaint is that they monitor IP addresses so that makes play on a wireless network problematic if your apartment building offers free WIFI -- but only if others on your network want to play at the same time you are signed in. Tech Support is quick and responsive tho.

seneca on March 14, 2004