Huck Seed

Huckleberry "Huck" Seed is a professional poker player who is best known for winning the main event of the 1996 World Series of Poker.

Born in 1969 in Santa Clara, California, Seed grew up in Montana, where he attended Corvallis High School. Huck Seed was an electrical engineering student at California Institute of Technology when he took a leave of absence in 1989, started playing poker, and never returned to college. Seed was a star player on Caltech's basketball team and is featured in the 2006 documentary Quantum Hoops.


Seed got his first cash at the WSOP in 1990 and his first bracelet in 1994. He made his big score in 1996 when he won the main event, his second bracelet, and the $1,000,000 first prize. He also made the final table of the 1999 WSOP main event, but was eliminated in 6th place by eventual champion Noel Furlong. He won his 3rd and 4th bracelets in 2000 and 2003. In the 2007 main event, Seed finished 73rd out of 6,358 players - nearly in the top 1% of the field. He has a total of 37 cashes at the WSOP.

WSOP Bracelets

Year Event Prize
1994 $2,500 Pot Limit Omaha $167,000
1996 $10,000 No Limit Hold'em World Championship $1,000,000
2000 $1,500 Razz $77,400
2003 $5,000 Razz $71,500

Seed won the 2009 NBC Heads-Up Poker Championship and took the first prize of $500,000 and became the only player to cash in every NBC Heads-Up tournament. He also has 4 cashes in WPT events for moderate amounts.

As of 2009, his total live tournament winnings exceed $5,000,000.

Prop Bets

Seed has rumored to have been involved in several prop bets. He was said to have bet Phil Hellmuth tens of thousands of dollars that he could stand in the ocean with water up to his shoulders for a certain number of hours. Another time, he took a six-figure bet that he could break 100 on a desert golf course four times in a day using just a five iron, sand wedge and putter. Another time, he bet that he could go an entire year without shaving.


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I played him heads up in AC at the Taj, $5/$10 nl and took 7 million off of him in 20 minutes. It was crazy...


mrkromer on April 23, 2008


This donk is a pimple on the ass of the poker world!

bad_dog76 on April 23, 2008

His brother is my teacher. He is a baller. and Huck is the best poker player in the world

daved11 on April 22, 2008

huck has 4 bracelets.. and he beat patrik antoinous heads up.. not many can say that..

thepokerman23 on November 26, 2007

When huck is playin his best he is unstopable.. but i've seen quite a few times short handed in tournaments. he would be in position and jus go all-in.. 5 str8 times on the button he did that.. he took down 4 str8 times.. but the fifth he got called by the guy to the left.. huck shows J 8 and the caller shows A 8.. he got predictable.. lol and lost his ass..

thepokerman23 on November 26, 2007

This guy is as good as Gus Hansen and Phil Hellmuth in terms of reading other people. I've watched him on Poker Superstars and Poker After Dark, his reads are near perfection. He also plays very loose depending on what he feels like, similar to Gus Hansen, and therefore he is near impossible to read. Hellmuth has called Huckleberry one of the best players out there and that means something. 4 bracelents, 1 main WSOP win. Most professional players don't even have 1 WSOP bracelet..

Mustang on May 7, 2007

24 WSOP cashes....3 bracelets....7 top 3 finishes..16 final 9

????? on December 23, 2006

this guy is a complete 100% donkey. I just saw him bluff off his whole stack to Dags in the 2005 USPC on espn. At the WSOP the last few years he wonders around with some black chick, has a bad attitude and never cashes. He sucks. he thinks the young internet and young cash games players should bow down to him, but he SUCKS, period. He;ll never win anything major again. He stumbled onto a main event win when nobody was even playing in it

DonkeySlayer on November 24, 2006

all u tv watching home game, ithink i can play but i suk people out ther. allen cunningham once said huck is the one player he fears most. enough said. he isnt another spotlight craving, fame hungry negraneau tool. negraneau isnt 10 percent of the player huck is but he plays every tourney. get it thru your fukn head. tv appearances doesnt equal greatness. good play does. and huck is the best. its not even close. he keeps a low profile so he can hijak u tools in the 300,600 game. PURE TALENT.

