Jerry Buss

Jerry Buss, born in Utah and raised in Wyoming, is the owner of the L.A Lakers. He bought the team (along with the LA Kings hockey team) in the largest transaction in sports history in 1979 when he bought both teams for $67.5 million. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from the University of Wyoming and a PhD in chemistry at the University of Southern California, before becoming a real estate developer. In 2006, Buss received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Jerry Buss is a familiar face in the poker world. Unlike many of the celebrity poker players around today, Jerry is a long-time card player who has a lifetime passion for the games that his mother taught him when he was just a kid. He was able to play a decent hand of bridge by the time he was 4. He said that he loves the competitive aspect of poker and that poker is one of the few areas where you can still remain competitive after you reach a certain age. Throughout the years he has mainly been a high-stakes cash game player but has been playing more tournaments lately. Jerry is an old-school player whose best game is seven-card stud and said that some of the games are relatively new for him.

He has cashed in 3 WSOP events and 1 WPT event. His most impressive finish was his 3rd place finish in the 1991 WSOP Seven-Card Stud event and 2nd place in a WPT Season One event in 2003. He has played in the GSN series "High Stakes Poker", the NBC late-night series "Poker After Dark", and NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship". He has many cashes in various tournament over the years but has not achieved that one big score that

In 2009, TMZ found Buss sitting by himself playing poker at the Commerce Casino while 150,000 people celebrated the Lakers championship in downtown Los Angeles. Observers said that he wasn’t even watching the parade on the television right above him. Even if Jerry Buss never achieves any impressive accomplishments in the world of poker, there is no doubt that he is a serious poker player.

Along with basketball, Jerry Buss has been open about his fascinated by beautiful women. He has snapshots of almost all the women he has ever dated and stores them in albums in his library ("It's quite a collection," he said in an interview with Sports Illustrated, "I'm up to album eight.") and is frequently seen surrounded by much younger girls. He once owner the Playboy Club in Phoenix and is known to visit the Nevada brothels every year. He even hired Bonnie-Jill Laflin, a nude model in the soft-core porn industry, as an NBA scout.

His daughter Jeanie Buss, who is involved in the Lakers organization, posed for Playboy in six-page spread in the May 1995 issue where she lying naked on her father's desk at the LA Forum. Jerry claims it's the only Playboy he's never looked at. Jeanie, who dated John McEnroe for six months in the mid-'90s, is currently dating Laker coach Phil Jackson.


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LOL! This guy is one of the WORST players at the card table. Look Jerry, if you're just going to throw your money away send some my way.
My little sister could beat you in a card game LOL! What a fish!

bad_dog76 on November 30, 2007

Everyone who is a Laker fan knows that L.A. GM Mitch Kupchack takes order from Jerry Buss. All decisions is made by that dumb ass Buss. That is why the Heat are the 2006 Champions.

Unregistered on June 27, 2006

Isn't Buss the onwer of the Lakers not the GM, he's not the one the trade'd Shaq,

Unregistered on June 26, 2006

Jerry Buss is the biggest idiot alive. He wants to keep his gay lover Kobe for the years to come. I dont even watch the Lakers anymore because I am sick of watching Kobe play with himself. He think he is brilliant getting rid of Shaq. Now where's is Jerry's favorite trophy now? Dumb Bitch..

Unregistered on June 24, 2006

Pippen is 500 times better than crack head Odom. Lakers suck, Buss gave the best center in history away for nothing but some statues of players.

Odom like Pippen????? on October 7, 2005

lakers should make the playoffs this year. Kobe Bryant=Michael Jordan Lamar Odom=Scottie Pippin Chris Mihm=Luc Longley Kwame Brown=Dennis Rodmen Ron Harper=Aron Mckie IF they had gotten Gary Payton they would look almost like the Bulls of the 1990s and with the same coach. Think about it. Kobe is like Jordan but not as good Talented forward odom like pippin Chris Mihm Sucks but can hit the jump shot like longley but play better defence. Kwame the trouble maker is like rodman

Lakers on September 27, 2005

Lets Give Away The Greatest Center Who Ever Played The Game Of Buss, You Are A Donkey, Hee Haw

i got an idea on September 16, 2005

I know Mitch"THE RETART" Kupchak was retarted when he traded shaq. Yesterday he said he hes not going to play BYNUM.. WHY THE DID YOU DRAFT THEM THEN. PLAYING TIME MAKES YOU ALOT BETTER. I think Mitch Kupchack is brain dead.

nikunj on July 27, 2005

DUDE YOU ARE A PUPPET? or two you are just so dumb man.


