Johnny Chan

Johnny Chan, nicknamed "the Oriental express, is Chinese-American professional poker player who is one of the most successful players in history.


Chan was born in Canton, in the People's Republic of China and later moved to Hong Kong with his family when he was 3 to seek out better opportunities. His family emigrated to the U.S. when he was 9, and ended up in Houston, where his family owned Chinese restaurants. He worked at their restaurant and had planned on continuing the family business. School was intimidating for him since he was a minority and don't speak the language.

Poker - Early Years

Chan discovered that there was money to be made playing poker with his dad's friends in their weekly game. He became passionate about poker and went to Las Vegas at age 16 on a junket with some friends to play poker. He brought a $500 bankroll that he built up by a combination of working at his family restaurant and playing poker. During that trip, he turned the $500 into $20,000, overflowing with confidence, he made straight for the high-stakes blackjack tables and lost it all. But Chan now had caught the gambling "bug".

Despite his strong attraction to gambling, Chan enrolled at the University of Houston and majored in hotel and restaurant management. But at age 21 Chan dropped out and he moved out to Vegas to become a professional gambler.

His first year as a professional gambler was the worst experience of his life. Even though he was learning the ropes and was talented, his losses mounted. Chan embarked on a series of reckless gambling sprees where he constantly blew out his bankroll. He had a complete lack of control and discipline. He kept losing money and had to get a job. He worked as a chef, dealer and floor manager at casinos in order to support his gambling habit. He kept losing and borrowed money from friends, ran up his credit cards and sold his jewelry at a pawn shop. But he managed to eventually turn things around.

Poker - Successful Years

Chan started winning poker tournaments in the early 1980's and earned the nickname "Orient Express" for his aggressive style. He shot to fame in the late 1980s by winning the WSOP Main Event in two consecutive years (1987 and 1988). During his second victory, in 1988, he lost the biggest pot in the history of the tournament, but came back to win the title. Few people know this, but Chan almost won a third straight Main Event title when he finished in 2nd place to a then-24-year-old Phil Hellmuth in 1989. Chan played good, but admitted that he didn't play his best. Jerry Buss, an avid poker player and owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, had promised to give Chan an NBA championship ring if he could win three in a row. Chan is one of only 3 players (and the last player) to win back-to-back WSOP Main Events; a feat many people believe is now impossible, given how big the fields are.

In 2005, Chan became the first player to win ten WSOP bracelets. He is currently tied with Doyle Brunson for second place with 10 bracelets, behind Phil Hellmuth's 11.

WSOP Bracelets

Year Event Prize
1985 $1,000 Limit Hold'em $171,000
1987 $10,000 No Limit Hold'em World Championship $625,000
1988 $10,000 No Limit Hold'em World Championship $700,000
1994 $1,500 Seven Card Stud $135,600
1997 $5,000 Deuce to Seven Draw $164,250
2000 $1,500 Pot Limit Omaha $178,800
2002 $2,500 No Limit Hold'em Gold Bracelet Match Play $34,000
2003 $5,000 No Limit Hold'em $224,400
2003 $5,000 Pot Limit Omaha $158,100
2005 $2,500 Pot Limit Hold'em $303,025

Chan has yet to make a final table on the World Poker Tour, despite playing in numerous events.

Chan competed in the $400,000 Poker Superstars Invitational Tournament in February 2005. He came back from having only $20,000 chips out of $3,200,000 in play to finish in second place to Gus Hansen. Chan later competed in Poker Superstars II during the summer of 2005 and came in first place, winning $400,000. He made it to the semi-finals in Poker Superstars III but was defeated by Todd Brunson.

On NBC's late-night show Poker After Dark, a six-person $20,000 buy-in winner-takes-all tournament, Johnny Chan has the distinction of having the most victories to date with four wins in six appearances. Chan also participated in the WSOP Tournament of Champions events and the National Heads-Up Poker Championship in. He appeared in the first season of the GSN series "High Stakes Poker".

Chan makes most of his income from cash games and also takes his poker talent overseas, traveling to Europe and Asia to compete in lucrative tournaments and side games. Many years ago, a dying French billionaire entertainment mogul invited Chan and several other players to Paris for a two-week poker vacation. According to Doyle Brunson, who was part of the group, Chan turned a big profit from his trip to France. Chan states that that his winnings were about $1 million and added that he won a good amount of that money from his friend Brunson.

Chan says that being one of few Asian poker players in Vegas during his early days gave him an advantage. His opponents had never played against Asian players and they didn't expect them to be any good. They underestimated him and gave him more action than he deserved.

Chan started bringing an orange to the table because he preferred the scent of it to that of smoke. He kept bringing an orange to the table later on, considering the oranges lucky.

Chan made a cameo in the film "Lucky You", as himself, and also appeared in 2009 Hong Kong movie "Poker King", as himself. Chan was immortalized in Rounders, when he played himself as the best poker player in the world. The movie shows actual footage from the hand when Chan won his second WSOP Main Event, trapping the then-young and inexperienced Erik Seidel into moving all-in with a pair of queens when Chan held the nut straight.

Although Chan has accomplished so much in poker, some poker fans consider him a player that is past his prime - as he has not made any headlines in the poker world over the last 10 years. In 2008, Chan cashed for the first time in the main event since 1992, earning $32,166 for his 329th place finish.

As of 2009, his total live tournament winnings exceed $8,067,792. Chan blazed the trail for many Asian poker players who view him as a role model and mentor. He was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame in 2002.

