Barry Greenstein

Barry Greenstein is a professional poker player who has won many major events, including the World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour, and is known for donating his profits from tournament winnings to charities.

Born in 1954 in Chicago, Illinois, Greenstein earned a bachelor degree in computer science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and then studied for a PhD in mathematics. Even though he was doing well with poker, he took a job with Symantec (the anti-virus software company). He retired from the company in 1991 at age 36 and eventually made his way out west.

Greenstein is one of the world's top players in both tournaments and cash games.

Greenstein has won 2 WPT titles - the World Poker Open during season 1 for $1,278,370, and the 2006 WPT Invitational at the Commerce Casino $125,000.

He has won 3 WSOP bracelets. His biggest WSOP cash was a 6th place finish was in 2008 in the $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. event for $355,200. At the 2008 WSOP, Greenstein cashed in six events for a total of $768,461 and finished second in the 2008 WSOP Player of the Year standings, behind Erick Lindgren.

Greenstein plays in some of the biggest cash games in the world, including the Big Game at Bellagio with other high-stakes players like Doyle Brunson, Jennifer Harman, Eli Elezra, and Daniel Negreanu.

Greenstein has appeared in the first three series of Poker Superstars Invitational Tournament, the first three seasons of the late night series Poker After Dark, and all five seasons of the High Stakes Poker.

In 2005, Greenstein wrote a poker book titled "Ace on the River".

He taught former girlfriend Mimi Tran how to play poker in exchange for her teaching him how to speak Vietnamese. His stepson, Joe Sebok, is also a professional poker player.

Greenstein earned the nickname "the Robin Hood of poker" because he donates a portion of his net tournament winnings to charity, most of which goes to Children Incorporated, an organization that sponsors some children in 21 countries.

As of 2009, he has 3 WSOP bracelets, 44 WSOP cashes and live tournament winnings exceeding $6,900,000. He plays online at PokerStars, under the alias "barryg1", and is a member of Team PokerStars.

WSOP Bracelets

Year Event Prize
2004 $5,000 No Limit Deuce to Seven Draw $296,200
2005 $1,500 Pot Limit Omaha $128,505
2008 $1,500 Razz $157,619


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hello barry . how are you

baddbeto1221 on May 19, 2011

keep it up brother. ive played in vegas and la and san diego with barry, picked up a tell on him. but hes cool. hang on

DonkeySlayer on October 2, 2008

He only donates his tournament winnings to charity, not cash game winnings.

mrkromer on August 1, 2008

I'd like everyone to know,the good that can come out of poker and a hero of the poker community, i have been living a hell nightmare for 24 weeks,i am 31 years old, i was given 3-12 months to live a few months ago,i have widespread cancer that got into my brain.
through this time it has been my undoing,a worst nightmare,you always think if i ever get sick or hurt,id have people by my side to help me,well in my case it wasnt true, my father disowned me,my girlfriend left me, the only person who has stood by my side is my mother,and barry greenstein.
poker has always been a dream of mine to play professionally,and to play with some of my heros of the game.and barry has made this all come true for me,while i watched my outside world come caving down on me,and everyone leaving me,barry has stayed by my side. he's told me never to quit,through my darkest of times,it has helped, he told me we all die in the end.and its all true.and it truly helps
he's given me money to play with him on pokerstars,and has played numerous times with me,each time i smile and am happy.through 24 weeks of living bed ridden,ive only smiled those few times that i have played with him.. he dont need to spend his day playing 1-2 penny poker.but he does for me.and i want to thank him from the bottom of my heart.thank you
although i may never play in vegas,or meet my hero's,ive dreamt it all,inside my head, and its all i have .and it's always fun to live it inside my head.but barry makes dreams come true,i never thought id smile again after i got this death sentence,but i have. He is a true hero of the game,and a man who should be recognized for more than just poker.

highonbetter on August 1, 2008

I think part of Barry's motivation in saying that is that the "poker lifestyle" is looked at these days differently than when Barry was learning the game. Back in the day people knew that they had to pay their dues. Not to mention these pro players know how hard the life is. It isn't the way it looks on TV.

