Chip Reese

David Reese (March 28, 1951 December 4, 2007), more commonly known as Chip Reese, was a professional poker player and gambler from Ohio. He is considered to have been one of the greatest cash game poker players in history.

Reese grew up in a small town and upper-middle class family in Ohio. When he was young he was confined to his home for nearly a year with rheumatic fever, during which time his mother taught him how to play cards. He attended Dartmouth College and majored in economics after turning down an offer from Harvard University. He played many card games, including bridge and poker, against students and some of his professors and his fraternity later named their card room, the "David E. Reese Memorial Card Room" and put up a plaque in his honor.

He was admitted to Stanford Law School and intended on becoming a lawyer. On his way up to see a friend in California, he stopped off in Vegas for a weekend in 1974. After turning $400 into tens of thousands of dollars playing poker, he gave up his plans for Stanford and stayed in Vegas to play poker professionally. Several days later he called his day job in Arizona to quit and hired someone to fly to Arizona to clean out his apartment and drive his car to Las Vegas. Reese is rumored to have won a couple of million dollars in his first few years in town. He later became the card room manager at the Dunes casino.

He won his first WSOP bracelet in 1978 in the $1,000 seven-card stud split event, won his second bracelet in the 1982 $5,000 limit 7 card stud event, and his third bracelet and $1.7 million in the 2006 $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. event, beating Andy Bloch in a 7-hour heads-up battle in the highest-buy-in WSOP poker tournament ever. As a tribute to Reese, the "David 'Chip' Reese Memorial Trophy" was inaugurated in 2008 as an additional prize for the winner of the $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. event at the WSOP. Starting in 2010, the trophy will be awarded to the winner of "The Poker Player's Championship", the replacement of the $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. event. It will have the same $50,000 buy-in, but will add no-limit hold 'em, pot-limit Omaha, and limit 27 triple draw to the five H.O.R.S.E. games.

Reese also played on the WPT, making a final table during season 2 at the World Poker Open, finishing in fourth place for $207,304. All of these tournament accomplishments are in addition to the fact that he was one of the most successful cash game players in history, frequently playing in The Big Game.

Reese collaborated on the seven-card stud section for Doyle Brunson's classic book Super/System.

Reese died on December 4, 2007, at his Las Vegas home. His house in Las Vegas was put up for sale in 2008 at a price of $5.7 million. Upon learning of Reese's death, Doyle Brunson stated, "He's certainly the best poker player that ever lived." After Reese's death, Fulltilt held a moment of silence where they put the games on hold for a minute in order to pay respect to the poker great. Reese's son Casey died in April, 2009 of a drug overdose, about 16 months after Chip's death.

Reese has 3 WSOP bracelets, 21 WSOP cashes, and total live tournament winnings exceeding $3,500,000. In 1991, he became the youngest living player to be inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame.

WSOP Bracelets

Year Event Prize
1978 $1,000 Limit 7 Card Stud Hi/L $19,200
1982 $5,000 Limit 7 Card Stud $92,500
2006 $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. $1,716,000


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RIP Chip

bad_dog76 on April 21, 2008

Greetings Chip, I am a huge fan of yours. How to get a signed autograph from you? My friend suggested to send you a hundred dollar bill to show the sincerity. (Of course, kidding! ) But really how?

pk_chic on November 9, 2006

Sup chip I have heard a lot about u from Laurie. I have been playing poker for a little bit and watch u when Laurie tells me ur on. Look forward 2 meeting u if u ever get to come to Ohio. Ali turned 17 2day make sure 2 give her a ring!

Bandit on October 24, 2006

The second best in the game. He needs to win some tournaments to be better than phil ivey because phil does it the cash games and tournaments.

jarrel on July 25, 2006

This dude needs to win a few more cash games, so he can buy a rug for that head of his

blinded by the light on August 27, 2005

People who play big money ring games have an entirely different 'list' of "who's best" than those who derive all of their poker knowledge based on what they see on TV matches.That said, Chip Reese is one of the most feared big dollar NLHE players on earth. A number of the 'big name pros' that most of the people on this site harp on as being so great have gotten up and walked away from tables as soon as he sat down.An absolute technician of the highest caliber.

gulfport on August 19, 2005

Mr Reese you got clout could you and the other big game players get a petition started to change the format of the main event to a mixed games format that way it shuts people up who say its 100 percent luck and that there will be a repeat champion every year again it will also reduce the field next year or whenever you do it becuase most of the donkeys just play hold em like its the only game on the planet

Unregistered on August 4, 2005

also Mr Reese if you change it good poker players like yourself ,forrest,and chan ,and brunson,and maybe seed will consistenetly make it to the final table at the main event

Unregistered on August 4, 2005

hes not the best but he is good. the best alive i think is Doyle Brunson.