Poker Projects

Chan has also written for Card Player magazine and used to write a column for the bi-monthly magazine Trader Monthly.

In 2005, Chan collaborated with Mark Karowe to release "Play Poker Like Johnny Chan", to an instructional book on several different types of poker. In 2006, the follow-up titled, "Million Dollar Hold'em: Winning Big in Limit Cash Games", which focuses on limit hold'em strategy, was released.

In 2007, Chan launched an online poker room, It closed in 2008.

Personal life

A resident of Las Vegas, Chan is married with six children and six houses. He owns a fast-food franchise in the Las Vegas Stratosphere Hotel and is a consultant for various casinos and game makers.


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poker god no one who has a name like that i actually ne good, get a life and come back wen u can really play, and if i played u i would take down the f ucking kitty

alextt on August 26, 2006

They don't get much better than Johnny C. One of the best players in the world, for that matter in history. A very intimidating presence at any table.

bad_dog76 on August 11, 2006

This may be a little late, but getalife. If you don't like football then get the hell out of here. I'll kick your ass in poker and boxing any day of the week you little bitch. Don't ever diss football.

Bender on July 30, 2006

I found the 10th bracelet...some phony match play, where Hellmuth finished 2nd in 2002...what a BS bracelet. Just like
the on he won in 1997 with 32 entries

????? on March 13, 2006

Johnny Chan wins Event #25 ($2,500 Pot-Limit Hold'em), earning $303,025 and his tenth World Series of Poker bracelet. Chan now holds the record for the most bracelets in a career, breaking the mark of nine he shared with fellow poker legends Doyle Brunson and Phil Hellmuth. Phil "Unabomber" Laak finishes in second place, earning $156,400...........rob(nj)

Unregistered on February 21, 2006

Does anyone know where his 10th WSOP Bracelet is??
Limit Hold'em......1985
No Limit Hold'em...1987* 1988* 2003
Pot Limit Hold'em..2005
Duce to 7 Draw.....1997
Pot Limit Omaha....2000 2003

THAT'S NINE (9)...and everyone keeps saying he has 10

????? on February 21, 2006

none of you fools know what your talking about. I would love and i mean LOVE to sit at the table with ya'll. And by the way MoneyMaker you are the worst poker player of all time. You should just crawl in a whole and stick a thumb in your ass. I mean how can you still show your face in the poker world. The only good thing you have done for the poker community is show all these fishes that a horriable player just might have a chance at making some money. To everyone else quit talking and start playing. Phenom.

Poker God on September 19, 2005

wow talk about hot air blowing. You fucking geeks

Unregistered on September 12, 2005

Ok my username on pokerstars is FUCKWIT415.

JetsFan315 on September 4, 2005

I can not wait to challenge your 'skills', what time are we doing this game at.....lets do a 1000$ tourney or cash game and stop procrastinating and pick the fucking date and time you play money bitch!

getalife on August 19, 2005

coming from the guy who hates FOOTBALL. what kind of straight man hates football.

JetsFan315 on August 18, 2005

I like boxing, a lot more contact than gay football..........oh yea, so are we ever going to get a game online set up? because you will never answer me.....because I want you to prove how good you are....I will play you at any site of your choice 500$ MINIMUM! If you want to go higher, all you have to do is ask, at a heads up tourney or a cash game, you pick...please....I will be waiting

getalife on August 18, 2005

im not being jealous, im simply saying that any time jets talks about how good he is someone will ask him if he wants to play for real money, he will never respond them, he talks how good he is on the internet, but will never reveal to anyone where he plays.....however...there is a jetsfan315 on pokerstars, and the person only plays for fake money and talks about how good they are everytime they sit at a fake money table, you do the math......

JETISGAY on August 15, 2005

i have a different username on online sites.

JetsFan315 on August 15, 2005

i have a great idea, how about ppl start talking about the pros on this page instead of just bashing ppl, cause if u look at the posts, i only bash ppl who bashed me first.

JetsFan315 on August 15, 2005

JetsFan is a fucking liar, he's never won a tournament in his fucking life the chump. Total dreamer.

Shaw on August 14, 2005

jettisgay how do ypu know if he plays real money or not i know englsihcat is not but jetsfan315 i think he does so stop being jealus jackass

Unregistered on August 14, 2005

i think jetsfan315 telling the truth he know almost everything about poker so i think he won

Unregistered on August 13, 2005

jetsfan what is your name on pokerstars? lets get a heads up game started, I also play pokerroom, fulltiltpoker, or ultamitbet and pokerstars, you pick it and lets get this game started

getalife on August 13, 2005

getalife, JETSFAN315 will not answer you....he doesnt play for real money, he will keep avoiding your questions,

JETISGAY on August 13, 2005

hey every1 who says i suck, guess what i just one a LIVE tournament today with only 1 hand that i got lucky on. and i had many succesfull bluffs. i swear to god about all of this. and i capitilize LIVE cause none of u could play or pick up tells for shit. all of u just hide behind a computer screen. and just to tell u i play on PokerStars, cause party poker is just full of fish, hey kind of like u.

JetsFan315 on August 12, 2005

ok so tell me what websites you play on, lets get this set up. All you do is talk about how great you are, I want you to prove it to tell me a website

getalife on August 11, 2005

JetsFan apparently got wiped out on trying to bluff his way out with 2/8o. Guy's a total moron.