"Posted by: nikunj on Jul 20, 2005 - IP= they say yankees and lakers have the best sports franchise branding. Well the yankees at least spend money. JErry if your team sucks make less money and please your fans. I know i could do a better job then mitch kupchack."

the Celtics are better then the lakers, they have more championships and made the playoffs this past season and the lakers didnt.

Jetsfan315 on July 26, 2005


nikunj on July 24, 2005


lakers on July 24, 2005

Why is no one talking about this man's poker ability? I didnt like his play at the WPT celebrity/pro invite final table with funny-man Layne Flack. The guy was getting automatic pre-flop raising hands (especially heads up) yet kept limping in and Layne was burning him every time. Stupid, loser way to play poker. He got schooled big time. But Layne was acting like a fucking moron the whole time.

Unregistered on July 19, 2005

I just heard Mitch kupchack the lakers gm on the radio. I think the whole fucken organization is a dumb azz. They traded shaq and didnt make the playoffs. They aquired Briand grant who is worthless in the deal. Now they want cap space for 2007 summer. Dumb azzes you guys could have kept shaq and let him sign somewhere else as a free agent and you guys would have had cap room next summer. 30 million in capspace to be exact. Dumb organization.

nikunj on July 19, 2005

they say yankees and lakers have the best sports franchise branding. Well the yankees at least spend money. JErry if your team sucks make less money and please your fans. I know i could do a better job then mitch kupchack.

nikunj on July 19, 2005

pay jerry west 6 million a year

Unregistered on July 19, 2005

Dude life is a challenge. You dont always get what you want. Never let anybody influence your decisons because life is way to short. You could be a millionaire one day and be broke the next day. You could be fully healthy one day and have heakth problems the next day. Try to enjoy life day by day. Do what makes you happy as long as your not hurting other people. I feel vey disappointed with my youth as a child. I feel i did not get to experiance everything that i could have and feel no amount of financial compensation could ever fix that. Having the opportunity to do things is a once in a life time opportunity. Everybody has different ways of making themselves happy. Some people its money others to others its friends and family. Remmeber do what you want in life. Sometimes more money will not buy you happiness. Yes money does make life easier but it has its own problems if you dont control yourself. Remember you want a well balanced life. Millioaires cant sleep at night while avearge americans can. I kind of have a little sympathy for many of these child star who did not get to enjot there child hood. This note is to anybody who is disatisfyed with there life at the moment. Remember you cant have everything. If you are not rich you have other traits that rich people dont have. Rich people have money but they cant sleep at night. Rich people may have no friends or family just money while you do.

nikunj on July 17, 2005

i meant i have sympathy for child stars in the last paragrah

nikunj on July 17, 2005

if you ever read this website. Give me the opportunity to work for you as a player personal executive. I want to assit you on a building your roster.

to jerry buss on July 17, 2005


nikunj on July 15, 2005

they agreed to a deal.

dude on July 6, 2005

football season is on the way. the only sport that really matters. basketball is for shit. hopefully the players strike and never come back.

who cares on July 2, 2005

WHADDUP PLAYER I JUST WANNA WORK FOR THE LAKERS AS A GM. I KNOW ITS NOT POSSIBLE. BUT I JUST WANT THE OPPURTUNITY. I WOULD HAVE SIGNED MCDYEES AT 4 years 23 million and aquired arryo for you. I would have probably picked danny granger at number 10 or shawn may.

kobe bryant on June 30, 2005

how do you think the lakers draft went? I think they should have drafted danny granger or Sean May. Next season i think Danny Granger will get rookie of the year. I think lakers should have drafted Granger and drafted Amir Johnson in the second round.

nikunj on June 29, 2005

Kobe Bryant In N Out

nikunj on June 23, 2005

But when I played sports coming up it was up to the players to adjust to the coach's system, not for the coach to change his way for a player. That is why he is the COACH! When we get away from that principle, look what happens. You get players practically calling the shots. It's one of the reasons that the NBA sucks, except for the playoffs.