HPG ADMIN on December 20, 2006

Why the hell would a Stanford grad bother posting on an internet poster board?
If I were making $400,000 a year or, as he puts it, "400,00 grand" I wouldn't be posting here. I'd be on a Caribbean Island someplace.

Not to mention, a successful attorney that graduated from Stanford would make much more than $40,000 grand a year you lying moron. My Wife is a teacher and makes more than that.
No attorney making $40,000 a year would consider that successful. Especially, one that graduated from "STANFORD"
Get a life DONKEY!

bad_dog76 on December 20, 2006

A man who recognizes his own past demons and helps others with theirs. Bravo, Barry.

Zig on November 2, 2006

40000 grand a year, 400,00 grand a year...your too stupid to
make $20,000 a can't even put a sentence together.
Your a Stanford grad my ass.

????? on October 28, 2006

He's a good player and giving his winnings to charity is truly awesome, but loosen up man. Laugh every once in awhile. I want to see this guy drunk or high.

Bender on October 5, 2006

Your profile on your website is complete bull. Who gave you the power to rate all poker players? Secondly, the fact that you did not include Mike Matsuow was disrespectful. I also don't like the fact that you always degrade poker. "I tell my kids they shouldn't player poker until they do something productive." I graduated from Stanford and was a successful attorney. I made 40000 grand a year. Now playing poker full time i make 400,00 grand a year and spend time with my family. Poker can be very productive if you a good game. You suck at tournaments!

SmartKidZ on August 22, 2006

He looks like Dracula but he's a great player and he donates all his winnings to charity, that's pretty dam awesome!

bad_dog76 on August 14, 2006

Plays and looks too serious. Smile a little bit.

jarrel on July 25, 2006

remembe that beat with Micheal Simon

alan on July 11, 2006

Originally Posted by Unregistered
Hes UGLY. but is nice. and thats what counts IN HEAVEN YOU FOOLS.
But he's an athiest.
That means he's ugly and there still is no neaven.

Unregistered on September 28, 2005

one of my favorite players

Unregistered on September 8, 2005

gives tourney money to charity, what a waste, they just put it in their own pockets, he should use it open a poker room, and hire some topless dealers that look like Shana Hiatt and Evelyn NG. Then he'd be a pimp to me

Barry the berry barry on August 30, 2005

This guy is a great poker player he donates more winnings than any other player to charity.

devilcards on August 23, 2005

Hes UGLY. but is nice. and thats what counts IN HEAVEN YOU FOOLS.

Unregistered on August 19, 2005

Just watched Charity Barry won tonight, andall I can say is, finally the good guy won!!!!!

Lin(Dotfav2) on August 19, 2005

loved your book barry now i know how to: go to a different gas station for gas if its 0.001 cents cheaper, win so much money from online poker to where i can buy a house in rancho palos verdes like you and mimi tran and the whole barry greenstein and the asian ladies posse, keep my online poker winnings tax free walk into a bricks and mortar casino play a tournament and if you cash first donate half to charity and never report the online winnings. you da man

Unregistered on August 18, 2005

loved your book barry now i know how to talk my way out of paying the juice in tournaments and how to talk my way into getting something cheaper

Unregistered on August 17, 2005

Oh, he's Jewish all right.If there ever was a case for 'Jewish' being a distinct ethnic race, Barry Greenstein is it.

Maury Cohen on August 16, 2005

He's not Jewish. He's an atheist. Why does this change the fact that he's a great player and he looks like a flat-headed Jerry Seinfeld?

Marjorie Valkenheiser on August 15, 2005

While I am wary of saints and much prefer the company of sinners, it is no fault of Barry Greenstein that the commercial poker world has co-opted his private acts of charity to serve their public greed. And all of us non-Jews would do well to consider the Hebrew tradition of “Mitzvah.” (Not that this necessarily motivates Mr. Greenstein’s behaviour or that his motivations are any of my business.) “Ace on the River,” by the way, is an absolutely brilliant addition to the poker lexicon and, graphically, will never be surpassed.The monitors of this site would do us all a mitzvah by following through on their claim that inappropriate posters will be banned.