Istley on August 11, 2005

I would'nt waste your time challeng JetsFag315 getalife, I have read many of his posts and the guy doesn't know if hes Arthur or Martha...he is obviously a confused little faggot who has nothing better to do than to hang around the 4/8 ring games but is too much of a coward to participate in.

Unregistered on August 11, 2005

oh he's a just a railbird huh? He has so many posts but never responds to my questions about when and where do you want to play, what a fag.

getalife on August 11, 2005

u know y there pros? cause theyre the best in the world u idiot! where do u think they started, home games, show me a tape of u playing them and lets see whos bankrupt.

JetsFan315 on August 7, 2005

one more thing, how about all of u 10 year olds stop saying that the pros suck, lets see u play them, better yet lets see u play ME! u idiots dont get it, these pros have to go all-in with crap hands sometimes or have different strategies besides tight-aggressive(i know its crazy) cause because of the situation in the tournament.

JetsFan315 on August 7, 2005

hey JETS do you play online at all, if so what website? I will gladly play you in a heads up 500$ tourney at any of the websites listed on this site, you pick it.

getalife on August 7, 2005

i do play online rarely though cause too many idiots like u.

JetsFan315 on August 7, 2005

Johnny Chan is a horrible poker player as well as Hellmuth , Ivey , Etc.. All these top Pro's would get there ass's handed to them in any of "our" home games. And the simple fact of the matter is that if it wasn't for the fact that we all are here posting messages about how bad these top pro's are and getting ready to go to bed so that we can perform in our daily jobs tomarrow , while these losers are in a poker room as we speak , living the lives we wish we could live .... We would gladly beable to play , destroy and teach them what a true poker player is and what true poker skills are!!!!!!

The Last Word on August 5, 2005

Johnny is fine. Is he with anyone?

beanoint/miramebaby on July 30, 2005

I never mentioned Chan in my post you prick so get your fucking facts right. The guy is a great player and I have total respect for him. You, however, I would happily play out of your burger money before urinating on you as you left the table. So hush.

Istley on July 27, 2005

I'd whoop your ass with 2-7 offsuit you turd.

Istley on July 26, 2005

"Posted by: Istley on Jul 27, 2005 - IP= I'd whoop your ass with 2-7 offsuit you turd."

yeah right, if i played u live i would be able to read u so easily. no u would want to hide behind a computer like ur doing right now. and ur the idiot making fun of a legend. and it is a good hand heads up cause he won with it.

JetsFan315 on July 26, 2005

yeah J-6 is a good hand heads-up but u wouldnt know that would u. i want to play u heads up i would raise almost every hand and u idiots would fold. and chan could woop any ones ass on this forum(yes even mine)

JetsFan315 on July 25, 2005

a lot of morons in the world, even more on here. I think john is a very good poker player, and I see a lot of morons sayin how he sucks or how they could beat him. he's been playing for years, won hundreds of tournaments and got much more experience than some jackass on some stupid lame forum on some site on the internet. if you think you can beat chan than how come you're sittin in your room surfin the net on some poker forum bragging about yourself, as oppose to winning tournaments and be on tv, you can talk all you want, but deep inside you're not better than johnny chan, if you think you are you're an idiot.

alex on July 24, 2005

Some of you guys are nuts. Amazing how people who bash on JC don't even say their real names or real email addresses.Anything for attention, right guys?

Gozza on July 24, 2005

To quote TJ, Chan's game has slid a little in the past few years that is true, its becasue he won and made so much god damned money

meh on July 22, 2005

im sorry jon i dont remember ...congrats chan on number 10 and its good u didnt let laaks antics get to you just played solid and let your cards do the talking cant wait to watch it on espn

Unregistered on July 19, 2005

sheet doyles got 10

twhacker on July 14, 2005

Chan hit on one of my friends at the Commerce, is he married? Chan is the man; he's got 10 bracelets now, most in history!

Steve/CheckFolder/steve999 on July 13, 2005

u cant get lucky in 10 WSOP TOURNAMENTS

JetsFan315 on July 10, 2005

he is one of the best and he will stay the best

Unregistered on July 10, 2005

my fam and i just met him up in vegas to say hi a few days ago, and he's really really conceited. i guess i can understand why...but seriously, we already know about u, stop bragging, johnny. =p

fam friend on July 9, 2005

Chan got his 10th bracelet this year. To all of you guys that think he's washed up, I'd like to see any of you win just one in any event.

Triumph Chop on July 5, 2005

u couldn't beat Chans ass, he would crush u. J-6 is ur lucky hand, thats pittiful. Besides its called a semi-bluff.

JetsFan315 on July 3, 2005

Note the term "lucky" used for j-6, because thats exactly what u need to win with trash like that. A helluva lot of BULLSHIT LUCK!

Unregistered on July 3, 2005

You keep dreaming on that miracle draw - meanwhile back on earth u will lose 99% of the time.

" " "to previous poster" " on June 29, 2005

Yeah right, u will bluff the opening hand with J-6o and be up against Q-Q and be knocked out on your ass.

" "to previous poster" " on June 27, 2005

Johnny Chan is my hero and he is damn good looking.

cree roller on June 27, 2005

Yeah right J6 is my lucky hand, The flop will come T K A, and I'll bluff the gut shot and get called by Johnny with QQ (Horrible call with two over's) and I'll hit one of Johnny's Queens on the river to knock him on his 2-digit-WSOP-bracelet-wearing A$$

" " "to previous poster" " on June 27, 2005

he has been playing tournaments. And none of you have anything on Chan. 2005 World Series of Poker, its OFFICIAL CHAN IS THE FIRST TO 10 count them 10 bracelets.