Unregistered on November 23, 2006

this guy won anything, ever? Hes just a testament to the fact that if u play enough, even a chimp will win. ANd he acts tough, Id wrap this donkey up into a pretzle and shit 100 chips down his mouth lol

DonkeySlayer on August 12, 2006


bad_dog76 on August 11, 2006


????? on November 25, 2005

Huck seed is the hottest poker player

Unregistered on August 25, 2005

Did Huck place in the money at all throught this years WSOP?

Boo Boo on August 23, 2005

no. He dropped over 30k on entry fees and did not cash. I heard he cleaned up on side games, tho. Somethin to the tune of 300k

unregistered on August 23, 2005

I think what Hansen and Seed have in common is a very loose style of play that makes them totally unreadable.They're both masters of stack management and either of them tend to dominate the betting structure of whatever table they are playing at.

gulfport on August 19, 2005

kids got good meth. thats all i can say

Mick on August 19, 2005

"He looked distracted and uninterested. THATS A sign of strength with his weak hand.

Unregistered on August 19, 2005

You see what a lot of people dont understand about the game is it is not the cards you hold it is the read you get on the other player and Huck is Amazing at this as is Gus Hanson - if Huck senses weakness he will put you all in even if he is holding 2 7 off and 99% of the time he is right..Huck reads people better than anyone in the game.. I hate to see you people knocking him becasue not only does he rule at the game but he is the coolest shit I know..

Joey Cassidy on August 17, 2005

a 6'9" guy who reads poker players better than anyone...and sells great Meth. Gotta love Huckleberry Bleed.

Yes he is good and cool on August 17, 2005

enjoys sniffing toilet seats..I do too but im not popular.

huck on August 17, 2005

Hux making money ain't he? Must be doin something right, haw?

TomSawyer on August 16, 2005

^ Did Joe Cassidy just dis on internet players? That was unexpected. BTW, if Huck wants to do some blow every once in a while, why should anyone have a problem with it? Pro players get away with a few indulgences. If you lived in Vegas, had no responibilities, and extra cash on hand all the time, you might be suprised at the hobbies you get into :cough:drugs and black hookers:cough:

WTF Cassidy? on August 14, 2005

Huck Sedd is cute man..............oohh yeahhhh

JetsFan315 on August 11, 2005

Huck is the most aggressive player I have ever met in my life, I know Huck Very good and I consider him one of the best NLH players on the planet.. you internet poker player wanna bees just keep posting.. morons.....

Joey Cassidy on August 11, 2005

put the bong away Huck, this is poker.

Unregistered on August 9, 2005

I think Huck is an awesome super sexy player. I bet on him to win the Poker SuperStars the other night and of course I was right!

chasity on August 8, 2005

Amen Brian! Unless you're a personal friend of Huck's(and if you were you wouldn't talk shit about him...cause he's probably a pretty chill guy and not a fuckin no game hater). You should probably keep your neagtive comments to your self and be thankfull that you can watch top pros like Huck.

Kyle/kman/kyle_bassman on August 7, 2005 what does Huck Seed's drug use have to do with anything?? He an amazing player who shows NO FEAR at the table!! It sounds to me like some insecure little boys feel the need to run someone else down due to their own shortcomings at the table...and more than likely away from the table as well!!

LustyLiberal on August 7, 2005

Huck has more versitile plays than almost anyone on the poker tour. His unpredictability and courageous mindset make him a superstar rather than just a strong player. Before you dics critisize him, look at his tournament record and speek for yourselves. If hes a bad player,,,,how could he be playing nightly high-limit cash games at Bellagio???YOU TELL ME

Brian/wowzer23/brianz2 on August 6, 2005

My brother Huck (We call him F*cklecherry Bleed) won the main event? I guess he is good. But he lost 10 grand in a bet with Phil Hellmuth. F*uck will steal your money then ride atop his Huckleberry STEED into the sunset...looking for his next big coke score! GO HUCK! Snort, Snort <---- Remember Kasey? haha. See u at mom's in November for Turkey!