DB Ashton on August 9, 2005

He should donate more of his time to his 7 children than all this money to charity.

I think on August 6, 2005

You know what i think of when i see his pic - Shallow Hal, the movie. I imagine his as one of the good-looking studs Hal sees since he has inner beauty but really looks like a horses ass on the outside.

The Joker on August 2, 2005

the jerry seinfeld of professional poker lol go barry im going to buy your book so i can manage money more efficiently when i play tournaments

Unregistered on July 29, 2005

When professional poker player Barry Greenstein heard the heartbreaking story of a terminally ill cancer patient named Charlie Tuttle, he was so touched that he vowed to dedicate his victory in the $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha to Charlie. During a seven-hour final table battle, Greenstein played with unparalleled determination. In one of the most flawless performances ever seen in the 36-year history of the World Series of Poker, Greenstein played mistake-free poker and captured his second gold bracelet. Although $128,505 was paid for first place, money and fame were the last things on Greenstein’s mind. Showing uncharacteristic emotion, Greenstein took comfort in the arms of mutual friends who share a special connection to a young man now resting in the Intensive Care Unit at Vanderbilt Hospital. For a few minutes immediately following his personal triumph, Greenstein was unable to speak and silently bowed his head trying to conceal his obvious empathy and compassion. The muse for Greenstein’s rousing victory was Charlie Tuttle, a 26-year-old online poker player who lives in Clarksville, Tennessee. Sadly, Charlie was diagnosed with cancer which has now spread throughout his body. Charlie has tumors pressing against his lungs and has difficulty breathing. Some time ago, Fellow poker pro Marcel Luske found out about Charlie and made a special effort to comfort a man he had never seen nor met in-person before. In fact, during one stirring telephone exchange, Luske called Charlie and sang to him over the phone while resting in the hospital. Those who were with Charlie at the time recall him “laughing for the first time in several weeks,” when he heard Luske’s singing voice.Stories, both happy and sad, have their way of spreading throughout the poker community like a whirlwind. Barry Greenstein heard about Charlie’s condition. He, too, decided that he wanted to do something that might provide some degree of consolation and gratification to a member of the poker fraternity. As in Luske’s case, it didn’t matter that he’d never even met this man. Doing a good deed is not just an axiom. It is a way of life for Barry Greenstein (Note: To read more about Charlie Tuttle, see the poker blog by Paul McGuire at:
[url] 5[/url]

Vegas Mike on July 28, 2005

i agree. to great extent the media loves to promote their product by advertising these players as saints. to do otherwise would be counter-productive to their intere$t$.

not everyone is naive on July 27, 2005

Although I have never played cards with Barry, I watch him on TV quite often, and from what I see and hear, he is an amzing card player. However, Barry goes much further than just being a remarkable player, he is an extraordinary human being. Of course all the stuff about charity, but also with every single person who has ever come into contact with him. Barry has a heart of gold, and he shares that with everyone he meets. He has shown my friends and I so much kindness, and he has always been there for me when I needed guidance. He is not only my role model in the card world, he is my idea of a genuinely honest, kind, and giving person.

arika67 on July 27, 2005

definitely one of the best players in the game.

xniNja on July 22, 2005

charity = tax relief

dont be naive on July 22, 2005

Super Jew.

Just call him: on July 14, 2005

This year Barry donated and dedicated his winnings at wsop event to a man dying of cancer how cool is that.

The Quietman on July 11, 2005

greenstein is everything thats decent and good about poker. he and chip reece are the best cash game players in the world. you young guys out there need to understand that these players dont just play in tournaments. its the cash games that is the bread and butter for most players. thats how you bankroll

loveland on July 8, 2005

ill ad met,he is got some look values but i dout that any of those fags gots the nards to beacome pro.god bless you berry

clown love on July 6, 2005

great player and shows these wanabe players whos the real thors hammer

bubba monkey on July 5, 2005

Barry is great because he's doing something much better than just giving a beating to deserving douchebags. He's helping others.

