Vince Van Patten

Vince Van Patten is an actor and poker commentator and is best known for being the commentator for the World Poker Tour, along with Mike Sexton.

The son of actor Dick Van Patten, Vince Van Patten has been successful in many different areas - as an actor, director, producer, and a world-ranked tennis pro.

Van Patten's interest in poker began when he was young, when his father taught him how to play. He played in games as he grew up and still trying to find games to play in even when he was a serious tennis player. After retiring from tennis he got more serious about poker and entered tournaments, including the WSOP. He also started his own home game in Hollywood that his sister-in-law, Shana Hiatt, would attend. He is nicknamed “King of the Hollywood Home Games”.

When Hiatt landed her job as hostess on the World Poker Tour, which was created in 2001, she mentioned Van Patten's home games and the WPT ended up hiring Van Patten as well. The job was ideal for Van Patten since it combined his love for poker with his entertainment experience.

The first season of the WPT began filming in 2001 and the show was a hit when it began airing in 2002. Its popularity soared the next year when Chris Moneymaker won the World Series.

Along with actor James Woods, Van Patten has endorses the poker website Hollywood Poker which operates on the Ongame Network. He has also written a book on the subject with Robert J Randisi, a novel billed as a "Texas Hold'em Mystery" entitled The Picasso Flop.

He continues to play poker every week with his buddies in a game in Beverly Hills as well as occasionally in the WSOP and WPT events.


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A typical VVP quote "Oh look at this, what an incredible move! He's done it! He moves all in, over the top with pocket kings"

Yeah dude, what a great play. I mean not many people move all in with pocket kings or aces preflop LOL!

You're not the best announcer but I'd kill for your hair!

bad_dog76 on November 30, 2007

I love it when he says remove all sharp objects from the players after they take a bad beat. This guy always makes me laugh.

Bender on July 29, 2006

Mike Sexton can't carry this show, You gotta have Vince, and he can play. I think this forum sounds like a lot of 12-13 year olds. Hope I end up at a table with some of you, I like easy money.

Unregistered on October 28, 2005

yah ok u suck buddy and u look like an idiot, learn how to play poker and aybe u could talk about it better because u really suck

HEEEEEEE SUCKSSSS on August 14, 2005

You need a girlfriend, dude. A real one. You do know that females exist, right?

Hey David on August 13, 2005

I am a PHIL HELLMUTH fan living in Nacogdoches, Texas (where the shuttle came down). I am also involved in a research project involving the hexadecimal (base 16) numbering system and evaluating names based on the A=10 (10=1+0=1), B=11 (11=1+1=2) ... E=14 (14=1+4=5) ...

LUCKY NO. 99, you can kiss your "Wayne Gretzky" mystique goodbye. Wayne Gretzky was #99 and was the best; and you, LUCKY NO. 99, were hexadecimal #99 and were the best. Right now, August 6, 2005, I am watching the Travel Channel "World Poker Tour". What's up with the "Phil Hellmuth, Jr."?

Allow me to use the hexadecimal KISS principle, which reduces the hexadecimal (base 16) numbering system to unit numbers: A=10 (10=1+0=1) ... E=14 (14=1+4=5) ...

Wayne = [5+1(A=10=1+0=1) +7+5+5(E=14=1+4=5)] = 23 = 2+3 = 5
Gretzky = [7+9+5(E=14=1+4=5) +2+8+2+7] = 40 = 4+0 = 4
TOTAL = 63 = 6+3 = 9.
His Jersey was #99.

Phil = [7+8+9+3] = 27 = 2+7 = 9
Hellmuth = [8+5(E=14=1+4=5) +3+3+4+3+2+8] = 36 = 3+6 = 9
TOTAL = 63 = 6+3 = 9.

"The Man In Black"
Johnny = 1+6+8+5+5+7 = 32 = 3+2 = 5
Cash = 3(C=hexadecimal 12=1+2=3) +1(A=10=1+0=1) +1+8 = 13 = 1+3 = 4
TOTAL = 45 = 4+5 = 9.

Tiger = 2+9+7+5+9 = 32 = 3+2 = 5
Woods = 5+6+6+4+1 = 22 = 2+2 = 4
TOTAL = 54 = 5+4 = 9.

