Sam Grizzle

Sam Grizzle is a professional poker player. Known for his quick temper, he is most famous for punching Phil Hellmuth when they got into a fight.

He has 1 WPT cash for $46,410 during Season 5, 17 WSOP cashes for a total of $184,866, and lifetime tournament earnings exceeding $1.2 million.


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Hey GINA If u read this message trying to get in touch with you e mail me [email][/email].

luannrodz on April 4, 2008

this is all true about sam grizzle and worst,ive lived the nightmare for 9 yrs and we brought a innocent child in to this mess,it is march 18,2008 me and my 7 yr old daughter have to leave our rented home today we've been evicted and she's been withdrawn out of her school for non-payment.we have no money and nowhere to go,sam snuck out yesterday never to return and left me and our daughter literally stranded on the streets to fend for ourselfs. the reason we were renting is because sam lost all the money from the sale of our home.about 600,000 worth and didnt even get us a new home.or any money for ourselves.weve had t o rent ever since. hes left us stranded before but never like this with absolutely nothing,im scared for me and my daughter he has ruined 2 lives,ive never told my side of the story ive always sat back and listened.but he cant get away with what he has done to us anymore.especially to my baby.he has ruined her life!!!!!!!.I dont know what we are going to do today when we have to leave here,but this is the true sam grizzle,he is everything and more of the things you have heard.

ags001 on March 18, 2008

sam your a weak wanna be pro, you get busted time and time again, the only name you have made for yourself is a mouth nothing more,, hopefully youll try to hit me sometime. id luv to knock your old worn out azz out

fastcamo on October 10, 2006

that story below is funny as hell, grizzle has fallen on hard times, i just saw him at the bellagio playing a 500 buy in daily tourney. Is anyone surprised, he's a donkified, mortified, big mouthed, wimpy donk a donk. Hee Haw you donkey testicle suckling donk

DonkeySlayer on September 14, 2006

Hey bub what's up? Did you come in a tourney or why they got you on this site? I just remember you as a rail bird! Sorry, but thats the honest truth! Of course I've been in Switzerland for over 7 years enjoying the fruits of my profits, but come on...are they so low on players that you're up in the rankes?

SweetieDi on July 30, 2006

This guy's got nothing on Hellmuth. Go read the following for a few good laughs:


He's a complete nobody. I'm an amateur who plays mainly online and I've played against him before and while he's above average, he isn't even what I would consider "solid" and I face people online every day that are twice the player Grizzle is... HOWEVER, he IS one of the most entertaining people to have at your table and can be funny as hell.

Unregistered on April 24, 2006

Originally Posted by
Grizzle punched Hellmuth a few years back and dropped him like a rotten sack of shit.
Hellmuth is a good poker, but a total bitch.

Phil never fell.

Unregistered on April 12, 2006

What happened to Sam? Is he still around?

Unregistered on April 11, 2006

Grizzle punched Hellmuth a few years back and dropped him like a rotten sack of shit.
Hellmuth is a good poker, but a total bitch. on October 23, 2005

Hellmuth has bigger tits than Phil Mickleson. He needs a BRO.

Boob Job on August 29, 2005

i thought the stinkosauraus dinosaur was extinct millions of years ago

Unregistered on August 19, 2005

He sucks, I busted this donkey up time and time again in Vegas

I BUSTED GRIZZLE on August 2, 2005

not every pro makes the espn highlight reels. sam just happened to have a rivalry with phil. he plays specificly cash games only. he was backed by his backers into that world series. its not his kinda game. he is not a tournament player. he makes his money like us real pros do. by beating the crap out of tourists at the table at five in the morning when they are chasing and trying to win back what they lost. every pro knows that drill. if any of you know anything, you know exactly what im talking about. poker is a diffrent world for most of us and it isnt all espn crap. like i said, you know what im talking about if you realy know.

loveland on July 19, 2005

AMEN! Phil is the greatest holdem player in the game today. 9 bracelets all in holdem who can argue with me? Of course Phil is annoying sometimes, if you had all the bad beats he has taken you would whine too! He simply has the best reads and almost never makes any critical mistakes. Phil is the best there is plain and simple.

mikenn11 on July 18, 2005

Hellmuth is the best bar none... Yeah he may burst out a bit when the bad beat comes, but in my opion; let him. I feel his pain, Phil has the most, and worst bad beats; it is crazy how unlucky the guy is... His play is near perfect, and his reads are even better... Phil Hellmuth, I have nothing but respect for you... Everyone should fear him at the table... if it wasn't for luck.. Phil you would win everytime...