James on July 3, 2005

hey ur a good guy at times it seems to be to good i guess thats just because of all the bad things that go on in this world way to go barry setting some real examples for people to follow thank you for helping all these children what an incrediable HEART

toothy on June 27, 2005

Posted by: Artist on Aug 20, 2004 - IP='t stand this guyu cant stand a man who donates his winnings to charity. do u enjoy ppls pain?

JetsFan315 on June 26, 2005

Ill move to Haiti and starve for a little while if this guy throws me some "charity".

why not? Its worth a shot on June 24, 2005

I have a charity that is my heart and would love Barry to contribute even a small percetage of anything. Does anyone know how to directly email him or his corporation?

rutheliz on June 19, 2005

this guy definitely has my respect. he plays an awesome game of poker and the fact that he donates all his winnings to charity makes him one of my favorites.

Unregistered on June 16, 2005

Dear Mr. Greenstein in a world like today it's very awesome to see intellect mixed with compassion. Thank you for encouraging me to continue to try...

theelucidator on June 15, 2005

What's the deal with this guy? Why's he stealing my look!? I mean if I flattened my hair and shuffled chips, I could get away with autographing "Barry Greenstein"! Can you believe it!?

Jerry Seinfeld on June 5, 2005

that "Kidpoker" is probably Daniel negreanu. 1-to-1 odds.

it should be known... on June 5, 2005

i want to be barry greenstein, but i talk too much

talbrecht on June 1, 2005

Barry is an excellent player and the best cash game player in the world. If you took all the talent of anyone who has ever posted in this room and put it together it wouldn't equal 1/3 of Barry's talent. Barry is an absolute master of the game and he isn't donating his money to charity he is dotating all of you people's money after he rapes you and leaves you broke at the poker table.

Dirk Diggler on May 24, 2005

Biggest Ego in poker.

Kidpoker on May 24, 2005

Barry is one of the nicest people in the world! He has been generous to me and everyone of us that he sees every week. Don't talk shit because if you knew wouldn't fuckers.

Tiffany... on May 21, 2005

Barry is great person and one heck of a poker player!

Hurricane_Ivan on May 20, 2005

He plays in the biggest cash game in the world and is a winner. What else is there to say ?Can't wait for him to destroy Negreanu in their upcoming heads up game.

Unregistered on May 13, 2005

Actually one of the few players I would never disrespect. Brilliant, kind hearted man, and consumate winner.

loser on May 4, 2005

Hey Barry you truly are a blessing from God i really enjoyed talking with you.Lance & Nikisha

lancelillard on May 2, 2005

I have watched Mr Greenstein play often, and I consider him not only to be a great man, but the best heads up poker player in the world.

HOVEEDGE on April 29, 2005

after watching his piece on fox sports net i admire this guy for someone to quit a silicon valley job before the boom and eventual dot com bust and play poker professionally to pay for his kids medical bills because his company's healthplan is dictating what they will cover takes balls and to think whats going thru his head when hes close to the money in a tournament is more money to my charity while whats going thru my head and about 99.99 percent of the other tournament players is how am i going to spend that money if i cash out long live berry

Unregistered on April 21, 2005

Is there an e-mail address for Mr. Greenstein?

embdar on April 13, 2005

is definately the person to cheer for when watching the WPT. Has more integrity and class than anyone in the game.

deeer on March 31, 2005

I think some of you guys watch too much MTV or something. You guys are brainwashed about how looks is the most important thing in the world. Anyhow, I abosolutely don't see any problems with his looks. Let's focus on their talents in poker.

Roger on March 29, 2005

He donates his TOURNAMENT winings to charity (not his cash game winnings). Nevertheless, a truly admirable human being, both for his generosity and his incredible skill.