maybe its just me on June 21, 2005

I have seen pictures of Jerry Buss with hot women at Laker's games and I was trying to find out the names of his Playboy Playmate girlfriends. Jerry is a friend of Hugh Hefner. Anyone know who they are?

answer on June 18, 2005

I met kobe bryant recently at a fast food place. Does anyone wanna know where?????

nikunj on June 18, 2005

Ill give you a word of advice. They should have kept shaq and kobe. Phil should have been moved because he had issues with kobe bryant. If a player and coach to get along on and off the court you need to move one of them. Jackson is the guy to move. Know they signed him to a 30 million dollar deal. Lakers have the shittiest scouts. Thats who we should blame for this. They had it easy and never built for the future. Spurs keep on getting better with their scouting. They arnt drafting in the lottery or anything. Lakers had just as good of a chance of drafting ginboli, parker, and Bruno UDRITH. Another good example would be the pistons. There always getting better. They got mcdyes and arroyo recently. On top of that they got Darko who is there future. Lakers didnt have anyone like that. Mitch you need to get some help and stop sitting on your azz. Jerry West isnt here anymore to help you. Instead of signing Jackson for ten million a year they should have signed a coach for 4 million a year and paid jerry west double what hes getting in memphis. Doube is 6 million. Well worth the money. Kobe bryant is a good indivdual.

nikunj on June 18, 2005

Buss sucks at poker because he doesn't have the poker skills of pretty much anyone else on the list who actually has poker talent. Now, why would anyone be looking for information on Jerry Buss?I only have commentary on Buss because I have seen his poker plays, and at the risk of sounding like a monday-morning poker player, frankly, he sucks.

Explanation for explanation on June 17, 2005

Not sure how you got here, but I would think it had something to do with POKER being as this is a POKER site, not basketball. That would be why people care about Jerry's poker game, or lack thereof.

hey response on June 16, 2005

Maybe Phil Jackson should return when Brian Grant's contract expires.

comment on June 15, 2005

Jerry Buss traded the most dominant player, Kobe is a selfish ball-hog, not to mention a shitty husband, and the Lakers are going to suck for a while. There, end of discussion. Oh yeah, and Buss sucks at poker, too.

sure on June 14, 2005

Sometimes Kobe is a selfish ball-hog, but sometimes he tries to prove he is not so he passes too much, and does not close games. His marriage is between him and his wife. Who cares about Jerry Buss's poker game?

response on June 14, 2005

this discussion is moot. the spurs will destroy either of these mutts.

Unregistered on June 5, 2005

The lakers are going to realize they made a mistake in trading shaq today

nikunj on June 5, 2005

I am a shaq fan and always will be one. He was the face of the lakers. Will he pull through for miami tonight its 74-74 timoe out

nikunj on June 5, 2005

Shaquille oneal is the second best basketball player that happened to this city besides magic johnson. Not only did he help the lakers, but also the city. He was an activist for child abuse. He provided jobs for many paople that were unemployed through the lakers and his businesses. He was the face of the city especially in his early years. He passed out $200,000 dollars worth of gifts to needy los angeles children during christmas. He did it again this year even though he lives in miami. Shaquille oneal payed for the police cars that were burned down in the 1999-2000 championship season riots. Kobe hasnt done one thing for this city. He uses his money to buy his wife 4 million dollar rings. Shaq was an individual that this city needed to keep. IF he stayed in LA longer after he retired he would have invested his millions in the city of LA which would in the long run bring more tax revenue, provide more jobs, and bring public service. The city looeing shaq wasnt just about having a winning basketball team. Look at the long run. Look at what Majic has done for this city since he retired. More than you can imagine or though of when he was a player.

nikunj on June 1, 2005

George mikan long time laker center died wednesday morning. Shaquille oneal former laker center has offered to pay for the funeral because of the families financial situation.Not kobe bryant or jerry buss. One who is the face of the team and the other is the owner

nikunj on June 1, 2005

his demands are ridiculous. IF shaq gave you 4 more years counting this season it would have been better than having kobe the cancer for 7 years

why dont you trade kobe now? on May 25, 2005

To Jerry BussI used to play for the lakers. Look me up if you . I think trading shaquille oneal was the stupidist thing of all time. I could produce more then Brian Grant 3 points 3 rebounds. Jerry Buss you had many great accomplishments, but you will be remembered for trading shaq. Your kids dont know how to run the team. Fucken fire JEannie and Jim. One is hiring stupid coaches the other one is sleeping with them. You need one person that is another JERRY. JERRY WEST IS THE ONLY ONE THAT COULD DID YOU OUT OF THIS WHOLE OR YOUR GONNA BE LIKE THE BULLS. TAKE 6 years to reach the playoffs