John Wagner on July 16, 2005

havent heard his name since Phil Hellmuth busted his ass in 03

99. on July 14, 2005

grizzle is a cash game specialist and his game sorrounds holdem and omaha. he makes a living at it pretty ok

loveland on July 7, 2005

Lived everyone's fantasy when he dropped Hellmuth like the sack of **** that he is!

Unregistered on June 8, 2005

Sam is an ok player but he sure is a rough and tough kind of guy. I mean this guy got tired of Phil's constant bitching and moaning and he finally knocked him right on his ass. This man is tough and he looks like a street fighter. I would have paid to have seen Sam take Phil out. It would right outside of the Horseshoe so everyone could see it all. Phil is a bitch who deserves to be knocked on his ass but unfortuneatly Phil's beating did not stop him from being an all out crybaby that he is today.

Dirk Diggler on May 26, 2005

Someone must have given this guy some cash. He was playing $1000 sit and goes on PokerStars for hours the other night. I wanted to play him, but I lost all of my savings playing the .01-.02 micros.

loser on April 30, 2005

WHO!? LMAO that guys a joke

jcornett on April 21, 2005

sam is great i played with him at bellagio hes the exact same hes real

tony. on April 18, 2005

ps phils a cry baby

tony. on April 18, 2005

Griz came through birmingham ten years ago. we beat the stew out of that clown. All mouth. No bite. Birmingham AL owns The Griz.

Frank Torrtorriggi on April 13, 2005

come on fellas..u should realise sam is thebest living poker player..anyone holding aces and calls phil with k9 flop turn and river then when phil throws his cards at him he throws his aces back..the man grizzle has class!!

englishcat on March 26, 2005

My best boy cracked Grizzle at the Bellagio this past Saturday night/Sunday morning. Betcha Sam is still pissed off. Between tears, he actually offered to fly anywhere to play my tourist friend. This professional poker players was anything but professional....

rgmortgage on March 22, 2005

yeah sam grizzle is quite cool..saggy jeans and a mouth like a good for going for a drink with

englishcat on March 9, 2005

What fight? Hellmuth is god and 82% of the time just Queens beats just Jacks. All you Hellmuth haters out there hate the game of poker and can go kill yourselves. He gets worked up because it sucks to lose to inferior players. It happened to me once and i went off too

Hellmuth_is_God on February 13, 2005

The name says it all, Sam Grizzle. That's right, the most feared opponent in the poker world since the upbeat Annie Duke. His intimidating 5ft. 9 (all fat) stature can befuddle the most composed of poker players(Phil Helmuth). Sam is a lock on the final table of next year's WSOP and will only be challenged by the likes of Dutch Boyd(his record speaks for itself) and Mike Matosow (long known as Sam's greatest rival). Someday Sam will no doubt be the best (I'm a compulsive liar) poker player to grace this earth (he's from Mars). Thanks for appreciating my honest (didn't I tell you I was a compulsive liar?) opinion. And thanks for your time (go f**k yourself).

Nuts2callU on February 12, 2005

hmm, you guys seem to judge poker ability on WSOP victories, which is simply rediculous. There are many great players who just cant win the big one, look no further than T.J Cloutier. Most of you also seem to think Hellmuth is a Poker God, while yes, he has many victories, hes the biggest whiner ive ever seen, and if he was such a great player, he wouldnt let someone like Grizzle get under his skin. Hellmuth was undenyably on tilt and couldnt handle what Grizzle was throwing at him. And arent mind games one of the biggest parts of poker?

Ghost on January 24, 2005

Sam really did seem to get underneath Phil's skin,and hearing Phil whine is fun, but Sam's all in with Q/10 off had to be one of the poorest plays seen at a WSOP feature table in 2003...Phil doing his meditation? Funny bit, but Phil needs to mix in some sun,and some weight lifting...he is trim but is almost saggy....I may be fat but have some muscle too...No wonder Grizzle whupped Phil in the fight...

Reno Bob on January 23, 2005

Actually, frank, I don't recall anyone saying that Hellmuth sucks at this forum. If you would actually read before you post, frank, you wouldn't be such an idiot.

Unregistered on January 18, 2005

anybody who thinks phil hellmuth sucks is a moron. phil hellmuth is top 5 sam grizzle is a loser plain and simple.

frank on January 12, 2005

This guy put Phil on tilt, it was hilarious!