Unregistered on March 25, 2005

I agree that our people need charity as much as anyone in the world, we have poor people too. But his good acts are awesome, and his poker play is too. and he's a great guy he mails you back if you ask a question, unlike some pros who say they're too busy, and sometimes they are.

Sammy the Brick on March 21, 2005

God Bless you, Mr. Greenstein, for the things you do to help others. It is very refreshing to see people helping others.

Six piece chicken dinner on March 14, 2005

way to help the kids

kyle on February 27, 2005

Thanks for all of the posters here who had something mature to contribute. The media is not under my control, and if I had it my way, they wouldn't be making such an issue of my charity donations. Thanks again. Barry Greenstein

Barry Greenstein on February 25, 2005

Didn't Know Barry From Bogan Hs (1967) But He's A Great Player And A Class Act Period.why Should People Be Jealous Over His Smart And Thoughtfull Generosity. Go Barry Go.

CHIEFCLERK67 on February 24, 2005

When it comes to class Barry is #1 in my books. God bless you Barry for the good things you have done.

Anthony Martinenko on February 21, 2005

First off, to discuss his looks or religion is grotesquely inappropriate. As a player myself I find him very impressive professionally. As a person, regarding what he does with his winnings, whatever his motives are, and regardless of the role of his "ego" in these decisions, just objectively evaluating his acts on the basis of the good they accomplish in this mean world, in this sense: I find him quite extraordinary and terrific, actually sort of a moral super-hero.

d11 on February 15, 2005

Why don't all of you grow up!! This guy is definitely a class act and deserves to be treated as such and given the respect he well deserves. He has taken his talents and has provided generously to those who are less fortunate. I have never meet Barry and don't need to meet someone to know that they kind and warm hearted. May God Bless him all the good fortune he needs to continue with his unconditional quest of giving...You are generous Barry...Good Luck to you!!

Dan on February 13, 2005

I could use some charity.

Unregistered on February 12, 2005

It was really fall down laughing funny watching the "Dream Crusher" trying to unnerve Barry Greenstein. It was like watching a 5 year old arm wrestle an adult.

Vegas Mike on February 11, 2005

Dear Mister Barry ,may God Bless U And Your Family .mr Barry U Have A Heart Of Gold In This World If We Have Few People Like U It Gonna Be A Big Diffrence .fews Days Ago I Saw U On Nbc ,that The Same Superbowl Weekend'i Heard About And Your Generouristy U Were Playing Poker.i Pray For U To Win And Also Pray For Your Family ,i Am From Guyana I Been Living In Ny ,things Been So Tuff With Me ,by The Grace Ofgod, Iam Trying .u Do So Much For For My Country Guyana,i Am So Proud Of U. I Love The Usa ,someday I Wanna Make A Diffrence Just Like U I Wish Everyone A Peice Of Heart Like U Have- Care So Much For Others ,mr Barry U Are My Hero .if There Any Help U Needed In Your Yard Or House ,i Do It For U I Willing To Lend U Any Help I Can, U Are An Angel ,there Is So Much U Say About My Feelings Towards U ,u Are A Great Human Being ,whereever U Go May The Lord Keep U Safe And Your Family .bless U Always ,gave U And Your Family Joy Of Happiness ,my Name Is Suraj I Am Living 111-11-91st Ave Queens Ny 11418. Mister Barry Once More U Are My Hero .may God Bless U Always .also Keep U And Your Family In Good Health, Joy, Love , Make U A Winner Always Whatever U Do . May God Bless U And Your Family .any Help U Needed Physically I Am Willing To Do It For U And Your Family ,i Always Have This Dream To Make A Diffrence In This World ,there Is Bad People Trying To Mess My Life Up ,there So Much I Am Doing Never Able To Be Sucessful ,i Look Toward As An Angel .once More God Bless U Always Also Your Family .