Phil = [7+8+9+3] = 27 = 2+7 = 9
Hellmuth = [8+5(E=14=1+4=5)+3+3+4+3+2+8] = 36 = 3+6 = 9
Jr = [1+9] = 10 = 1+0 + 1.
JR = 1
TOTAL = 19

CHAOS = 3(C=hexadecimal 12=1+2=3) +8+1(A=10=1+0=1) +6+1 = 19

FAIL = 6+1+9+3 = 19

AMBUSH = 1(A=10=1+0=1) + 4+2(B=11=1+1=2) +3+1+8 = 19

SLAIN = 1+3+1+9+5 = 19

BURN = 2+3+9+5 = 19

BREAK = 2+9+5+1+2 = 19

TURN = 2+3+9+5 = 19

TWIST = 2+5+9+1+2 = 19

HELL = 8+5+3+3 = 19 (Thank God for the "Muth"!!)

GET RID OF THE "JR" and return to

[Greg]+[Raymer] wants to kick your ... posterior.
[Greg]+[Raymer] = [7+9+5+7]+[9+1+7+4+5+9] = 63 = 6+3 = 9.

[Gus]+[Hansen] wants to kick your ... posterior.
[Gus]+[Hansen] = [7+3+1]+[8+1+5+1+5+5] = 36 = 3+6 = 9.

[Chris]+[Ferguson] wants to kick your ... posterior.
[Chris]+[Ferguson] = [3+8+9+9+1]+[6+5+9+7+3+1+6+5] = 72 = 7+2 = 9.

[Barry]+[Greenstein] wants to kick your ... posterior.
[Barry]+[Greenstein] = [2+1+9+9+7]+[7+9+5+5+5+1+2+5+9+5] = 81 = 8+1 = 9.

[Mike]+[Sexton] wants to kick your ... posterior.
[Mike]+[Sexton] = [4+9+2+5]+[1+5+6+2+6+5] = 45 = 4+5 =9.

Hello! Anybody getting a clue?

Solamen David

Solamen David on August 5, 2005

Jennie, Ill talk to you all night about my goofy nicknames for hole cards, but I dont want any type of physical relationship with you because it takes me 4 hours to properly fix my hair and I wouldnt want to jeopardize having one strand of hair out of place; but Im sure youre a very lovely girl. Love Always, The handsome and debonair Vince Van Patten.

Vince Van Patten on August 3, 2005

he is so hot!!!!!!!!omg I want him. Hes so cute :) XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX <3

Jennie Robinson on July 31, 2005

I played in a Pokerstars $1 s/g tourney the other day and seated next to me was someone named VVPatten. Someone asked him if he was Vince Van Patten but he did not talk. Could this have been Vince?

Malcolm on July 20, 2005

haha malcolm the guys such an amateur hes playing $1 sng's LOL i'm guessing he went out in 8th or 9th position?

Inspector Jones on July 20, 2005

hes putting on his glove,now hes puttig on his other glove

Unregistered on July 19, 2005

This guy loves his suited connectors. Even thought players fold em 95% of the time.

Unregistered on July 17, 2005

hey VVP for pres. the only reason more ppl watch WPT then WSOP is cause of Shana Haitt. and WSOP is better(well besides the Shana Haitt part) cause it is a bigger field and has BETTER ANOUNCERS. Van Patten is a horrible anouncer. all he knows about poker is the hand nicknames.

JetsFan315 on July 7, 2005

Naw the perfect job for Van Patten is hosting one of those 30 minute infomercials at 3am. The product doesnt matter.

vanpattenisawful on July 4, 2005

He should be doing voice overs for Chevy or something.

James on July 3, 2005

If they replaced him with Norman Chad the WPT would be alot more watchable. This guy is not entertaining at all.

greatwhite on July 2, 2005

I agree lynds, he adds some colour to the commentary. I like his quirky observations here and there. Like one time a guy was wearing a dark jacket, hat and sunglasses and Vince was like "this guy looks like he's in the witness protection program!" and also this old trucker-looking amateur guy he kept saying "this guy looks like the sucker that everyone gets paid off of, but hes actually doing well". It's also funny when hes like saying "hes got the six eight off suite, mike. whats he gonna do?" Very descriptive hehe.

Observer on June 2, 2005

You're all crazy. Vince Van Patten is amazing. He does INDEED make the WPT what it is, and he is a great poker player. He knows his stuff. And yes, he *is* a babe. He's great. <3 I enjoy him very much.

lynds on May 31, 2005

I loved it when Gus Hansen had 4-2 and he was considering raising it pre-flop, and mike is saying its a bad play etc. Vince replies "it's a big hand for Gus!" lol

Observer on May 28, 2005

My Dad was in SPACEBALLS!

Vince Van Patton on May 12, 2005

note to mike sexton: ditch the baggage!!!!