JetsFan315 on June 26, 2005

I will not be out in the first hour. The tourney will be over in 1 hour and I'll be victorious, KOing all 11000 opponents on mere bluffs. When I saw rounders I got a tell on Johnny. He slowplays the nuts. That's all I need to know.

To "to previous poster" on June 26, 2005

I dunno where u retards are gettin your Information from. Johnny Chan has not been playin that much torunaments lately. Why would you if u could win 200,000 -300,000 a nite at the big game instead of 5 day tourneys? As far as I know he def isnt broke so he must be winning...enuff said

ChanFan on June 25, 2005

Overated, overated, HE WON 2 WSOP's IN A ROW AND FINISHED SECOND THE YEAR AFTER HIS TWO VICTORIES. Johhny Chan's not my favorite but HE IS A POKER GOD.

Unregistered on June 9, 2005

I guarantee u will be knocked out in the first hour.

To previous poster on June 6, 2005

I've cashed in 7 of my last 16 $5+$1 3-table NL SNG's on Party. MY ROI is 103% and my ITM is 43%. By the end of this year I'll be dominating the $50+5 NL SNG's. I'll probably buy into the 2007 WSOP at age 28 and dominate the 20,000 entrants to win $32 Million dollhairs.

watch out Jonny! on June 2, 2005

hey johnnny i just remembered what i had - nothing! thanks for doubling me up before i ran

Mike McDermott on May 15, 2005

LOL, some of you guys are really pathetic with ur comments, get a Freaking LIFE, God.

Patrick melnick on May 14, 2005

I want this guy heads up soo bad I can taste it. I could double up my inheritance in one day playing this guy.

loser on May 12, 2005

There was a picture of Hon Le, he looks like Johnny Chan! HAHAHAHA... I got confused... Johnny Chan lost the superstar poker thing to Gus Hansen... :(Anyway, Gus and Johnny are my two favorite players hahaha...

hehe on May 4, 2005

If you are judging by cash games, then Chan is OK. In a heads up game I took all the cash Johnny had. Now I root for him in tournaments, because he still owes me.

loser on May 1, 2005

Chan plays in this cash game in NYC the 3rd thursday of everymonth. I know someone who has enough money to sit down at that game, and he says Johnny runs that table like it is childs play.

tom on April 30, 2005

I've played Johnny at the final table many of times, the guy is a menace. You can never read him. Thats the key to being a superstar at this sport. Guys like myself, Gus Hansen, Phil Ivey, Johnny, and the Devilfish are the best because no one can read us. Lesson #1 kids.

Daniel Negreanu on April 26, 2005

Ok ''Daniel'' if you're really Daniel Negreanu what place did you come in the June 4 Championship at the plaza?

Rick88 on April 26, 2005

1st. I beat my buddy Freddy Deeb heads up.

Daniel Negreanu on April 26, 2005

How simple can anyone make this; johnny chan is a truly exceptional poker player, if not the best, then not far off... His tournament results speak for themselves, but they dont fully reflect what a awesome high stakes cash game player he really is, anyone who says different has brain damage and probably needs electrocuting.

jinwe on April 21, 2005

anyone who says chan hasnt won since 88 is an idiot. He has 9 world series bracelets tied for most ever and has more money than everyone talking on this site combined.

alex hatz on April 19, 2005

Stu Ungar is the best ever. He beat chan so many times.

bad on April 19, 2005

Chan doesn't play too many tournaments because he doesn't need to. He crushes the biggest cash games around. As good as he's been in tournaments, he's even more feared in cash games. That's not something that can said of even Stu Ungar. Doyle and Chan are the greatest all around poker players in history.

One Rich Bastard on April 16, 2005

Need to be educated about cash games. The very best poker players don't need tournaments. You dipshit johnny-come-lately types think poker is all about the WSOP and WPT because it's what you see on TV. It's one thing to raise someone 100k in tournament chips. Try doing that with 100k of your own money! Hellmuth is a weak cash game player and Johnny is one of if not the best.

And you dipshits on April 16, 2005

You people who think Stuey is the greatest ever need to realize that he isn't quite perceived that way among the best poker players. Again, I need to remind you that poker is not all about televised tournaments. Cash games are where the real money is at for professionals and Chan > Stu Ungar in that area. Chan is a better all around player than Stu.

Stu Ungar on April 16, 2005

Dude, I loved the movie Rounders. In my humble opinion, Johnny Chan is one of the greatest actors of all time. I don't know why he didn't get a best supporting actor oscar. (But I don't know why I haven't gotten mine either) Look for Johnny Chan this summer in the action martial arts flick, "The Oriental Express Flops the Nuts"

Keaneau Reeves on April 12, 2005

Johnny Chan is not the greatest tournament player of all time. Stu Ungar is the best no limit player to ever play the game. Johnny along with phil hellmuth/ivey, howard lederer, daniel negreanu, doyle brunson, gus hansen, etc. are all great ambassadors for the game. Chan rarely gets outplayed and always has a chance to win.

The Kid on April 11, 2005

The man is extremely well versed in all variations of poker. You cant say that about many pros. As for the tourneys? Screw 'em...Genghis makes makes millions on cash games every year. Would love to see him go H2H against Mortensen and would love to see him play a good WSOP this year. Poker needs Johnny and not some party poker stud taking the lime light. And no I dont hate internet poker it does provide me with a hefty bankroll : )

Galactico on April 2, 2005

johhny chan has never left, so he can't come back, he's just gonna win again, and again, and again. period

irsh79 on March 27, 2005

If I read one more racist comments I will find you and we will talk.