suraj churaman XMANRELOADED on February 10, 2005

pure skillz

vampyre on February 9, 2005

High Hopes was the first private non-profit organization formed in the country to exclusively serve the needs of the head injured. Traumatic head injury is the leading cause of death and disability in people under the age of 35, most accidents occuring in their teen years. Each month we struggle to make ends meet because we are limited by funding. We would be honored and appreciative if you would consider us as one of your charities. Most of our clients were injured as children and we have seen many miraculous improvements. They are taking their first steps and speaking their first words again. We would like to reach out to so many more people but cannot do so without more support. You are welcome to come and visit our facility and see for yourself what we are doing on a daily basis. Pat Boone,s grandson, Ryan Corbin, is a member of the High Hopes family who suffered a traumatic brain injury on June 19,2001. We need the Robin Hood of poker and anyone else to consider this worthy charity. Thank you for any consideration.The High Hopes Staff

hhopes100 on February 6, 2005

How can you say a bad thing about this guy??

Rick on January 26, 2005

Barry Greenstein is an incredible player who plays in the highest stake games...and not only that...he donates his tournement winnings to childrens charities.Please if your going to write stupid childish rants just because you can hide behind your computer,do it about someone elses page because Mr Greenstein doesn't desreve it.

nic de noc on January 25, 2005

I've seen this guy play. I'm a good player, but I wouldn't be much a match for him. His strategy is very unpredictible, and I'd say he's unreadable.

Chad on January 25, 2005

Barry is all class! I emailed him some questions about how I should improve my game and I got a response the next morning. Thats awesome. Good luck to Mr. Greenstein in the tournaments.

kstaff on January 22, 2005

great player, more importantly hes a great human being

iveyfan05 on January 21, 2005

This guy is awesome. I admire him a lot.

hmmm on January 18, 2005

This website is a joke.Jealous people who watch poker on tv and play abit online come on here and shit on all these pros.Still its quite funny,just don't take it seriously.

robbie savage on January 7, 2005

It is obvious the disparaging remarks made against Barry are being made out of jealousy and ignorance. The people making these comments are so wrapped up in their pitiful existence and their self proclaimed right of entitlement that they can’t understand someone who puts others before themselves with no expectation of something in return. These are the same people that complain “all the Jews and Asians come over here and take all the good jobs”. Yet they couldn’t secure the jobs they accuse the Jewish and Asian people of taking and make no effort to improve themselves through education to try to even try to achieve the same level as the people they accuse of “stealing” their jobs. Just for the record, the rest of us are sick of hearing your whining and degrading other people as you wallow in self pity and excuses. This country was made great through the blood and sweat of people with a desire ot achieve the American dream, not you pitiful fools that feel it is your birthright to have things handed to you. Grow up already !!!

Chuck on January 4, 2005

A true class act and role model...not to mention phenominal poker player

Whip on January 2, 2005

Berry U Are The Man I Don't Care What Any One Says No One Here Has A Heart As Good As Yours They Are Saying Stuff Like This But At Same Time They Know They Can Not Donate Even $100 To A Good Causeshut The Hell Up U Degenerate Gamblers.

ON MY WAY TO WPT on January 1, 2005

Barry,You are the man.Keep up the good work.Wish there were more people in the world like you.

SIKBOY on December 30, 2004

Does Barry ever sponsor other poker players so their earnings go to charity as well?

Kyle Tucker 64 on December 17, 2004

wpt pin up player of the year.

clarence acuna on December 10, 2004

most underrated poker player heart of gold

Unregistered on December 8, 2004

Berry Greenstein is my hero in poker. I love they way he plays and hope to God that I have the honor to meet him one day. Keep up the great work Berry, i'll see you when i'm 21. (15)

kyle on December 6, 2004

This guy has incredible skills. He's totally unreadable and knows when to fold.

Chad on December 5, 2004

Have you guys ever heard of Norton Anti-virus. Thank Barry. He can afford to play for charity. You guys are trying to judge him against your own motivation. He is an example of character and talent. Go Barry.

Jobro2 on December 3, 2004

didn't do too bad at the poker superstars invitational and just a question, how much of his winnings does he donate to charity?

brill on December 2, 2004

all his tourney winings go to charity

djnpa_30 on December 2, 2004's profile of Mr. Greenstein identifies him as "a former Symantec software". Which program was he? Was he an agent?