Unregistered on April 30, 2005

Howdy Vince, your looking as handsome as ever ;) Hope your thinking about letting me do that bio!! See you soon. Your other honey! ahaha

Honey_comb1 on April 27, 2005

Recipe for offensive & annoying commentary:14 uses of racial slurs8 cliche hand labels ("He's picked up the speed limit again!")

the truth II on April 17, 2005

what's with the lovefest with this goofball?????

??? on March 29, 2005

I loved him the first time I saw him on t.v. and again when I saw him in person at Mammoth when I was only about 15 years old he stopped me dead in my tracks in a cafeteria line. He said Hello to me, I melted, and I didn't find out it was him for a few hours later a friend said she saw him and then I knew my feelings for him were really real. I think I heard he is married, to bad, so am I, for now...

shelley on March 28, 2005

I just got done cruising on the WPT. My husband played but didn't make the final table. We did meet Vince and he is so nice! Him and Mike work very hard, long hours. I find the show very entertaining but seeing it live, I now know how difficult it really is for Vince and Mike to make comments when they don't know what the hand is! If they make up silly names for card suits it's to pass the time away and make the job more interesting. So what if he never made #1 tennis pro...he did beat out John McEnroe twice! So get a life and leave him alone! He's a good guy! (Vince, you spoke to my husband and I during the taping, we were to the left of the told us you were a morning person). Keep doing the great job you're doing...these people are jealous of you...and girls...HE IS SOOO Handsome!!! Keep up the good work Vince...and have another Corona! (P.S. Linda's joke about the "small package" was hilarious!)

Kathleen/ Babykatg on March 27, 2005

i have an idea also. the 7,2 off-suit should be called the vince van patten.

the truth on March 26, 2005

I'm so in love with the VVP! I wish he had a fan website! Let me know if one gets set up! If anyone else out there thinks he's hot- watch Hell Night.

crispin_13 on March 23, 2005

I enjoy listening to Vince commentate at the WPT. He is a pretty good player and plays online at Hollywood Poker. If you guys want to play against go to [url][/url], and see how he really is in person. He is very chatty in the game and he is quite funny!

Poker Jill on March 22, 2005

honestly i enjoy listing to vvp. but i agree with iveyfan05 the whole "speed limit" thing has really got to go. seriously just call them pocket 5s. oh and vince, i would like to see you play in one of the wpt events. mike played in the book writer one. why dont you just enter one. i'm sure if you just asked they would let you in for like one dollar. but seriously i wanna see how you play.

Mighty Wingman on March 19, 2005

i like vince. i think norm chad is very funny, but vince is also funny sometimes.i think you guys who are attacking him are probably UGLY and are just jealous.

Vince is cool on March 18, 2005

You guys need to relax. Yes I play a few tourneys from time to time. Moslty online lately, Paradise Poker under the name Blackjack777 if you want to look me up and say hi. Just promise to be nice.If you have any suggestions for new slang terms to call the cards, post them. I check the site every few days when not on the road. Have a good one, thanks for showing support.

VINCE VAN PATTEN on March 17, 2005

compared to bush-lite. vvp is a harvard graduate. and he's basically entertaining. he really likes the game-you can tell. shuffle and deal........

mit on March 11, 2005

Looks like Kato Kaelin

Unregistered on March 11, 2005

the worst is when a player has pocket 5's....."he has the spped limit, with no sign of slowing down" uggggggghhh..mute button

iveyfan05 on February 23, 2005

If Vince knows a cutesy nickname for your cards it's time to fold.

Vegas Mike on February 10, 2005

He has never claimed to be a great poker player he is very modest and seems like a great guy I love what he does for the WPT.

Unregistered on February 7, 2005

Love him! I used to carry around a picture of him in my wallet when I was in grade school.It's great to see him again!

Connie on January 30, 2005

Anyone who does not like Vince must be out of their mind or related to Norman Chad. Vince is one one of the main reason ppl prefer to watch Travel Channel's WPT over ESPNs coverage of the WSOP. Lon McCarron is a worthless zombie who is programmed by the same person who made Stuart Scotts glass eye. Vince's kid game "a little acey deucy" and his off the wall random relations of hands to britney spears make WPT the best poker show out there.

VVP For President on November 28, 2004

My L.A. friends tell me he's a better commentator than poker player. That should tell you something about this guy. But you know what, give him credit. He has some coin of his own. His old man has all of his 8 is Enough money willed to him. Shauna is his sister-in-law and the only work he has to do is go to poker tournaments. Not a bad gig.

slvsc2 on November 16, 2004

He seems to enjoy Mike Sexton's company and the game in general, but listening to his commentary makes me believe he has little clue what he is talking about.

wizardofoz on October 23, 2004

vvpfan and pumpkin: I've never heard of Apples Way or Three for the Road. What kind of shows were they?