JetsFan315 on July 28, 2005

chip is the best player on earth right now because of his steam control. i just lost a fucking tournament last night on a bad beat and i tilted all my money away. you watch chip and he's nothing but cool. way to go chip keep on raking in other ppl's chips while increasing your own stack of chips, chip

chip on July 27, 2005

Note To Sammy The Brick: You Say Gus Hansen Aint A Good Player, Howard Lederer Regards Him As One Of The Best Poker Players In The World. U Dont Understand His Style Of Play Indicated By Your Criticism Of Him. I Bet If U Sat Down At The Table With Hansen He Would Clean You Out And U Know It. Everyone Knows Hansen Is 1 Of The Best And He Has The Credentials To Prove It. Now That I've Said That, Yes Indeed Chip Reese Is The Man!!!! I Read A Blog On Jennifer Harmans Website Where She Discussed A Hand And Asked The Opinion Of How To Play It To Phil Ivey Daniel Negreaneu And Chip Reese. The Advice Reese Gave Her Was The One That Made The Most Sense And She Even Admits It( Of Course Ivey And Negreaneu Offered Good Advice) But They Aint Better Than Chip(well Maybe At Tourneys But Not Cash Games Where He Makes His Money).

BEAST on July 25, 2005

this man isnt any good anymore he is just mentioned because of doyle brunson

Unregistered on July 24, 2005

Hey reading the Ungar book. After that last time you bailed Stuey out of jail, did you get any of that bail money back after he died? Just curious. And that was a nice thing you did!

To Chip on July 20, 2005

All you people who keep saying that you are chip reese need to muck that routine because we all know that there is now way in hell that he would come on this post and say some shit like "I could not have been so successful without you." What is he, a fucking actor? Did we go see his movies? In actuality, Chip would not have been so successful if he didn't hit every flop in his tourniment in Vegas which allowed him to career it. Truth be told - I am a young no limit player from NC and everytime I drive up to Atlantic City for the weekend to play 1/2 at the Borgata, I never want to come home. I played a big tournament that if I had won i would have stayed. But I didn't win. I got bad beat consistantly. That is why I am sitting in my study right now on this webpost instead of playing 5/10 in AC. Chip is one of the best ever, but what we all have to understand is that any one of us can be the best ever, and my point is Chip would not be the best ever if he never got lucky and won that first tourni. he would have gone back to Ohio and thought to himself "yeah, poker is a silly way to make a living anyway."

Ali G on July 19, 2005

I had the pleasure to play cards with Chip for dimes and quarters in the early 70s. It's great to see that even though he has lost a few lbs. he hasn't lost the ability to smile when someone draws out on him. Good luck Dippy!

Brook on July 12, 2005

Hi, this is Chip Reese. Thanks for the kind comments and support. I could not have been so successful without you.

Chip Reese on July 7, 2005

Chip reminds me of the Cincinnati Kid. I bet he looked like Steve McQueen when he was younger.

Unregistered on June 29, 2005

chip reese is the best cash game player ever and only loses in big tounreys like the TOC and poker superstars when gus hansen suck out on him chip is incredible

chipsdaMAN on April 9, 2005

chip knows how to play!

richardeum on March 31, 2005

all of u who says crap bou chip thats becus u will never be thAT TALENTED

rice on March 29, 2005

You can't post on Doyle's page, this page is spars, and there isn't even a page for players like Bobby Baldwin and Joey Hawthorne, we see the Hansen page flooded with posts, and the Moneymaker page filled with eople saying how he's the best player ever because he won one tourney and started playing online 3 years ago, what a joke this has all become.

Sammy the Brick on March 23, 2005

powerful words sammy....and correct words too. I dont think that guy was serious about taking Chip for 350K though.... i think its that same person who is posting with my name

iveyfan05 on March 16, 2005

Saw you on FSN last Sunday. I don't remember the baseball card story, but I do remember plying penny-ante sitting on the concrete floor of our front porches.

Sherman on March 16, 2005

350 K? yeah OKKKKKK, and if you did that doesn't mean you're better, or that he's overrated, it means the cards didn't fall, he's a hall of famer, and considered the ebst overall player in the world, said by Brunson that if he could pick a guy to play for his families life it would be Chip, if you really want to see if he's overrated, sit at a stud game with him for a few hours, not a NLH game where one bad beat can mean your stack, I mean a limit stud game (which he wrote the book on literally) and tell me your asshole doesn't hurt from being done up the ass.

Sammy the Brick on March 15, 2005

i took CHIP for 350k last month in the big game..OVERRATED!!

meta kid on March 12, 2005

I played with Chip's son in a low stakes, no-limit game on the Strip. The kid might be as good as his dad some day. He still has a lot to learn, but he shows incredible patience for a young buck.

Jerry on March 4, 2005

excellent player

Unregistered on February 27, 2005

Chip-You should come up to Dartmouth and give a talk on poker at your dear old alma mater. The granite of New Hampshire calls you!

PK. on February 21, 2005

It goes without saying that Dartmouth is very proud to have you amongst its graduates.

KSTBizness on February 5, 2005

Thank you all for your kind thoughts.