Casino Hog on December 1, 2004

hardly anybody even mentioned his poker ability, which this forum is supposed to be about,,,the guys a great player bar none,,who cares how he spends his money or what he looks like,,damn look at amir vahedi,,eww,,,barry is one of the best around right now,,,

djnpa_30 on November 28, 2004

I highly think Barry is being vain in his donations to get good publicity and a good image. He donates all of his tourney winnings to charity, that's several millions each year. When you start doing that and realizing how much it is and how it could significantly be used in osme other way in Barry's life, then we can talk. And I'm sure he is not the one that insists on talking about Children Inc during his interviews. Obviously, Greenstein is the face and main spokesperson of the charity and the media will obviously want to talk to him about that; it's not his fault it keeps getting mentioned. You can also see he is very modest and humble when discussing it on TV. He may not be the handsomest guy around, but does it really matter?

Aaron on November 25, 2004

I wish more people were like him. He is a good man.

Hexmath on November 22, 2004

barry green is my hero!

Unregistered on November 22, 2004

Reading some of these postings - no wonder Bush won the elections! Seems to me too few Americans come equipped with brains.Barry, I´m deeply impressed by your stand-point!

Sápmi on November 19, 2004

Visit his site and look at how he rates all th other players.

corpus christie on November 17, 2004

When i look at his face i think he would make the prefect undertaker

Gares on November 13, 2004

I'm gonna change my name to Charity call him up and have him donate me some money

Unregistered on November 13, 2004

I am a great admirer of Barry Greenstein, he is an excellent poker player and a truly generous man. I am suprised that some people see fit to criticize him for being Jewish or for giving all of his tournament winnings to charity. However I am sure that Barry understands that for each anti-semitic idiot there are thousands of people who appreciate the good things that he does. He is a man amongst men, a poker legend and I would be honoured to play against him. Although I would probably end up giving all of my money to a charity of Barry's choice before the day was out. Top bloke.

English Tony on November 11, 2004

Barry Greenstein is the most jewish person ever, which is awesome

mike on November 11, 2004

Barry- I would appreciate if you would contact me. I am in the process of writing about anti-Semitism at Bogan High School. I will not go into details here, but I did know all your family; our parents were friends. My former family name was Barson.

bardov on November 10, 2004

thats exactly what he wants you to say "oh how kind he is" He's all "ooh look at me I'm making people happyyyy, I'm the happy man from happy land in a gum drop house on lollypop lannnnee."

Sammy the Brick on November 5, 2004

He donates all to charity... What a kind man.

Chad on November 2, 2004

never rubs it in your face when he wins.

raul on October 30, 2004

like i said he wants people to faun over him. does giving make him feel good? probablyit makes most good people feel a sence of goodness but he loves to be totted the robin hood of poker. about him being Jewish, he does look like the propaganda cartoons of Nazi germany i must say.

sammy the brick on October 26, 2004

I understand the concept of charity, but a million bucks?...

Yeah on October 20, 2004

first off the guys not retarted he donates to charity cause its a huge TAX WRITE OFFFFFF!!!!! hes smart with what he does with his money...

pokermessiah on September 23, 2004

...anyone who accuses Barry of "flaunting" his kindness because it has become known that he contributes his tournament winnings to less fortunate children, must be an uneducated, heartless, moron. Besides, what's wrong with our self-indulgent society learning how to care about others by someone's example? He also promotes awareness for "Childrens, Inc.," his charity of choice. PS...what's with everyone's hang up with superficial looks? I'd take Barry any day over a conceited, heartless moron....and no, it's not because of his's because of his heart.

Fellow Bogan alumnus on September 18, 2004

Dear Fellow Bogan Alumnus..EXACTLY.. HIS HEART..I spoke with Barry on his return to US after his visit to Guyana... This visit not poker was what he was all excited about..He spoke about the wonderful doctors who donated their time to help those less fortunate..TV gives Barry the opportunity to PROMOTE Charity work that is why he plays the tournaments..FELLOW ALUM>>>Go BENGALS>>>>PS.. Barrys Intelligence and Wit.. are very attractive..along with that kind heart...