Marina/ maelohna on October 19, 2004

Yes Vince is the son of Dick Van Patten. Apples Way was a fab show....along with Three for the Road. Vince definiteyl still has it. I heard he married Eileen Davidson from the Young and teh Restless but not sure.

vvpfan on October 5, 2004

I had the biggest crush on Vince when he played in Apples Way. How many of you remember that show! he still has it!!!!!

pumpkin on September 30, 2004

My wife and I have the same opinion of Vince:"Sleazy Tennis Pro"

adanthang on September 27, 2004

why are all of you making such a BIG deal over this guy? hes a color commentator. thats it. who cares. just watch the damn game and be entertained instead of always having to find something wrong with someone. hes fine at what he does. sometimes funny, and sometimes lame. i happen to think hes pretty good, and theres no reason to get red in the face about anything he says, geez, you sound like your in a political debate

choppincfan on September 19, 2004

Hey all...I don't know anything about this guy except that my roommate told me he's the son of Dick Van Patten. Anyone know if that's true? I was just curious.

Marina/ maelohna on September 17, 2004

Vince Van Patten is great. Mo Town, Snow men, Sigfried and Roy, Acey Deucy, etc. Good god. This man is fantastic and so fun to listen to. He and Sexton make an excellent team. Now go lose your life savings at pokerstars, you naysaying jackasses.

bravado15 on September 11, 2004

Ok, the comments are outrageous, but the objective is to make the play exciting and bridge to the average (fishy) home player. Sexton is the expert. Vince is the Public Relations alter-ego. Think of it this way: Sexton is on the poker side, "pass me a coffee type" and Vince is on the marketing side, "two drink minimum and wear a toga type". Yeah, good players cringe at the comments, but the result is a tide of new players and I can live with both. Hire a writer and don't forget to use the classic "The last time I saw this many 'Bad Hands' was the the Shoplifting Convention in Vegas!" In short, more poker and better material! Aside from that, good job so far.

flintsword on August 28, 2004

Stop making fun of me.

Vince Van Patten on August 18, 2004

ahhhh vince van patten is an angel sent from the heavens above

jesus on August 18, 2004

No lie...this guy is a joke.

Matt adrenolswimmer59 on August 6, 2004

Vince makes the show what it is - AMAZING! Along with Mike Sexton they make an awesome couple of comentators

Bag on July 26, 2004

Vince is a great commentator in my opinion. All of those bad mouthers out there get a life!

Flamin_Jesus on July 18, 2004

Vince is a bozo and just needs to get Off the Air.

Shit Dick Vince on July 8, 2004

Believe it or not, but VVP actually finished like 13th or 14th in a recent major tournamnet. Mike Sexton played in the same tourney and finished behind VVP by a couple players.

herman007 on July 7, 2004

I take it he is not the best poker player in the world. However, I understand why he was hired. He has a polished look and sound and his commentary is indeed quite entertaining. I could care less if he can play or not. That is not why he was hired folks. Remember, he is an actor that plays poker. Not the other way around.

Hmmmmm on June 29, 2004

He is super super sexy. Ahhhhhhh. He makes me feel like a teenager again. Anyone know if he is married? I would love to have his e-mail address.

Poker Kitten on June 28, 2004

Wow! I want him.

Xana on June 28, 2004

I love the way this jerk off makes up his own language about the cards. Pocket 8' being called octopus not "Snowmen."

He zucks on June 27, 2004

Can someone get this to Vince?The Game is - No Limit, Texas Hold'emBy Al SpathHearts begin to pound, sweat begins to bead on several foreheads as the TV lights glare into the faces of the poker worlds newest and most cunning final table competitors. The non-stop, ever changing, pressure packed action continues to unfold slicker than an episode of CSI. The tells are cleverly disguised from our weekly living room investigative team, and then it happens: Vince Van Patton shamelessly announces - Daniel Negreanu has picked up a monster hand (pocket fours). What the hell could he be thinking/smoking/or drinking? Monster Hand? Get a grip Vince; have you been playing in to many Hollywood home-games or what?

alspath on June 24, 2004

my 2 year old nephew can play better than this guy, talks a lot of shit.

flush80 on June 17, 2004

Some of the best one liners ever. Love his comments on Kirill. 2 queens "west hollywood" great stuff. He does talk like he wears his boxers backwards though.

NotNowTodd on June 7, 2004

I agree w/ NotNowTodd, Van Patten is hilarious, I love his one-liners, he's a great entertainer, show some love

Hansel on June 7, 2004

he's a joke - cant play worth shit but talks like he can - the WPT's weakest link!

Unregistered on June 6, 2004

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