Andrew Seed on August 1, 2005

Al! You guys musta been Flems, hunh?

rux on July 30, 2005

Huck seed is a great player and you dont know what he does in his cash games so before u critizise him for not being a great tournament player know ur facts although he did win the main event in 96

Jeff on July 30, 2005

life is like a box of chocolates,you never know what your going to get

forrest hump on July 29, 2005

Went to High School with Huck in Montana. Very down to earth and a smart guy. Good bring it in Hoops. you need to get off him. He could make most people look like Forrest Gump with his intelligence if he chose to.

mountainman on July 17, 2005

Would someone please stab Chris Rose the next time he says "Huckleberry?" Thanks

Oh, and another thing on July 10, 2005

I was in the same class and dorm as Huck from 87-89 before he dropped out of Caltech. Here's what I remember about him: 1) I lost many dollars to him in penny poker 2) he kept 80K in his sock drawer 3) he would use a fake ID to get into the LA casinos 4) his first name was Huckleberry and he had siblings named Poppy and Cotton 5) he was also a really good pool player 6) as far as I know, he was NOT on any drugs Of course my memory could be really faulty as I also cannot remember the name of the other guy mentioned above by "Al Fansome".

Al Fansome 91 on July 9, 2005

seed didnt ask to be famous or ask for publicity. he just wants to play poker

loveland on July 7, 2005

I went to Caltech with Huck back in the 80's. I was a year ahead of him and in the same dorm (~70 kids). He was really bright and he and another guy started to play more and more poker, starting with tiny stuff in the dorm, then low limit games, then on to the LA card clubs. He and his friend couldn't study and play, and they took the play route. He was a very genuine nice guy and I wish him the best. I don't think his pal did anywhere near as well, and I am sorry to say I can't recall his name. I played more than a few hands with him in the dorm, though I never got out of the very low stake games.

Al Fansome on July 6, 2005

kinda acts like a wigger.needs a boot up his ass

angry hard on on July 6, 2005

I think Huck Seed is 'TheSeed69' on party poker.. I may be wrong, but does anyone know?

SloW_RoLLiN2 on July 5, 2005

Huck gave me pot at least 10 times during the summer about three years ago. We smoked it together tons of times, but he is sober now. I think the pot and paint sniffing did get to him longterm. I still love you bro!

Hucks cousin, Jimmy on July 2, 2005

Huck's video on abotu Razz is pretty cool... you can tell how much he knows about poker in general.... His record on hendon mob is impressive... and it shows that he is sooo versitile... I hope he comes back to his glory years soon and shows you wannabes and haters.... also there are some closet homosexuals on here thats obvious.... and scary.

Nick / drskate /nloness on June 30, 2005

Posted by: Rob on Nov 28, 2004 - IP= "I met Huck in Atlantic City..Cool guy. He might have done his share of drugs but he is still mentally sound at the table. I watched him play 4 hands of high limit stud at the Taj and he won every hand.. And you think this makes him a 'good' player? The ability to be dealt 4 winners in a row? Please tell me you aren't that stupid." your an idiot, he won the 1996 world series, and is still a force in tournament play wherver he goes,,, that makes him good

yousuck on June 27, 2005

Huck is a great player but has been very distracted of late maybe due to gettin stoned alot.its not a big deal but he should focus alot more when in a big tourney

dannycigs/dannycigs/dannycigs on June 25, 2005

Does anyone actually LIKE Huck Seed?

curious on June 16, 2005

screw all you that wish could play as good as huck

playerlarrypoush on June 10, 2005

Yeah, this poker thing realy is not working out for him. He's only won 3 bracelets including the Main Event in 1996, and is very successful in some of the biggest cash games. He would have made a lot more money as an engineer.

Stargazer on May 28, 2005

Nah, the guy moved all in on him and was trying to read him. Huck basically told the guy that since he was all in there was no point in trying to read him.

hollywood on May 25, 2005

What was the deal with Huck fussing at the guy for staring at him on the 2004 US Poker Championship???Did I miss something, or was he being a jerk? Just curious.

Spanky on May 22, 2005

I'm guessing none of you saw the heads up match he had with Helmuth.Huck had Phil talking to himself and tilting bad.He then gets down to just enough to cover the blinds and fights back into the chip lead.This obviously sent Phil over the edge again prompting him to call Huck's all in(pocket jacks)with king fve offsuit.Unfortunately Phil sucked out on him,but anybody with any amount of poker knowledge whatsoever should be able to see the brilliance that is Huck Seed!

Double Deuce on May 16, 2005

not all of you just the narrow minded detractors.

Double Deuce on May 16, 2005

well he needs to get enroleld somewhere, because this poker thing isnt working out for him. This guy sucks.

back to school on May 12, 2005

Actually, Huck was an undergrad at Caltech, not a grad student. He was 2-3 years ahead of me, and he had dropped out to play poker before I got there, so I've never actually met the man, but I went to school with plenty of guys who did. His poker-playing and basketball skills were the stuff of legend.