MOM on September 18, 2004

this guy is such a hack, if he wants to give away all his winnings hey he's a better man than I but when he flaunts it and tells the world what he does he just sullies his good acts, i would give some of my winnings, but damn i gotta eat too

Sammy the Brick on September 13, 2004

Barry Greenstein is my idol and may God bless him always and his family. on September 4, 2004

The guy is a seasoned vet in poker and is one of the best.

Poker Kid on August 22, 2004

Can't stand this guy

Artist on August 19, 2004

a class act

pokerplayer on August 17, 2004

Great Poker Player

EDDY/HANDZ OF STONE on August 15, 2004

I have known Barry since Grade school. He was always a great guy. I was fortunate to be asked to attend a ceremony at our High School this year to see Barry Make a very large donation to the school in Honor of the Fine Math teachers who influenced Barry. He is a very special person.. and an all around NICE Guy..I do hope he has the opportunity to beat the pants off of those whose comments here belong in the gutter.It sure would give me great pleasure to witness that!

MOM on August 14, 2004

Your doing an awesome job!! Keep up the good work. You have certainly earned your angel wings!! Take Care. Your nephew and niece...Jake,Jaime,Skyler & Keith.

Jake & Jaime on August 10, 2004

To those who have left disparaging remarks: It's obvious to me that you have never met Barry. If, in the future, you ever have the privilege of holding a conversation with him, I guarantee that you will want to take back the completely unprovoked hostile words that you have posted here. Thanks to Barry's generosity, I was able to accompany him (and sc2310) on the aforementioned medical mission. He worked just as hard as anybody else on the team. Time is one thing that money can't buy, and Barry is just as generous with his time as he is with his tournament winnings.

Joe L. on August 9, 2004

Barry just spent 8 days on a medical mission in Guyana; he lent himself as support staff to the doctors. His heart (and talents) are in the right place.

sc2310 on August 8, 2004

i admire him

Unregistered on August 4, 2004

hey barry, i watch you play all the time. i am looking for a mentor/ sponsor to get my poker career off the ground. i am an excellent poker player but know i need to learn more. if you are looking for an opportunity like this please contact me.

pokergirl33 on July 27, 2004

It's nice to see that this Lurch is running the rest of the Adam's family right out of poker-- P.S.-- can I borrow a few Gs??? Go Get 'em Barry!!

Dan on July 25, 2004

If you remember a guy named Vince from college, I sugest you try to beat him in poker because he is really getting good. Me, Vince, Clark, and Paul have watched every one of your poker games. Go Barry, Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

katie leung on July 18, 2004

I wish I can play like Gus and donate like Barry

Eric /K on July 16, 2004

Hey Go To Hell With The Antisemitic Remarks And Here A Lil Perpective Im Jewish I Play A The Bellagio Regularly And Half 20-30% Of The Players There Are Jewish Barry Is Prolly #1 In The World So Stop Hating

SOME HEW WITH A 150 IQ on July 14, 2004

Barry, I've been looking for you as your mother considered me her best friend. I saw you on TV and knew you you were Pearl's son. Please contact me. I think you are great!!! Joan

A1Artgal on July 13, 2004

Keep up the good work Barry!

Daisy_If_Udo on July 7, 2004

Barry is a genius about poker and not about poker...not to mention he gives all his money to charity! He is a great role model for all poker players in that he always plays the MAN not the cards and never loses his composure.

Gman on June 24, 2004

people, anybody who donates a million bucks to charity after a hug win is not ugly. My hat's off to this man. Go Berry!

not ugly on June 23, 2004

Besides being a great poker player...he has the best HEART in the world!!! Yes I know he is loaded with money, and his winnings is CHUMP CHANGE, but name another player that does what he does??? A True CLASS ACT!!!

Unregistered on June 20, 2004

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