Chip Reese on January 30, 2005

Back over 40 years ago when I coached my son in little league baseball in Dayton, Ohio (actually Centerville which is a a suburb of Dayton), I had Chip on my team. He was also called "Chip" at that age so I know he didn't get that nickname from his poker playing. . He was sort of portly then and always swung for the fence He was a good kid to know. He also played little league football as a Centerville Wee Elks (named after the high school team.)Tom FieldBoca Raton, FL

tomsrf on January 15, 2005

I completetly agree with the above.A legend.

uk defender on January 11, 2005

Chip is the best overall cash-game poker player in the absolute dyed-in-the-wool super-expert in every form of poker there is. I have not seen him play in many tournaments so I don't know where to rate him among the tournament players...probably as one of the better players, but not one of the best - although if he was to start concentrating on tournaments he would be among the best, if not the absolute best, in almost no time flat. But if I had to play a cash game with my life on the line, he is the person I least want staring at me across the felt in the history of poker, and that includes Doyle and Johnny Moss. The only game he is probably the undisputed #1 at is &-Card Stud, but he is probably among the top 10 in the world in cash games in -every- format, and that's unfathomable. An absolute legend.

cognito20 on January 5, 2005

should be 7-Card Stud above, sorry

cognito20 on January 5, 2005

They guy that made a crack on Doyle Brunson should be banned. The man is a ridiculous legend in the poker world!

Brad/Brad C/ Brad on January 1, 2005

yes, he plays very well, and only loses on bad beats. I can relate. I lose big pots in a row when my odds are usually between 19 to 1 and 4 to 1.

Chad on December 21, 2004

If Lederer isn't the unluckiest player, Chip Reese has that title. He is an all time great who has won only half of the titles he should. Over a career luck plays a big role and for Chip, especially lately, his luck has been almost unthinkable. I cannot fathom how many times he has had the best hand by a mile in an all-in situation and been beaten by crap hands that draw out.

mje on December 11, 2004

This guy is awesome just read his stud section in Supersystem

Tourney champ on December 8, 2004

Chip went to Vegas after graduation with Danny Robinson, both excellent 7 card stud and gin players. I played many times with both of them here in Dayton with Gerry Crouch and Gracie. They won big and they won quick.

virgil on November 27, 2004

Probably The Best All Round Poker Player In The World,i Should Know Hes Taken All Of My Money.

pebble dash on November 24, 2004

Did you see the last tourney of champions he was in. Horrible beat. He goes all in against Howard Lederer with 3 10s while Howard only has 2 10s with an A kicker. Howard then caught running hearts for the flush. One of the most horrible beats I've ever seen.

Chad on November 8, 2004

When I read Super System this guy just jumped at me and I've been a fan ever since. The mand is awesome, and like Hellmuth, Lederer, and many other top players he's one of the more unlucky players, while luck based guys like Hansen take the glory he lies in wait. To be that successful and that unlucky at the same time goes to show how great these players are. I'm an unlucky player who has done the well despite the unlucky draw outs I've been part of. Also though I know he's not reading this, I'd like to thank the man for making me a bad ass at the stud tables.On a final note it's sad to see people flood the Hansen, Antonio Asfandiari, and the other boards for guys who can't hold a candle to this guy and guys like Brunson and Reese, sad where poker has gone, just a bunch of young dicks talking about the lucky hot shot that plays like shit, but they love it. I'm only 23 and I know who's the man in poker and CHip is.

Sammy the Brick on November 5, 2004

the best kept secret player around.

raul on October 30, 2004

Great player! Lesser known but just as good as other popular players

Hippichick on October 24, 2004

Smart, good personal control, gentleman, heartand Class. Brunson doesn't hang out with loosers.If he had as much luck as some of these kids...WOW.But coulda woulda aside, for most out there, he could make an extra ten mil a year if he could just play what you muck.

Mike the Cop on October 21, 2004

than man is brillant, the best stud player ever

lil Doyle on October 20, 2004

this guy is awesome

steve L. on September 25, 2004

Howard Lederer says he is the best overall poker player ever. End of discussion.

5aces on August 30, 2004

what a beat lastnight when gus callan all in raise from chip ak and gus had aj the flop was xax turn x and the river Bam j WHAT LUCK he didthe same to howard ledererhoward had pair of aqce went all in gus called with pokect 7 and with a 4% chance he pulled that 7 on the river that prick.

gotubeat on August 15, 2004

Chip is the greatest cash game player in the world. His ability is legendary and the fact he was the youngest player ever in the poker hall of fame even though he doesnt have the tourney wins like a Johnny Chan, Stu Ungar, or Phil Hellmuth. We should all wish for 10 percent of his talent. Then we could all be millionaires.

macdude420 on July 30, 2004

Chip Reese is a world class poker player as well as an incredibly nice human being. Definetly one of the top greats of all time.

D.. on July 25, 2004


YES! on July 14, 2004

looks like the best cash money player in the world. this guy came to vegas with 400 dollors. ask him whats in his account today.

Unregistered on June 26, 2004

about time this guy is up here! but who are all these other new people?

andrew on June 18, 2004

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