JSC/Killer/marfilina on March 23, 2005

You Crackers can e-mail me please.

JSC/Killer/marfilina on March 23, 2005

its johnny fucking chan, just because he hasnt made the headlines in a while doesn't mean hes passed his prime. The man will sit down with anyone in the world and take their pride along with every chip in front of him, of all the times i've seen him beat they've been tough beats where hes been out drawn. Rarely outplayed. Chan greatest world series winner of all time

atal 216 on March 21, 2005

John is definitely one of the greatest world series winners of all time, but not the greatest. As far as tough beats go.... did you watch the 2003 world series main event? chan got knocked out by moneymaker, and it wasnt anywhere near a tough beat.... chan called moneymakers allin with a mediocre hand, so it looks like moneymaker was the one who outplayed chan

peacefrog on March 21, 2005

ungar entered into the main event more than 3 times. The first two times he entered it he won, but he also entered it again a few times between 83 and 97, but he lost ( he didnt even make the final table those years).

iveyfan05 on March 15, 2005

Check your facts you fool....he entered "the main event" 3 times and won all 3. 80, 81, 97 (after 16 years of hard cocaine abuse). Iveyfan i wish i could take ur money heads up...i mean it would be easy if u were as dumb at the table as you are in this room.

The Kid on March 14, 2005

"The Kid" you are a complete moron... ungar entered into the main event more than 3 times

iveyfan05 on March 13, 2005

"Dutch Boyd is not the next Stu Ungar." Grant Hill was never the next Jordan. Boyd was hyped up in 2003 by Norman Chad...he graduated college at such a young age and so on and so forth. Although he may be a GOOD poker player, he has no hardware to prove it. You don't see him consistently competing with big name players in major tournaments. Stu Ungar loved to gamble and he was a GREAT poker player. He is one of only 2 people to win the main event 3 times....and he only entered it 3 times.

The Kid on March 10, 2005

dutch boyd is the next stu ungar

iveyfan05 on March 9, 2005

..Stu Ungar is a lengend and my fave player too kid!

The Kid on March 8, 2005

Yo poster before me why you gotta front on my man Stu Ungar's nickname. Look up the tournament of champions DVD online but I've seen it a million times. Chan is AWESOME!

The Kid on March 4, 2005

anybody that talks shit about these players on the profiles are ignorant fools...cause I don't see your on the profiles

Rick on March 4, 2005

Hey...Can anyone tell me where I can get the tournament of champions DVD from? Is it even out?

The Kid on March 3, 2005

he is one of the best poker players around...if u want proof watch the tournament of champions and how chan gets knocked out by a bad beat (10 10 to KK) then comment.

The Kid on February 27, 2005

excellent player

Unregistered on February 27, 2005

How rich is Johnny Chan? not a billionaire is he?

puremind/oceangoing86 on February 12, 2005

i think i beat chan back in 80' twas a wonderful night, i got my d s'ed that night too

slickrick on February 8, 2005

Johnny Chan is a great poker player, no questions asked. Anyone in this room who claims they can consistently beat him is just blowing hot air up their own ass to inflate an already oversized ego. Nine WSOP bracelets says enough. Anyone who disagrees is an idiot. Also, we won't see a household recognizable poker player win the WSOP anytime soon.

The Kid on February 8, 2005

Slickrick, you are obviously one of the least intelligent people to have posted something on this site...which makes you even more of an idiot then you would probably wish to believe. IF ANYONE HERE DOES NOT THINK JOHNNY CHAN IS A GREAT POKER PLAYER POST IT WITH EVIDENCE, NOT JUST OPINION...hint you won't find any because of how great he really is.

The Kid on February 8, 2005

yes they are all millionaires ...

iveyfan05 on February 7, 2005

Johnny "Oriental Express" Chan is indeed a great poker player. However, anyone who considers him "the best poker player of all time" is sorely mistaken. This should be reserved for Stuey "The Kid" Ungar who entered the No-Limit Main Event 3 times only to win all 3...undoubtedly one of the greatest poker players of all time.

The Kid on February 7, 2005

How much money do players like Ivey, Chan, Juanda, Negranou, Hansen, and Lederer make in a year by gambling? Are they all millionaires?

banker on February 6, 2005

I bluffed him with rags

topolo on January 27, 2005

i heard this guy owns a hooker house in vegas and there is high no limit games goin on in there

jackpot on January 24, 2005

I think Chan's become to passive, as his play in the "superstar invational" might indicate. A touch of recklessness goes a long way.

Dmac on January 22, 2005

johnny chan hasnt won anyhting since 88 but good thing is his still young he could still play for 40 more years. besides these guys they dont care about tournament they rather play 4000 to 8000 thats where the real money is at.

bruce on January 8, 2005

if you're the best, how come you're broke

Sleightist on January 7, 2005

chan is not only a great tourney player...he plays at the bellagio almost every day against the best in the world where you can loose a million dollars in a few hours...the guy is one of the best ever...and as far as borrowing a houndred thousand dollars to play agiant him bruce,,that might get you through a few rounds of the blinds against him...stick to nickel and dime games bruce ....

iveyfan05 on January 6, 2005

johnny chan is good but his ugly but deadly john juanda is good phil helmuth is the bad and johnny chan is the ugly the good and the bad and the ugly of poker

bruce on January 4, 2005

im the best player in the world can somebody let me borrow hundred thousand dollar so i could play with the high roller and i will prove that iam the best can i get a aman

bruce on January 4, 2005

Think of this Johnny Chan can regularly afford to play at the 1000/2000 and 2000/4000 tables at casinos. Bottom line is if you suck at poker... you would go bankrupt very quickly there. Chan is a master of his art.

alshaw13 on December 20, 2004

"and johnny chan the master..."