BeaverFever on May 4, 2005

As I understand it Huck was very accomplished in academics as a young man and attended grad school at Cal-Tech until he dropped out. I have no idea why you losers are so negative about him or anyone else. And if he smokes weed, so what? I dominated a tourney at Bicycle Casino "a few weeks ago" (smoked 100 people) and got high at every break!! I was in a zone baby!!! Maybe Huck knows something you don't. Later to the haters, you wish you were him.

PokerRookie on April 24, 2005

This kids a joke if ya ask me. can he play, sure he can, but after watching him muck a winnng hand in a ring game in vegas and crying that he wanted money back from hinchcliffe, cause he tossed the winner? you're a pro right? you know the rules, don't muck it if ya wana get paid bitch! I slapped chris for paying him off. on April 19, 2005

This guy is permenately stoned. He looks like a snorter. Like to see him play when he isn't fucked up on pine sol.

Dirk Diggler on April 18, 2005

That was stupid. He pissed away at least 23 THOUSAND with that dumb bluff. What a dumb move. He could have bought a ton of cans of paint with that flo. Just think of the hookers and wine he wasted. Wow.

Huck's bluff on April 18, 2005

Good poker player, but loose the tough guy attitude at the table

Donny Ace irsh79 on April 18, 2005

You know you're an awesome player when someone's on the line for elimination in a tournament and you bluff with two rags to gain 0 chips and keep the other guy's tournament life going.

The truth on April 17, 2005

Saw him on TV 2 nights ago as he attempted a bluff holding a 69 off suit. He looked distracted and uninterested in the game.

seyms/sfuchs8753 on April 4, 2005

"Saw him on TV 2 nights ago as he attempted a bluff holding a 69 off suit. He looked distracted and uninterested in the game."CAUSE HE SUCKS...LOSER LOSER LOSER...TOURNAMENT PLAYERS SUCK AND WILL GET THERE ASS KICKED IN LIVE GAMES.

Unregistered on April 4, 2005

Do you seriously know him? I want to write an article about him, so if you want to share some information with me, please write to [email][/email]x

To Oaktown Girl on January 20, 2005

I grew up with Huck. He's a nice guy, an intense player, but the boy knows his game. Anyone that questions him is likely a wannabe with nothing better to do than to slam others to make yourself look better. Huck, it's been a long time. You've done well. We're all very proud!

Oaktown Girl relocated on January 7, 2005

Posted by: Rob on Nov 28, 2004 - IP= met Huck in Atlantic City..Cool guy. He might have done his share of drugs but he is still mentally sound at the table. I watched him play 4 hands of high limit stud at the Taj and he won every hand..And you think this makes him a 'good' player? The ability to be dealt 4 winners in a row? Please tell me you aren't that stupid.

uhh on December 14, 2004

He looks like he is 12 in that picture.

Unregistered on December 3, 2004

Huck is the greatest of guys.He took almost an hour of time out of his day just to hang out and school me.He is a great champion, and gives real-life advice.Watching Huck Seed play high limit stud & Holdem is like waching a wrecking ball hit a house.Totall contrall, and totally composed.You can tell, people are just plain scared to call him.

Dustin dustin3406 on December 1, 2004

I met Huck in Atlantic City..Cool guy. He might have done his share of drugs but he is still mentally sound at the table. I watched him play 4 hands of high limit stud at the Taj and he won every hand..

Rob on November 27, 2004

where the hell has he been???????? come back huck u were one of the best

djnpa_30 on November 25, 2004

The man is the 1996 W.S.O.P. Champion.......

Unregistered on November 10, 2004

Huck is a great player. I have known him since he began in LA & LV. Put him in plenty of cash games when he was really a kid, never lost for me. Give him a break, he's still a kid. Sic em Huck! And ask Layne about Cornfield Cadillacs & Aruba.

Mike Bradshaw/Grim Reaper/brainstormrandd on October 21, 2004

like the way he plays poker never met him and i dont really get to see him play at least not for awile

pocket7s on September 27, 2004

former bodybuilder in thailand! great triceps!

jimmy/billy/gusnkc on September 13, 2004

I think that is an unfair assesment. This kid is a great players with multiple WSOP Bracelets. Don't believe everything you read see above post.

Unregistered on September 3, 2004

has been

Unregistered on June 6, 2004

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