JOHN CELESTAND on May 25, 2005

i wanna work as an advisor to the lakers gm

nikunj on May 24, 2005

Lets remember something. Dallas won more games with Nash on the SUns and Lakers lost more games with Oneal of the HEAT. SHAQ IS THE MVP.

nikunj on May 21, 2005

Funny how someone copied my letter word for word, and in their response, can not even spell correctly. Brilliant. Phil Jackson resigned. Shaq demanded a trade because He was becoming increasingly frustated with the fact that the world does not revolve around Him. It is just a matter of time before His contract extension issue comes up with the Heat, and He will not get what He wants, and the same nonsense that went on in Los Angeles will start in Miami. It remains to be seen if Shaq ever wins anything again. And it is no coincidence that these people who excessively criticize Dr. Buss are illiterate.

electric eye on May 20, 2005

I used to play for the lakers. I am currently a basketball coach at UCI. I want to say something to you jerry. HOw stupid are you? Why did you trade shaquille oneal. I think you should have traded kobe or let him go and use the cap space to lure lebaron in a couple years. In the mean time you should have signed a short term solid player like to a two or three year deal. A player like shareef abdul rahim that would complement shaq

TRAVIS KNIGHT on May 19, 2005

I cannot believe you people are second guessing my genius. I mean, look how well we did this year compared to that fat failure Shaq in Miami!On second thought, maybe I should just crawl back into Kobe's ass and die.

Jerry "Kobe's Bitch" Buss on May 17, 2005

ITS NOT rebuilding its stupidity. WHO TRADES SHAQUILLE ONEAL FOR BRIAN GRANT, CARON BUTLER, and LAMAR ODOM. Who doesnt give an extension to probably the best NBA coach of all time, which every other big market team wants to sign. What team signs Rudy T to a 5 year 30 million dollar deal when he was worth half that on the market?PHIL isnt going to come back because kobe drove him out. How are the two of them going to get along when Kobe drove him out and phil called kobe uncoachable in his book. The only way hes coming back to the lakers is if they offer him 12 to 15 million a year to coach which probably wont happen. Kobe is never going to win another ring. SHaq will win a few more. I think jerry does care what we think. Last year most of his revenue came from the fans. About 67 million of it. If he doesnt care and fans dont show up he is screwed. If they kept shaq and traded kobe they woulf have gotten a couple more rings and a couple more future superstars in return.

nikunj on May 17, 2005

Jerry You Franchise Is Going To Drop In Value Like The Knicks Franchise. You Should Have Kept Shaq. If You Told Shaq To Loose The Weight And You Would Give Him The Extension He Would Have Done It. You Also Let Jerry West Go. Dont Lie To Yourself.

nikunj on May 17, 2005

Despite all of the negative comments about Dr. Buss, the fact is since 1979 when he bought the team, the Lakers have won eight NBA titles, more than any other team since 1979. He grew up in poverty and now owns one of the most successful teams in all of sports. I am sure none of those critics have had one percent of the success Dr. Buss has had. He traded Shaq because he cost too much money. Shaq acted like he owned the team, he put his toe surgery off three months in 2002 which cost the Lakers a fourth consecutive title, then a year later at a preseason game in Honolulu he demanded a contract extension. Dr. Buss should have made a better trade, but if you are going to complain, seventeen of the thirty teams in the NBA have never won a title, so you should be happy with fourteenIn response to the above: KNow team destroys a contending team. THe only team to do it was the BUlls and that was because they were forced to. MJ and phil retired. PHIL and shaq didnt retire this time. ONe was fired the other was traded

nikunj on May 17, 2005

Always plays scared. He'd fold to a doorknob.