Unregistered on December 20, 2004

i think im cool with my cool "sammy the brick" name but in reality im making up for the fact that i suck at poker and like hurting defenceless animals

sammy the brick on December 17, 2004

To be good be a good player you have to have more than have had two years prison under your belt.

ross on December 16, 2004

chan is a good player. To be a good player you got to have patience and skills I got patience because i been in prison for 2years i been waiting for a long time skills i got too because im a good acter ande a good reader. But when im focus i feel like i could beat anybody it didnt matter if it was chan or juan or the other pros.

bruce on December 13, 2004

I am not even gonna read any of this. I saw way too many people bashing Johnny Chan... Here is the thing, He is tied for 1st in bracelets, and hes 1st in over all winnings. enough said

Josh on December 5, 2004

People say that Chan's days are behind him, but keep in mind that in 1988 there was not nearly as many people playing in the WSOP main event. He's still a darn good pro!

Chad on December 3, 2004

dutch boyd owning johnny chan?????are u high? boyd should be valeting chans car at the casino or running around picking oranges for johhny.. "so did you have it kid? i dont remember john"...funny stuff

djnpa_30 on November 28, 2004

Chan's salad days are behind him unfortunately. He's a great guy and a solid player but it appears as if the game has passed him by. He has turned into an easy read. You get the impression that he just doesn't care anymore.

slvsc2 on November 16, 2004

He doesnt get kicked out because he sucks he gets kicked out because poeple know his style now. Just as Doyle Brunson lost early in he 2004 world series which he blamed on super system

craze on October 30, 2004

whoever is giving props to dutch boyd, can eat a dick. He is absolutely the biggest joke of them all. LMAO. Check out [url][/url]. None of those fools have shit on Chan.

johnblow on October 28, 2004

i think if you want to point out the real best of the best, chan is your man.

Amir/Tus on October 25, 2004

Tourney of Champions saw Johnny outplay Hellmuth but lost on bad luck.

Ken. on October 24, 2004

Rounders is an amazing movie!!! Johnny chan is by far one of my favorite poker players...i just got into poker a bit ago and i would love to see Johnny Chan and Gus Hanson jam it together head to head.

yespoker on October 12, 2004

yeah you can call a movie tight~! fer sure

yespoker on October 12, 2004

helmuth is the best no limit hold 'em player alive

Unregistered on October 12, 2004

i'm on raymer

raymer's glasses on September 21, 2004

Rounders is a tight movie? TIGHT? What moron calls a film tight. Win 2004 will he? Hmm. My money is on Raymer.

Unregistered on September 20, 2004

Dutch Boyd will own Johnny Chan~

Johnny Blizzy on September 18, 2004

hey those are all smaller events than the wsop and he keeps gettin kicked out early cuz he doesnt give a shiyat cuz hes flippin rich. he really has no respect for the game anymore yea he has 9 braclets but its been a while for him but hellmuth has 9 bracelets too and he's sure to get the tenth one first. oh and this is just my opinion BUT IM RIGHT

Dyreekio on September 17, 2004

1985 $1,000 Limit Hold'em - $171,000
1987 $10,000 Championship Event - $625,000
1988 $10,000 Championship Event - $700,000
1994 $1,500 7-Card Stud - $135,600
1997 $5,000 Deuce to Seven Draw - $164,250
2000 $1,500 Pot Limit Omaha - $178,800
2002 $2,500 Heads Up Match Play
2003 $5,000 No Limit Hold'em - $224,400
2003 $5,000 Pot Limit Omaha - $158,100
Those are Chan's bracelets. "nothing since 1988"

Dyreekio doesnt know what hes talking about on September 15, 2004

All of you talking trash about Chan, he has triad mafia connections & they'll be looking at your IP address to come after you!

Ghost on September 14, 2004

Who was the player that beat Johnny out of the biggest pot before he won the WSOP 1988

Curious on September 5, 2004

this guy is the MOST overrated player in ALL OF SPORTS he hasnt done a thing since 88 and people still praise him just cuz he won the wsop twice in a row. hey johnny your past your prime RETIRE!!!

Dyreekio on September 2, 2004

Chan is the Champ, there is nothing else to say. Disrespecting Chan and saying he cant play poker is like saying that Jimmy Page can't play the guitar. It just aint true.

Black_Dog on August 31, 2004

Hey Bigdawg. U Couldnt Beat Him Anyday So Shut Ur Face Up. U Make Me Sick

biggger DAWG on August 30, 2004

Johnny Chan, Phil Hellmuth, the best players living today

smash on August 22, 2004

All right Johnny, on the Superstars show last nightyou played some good solid poker. There were 2 SHOWN hands at least where Johnny was flat out out played, but I felt he played both of his hands decently, just tremendous moves by his competitors. He managed to get his money in two times in great spots and then a third in a 50/50 situation, he lost the 50/50 on the river although it was a 70-30 in his favor so it wasn't unexpected, and he lost KK vs 34c. But he handled it very well as a gentleman...he had a good read on his opponents and may have been throwing out some false betting patterns and consistenly playing his hands in a certain way to trp his opponents later on. On about four hands during the telecast he played weak on the flop and preflop just calling, one of these hands he won a nice pot. The other 2 or 3 he lost a small-medium size pot, he played pretty well, so much better than the whole short-stacked 2003 WSOP fiasco.