Chad on January 11, 2005

thats how stupid you people are,if you knew anything about these poker players you would know sam grizzle is a excellent player. obviously he must be to have everything he has,people would not back him for all the money they do if he wasnt.

a grizz fan on January 8, 2005

sam grizzle is not good comparing him to phil hellmuth is like comparing mark madsen to shaq 9 braclets? grizzle has...... 0? thats what i thought

grizzlesux on January 7, 2005

Yeah, he's not better than Hellmuth when you are talking about everybody else that Phil has beaten, but he could crush him if they are at the same table.

Unregistered on January 4, 2005

Aww, what happened Phil? What happened?

haha on December 30, 2004

Yeah I can totally agree with you guys. Grizzle is much better than Hellmuth. I mean Hellmuth only has 9 bracelets, and Grizzle has....oh, never mind.

Eddie on December 30, 2004

I didn't know who this guy was until after I took him down at Bellagio. He was pushing around the table and lost a few key all-in's. Made my night.

Rook on December 25, 2004

He certaintly owned him in the WSOP 2003 though, eventhough I haven't seen the 2 go at it elsewhere. It was pretty entertaining seeing Phil get all worked up. Grizzle's pretty annoying and it was putting Phil on tilt.

Unregistered on December 5, 2004

better than hellmuth? maybe in a fight but not at a poker table

djnpa_30 on December 2, 2004

Yeah, he's better than Hellmuth.

Unregistered on December 1, 2004

Who's more annoying? Sam Grizzle or Phil Hellmuth I would have to go Phil Hellmuth. Grizzle owned him in 2003, and then Phil cried about it. It was hilarious. Did you see Phil's video segment on meditation. What a dork!

Unregistered on November 30, 2004

grizzle is an old guy that had been around for every..hes had ups and downs ,lotta downs recently..hes an ok player not on hellmuths level obviously..guy smells funny in person..remember that old person smell grizzles got it haha

djnpa_30 on November 30, 2004

he only can bad mouth phil cause he doesnt have game to back it up

Unregistered on November 28, 2004

I played in a tournament with him. He is fun at the table but really not that good. Certainly not worthy of a page on this site. I can rattle off a dozen names of guys who play regular at the Bellagio that take him to the cleaners just about everytime he shows up.

slvsc2 on November 16, 2004

Sam is my hero!

Nuke on November 1, 2004

have played live with sam and believe me he is hilarious

mikeca on October 27, 2004

This guy sux. Phil Hellmuth is a top 5 poker player and he beat the hell out of Grizzle.

Ryan/"Kolby"/ESKLK on August 18, 2004

sam.. u little bastard... SORRY IM A HELLMUTH FAN

smash on August 8, 2004

Sam Grizzle rules WSOP day 2!! wut a hero

FlySly on August 3, 2004

this is one of the funniest cats i've ever heard. Hey Phil I got a new song for you--He's a chip moverThen the comment that put me over the edge was "We fired our cannons but Phil kept a coming all the way to the Gulf of Mexico, we fired once more and he went a running all the way to ........badgerland Wisconsin. I like Phil Helmuth too. But no one can deny that Sam G. is one Funny M.F. Sam send me an autographed picture I'll hang it up.

charlie on August 2, 2004

This Guy Sucks i think he molded his play after varkonyi who the hell goes all in with Q10 complete moron maybe tomer should lend him that poker for dummies book

He Cant Play on August 1, 2004

Sam is broke and constantly looking for backers at Bellagio. Sad

Mac on July 16, 2004

how many wsop braclets has sam grizzle won? how many has hellmuth won? a lot more than grizzle. obviously, hellmuth is the better player

steve L. on July 15, 2004

Hellmuth is a loser. you should have flipped his stacks over and tore his head off. i would have paid to see that

markdoh on July 13, 2004

i think Phil Hellmuth is a MUCH better player than this guy will ever be

steve L. on July 5, 2004

Sam Grizzle is a funny man, he had me laughing the whole time with the battles against Hellmuth.

SpecialK on July 5, 2004

My personal hero when I found out he kicked the crap out of that brat HelMOUTH.

Roy Batty on July 3, 2004

Sam, you and me at the flagpole at noon. Don't bring your mom!-Phil

Phil Hellmuth on July 3, 2004

your game is weak. Helmuth destroyed you 2 years agoword on the street is your broke and a on the look out for get your money took.....i'm coming to a poker table near you soon. Your what i call dead pro money

Get your money took on June 30, 2004

Played with this guy. Last person I want to be near. Guy scares the shit out of me.

Jay on June 23, 2004

Sam grizzle is the toughest rough and tummble guy on the WSOP hope he takes it this year and decks Helmuth's punk ass out again.

Sam on June 22, 2004

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