TJT on May 15, 2005

Dear Dr. Buss, if by your inaction you allow Phil Jackson to go to the Kings, the Knicks, or the Blazers then your making a mistake bigger than when let Jerry West go the Grizzlies! Please if there is any sense left in you, then do the right thing for once and bring back Phil Jackson. Give the Lakers some Coaching Stability and Leadership. Lakers Forever!

frankie on May 12, 2005

Dr Buss, i dare you to prove that, the rumors being spread by PETER VECSEY(of NYP) ON who is really In-Charge of the Lakers are UNTRUE, coz if they are then the LAKERS are REALLY in BIG TROUBLE!. . .based on what happened last year...the LAKERS could end up replacing the CLIPPERS(A TEAM WITH A KNOW IT ALL OWNER) as the worst team in the NBA FOR YEARS to come . I'm not trying to look down on your son but if he is reponsible for the moves made last year then the Lakers are doing a "Sterling"(w/c is about letting the best players/coaches for the team go to rivals and opponent teams). If the Lakers really mean anything to YOU AT ALL, would put a stop to all thEsE 'Rumors' and rehire Phil Jackson. as a loyal Laker fan i appeal to you END ALL THESE rumor mongering, talk and rehire Phil Jackson......Save the Lakers!!!!!

frankie on May 12, 2005

Eleven of the Celtics championships were won before1970. Amazing in their era. But the 80s Celticswould have no problem with the 60s Celtics, and the80s Lakers went 2-1 on the 80s Celtics.

bloodstone on May 8, 2005

Oh yeah, I declare the Celtics the basketball team with the most championships of all time.Exactly they have the most championships meaning there the best team of all history. And the Celtics are the only team that has one of their teams in the HOF that is still an active team.

Jetsfan315 on May 7, 2005

Yeah best basketball team in HISTORY, but not in RECENT HISTORY, tell me this.. when was the last time the "Greatest Team In Basketball History" won an NBA championship? 1985-86? When was the last Lakers NBA championship? 2001-02. That being said Jerry Buss isn't a bad poker player...3rd place in the 1991 World Series of Poker seven card stud event and 2nd place in the 2003 World Poker Tour invitational.

Unregistered on May 7, 2005

Despite all of the negative comments about Dr. Buss,the fact is since 1979 when he bought the team, theLakers have won eight NBA titles, more than any other team since 1979. He grew up in poverty and now owns one of the most successful teams in all of sports. I am sure none of those critics have had one percent of the success Dr. Buss has had. He traded Shaq because he cost too much money. Shaq acted like he owned the team, he put his toe surgery off three months in 2002 which cost the Lakers a fourth consecutive title, then a yearlater at a preseason game in Honolulu he demanded acontract extension. Dr. Buss should have made a better trade, but if you are going to complain, seventeen of the thirty teams in the NBA have neverwon a title, so you should be happy with fourteen.

electric eye on May 6, 2005

Well spoken Kobe.

Jerry Buss on May 6, 2005

Hope you read this Dr.Buss, I'm one of the many very loyal Laker Fan(Silent-Majority), who believes in the Lakers as an Organization. I been a quiet fan all my life but with what is happening to the team today I just can't keep quiet anymore, pls Sir the Lakers don't need any more negative publicity(the Lakers isn't like one of those hollywood stars of whom no matter what kind of publicity they get it's great). Everytime a bad publicity happens(to the Lakers) We the loyal laker fans gets hurt. Haven't "We" gone thru enough! Isn't it enough that we have put up with the team going thru this rebuilding stage, do we still have to put up with all the unnecessary negative publicity your "Chat" in the net have brought about. Sir I Love the Lakers and it hurts alot to see what the team is going thru and it hurts a lot more seeing You the Owner start to alienate almost everybody from the media, to the fans. If your not going to hire Phil Jackson(or if your want to hire him then do so ASAP), then please move on and get a Coach that the team needs ASAP. Please don't put US thru another season like the one we just had, coz your gonna starting losing many fan with what is happening. And we all know that, that isn't good for the Lakers. Stop All the bad publicity.......Lakers forever!

frankie Tang on May 5, 2005

Your sign says: Shaq didn't do much to help the lakers last time they lost in the playoffs, what the hell makes you think he would have done anything different this time!!!! get a damn clue.

bill on May 5, 2005

If...... you really think Shaq is a one man team. Sure if your down a few points throw the ball inside for him to run the *uck over somebody and get an easy basket., But he'll never really earn the points that Kobe has to work for.. By the way the Heat lose to the Suns :) Go Lakers..

jeff on May 5, 2005

Amen Brother!

kobe on May 5, 2005

Even though lakers didnt make the playoffs it was a trade that had to be done. Shaq wasnt gon lose all that weight if he would have stayed. He would have been the same fatass that he was the last couple years. Shaq only has 1 maybe 2 years left in his tank, while Kobe and company got plenty of more years to build upon. It was a BUSINESS move that had to be done.