Gman on August 22, 2004

I Dont Know How He Won Wsop Twice, Must Of Got Lucky, He Is A Fuckking Shit Player Now, He Fucking Sucks, Makes Me Sick

BIGDAWG on August 14, 2004

its hard to argue with 9 bracelets and back to back main event wins. Only Doyle and Moss ever accomplished that feat and they're pretty much undisputetedly the two best players who ever lived. Chan has to be in top 5 all time, top 3 alive.

some guy on August 12, 2004

In Mesquite, about 90 minutes from Vegas, I actually base-dealt while taking 30 grand from him. Aggressive players are easier to beat in those conditions. After the game, he overheard me bragging about my cheating, but didn't do anything, not that I give a shit.

John/John/jek9911 on August 9, 2004

Damn, that is some funny shit "Oh I'm in bad shape... Throw a deuce out there dealer..."

Unregistered on August 1, 2004

Johnny Chan is no doubt one of the greatest players of all time but... by far the greatest No-Limit Hold-'Em player of all time is STU UNGAR. HANDS DOWN...SECOND TO NONE.

BruddahV on July 29, 2004

yeah johnny chan is hot, he can bluff me anyday!!!

Tryla on July 25, 2004

Whenever Mr. Chan sits at a table, he becomes the immediate marked man. The only way he can win big pot sizes is if he does play aggresive and bluff. Cause no one would be stupid enough to go against this guy when he does have a good hand.

Ken. on July 22, 2004

"Posted by: MitchL on Jul 02, 2004 - IP= G-man what do you expect him to do. Fold to a pot he committed most of his stack, and hope for cards, which he hadn't gotten the whole tournament. Don't analyze the champ until you learn something about tournament play."

Ouch, that one hurt. I hate to conform to the thoughts and opinions of others but I suppose I can see what all of you are saying. He CERTAINLY can't expect a bigger flush draw there, and the basic play on a steal would be to bet a flop with an ace so if MM had been bluffing Johnny would have been in great shape. I do not remember how many chips Chan put in preflop/his chip position so that is another point I missed which would be a big factor in him moving in. I guess just looking back I thought he was getting frustrated and just was thinking, "What the heck, let's get it over with", he couldn't get any chips beforehand so I guess you are all correct that he had little choice but to make a move sometime. MM couldn't have played it any better though.

Gman on July 9, 2004


Scotty2Hotty on July 6, 2004

I've read though alot of these profiles and the truly sad thing i've noticed is how bitter, jealous and pathetic most of the "poker players" are in the world. Im not sure how you can have a go at Brunson, Chan, Slim or Moneymaker, i mean, they've won titles. Fair enough, most of you out there will believe you have what it takes to beat them, but until i see your name on that list, i think its only fair you give them some respect. Im not saying you need to love them and put a poster of them on your wall, just recognise the achievements for what they are. You'd be pretty annnoyed if people were saying the same stuff about you if you'd won.

Dr Bonobo on July 4, 2004

G-man what do you expect him to do. Fold to a pot he committed most of his stack, and hope for cards, which he hadn't gotten the whole tournament. Don't analyze the champ until you learn something about tournament play.

MitchL on July 1, 2004

Saw him take $500,000 from Mr Porn himself...Larry Flint. No disrespect but does he play only in the WSOP? No other tourneys?

Great cash player! on June 28, 2004

don't fuck with Johnny Chan..most people dont know how good he is until they sit down with him. I dare yall to talk shit then.

tycoon on June 27, 2004

I find it amazing how people can talk shit about a legend such as Chan... He is a poker legend who has made more money then most of you will ever see yet you can call him a bad player?? Ever if he got lucky once or twice shit even 10 times, you cant be where he is on luck... this is a skill game fellas... stop smoking weed and eatting shrooms and you too will realizer that...

neo on June 23, 2004

"Oh I'm in bad shape... Throw a deuce out there dealer..."

Chink on June 20, 2004

That pic of him on the top of the page is probably after he called his whole stack with a K high flush draw when Maker had the A hi to knock him out.

gman on June 20, 2004

this guy is the worst player of the year, oh he plays chess for money allso, how can you be such a loser

joe bishop on June 18, 2004

you should have called my reraise on the turn you moron, i had seven duece off suite and you let me have that 7k pot. its morons like you from asia with no life who come out here and take all the pots. lucky fucker

matt damon on June 13, 2004

I saw Johnny Chan once at a table, and I challenged him to play me one on one. He accepted and I took $300k from him in 4 hands, then spit on his face and beat him halfway retarded. That's why he doesn't play as well as he used to.

Chonny Jahn on June 12, 2004

I only wish i was still alive to play this man

Stu Ungar on June 6, 2004

I am on the run but hell I still watch T.V.And I'll tell you there's nobody better than John. I actually had the pleasure of playing John many years back. He is truly the best and believe me I've played and won against the best of them. He actually took about 133 gs from me. Your friend Whitey.

James Bulger on June 6, 2004

Hon Le would probably take down Chan in a sreet fight. He's just so f**king insain!! Gotta love him.