Fer Shizzle on May 4, 2005

That "fat ass" doesnt seem to have any trouble in Miami. You build championship contenders and dynasties around that "fat ass". He led a bunch of average and also-ran Orlando Magic players to the finals in '95. Based on the Lakers performance this season its easy to see the presence of Shaq was the reason for the three titles. And if Miami goes to the finals, it will be Shaq's 6th finals appearence with 3 different teams. Do you see a pattern? Do you notice a trend. Wherever Shaq goes that team automatically becomes a contender to take it all. Face it, the truth is that Buss and Kupcheck dont have the balls to stand up to Kobe.

shaq haters on May 4, 2005

Kobe was taken advantage of? Oh, yeah, you mean when he was CHEATING ON HIS WIFE? #%$@ him, if he get busted. He was stupid enough to put himself into that situation in the first place. And great job trading Shaq, Dr. Dickhead. You and your underachieving team can all go play golf together while watching Shaq in the playoffs on TV. You traded the most dominant player of my generation to placate a spoiled , ball-hogging, moral-lacking shit-sack. Great call.

wtf on May 3, 2005

Keep in mind that Kobe has not been convicted ofanything. He was taken advantage of by an attentionseeking moron. Oh yeah, I declare the Celtics thebasketball team with the most championships of all time.

hellion on May 1, 2005

The Lakers have fourteen championships, more than all but the Celtics)Oh yeah i declare the Celtics the best basketball team of all time.

Jetsfan315 on April 23, 2005

people keep it about poker and the player the article about. people are here to read about pokerplayers not baskeetball players

Unregistered on April 22, 2005

Can you believe the nonsense? The Lakers have fourteen championships, more than all but the Celtics. The reason Shaq is no longer in L.A. is Shaq. Too much money, too much weight, not enoughin return. They should have got a better trade.Do you think Dr. Buss cares what you losers think?

Anti-Loser on April 20, 2005

the lakers cant win anytime. the lakers walk into a hotel and step into an elevator. the elevator operator looks at them and says 'basement'.

who are you kidding hawaii on April 16, 2005

Dr. Jerry Buss came from nothing and and MADE something of himself unlike some burn-outs out there. So he got rid of Shaq, but Shaq isn't crying like some people. He is loving Miami. Lakers can't win ALL the time!

Hawaii People Love Jerry Buss! on April 14, 2005

one reason i hate this guy, i am a Celtics fan so i have to hate him hes the freakin lakers owner oh yeah and kobey is good (i hate to admit) but he is no where near MJ

Jetsfan315 on April 3, 2005

Dr. Jerry Buss' nightmare hand -- Kobe dreamed that without Shaq holding him back he would prove to be Michael Jordan's equal, but as reality sets with each Laker losing streak fret he's beginning to feel like the abandoned Penny Hardaway's sequel.

Nike on March 31, 2005

Oh yeah, he did wonderful. What is the Laker's record this year? And what is Miami's again? Yes, Kobe is a great player, but he is no MJ. He didn't know how good he had it in LA with Shaq there. Good to see the Lakers get screwed by Miami AGAIN. Enjoy the golf early, Kobe.

hahaha on March 18, 2005

jerry knows what hes doing you all might not understand but he did what he had to do now give it time wait and seeeeee

2.. on March 17, 2005

Looks like Rip Torn, that half-human actor.

Unregistered on March 11, 2005

Hostile! Funny, but hostile.

shaun. on February 25, 2005

played in the LA poker classic against jerry, it's funny how so many people try to kiss ass at the table. "nice hand jerry, wait to go jerry......"

louisiana slick on February 4, 2005

It is so easy to see the negative, But he is living proof you can make anything possible. He is one of the most amazing man I have ever met. I adore him, and love being in his company family or not. he is the greatest Friend you could ever wish for

Jenny Buss on January 2, 2005

Jerry Buss folded the wrong hand. Kobe is a cancer to the team. I am a long time Laker fan. Go Miami

smitty on December 7, 2004

Kobe is the greatest!!!!!

jmt23. on December 5, 2004

how good is he at Poker?