Rufus76 on June 3, 2004

Screw Johnny Chan, its all about the devilfish. Cumon Baby!

KingOfthaClub on June 3, 2004

Who would win in a street brawl...J Chan or Hon Le??

Donner on June 1, 2004

Johnny Chan is the master...enough said

papa doink on June 1, 2004

I hate random no name players winning. Althought I see a bright future for david williams, aparently the youngest to enter or be at the final table, at age 24.

Unregistered on May 28, 2004

all the good players get kicked out on BS, there are so many players now some no name is gonna win again like MM (but I think MM is a great player he was just caleld "dead money" before the tourney) and since this is johhny chans post I should probaly say something about him. he's a great player and I like watching him

Unregistered on May 27, 2004

Is chan still in the tournament? If he is, how is he doing?

Question on May 24, 2004

not that im aware of.

Tryla on May 24, 2004

watch out for this guy, i think he has a bright future in poker........ mine will be brighter... MGT

medcrew3 on May 21, 2004

man i wish i was still playin

ghost of stu unger on May 21, 2004

man this guy made a stupid call with a heart draw for all his chips. im glad i won in 03. the next day i lost 750k to chan so im stupid now.

chris money maker on May 21, 2004

wanna play? i got a good bankroll

bill gates on May 21, 2004

this guy needs a shower, he smells like fish.

playbill on May 21, 2004

I met Chan in Vegas on May 14th. I was playing at $2-$4 table and I think him and Brunson were playing $2000-$4000. This was at the Golden Nugget. I dont know why I posted this, doesn't really seem important, but I thought it was cool.

Big E. on May 21, 2004

Johnny and Hon Le absolutely rock!

Jammer on May 18, 2004

He is the KING... 9 bracelets says it all

SP. on May 10, 2004

Looking at Chan's call from his perspective, it is probably the right move. Let's say he puts Moneymaker on an ace, but no flush draw. Then, Chan has 9 heart outs plus 4 gutshot straight outs. Add in runner-runner ks, 5s, or k5, and he probably thinks he is actually a slight favorite, about 11:10. Combine that with his shortstack and a good-sized pot, seems like as good a time as ever to push in the rest of it.

Matt on May 9, 2004

Chan probably just wanted to not ride that short stack out another day. He was either doubling up or going home with the K5 of hearts. Besides, he probably won that 10,000 back in about 10 minutes of high stakes action.

Burt on May 5, 2004

re: chan's loss at wsop 2003I dont really blame him for going all in with K-5 suited. H ewas getting no action the entire night and for him to get any sort of pile he had to hjave action brought to him. A bit risky yes, but there was no way he could have known moneymaker had ace-8 in the same suit.

union333 on April 30, 2004

Johnny Chane use to be a great player, but after he the wsop twice, he doesnt care anymore. I would like to see him actually try to win again.

Unregistered on April 27, 2004

Why is Johnny Chan supposed to be greatest living hold'em player?

Dallas Rounder on April 26, 2004

Who else?

Kazz on April 26, 2004

Yes, I agree GOTO, Johnny may just not want it as much any more. But still, I think he should play his best all the time if he has reached this lvl, a lvl where you win 2 WSOP titles. Yes, he is insanely rich but from what I have seen he's not the best, man I want to see him play again though really.

Gman on April 6, 2004

Ok, If you won the WSOP twice back to back at a TON of money, of course your going to play the next couple World Series more liberally. Think about it, he's at the point where it just doesn't even matter anymore, but I still think he's the best.

Goto on March 31, 2004

Johnny's record speaks for itself, two WSOP wins in a row and a final table the third time. He speaks about having great instincts and being tremendously dangerous but in all honesty he played pretty poorly on his TV showing at the WSOP. His call of a reraise with A3c (against the chip leader but still), his call with an all-in reraise with a K-high flush draw with an ace out there--and well that was about it but those are two pretty big mistakes IMO. One of which landed him on the rail obviously. And he did win the A3 hand but he was about a 70% underdog there against a lot of hands. For such a great player I was dissapointed in those calls and his obvious frustration and perhaps tilt to call MM's all-in there with nada.I would love to see Johnny play when he is more comfortable and has a better stack. I just know that wasn't his best game.

Gman on March 30, 2004

Hey Wattam,why not buy in with 10k at vegas and hope to play against him? I think you're sh1t

Eddie on March 29, 2004

intimidating is an understatement. this guy brings an aura that kills his opponents on sight

brill on March 24, 2004

johnny " oriental express " chan is the best poker player ever. Plays aggressive and fearless. # 1 all around player and poker player.

sportbookie on March 22, 2004

Chan is absolutely one of the most well known and respected players in the world, but I think I could beat him.

Wattam / Silver Tongue / j.wattam on March 15, 2004

No, he's no good. He's terrible. I guess being in the hall of fame and a being 2 time WSOP champ doesn't mean anything anymore.....yeah Joe Montana and Jordan suck too.

Rookie the Retard on March 3, 2004

He's better than rookie, I'll give him that.

courvoisier on March 1, 2004

Yes johnny chan is a outstanding player one of the best. but i agree with rookie he is a very aggressive player and has flaws but then again everyone has flaws. Johnny chan is the man.

zman1979 on February 16, 2004

too aggressive, not as good as people think.

rookie on February 12, 2004

johnny chan is the best and he will win in 2004. rounders is a tight movie.

russell/russell/rkilgore12 on February 9, 2004

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