Enkhbat on December 2, 2004

Kobe is better then shaq. Yeah right Jerry

Yashwant on November 12, 2004

lakers are 3-4 what a disaster. They are not selling out like they used to

nikunj on November 11, 2004

I think trading shaquille oneal was the biggest mistake. What the lakers should have done a sign and trade deal with the magic. The lakers should have offered kobe for dwight and TMAC. This would give lakers a young future superstar along with a superstar coming in. Mcgrady is a year younger then kobe and he has the same offensive skills. Maybe not the same defesive skills as kobe, but if you get to keep shaq and tmac or just kobe i would go with shaq and tmac. Odom is a good player but he cant really make up for such a dominant player. Big mistake to get rid of shaquille oneal.

Nikunj on November 6, 2004

I think your absolutely right. They should have never traded shaq. They could have let him opt out and try to go for another big free agent. The lakers should be lucky to make the first round

paras on November 6, 2004

Jerry you mine as well go back to sellin real estate cause you lost the farm by trading shaq..what a bad move by a once genious owner..soryy jerry showtimes over in LA ..I just haerd JACKS movin to south the way how do you think trading the BEST PLAYER IN THE HISTORY OF THE GAME is gonna work ??? ITS NOT to to all you laker fans all i can say is .. CURTAINS

Lou Duva on September 28, 2004

"What has Jerry Buss done in poker?"Uh, he did kind of place second at a WPT shame in losing to Layne Flack when he's the chip leader by a ridiculous amount...That said, he's an idiot for keeping Kobe. Mike G-Sixers, I'd hardly say the Lakers have "ruled" the West - maybe in the playoffs, but their regular season record was nothing special, and big surprise that the Lakers' record without Shaq was much worse than their record without Kobe.

agent h on August 4, 2004

ok i will get out and get a tan sexy :)

tryla on July 25, 2004

It almost seems unfair or shaq to be playing in the eastern confrence, the competition is just far too weak. He is going to dominate, but I don't think Jerry Buss made such a bad deal, Kobe and Lamar Odom will still rule the West. The Lakers will make the second round where they will be knocked out by the Nuggets (if they get Boozer), then they'll lose to the Pacers in the finals.

Mike G-Sixers Suck on July 19, 2004

Lakers are going to be like Orlando Magic. Kobe is going to get his 40 points per game but Lakers will not even make the first round of the playoffs. Shaq will make it to the Eastern Conf Final but Detroit will beat Miami. If Detroit beat Shaq and Kobe they probably beat Shaq alone again.

Van Diesel on July 17, 2004

Dumbest thing in the world happened yesterday. This dead man walking just traded the most dominate Player in the league. I hope Miami wins the title this year! And Shaq-FU gets the MPV award. By the way YOU SUCK AT POKER BITCH

Lakers........NO MORE on July 14, 2004

Man the Matrix ain't goin' to LA... He's got Nash hookin' him up proper now.

Unregistered on July 5, 2004

Trade Shaq And Get Amare And Marion

elliot on June 27, 2004

lol...guess Tryla doesn no that Dr. Buss owns the Lakers...stop playing that new PLAYBOY video game moron and get some sun. WHat else are we going to say about Dr. Buss? Hes not a good poker player. Oh and by the way Tryla...we talking about basketball on a poker site!

Unregistered on June 22, 2004

What has Jerry Buss done in poker? Since Jerry West left the Laker organization, they have done nothing but lose in the playoffs. Maybe West needs to teach Buss how to play poker. It would be an improvement. Oh, bye Tryla.

Jay T. on June 22, 2004

ive got a great idea...lets talk about basketball on a poker site!

tryla on June 21, 2004

If you let SHAQ go Buss that will be the biggest mistake...go after T MAC and get rid of that moron named KOBE I can't make a shot Bryant

Unregistered on June 20, 2004

They think Kobe will be the next MJ - that's why they are taking a chance. Shaq Deisel lose some goddamn weight this off-season. Starting to look like Vin Baker.

Unregistered on June 20, 2004

Kobe is NOT the next MJ. MJ would not have stood around and let the pistons tear the shit out of his team. Mj was concerned about winning and what he could do to help his team (rebounding shooting D or all 3) while kobe just wants his "touches".

jeff on June 20, 2004

Hence the word "think"

Unregistered on June 20, 2004

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